Friday, September 30, 2005

an interview and things i have learned

I am being interviewed by my good blogger buddy Kish...These are her questions for me

1. What is your dream job? Probably a Labor and Delivery nurse, or a circus clown

2. What is your all time favorite movie?Well I have two...First one is Willy Wonka and the Chocalote Factory...The second is Rain Man

3. If Heaven exists, what do you want to hear God say to you when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? I have waited all my life to finally meet you, may I have your autograph

4. What is your favorite memory of someone who has passed away? (name the person and the memory). This is hard for me because I have not had any close famliy or friends pass on...I had a great grandparents who lived in and around the Detroit area and when we would go there for a weekend grandpa would walk me to his garden and show his veggies . And grandma would walk us down to her neighbors to take us swimming.

5. What is your favorite curse word?ok, what is not my favorite curse word. I must admit I do have a sailors mouth at times...My fav word to pop out at any given moment is the f-bomb or any other 4 letter word I know:)...but I am trying to clean it upo..southern belles such as myself dont have potty mouths ya know??..LOL

So if any of you want to be interviewed let me know and I will get you some questions of your own.


Ok, I have a dirty little secret..I have been watching Martha..I dont mean every now and then, I mean I have my butt in front of my tv at 11 am when I know the show is starting.

I have tried avoiding it..It is like a train wreck, but I can not stop myself.

So I thought I would share some things that I have learned from Martha over the past few weeks can make homeade ravioli useing won ton wrappers...who knew??

2.dont put oil in when you are boiling noodles..the oil makes it so the sauce does not adhere well to the noodles can make carmalized chicken just by sauting the chicken and saving the juice.

4.instead of buying skinless chicken breast, you should buy the kind with the skin. You can make a little pocket in the skin and shove all your seasoning in there ..bake it..then remove the skin if you wish..nice moist tasty chicken:)

5. Use a babmoo scerwer to hold a 2 layer cake togther

6.intsead of having your regaulr ole dish soap bottle on your counter, get a nice decortive bottle and pour your liquid in there and then just buy a pump to put on top..

I will stop there....I just like sharing what I know....Dont shoot the messenger ok!!

So my dirty secert is out....Do you feel better now that I just humilated myself in front of all of you??...You happy!!!!!!

OK I must go...I must go do my walk of shame.


Thursday, September 29, 2005

I am tagged, here ya go....

I have been tagged by Mommaof2..I love this crap..LOL

What I was doing 10 years ago : I had been married for almost 6 months, and plugging away at beauty school..

What I was doing 5 years ago : Well covert spy spawn was almost 8 months old and kissing spawn was off for his first days of preschool

What I was doing one year ago : getting ready to move to this crap hole I like to call I mean minnesotta:)

What I did yesterday (Wed) : Lets see, I baked cookies, played with bunnies, faught with hubby bout things, played cards with my mom on yahoo(our nightly ritual), talked with friends on line and on phone,bought a new lawm mower..i will stop here:)

Five songs I know all the words too : I know all the words to every sone I love..which is in the thousands..but here are a few examples

1.Hotel california by The Eagles
2.Goodbye yellow brick road by Sir Eloton John
3.Purple Rain by Prince
4.I want your sex By George Micheal
5.toot toot chugga chugga big red car By The Wiggles:)

Five snacks I enjoy
3.dt dr pepper
4.cheddar sun chips
5.unsalted and un buttered popcorn

Five things I would do with 100 million dollars of my houses off my dads house
3buy my mom a house..and a new car my own island
5.donate some to our church,and charites that help kids with cancer

Five places I would run away too

1.anywhere where kids are not allowed island i want to buy
3.any place in Hawiaii
4.a hole in the ground
5. Katmando

Five things I would never wear

1. a bikini
2. a thong (hate when underwear creeps up your butt)
3. hot pants
4. pink or blue eyeshadow
5. gray hair

Five favorite tv shows

3. Law and order SVU
4.Amercian Idol

Five great joys
3.good hair days
4.alone time
5.losing a few pounds when your not even trying

Five favorite toys crappy as$ digtial camera
2. vidoe recoreder laptop that works for crap right now desktop that acctually works

Five currnet reads

ok, I dont read books all the blogs on my blogroll..I read them all daily:)

Five folks I will tag for this

well I know most of you dont like being i wont do that...but if you want to do it.....please..please...tell me....and I hope at leat one of you does..LOL


this that and the other

so my cookies were a big hit with everyone other than baby spawn..See if mommy ever makes her anything ever again..nope..I have wrote her off my baking list..FOR GOOD..

I really need to do something with the awful domestic thing I have going on. It is starting to get out of hand..And that is not a "good thing" . Before I know it I will be wearing aprons and wearing my hair in a bun making my own freaking pie crust..Heaven help me please..

So some other things are going on now.. Now hubby is thinking of finding a job outside of what he does...A new career if you will... He has a bacholors degree in Biology..but he is an engineer..go figure...He is thinking he would like to work for a non-profit or something..I told him as long as u see a profit..LOL..

So this may be a big change for us all...We will see what happens...

Anything is possiable I guess..

I want to thank Mandi for a good game of cards last night...even though we lost one game I think..LOL

and thanks for the chat Ange, I needed it.

