Tuesday, August 02, 2005

here is my Prince symbol..this was taken last summer...for some reason this pic makes my back look as wide as a door..go figure..lol
my kiddies


Tee said...

You must be some true Prince fan. LOL... I got that one CD Diamonds and Pearls when I was like a pre-teen and my Mom heard the lyrics and made me break it in pieces and put it in the trash. ROFL.

I like a lot of his songs :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

tee...when I was a preteen i had the tape Purprle Rain..when my mom heard one of the songs on there she did the same thing..lol

by the time dimands and pearls came out i was like 17....and i bought it with my own money..lol

the song diamnods and pearls was one of my wedding songe:)

d said...

Ok, it's offical, you are a true Price fan.

My, my, it never ceases to amaze me what people are hiding under their clothes - even mild-mannered stay at home mom's ;)

Peanutt said...

Nice tattoos! I have a butterfly on my appendix area. I was thinking about getting a small heart on the back of my neck. Nothing big but if it hurts forget it! LOL, just kidding, it would be small, I think after giving birth to two kids, I can handle anything! LOl.

Gabriel said...

Peanutt-I'm sure Christina will agree, anything on or near your spine is going to kill!

Christina- I really like this top one, it looks like the hieroglyphic symbol for "life" (Ankh).

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

D, you betcha:) I am devoted..lol

Peanut,hurst like a *$@%*!....lol..but labor is worse:)

Gab, well that is Prince for ya..lol

The English Student said...

I like to look at tattoos. I could never get one though...I just can't stand the thought of needles on my skin.