Saturday, August 27, 2005

Birthday weekend for baby spawn

when the kids have birthdays we take the weekend closest to their birthday and let them have a "birthday weekend"...Thus it is baby spawns birthday weekend. And she is really too young to take full advantage of it..Which is a good thing..But we are getting her some special things she loves such as chocolate milk, fruit snacks she likes..

now the other 2 spawns know how to do it up right...Take out, movies,games,trips to various destinations..We are getting off cheap with this birthday..LOL

We went shopping today to get some shoes and stuff for school...When we got to Target (the Mecca of all shopping).....I let the kids pick out some slippers..They love slippers..
Oldest spawn got some blue ones, middle spawn got some purple ones,and baby spawn got wiggle ones....As we are going thro the check out my oldest spawn is carrying on a conversation with the check out lady..

He proceeds to tell her why we bought each item...They get to wrapping paper and he tells the check out lady that it is his little sisters birthday on Monday and that is her wrapping paper ..And she is going to be 2 ....Then they get to the slippers...Oldest spawn tell the check out lady..."Yeah those wiggle slippers are for my baby sister as she watches the wiggles everyday..Then goes on to tell her that he and the middle spawn were not allowed to buy "commercial slippers"....(Like spiderman,care bears ect....) because dad said they can not get those kind but it was ok if baby spawn got the wiggles..But it was ok because she is just a baby"...

Then on the way to the car he tells me that he is a very smart citizen......Not sure why..But he did.

But I did remember to get shoes this time..Then go to Target and buy things I did not need...Like a thing to roll the hose on outside....But it was on clearance....Oh and I bought me a new pedometer....And TALKING pedometer...Oh yeah....Another thing I didn't need..

Well now I need to go take kids to the park.....Then we are having a cookout and roasting marshmallows on our new outdoor fireplace tonight..(another thing we didn't need)...

have a good weekend....Toodles

I just had to add this...My oldest spawn in wanting to go outdside..(he has a perfect life out there and the most awfulest life inside)....he is stomping around "where are my shoes?..when I take them off and leave them somewhere NOBODY TOUCH THEM".. So I say..."hey smarty, there on your feet"....


Heather said...

I always buy things from target that I don't need. Why is that????

Jamie Dawn said...

Have a wonderful weekend spoiling baby spawn.
I hope she enjoys her special weekend.

Heather said...

I LOVE Target.. especially the one dollar bins at the front.. I always find really cute magnetic picture frames to decorate my fridge.

My daughters does that to me too.. we were outside enjoying the pool today before we have to shut it down.. and shes like.. MY GOGGLES!! SOMEONE STOLE MY GOGGLES!! And Im like.. did someone break into our yard.. and swipe the goggles out from underneath you? And she's like uh huh.. I think I saw him.. So I said.. Yeah then why are they on top of your head? Then she just giggles.. my kids are weird.

And oh yeah.. this isnt all about me.. Happy Birthday Baby Spawn :)


Marel Lecone said...

Where would that kid be without you?!? :)

Happy Birthday to your little one!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Heather, I have no idea,but i suffer from the same afflection:)

JD, Thank you doll..and yes,she is getting the royal treatment:)

Heather,I so love target too..I can find the darnest stuff in there that I never knew i needed..

maybe we should hook your girl up with my son..they sound like the perfect

Marel, I aslk him that everyday..heehee...I hope your party went well..:)

dsweetz said...

Happy Bday to baby!!!!

Have a house full of things I don't need.....but I sure got a good deal on them!! (Apparently other people did not need them either!!! *hence....clearance*!!)

Angie said...

Happy Birthday to your baby. You reminded me I need new slippers, too. lol I went shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond. Thankfully I had a gift card from my birthday.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday baby!
I like the birthday weekend idea---except my kids would seriously break me!

While I was in the states I spent soooo much money at Wal-mart (my personal weakness) that we had to buy new luggage to get everything home!

firehotgran said...

i wish i was there for boo's big 2nd birthday.miss all of them...good thing you found zach's shoes for

momma of 2 said...

I love target - we get to go about once a's too far away... I could live there... I wonder if I stayed in the "outdoor living" area if they would notice? hmmmm would I have to take my kids with me?

momma of 2 said...

Happy birthday Baby spawn.... don't know what I was thinking...sorry!

Tammy said...

We don't got no Target here and that makes me sad.

I hope you guys have a great week end. Sounds like fun. Party, party, party.

Your oldest is too funny.