Hope ya,ll have a good day..with no kids talking back, and no bills:)


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Must have been some mix up in hospital

2 lame posts in one day...It does not get much better than this right???

So I had a bit of a domestic streak while baby spawn was napping..Yes I baked cookies again..From scratch..( it is kind of like an illness..I am desperately searching for the cure)

Anyway when baby spawn wakes up I go get her and take her to my stock pile of home made goodness..I say " you want to a have a cookie?"

" No momma, I want a nana"....Ok what just happened here?..Did my baby flat down refuse a cookie and ask for a freaking banana???...This must be a dream...Now I am not a cookie eater, never really have been..I love cookie dough yes..But when u bake kinda wrecks the cookie for me...But I love the smell;)

So baby spawn wanted to get a bunny out..Or as she says " unny momma..unnie out..peese"

Santa, please get me a camera that doesn't take crappy pictures for Christmas...One that wasn't handed down to me from someone who was not putting any thought to a birthday gift for me and gave me their used camera...Thank you Santa:)


blah,blah, freaking blah!!

so yesterday my precious baby spawn turned from my bundle of love and cuddles , and turned into a demontic little brown eyed beauty that started talking back to me. just a short while ago I was in awe of her. There is something about her. She has this beauty and cuteness that melts me. I am sure the other 2 spawns were the same at this age, maybe I am just enjoying her more because I am in a good spot in life. I am not sure..And older and wiser and take time for the little things with her. With the other 2 I worked full time for a while. Sucked big time.

But today I caught her jumping on covert spy spawns bed. Before she noticed I was watching she had this glee in her eye. she was truly happy at that very moment of her short life. As soon as she caught wind of me watching this display, she took her finger (yes that finger again) and she waved it and pointed at me and said " no momma u go"...Now mind u this is the same little prescious finger that curled around my finger when she was a newborn, the same finger I would hold as she was learning to walk, the finger she touched her object with, the same finger she has noticed fits nicely in her nose, the same finger she pointed at me Monday as she was trying to save the house from burning to a ruble of fire and soot.

she kept pointing that finger at me and pointing me toward the door and telling me to go. How did this happen? Where have I went wrong? Do these kids not realize if they did not have me to make lunches, clean toilets, do dishes,fold laundry and make dinner for everyone that I would leave!!! Fact is..this house would not run without me. And I know this. If I were to die today...My kids would be sent to school and church (along with various other outings and controlled activites) with mis matched clothes and tangled hair. My hubby has no concept of what an outfit is. I purposes fold thier clothes in outfit segments. I fold the top and bottoms of any matching clothing article together . Just for this very situation!! These kids dont realize how good they have it here with me:)

Well I think hubby and I will be putting our home on the market in january or february. We are hoping for a move in late spring early suumer , so the kids can finish out school here. Not like anyone really comes to visit us anyway. So no biggy in that area.

HOUSE was good tonight...well I have seen better, but it was still good. NIP/TUCK was very good too. I know, I know, you dont see me as a fan of such a dirty and provocative show. It may as well be on your local porn station with all the sex and nudity on there. ( not that there is anything wrong with all moderation of course..LOL). It is a dirty hidden secert ( like me haivng a southern belle hiding deep down). But I like shows that are, shall we say, risky, for lack of a better word. I was there when Roseanne had that female kiss, when Ellen came out, when Rosie came out, when "who ever" shot JR, when whatever happens on what ever show is on.
Not sure where I am going with this so I will just stop.

Have a happy Hump Day and since it worked for some of you yesterday, I am wishing for a day with no well as no junk mail...I will keep my fingers crossed on that for ya;)


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

goings on and movings on

So I finally got freaking blogger to post my pics..Dang ole waste of time for me..I hate when I waste time I things that really make no differnce to me or anyone else. I mean in the time I spent trying to get my pics posted, I could of cured world cancer, the AIDs epedmic, world hunger, made more cookies from scratch, wash clothes, play with my baby, went for walk, took a nap..or just plain sit and waddle in y own filth I call home:)

Today as I was making my dinner..Spageti, yes last night was Italian night here..With my home made sauce, from the fresh tomatos from my garden...(ok , that part is a lie..the rest should be all truth...well..most of it anyway)..The smoke alarm went off..( not an unsual site in my home while the slop is brewing)..Normally when this happnes I grap a kitchen towel and wave it in front of the alarm..I dont know if I think I am shueing the smoke out, or trying to give the alram the "ok, thanks for the warning sign" But that is what I do..

Anyhoo as the alarm was rining my baby spawn grabs a shirt that was laying in my pile of folded laundry..and she gave me the finger..You the know the finger you give as you are telling someone...just a minute I will take are of it. "The hold up minute..I will be right back"..finger...Bless her little heart, she waved that shirt like nobodys buisness trying to "signal" the mother trucking alarm ITS OK DARN FOOL..MY MOM IS JUST COOKING. she stood there waving and waving that shirt..When it stopped she had a very proud look on her little baby is takin care of bid-niss..(buisness in baby talk)....

And she is getting too smart...the older spawns were yelling "swiper no swiping, swiper no swiping"....and what did my little baby spawn say...." oh man"...( for those of u with no young children...i know u r lost).....Does this mean she is smart, or that she watches too much tv?....I am going with smart factor myself.

