Monday, August 01, 2005

Today I ponder these

Some things I have been wondering:

Why don't kids flush the toilet when they are done?
Why does summer ever have to end?

Why do kids tattle on eachother?
Why do they make diapers a baby can take right off on their own?

Why aren't babies born potty trained?
Why does Winnie the POoh get on my nerves so bad?

why do some woman settle for a man who is a dirty dog?
why do I worry about these things today?

Today my oldest spawn starts summer school..He goes for 2 weeks to brush up on all the stuff he learned in 2nd grade..Some of his friends are going..So I think he is excited about going now...They offer it to all the students...I think it is a good idea..

Lat night after we tucked baby spawn in to bed...I went in to check on her..There I saw my baby spawn standing in her bed with all her blankets and her pillow on the floor.

and she was standing there NAKED. Her diaper was also laying on the floor..When I got closer to her I could see she had piddled on her sheet...So I had to remake her bed and waste another diaper...I am going to start potty training her after school starts..I do think she must be ready...She never leaves the darn thing on anymore..

Well I got to go wake up the 2 other spawns so we can get the boy dropped off at summer school...Lucky him:)

talk to you later......toodles


Anonymous said...

My 21 month old twins have been doing that since they were 8 months old. I half to put those t-shirts on them that snap between the legs. That way there are no suprises in the crib or elsewhere.

vani said...

that's so funny that you mention the diaper thing- my 14 month old has been doing that lately- its her new thing now that she has figured out how to do it- I use the onesies too, she hasn't learned to unsnap those YET. :)

vani said...

and i also wonder all those things too!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

my little one can take all her clothes off no matter that ya have one
vani,it is only gonna get better..soon she will learn to strip her clothes off..and her bed:)

fsgsf said...

Wow,Tina you have compiled a list of life's most important questions!!! I will be pondering them all day now! ;-)

Let me know when you have the answers!!!


NJ from NJ

Gabriel said...

In college.. going to school during the summer means being one step ahead of the game.. ;)

midwest_hick said...

Always a good sign that they're ready for training when they start removing their own

Robin said...

Ugh, I dread potty training my daughter. My son was a nightmare. And she is so much more stubborn than he is. Good luck to you!

momma of 2 said...

We are working on potty training baby girl...good luck - I am thinking big guy was easier! Am about to resort to bribes of M&M's for everytime she goes, and stays dry. Keep us posted on how it goes - will steal your wonderful ideas and try them out on her!

firehotgran said...

love my emma boo.what she doesn't come up with..miss all of them a lot!!!.and i can't wait fo summer to.end......too hot in an upstairs apartment!!!

Melissa said...

The summer school thing sounds like a good idea. I can't believe he's excited about it! Probably about the social aspect, not the educational.

Jamie Dawn said...

A baby born potty trained...
Now, that's a DREAM. Can you imagine such a thing? But how would the little infant ever get to a toilet?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

NJ,you will be the first I call when I figure it
Gab, very true:)
Midwest Hick, yes only not good when they pee on the
Robin, I am dreading doing son was a bugger..other girl was easy..I am keeping my fingers crossed..
Momma of 2, i alwyas used stickers..they would go potty and get to put a sticker on there board on the bathroom door..not sure if this will work with baby spawn..:)
Granny..who told you to come here in front of your fan..maybe put some ice cubes down your pants:)
Melissa, I think he would do community servie in order to get out of the house:)
Jamie, I havent worked out all the kinks