My hubby and I have decided agianst buying a house closer to the city...We have decided to move one more time..a big move...We are wanting to move to the southen part of the US of A....I was wanting to move to the Florida area..Now I am wanting South Carolina, or maybe Geogia..what many of you dont know..I have a southern belle in me wating to explode..and I dont think she is from Florida..dont get me wrong I think Florida is beautful...well parts of it anyway...I dont think I am going to find my spot in Flordia..too many Florida transplants are there..I will not get my southern twang there when most of the residnts are true northeners..

I have had this acheing dream..or fantasy if you will, of having a terocota roof with 2 palm trees in front and an orange tree in m y backyard where I will pick ornages everyday and squeeze my own juice..( yes , yet anohter dream that will never happen..too much work)....

I have family in Florida..Key West is a place I have always wanted to live...but I am thinking I wont get the feel I am looking for there....But I am jelous of everyone who lives there...I think they might be one of the 10 commandments...."Thou shalt not envy others who live in a paradise"

Dont get me wrong..MN is beautful, and MI is nice too..But I am just not feeling settled here, nor is the hubby. Niether of us want to go back to MI...

He still has a 2 year commitnment left at this job...I mean they paid for our entire move..came packed up our old house...moved to our new one..unpacked it..paid for the closing on this house...tried helping sell our old one..Plus he gets a hefty relocation bonus for the next few years he works there...So we will wait it out..

Anyway, I have went on long enough...My hair is falling I need to make a Dr apppointment...I think I need some thryoid pills..the part of my throyid I have left..must not be functioing right...This is Dr. Christina,s diganoses..and she is always right..

Have a happy Tuesday and may you and yours get the mail today and not a single bill be in your box:)


Monday, September 26, 2005

this must be a worked

some before shots...nothing fancy


the after shots....mind you i am not done in here yet, nor i have i started the other rooms yet....but this gives you an idea anyway

ohhhh, and dare I foroget one more shot of cadbarry and thumper

ok i need a nap now.....Toodles

Is anyone else having troubles

Even this morning I can not get blogger photo to work..Is anyone else having trouble with Blogger? Or am I the only one Blogger hates..I know my blog sucks, but come on Blogger..Trust me I have seen worse..Why do you hate me? I will keep trying throughout the day. If it doesn't work soon I am deleting this whole suckyblog and forget I ever had one..Then I am finding me a nice attorney..(who will work pro bono off course) to sue the pants off Google and Blogger for pain and suffering caused from Blogger having brain farts..

Please check back later and I hope to have it up


Sunday, September 25, 2005

Holy crap not again

Ok, this is like the 5th time I am trying this..I swear if it don't go through I am deleting this whole darn blog and suing Blogger for pain and suffering and a total freaking meltdown of myself..

Anyway, I am a tad disappointed with the progress I made this weekend. I only got one room done, and that room isn't even all done..But I will show you what I have done , because I am cool like that:)

as always the before shots.(for dramatic purposes only) .These were taken over the summer..Only ones I could really find..So here we go....

well as you can see blogger has spit in my face again.....Anyone know a good attorney..Cause blogger is going down.....

I will try in the morning.....Please check back sometimes after 10 am...I swear..I am about to blow my top off...Worked my rear off all weekend...And this is how it ends..I am going to bed!!


i dont know whats going on..

I tried posting pictures and blogger wont let me...i tried photobucket..big mistake...crap...dang..darn it all..shucks..i will try in the morning

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Tag its the weekend

So its the weekend..I am spending my time doing the basment. I bought this ultra cool stuff that you put on under you paint, and it makes that part of you wall a freaking can stick magnets on it..Is that cool or what??

I am trying to get my daycare all ready for when they need to come inspect it..I have my critter corner where my bunnies and a gold fish are going..I am having a craft corner where my old table and chaors will go and that is where the can paint , draw or whatever..I am haiving quiet corner where nap time and quiet time will be...Its gonna be cute.. I will try and have pics up by Monday:)

I was tagged by my good pal MidWestHick..if you have never read him..You should..He is a brillant crack up:)

Three random facts about my closet
1. It is a mess
2.I have clothes hung in there I never have worn
3.its small

Three items I have never worn but still havent thrown out.
1.This butt ugly dress I bought 10 years ago which is way way too
2.hmm...acctaully I have not worn much I have in there
3.project for next weekend:)

Three things I will never get rid of no matter how ugly they get.
1.My pink GUESS sweatshirt I have had for 15 years..Full of holes and some paint stains...but I love it:)
2.A tee shirt my kds made with thier handprints on it wedding dress

Three items that people would not expcet to find in your closet
1. a body
2. not really....
3.well maybe:)

Three items that made me go, " Oh Lord, what was I thinking?"
1.gosh, where to start....a plaid pair of pants I bought like 10 years ago..I thought they were cute...but when I see a photo of me wearing them..I think I look like a feaking oldtime golfer
2.a blouse that I thought looked nice on the hanger...but made me look like an old lady...
3."overalls"...nuf said

Three dominant colors in my wardrobe
1. Green
2.Pink you look a little slimmer..or so they say)

Three items that never fail to put me in a good mood whenever I wear them
1. any tee shirt..(especailly my Prince
2.a good bra that dont feel to tight or too loose:)
3.any pair of jammies

Three people I will tag...u poor suckers:)
1. Vani
3.jacks...(yeah u cuz)

Sorry but I love this stuff....if anyone else wants to do it..please do:)

I have a pretty boring closet...sorry folks

So if u havent seen my bunnies..Cadbarry and Thumper..make sure you scroll down and see them.....They r 2 cute:)

Have a good weekend...I will be working my fanny off..Hope u do the same...heehee


May the force b with u

Friday, September 23, 2005

And then there were 2

Today I have learned that there are 2 places I should never go...Target is one...And the pet shop is the next...As you can see I not only got one bunny....BUT 2!!!

the gray and white one is cotton tail and the brown and white one is cadbarry.

They are cute though....Right????

I know the pictures suck...But my camera sucks..I am hoping Santa will bring me a new one for Christmas...Yes I am thinking ahead:)


bunnies,and funnies

So this morning me and my 2 girl spawns are going to the pet shop..and I am getting a bunny..Why the heck are you getting a bunny you may ask..I will tell you..

It is for my daycare..I am going to have an animal station with a bunny and a goldfish in a bowl..And every week it is going to be a differnt kids job to help feed it and water it..So its for ...yes the kids:)

My beautiful covert spy spawn was kind of dissapointed about the gum the tooth fairy left..I told hubby to get berry gum..she likes berry he gets something..kind of citrus or somthing..

Covert spy spawn says to me this morning.." momma, I guess the tooth fairy doesnt no I dont like soured things"

and also one of her ponytail holder,s was in her bed...when she woke up ,she thought the tooth fairy left her a new yellow pony

Then at dinner I ask her if anyone noticed her tooth was missing. She said " well I showdid everyone"..( said did you show your teacher?..She says "yes, and she was the most surpsidid"..(surprisdid..LOL)
So I say ,why wa she so surprised? She says because my mom pulled it out...duh!!

Now her teacher thinks I pulled her tooth out. When in all actuallityI did, I just gave it a little tug..But I can never show my face at her school now..Now I am labeled "the mom who ripped her 5 year olds tooth out of the socket"

I walk with my head in shame now:(

BTW, I have not done a thing in my livivng room. Instead I am working on the those pics will come sometime..Again, I know you will be holding your breathe in hopes of getting a sneak peek at it:)

My bunnies name will be Cadbury..I forgot to tell ya that..and I am sure after I get it home I will feel the need to share this with I am sure a photo will be posted sometime in the you can all get your much needed bunny fix:)

oh and I hate to admit this..But guess what? No I can not tell you. I am already hanging my head in shame from pulling covert spy spawns tooth out..

Ok you twisted my better sit down

christina baked cookies today...cookies from scatch..i made my dinner tonight from a recipe in my amish cook book...please call your local congressman or nearest represntive, tell them I need help..I need to be put away, for a long , long. time...Please..Help me..I am begging you...

and..i washed all the bedding and cleaned out one drawer...I am a goner!!


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Tooth faires and Tornados

So it was Covert Spy Spawns big moment. Since her tooth fell out, I let her pick what we had for dinner..(thats just what I do). And she chose to eat at a diner called The Swan Cafe. This place is not far from our home...As we head out, I notice the sky is starting to look a little..shal l we dare say, bleak..

At this diner they have the tv on in the back corner , where the news is on..And then they proceed to break in saying our county is under a tornado warning..

I am hoping she did not hear it....But she does..Then not only did she hear it there, she hears it from a radio this place has blarring in the background..She begins to panic and says she wants to go home..I talk her off the ledge and get her to finish eating..

While we are eating Baby Spawn proceed to wave and say " hi" to everyone she sees walk past her little highchair..She is full of giddy and glee about this fact..My baby is quite the socail butterfly:)

We get home and it start to hail bloddy mary..The Cover Spy Spawn panics again..This time she is now worried that the Tooth Fairy wont come becuase she wont want to get her wings wet..Yes..her wings wet...I tell her not to worry she will come..this is her job:)...She then gets her spare pillow and lays it next to her and tells me she is leaving it there incase the Tooth Fairy wants to have a rest and dry off from the rain..God bless her:)

I am sure the hail did some damage to my mini van..yes right where hubby scartched the side with a freaking ladder not more than 2 weeks after we bought it..Our first brand new car and he has it wrecked in 2 weeks....I am sure the hail did it though, yes it was the hail..GOT come on State Farm, be a good neighbor and be there..will you?..It happen last night..Not 2 and a half years ago..GOT ME AGAIN...You dont wanna mess with me!!

Now for Covert Spawn spy I was going to leave 2 bucks and some trident gum..(they dont know any better.they think its tell him go get 2 bucks out of my purse..He then comes up and says I only had a 5 in there..So she is making out like a bandit..Little sucker...I bet she wouldnt know the differnce if I left her one buck..Its all good to her:)

This is all I have..I am sorry


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ok, I just found out...We are going to have a little visitor

yes it is true..We will soon be blessed with a visitor....


Yup...Covert spy spawn has lost her tooth..

as you can imagine she is super excited...She started to clean her room..She said she cant be having the tooth fairy see her messy room..She also took the dogs little bed out of her room..Said she didn't want Ellen scaring the tooth fairy away tonight..Isn't she cute??...LOL

Ok..Sorry...You can go read my real post for the day below...Not much happening..


I need to be committed..Padded room. And white jacket

I am not sure when it happened or even how it happened..And it is something I am ashamed to admit to the folks out there who may think I am hip and or cool..( ok I know none of you do..But humor me please).

As of late I have had this sickening, frightening need to be....domestic ..I don't know if it was watching the crappy episode of Martha Stewart last week..But I have this urge to cook and bake...Although I have not suckumed to the urge....yet .. I am afraid it is in my future none the less..

I find myself making trips to Target just to buy Downy with Febreez ..And buying expensive candles that smell nice. And here is the kicker..The one I hate admitting over everything else.............I have been looking at cookbooks . I know it might not seem that big of deal to you..But this is coming from a woman who hates cooking and or baking..Hates house work and Hates doing anything that requires any sort of cleaning up afterward..I am not sure what to do..I don't dare give in to this evil temptation tempting my every waking moment...But I am not that strong...

I think I must have some un-operative brain tumor or maybe an aneurysm..Or maybe I watch too many episodes of HOUSE..I don't know...But I have some issues...I am thinking of calling my local pysh ward and tell them I have a fresh case of crazy and she aint pretty...Not pretty at all..Any advice on how to cure this sudden urge for domesticality...Please give it..I am ready and willing to try anything...Remember, This is for all the good of man kind..I am sure this is is Revelations somewhere if you look..The day Christina becomes domestic...Is the begining impending doom...Seriously..Someone please look it up and make sure it isn't in there..Please..This is an urgent plea..

Anyhoo had my daycare meeting..Went well..3 hours of cheesy videos and info...I can have my business up and going in about 120 days if I get my paper work going soon..I am thinking of calling my business Christina,s Kids...What do you think?..If you have any better ideas I am all ears friends..All ears

Grounding of kissing spawn is going well...He was caught talking to some of his peeps out his bedroom window tonight...I was not impressed..Not one bit, but I was too tired to deal with it...I will let it slide this one time..I know I am one big freaking push over..

Covert spy/Meg Ryan spawn has not lost her tooth yet...I may pull it out today..Then again I may not...When the big moment hits..You will be the first with photo and the special bulletin ..

I am working on my living room now...Then this weekend I need to focus on my basement...I cant wait.

Well have a happy Hump day my fellow blog addicts..


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Kissing spawn advice

I know I have a post already today, but hense I need to get some more things off my chest...My troubles with Kissing Spawn are starting to bother me..

In my previous post I talked about grounding him and taking some of his cards away he plays with..Well this morning i peek in his bedroom door and see him hiding all his cards so I can not find them...He does not know I saw this..So he will come home tonight and head to his room thinking he has out smarted me...Well THINK AGAIN MY SON..why do kids think they can out smart us...we are bigger and are brains are fully developed..

My Kissing Spawn was the best little baby..He never put things in his mouth, never cried, alwyas content to play with the cats tail, with his toys, the remote..He was a very good baby..By the time he was 13 months he could idnetify all the letters and by 16 months knew all his numbers up to 20...Knew all his colors by 16 months..I mean even teal, burnt sieana, and magenta for crying out loud...

When he started pre school he was like a prodigy..They did not have to teach him anything..also by preschool this kid was an expert on dinosaurs..I mean this kid could teach a class on it...Even in second grade they were learning about dinosaurs and this kid corrected his teacher on a fact she was teaching..she said she was very intrested on if he was right..and she looked it up agina and he was right...She would even go to him and ask him questions about the dinosaurs..I mean this kid knows crap about the creatures that noone else cares about...He reads books on them..has a good 200 dino,s he plays with...This kid is a freaking genoius when it comes to these reptiles...

He was one of the first kids in his Kindergared class to learn to read..He was reading at a 3rd grade level by the end of Kindergared and reading chapter books..So this kid has the smarts...he really does.

So what I do not undersatnd is why he defies me so much..This kid lies to my face now..About little stuff..Example..Sunday the girls were taking a bath , I told him when they were done he needed to get in...Bout an hour later he came to the basment where I was..I asked him if he had his bath..he tells me yes...Well this boy was as dry as tree in the middle of a 100 year drout....His hair was still the exact same way..he still had the same green stamp on his hand...Only differnce was he was in his pj,s..

Either this kid thinks I am really stupid..Or else he has a really twisted mind...I dont remeber lieing when I was 8..I mean I am sure I did...all kids lie..But I did a majorty of my lies durring highschool..I mean thats when you really need it..Am I right??

I am about ready to put him up for adpotion, run away, kick him out, send him to boarding school, or run away..did i say that already???...Really He is a good kid..Its just that he is getting to where I do not trust him anymore...Even though he is telling small little leis..I am afraid it will turn into bigger ones soon..

Here is my final example of his lies...I was talking to my mom the other day..she asks me how Kissing Spawn is enjoying Karate...I am like HUH???..this kid is not taking Karate...I guess he told her he takes Karate every saturday from 8-12 in a nieghboring city....And that last week he acciendtally kicked out a 5th graders teeth..WTF!!!???....where would he come up with this...We had never even talked about him taking Karate..Him and his sister have wanted to take it for a long time..Just have never gotten around to taking him...But why lie about that??..and go into elaborate detail?

Ok I guess I am in need of a vaction or something....I soooooo need some time away from here...Only probelm is I have no where to go and noone to do it with..

any advice would be greatly apprecatiated.....Thank you:)


Issues with Kissing Spawn take 1000

Thank you for all the nice comments on my kitchen..I am now working on my livivng room...Bye the weekend or maybe next Monday I will have pics for ya,ll to

Ahhh..Medium...I am loving the start of the new season...This and shows on tv..according to me anyway;)

So Kissing spawn was over with covert spy/meg ryan spawn over at the kid who i saw leak over all over my yard house approximatly 7pm I walk down there to gather my herd for home...Only probelem is...covert spy/meg ryan spawn is the only one of my spawns I see...I ask where the other one is...and she says he went over to this other kids house..way across the way where he is not suppse to be without asking..(remeber the man who tried to abduct him???).....I get in the house and not more than 5 minutes later my phone rings..and it is coming from the house of said kid who he did not ask to go....I ansewer it...he asks if he can play over there..I tell him no way, you need to get home, you are in trouble..big time

He comes home I tell him " get your pajamas on your grounded"

HIM : "what I was over at Noahs house playing (kid who leaked in my yard)
ME : " oh no you dont, stop with the lies...have you ever heard of caller ID??..HELLO??"

so he revieces his punshiment for lying and going to kids house without asking...I tell him also I am taking away his yu-gi-o cards..( it is a card game of sorts..not sure I have no clue really)

so then he yells out for good measure..

"OK, thanks for making my life even worser, you just want me to die ..very slowly, you like to see me suffer"

Covery spy/meg ryan spawn is still waitng patiently for her tooth to fall out..My good friend Tammy..(she worked in a dental office..she has the heads up on oral issues..i mean tooth
she told me I could probably yank it out...but I am much too nervous....she may bleed or something..

I am not able to commnet on some of your blogs...I dont know why..I cant even read blogs on this computer ,as it has some mental issues....So I trod my rear to the good computer so I can read and comment on them all..Only to find some of your windows for comments dont pop up..WTF??...I dont know...maybe you are just blocking me on purpose:-)

Well have a happy Tuesday...I am goning to be working hard on my living room..or hardly working...LOL...( ok I know that wasnt funny, my aploiogzes to you and yours).

Oh still no spell check...I am much too lazy to drag my fat rear down to the good computer this hour of the night/morning:)


Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ok...Can I have another drum roll........Please

Ok, I literally worked my rear off all weekend doing this...And when I say my I mean once again Christina did the whole room alone..Well hubby did help me hang the border last night..Does that really count as helping though??

Ok this before shot was taken shortly after we moved here last November..But you get the idea..The kitchen really is small..So work with me here folks

Now here she is now..Mind you..This color green is the 3rd shade I had painted it..First was pepto pink..Then mint green pepto...But I love this one..And I also had to paint my ceramic tile on the back..The brown didn't go well with the green..And let me tell you that was a project all in itself..Took me one whole day..And it still don't look right...Anyway..This is it


so there you have it folks...Ok now here are some random pics of my new dining room..I decorated for fall...This is the perfect room for fall...Christmas isn't gonna look so good in my new room..But hell..It fall anyway..Right??...LOL

and the things in the center I painted..Some of my Halloween things I have done over the last few years..I know you cant see well..But hey..My camera sucks too..

ok there ya go...Enjoy


Friday, September 16, 2005

The day the lights went out in Wallymart

So me and baby spawn head out to Walmart..Only to get paint mind you..Only paint...On the way baby spawn is trying to peek out her window..Then I hear "momma cows" I turn my head..And I will be damned if there aren't a heard of cows out her window..This baby is starting to make more sense everyday, kind scary..

We get to Walmart and I feel dirty going in..Like I am going into some seedy strip joint or sex toy shop..(not that I have ever been to either place..I am just assuming this)..We go over to the paint, I try to pick out a good shade if green..I get "rosemary green"..It looks good on the color swatch..Looks good all mixed up...So I am thinking...way to go you got yourself a good color ..I get home and paint..Then I realize it looks kinda like mint...Maybe a minty color pepto bismol...But it is staying..I am not painting it again....No how no way..uh-uh...

Anyway..While we were in line at Walmart to check out..The lights go out..I mean wallyworld is pitch black dark..And you could hear a pin drop...I was kinda all freaked out...I am thinking..Shit..I bet the doors wont open...Crap I am gonna die here in walmart..The very store I despise...How will my family explain this one away???? So I am thinking I should quickly maybe write my " death note" explaining why I was in walmart to start with...Just so everyone knows I was only in to by paint...Just paint...That is forgivable right??? right????..

Well the cash register only have half hour left of juice till they quit..And I had a man in front of me with a crap load of groceries...And the cashier is slower than molasses....Finally she gets to me....I am like hurry up lady I need to get out of here...Please hurry...Well she got done and I head for the doors..In the mean time baby spawn is saying " goodbye" to everyone she sees and giving them a very pleasant wave...Crap..I think baby spawn likes walmart..No..Cant be soo...No..Please not walmart..

The doors were pried open so we GOT OUT ALIVE...!!!

Now after I have the kitchen all painted...My ceramic tiles on the back splash look awful and don't match..So tomorrow I am off to Home Depot to get supplies to paint them...I will show you my finished product soon...I know you are all waiting with antipaction..Keep your britches on..Its coming:)

Well I am off to bed for the night...Have a good weekend friends:)


splendid bliss, or blissfully splendid

Truth be told..I love my dining room...Truth be told, I hate the color I started painted my kitchen..It is called "pale berry"..suppose to be a mauvy color, when acctaully it looks like I puked up a bottle of pepto on my wall..I only did a portion of the wall, thank goodness..

I am sending hubby back to Home Depot for Leaf Green....It is a light shade of green..It should be way better than the crap I just put on there..Oh what a mess..

Covert spy spawn has a tooth that is bout to fall...But it wont...I mean it is hanging on by a thread...a tiny thread...she keeps asking when its gonna fall..I keep telling her...I guess never baby..

Ok I witnessed yet another thing today..No not a kiss by Kissing spawn...(although she did come over again tonight, becoming a nasty habit)..The kids were outside and my windows are I can hear every word that is said out there..But they have no idea..heehee

One if kissing spawns friends was out there..I heard him say.." I gotta go pee..wanna come watch?" I heard that loud and which I am wondering if anyone is taking him up on his offer to see him wiz...I am figuring he is gonna either come into my house to use the lavertorty or walk home...Curiosty got the best of me, so I go and look out the window..That is when I see this kid heading over to our play thing..It is plastic, has a slide, has things to climb on...he climbs up it..and I see him unzip his pants..and kneel down..THIS KID PEED IN MY YARD..Now I am realizing that when my spawns crapped out of doors, I am sure this kid had some promting of the sitaution..I guess he is qiuet an outdoorsy kinda boy I guess his parents have not instilled the disipline of walking to an actual tiolet in such cases of urnination...Ok...maybe its just me..Maybe I am the only one who takes offense to kids whipping it out in my yard to leak all over everything....But I wanted to go out there and bitch slap this kid...(pardon my french please)...I told kissing spawn to tell that kid he will never be allowed over agian if he pees or craps in my yard...

And yes the girl came over tonight..always the same time..bout 7pm..which seems kinda late for a school night..But I let her come in for half hour...they were in the basmemt playing the x-box. Covert spy spawn was in the I had to think of a reason to go down and "assess the situation"...Ok I need to go down to the dyer and get covert spy spawn a towel..yes..i need to do that..and that is in the basment...

Well..they were just sitting there on the floor playing the spiderman game on the x-box..I dont think any kissing took place....But then Kissing spawn walked her home...anything could of happend out there..I must not think about it.I must not think about it..

Well have a good Friday and a happy weekend..I am going to be painting and whatnot..and I will be sure to share the fruits of my labor when I am done..and I look forward to your comments as always..


Thursday, September 15, 2005

akward moments with Martha

Ok, before I start this..I must say..I do not normally waste time watching television durring the day unless it is 12pm...that means its Days of our lives time..(u got my back on this one Beth, right??)

But today I happedn to sit my fat, lazy rear down and surf for a I did Monday too..I had come across Martha Stewarts new daytime show..Now I must admit from the years 1995-2000 I was a big Martha supporter and enjoyed her magaizine and her shows...And hell, I have even been known to purchase Martha Stewartt Everyday products at the ole Kmart..

When Martha got in trouble there few years back I wanted to see her go down, and go down hard....I was full of glee when she got prison time..I mean I was jumping for joy...Then it kinda hit me....Does she really deserve prison time..I mean we have people like OJ, Micheal Jackson ,and many others who really should be behind bars..Martha, well Martha,s crime really hurt noone..No one died or was molested..

So when Martha decided to take it like a woman and serve her time without appealing..I was very proud of her..I thought..maybe Martha aint so bad..

Well her new daytime show..i belive it may be live a bit lacking..I use to enjoy her Martha Stweart Living show...untill I boycotted her..

This new show is filled with awkard momnets of her trying to fit in with other "celebrites"....It is like a train know you shouldnt watch others misery..but you simply can not take your eyes off it..Today I am watching and she has..
P. Ditty/Puff Daddy/Sean Puffy Combs/Ditty...( none of you can get on my back about prince changing his name once..ya got me;)
And on the episode he is trying to teach her to rap..This is the most ridiculous spectical I have seen in quite sometime...Watching her hob nob with the likes of David Spade and Puff whatever the hell your name is this week, is plain painful to watch..

She makes jokes at her own expense..which is painfully amusing...Although I can only take so many prison jokes in one program...Ok you went to have a record...hell I am sure Ditty does as well..But lets move past it Martha..

I say this show will be pulled off soon...It is just a very akward hour watching Martha trying to fit in...Like she is wanting to be accepted in a world she knows nothing about.....

So have any of you seen this train wreck of a show?..I would love to hear your thoughts on the whole thing..Maybe its just me...But I would rather watch "Girls gone wild" or something...

and hearing Martha ask the little asian cook on there " where is your bling?"..WTF???


Still viruses running ramped here

Ok couple of things...thanks for the comments on the room..Now I am painting the kitchen , then my living room..I am on a roll now;)

Ok so hubby went to install Norton antivirues whatever the hell its called..and somehow the cd drive in this pc isnt we need a new one...oh hell....i am gonna have to start moving my lazy bum down to the basement...I am tired of not being able to comment on all your blogs...It is breaking my heart;)

The girl came over tonight..I swear..I got my eyes on her...

Neighbor siad she thinks middle spawn looks like Meg Ryan..and that is not the first I have been told that...she is cute..but Meg ryan has nothing on my girl..:)

I am going to refer to oldest spawn now as...kissing spawn...
middle spawn as , covert spy spawn..and baby spawn as..pain in my moms rear spawn...pimmr for short:)

I mowed some if my lawn only alone time..pretty sad when a date with the sketters is getting out of the house . I serously need some alone time or girl time with a pal..I am getting desparte..pretty soon I am gonna just start knocking on doors randomly asking if there is a stressed moms who needs a vaction..I may get thrown in the slammer for harassment..but it would be worth I could find me a nice slice of friendship there..or at least alone time..I would beg for the padded room..Please put Christina in the padded room and lock the door..Just throw in a water bottle and a pretzel every 3 days and I will be fine..It doesnt take much to make me happy.

I am so in love with my new room..I just go in there to see it..I think it may be illegal in all 50 states to marry a table...but I am close to finding out if I can..

so still no spell applogies as always...this really sucks , becasue you can see how blonde I really am..I can not spell and or type..But hey...what can ya do..??

sorry this is so lame...If something happens in the few hours I will update you...For now this is all I deal with it;)


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

drum roll please................. is the before shot...............

 here is the after shot.........

so what do you think??? the color of the walls can not really see the thing i got at IKEA...its in the center of the table..its cool

let me know what you think!!


House full of viruses favorite show..(well one of my favs) came back on tonight..HOUSE...this show is on Fox and it is a really wonderful show..If you have not seen it..please check it out next Tuesday..My first fav is Meduim which can be seen on NBC at 9pm cst..:)

I have something wrong with my puter...I defintaly have a virus..and stupid me I have not updated my virus protection..well hubby is picking up a new one tonight...I keep getting this Winnfix come on..kinda like a pop up that says I need to scan for virsus..well I was not born yesterday so I know not to click on it...I click the red x in the corner and not more than 20 seconds later I get this damn winnfix on my screen..It just comes on anyway...I can not get rid of it...And someone from San Jose , California has been trying to hack into my puter too...Not sure why..But I have "people" hunting down the Ip address and the user...I guess they dont know my connections...heehee

I get my new table between 9-10 am...I can not wait,I am like a kid waiting for Santa..I am so excited..I will get a pic on when they get it here and I have it set up the way I like it;) My paint job looks awsome..I may paint my kitchen the same color..would that be too much??? middle spawn comes inside with a paper in her hand.It is a big blue piece of constuction paper..I am like " what is that?"
she said " i dunno, Noah gave it to me"...

So I look at it and it is a paper oldest spawns friend Noah made at school with cotton balls made into differnt clouds...Not sure why he gave it to her..I think he is sweet on her..But man...He is 3rd grade and she is Kindergared...Slow down kids, slow down.

Then the girl who kisses my baby came over asking if she could see him..Oh gag me please..Gag me till I choke and die..

Ok thats it for now..I will post pics when my table gets make sure to check back,I know you will be

* PSA* ok still no spell check and still able to commnet on every I say..I have a nasty virus....please dont download or open mail from strangers...strangers are bad...although I never open mail or download anything..I still have one...So be safe peeps....I dont want your puters ill too:)


Tuesday, September 13, 2005 party...viruses

Ok so IKEA was not all that I thought it would be..I forget who commented about the qaulity of the products there..but I must say the furniture looked and little.."chinsy"....This store is much too big for me, and I did not enjoy myslef..Although I did get a nice centerpiece for my new table..So that is a plus..But I dont think I will be making a venture to IKEA anytime soon...

On a side note, I made an obesrvation the other day..I had to go to Walmart for paint..Target does not sell it...But I notice the quality of the people you find at Walmart is kinda like the quality of the stuff they sell..I mean no disrepect to any of you Walmart shoppers...But I see some pretty wierd/dirty folks roaming the allyes of Walmart...Now I am sure Walmart serves its purpose..heck I went in to buy paint..But that is where my walmart reltionship ends...Now when you walk into a Target, the folks you see are neat , clean, quiet, polite, and did I say clean?? I am sorry if I offened anyone..maybe its just this Walmart:)

I think my puter has a virus...I can not do more than one thing at a if any of you notice i am not commneting...its because i cant..I cant even do spell check for God,s sake...So I am reading everyones blogs..and I am commneting on the ones I please forgive me for not making my normal useless comments..I need to buy a new virus scan thing..

I went to a spa party Monday..the pastor,s wife was having one and invited me...It was fun...Got a facial and a foot thing done...It was nice..

I am slowly getting my painting done..I need to finish up today..My table comes tomorw..I sooooo can not wait..

Here is a funny ditty I will leave you with..( I dont have much good to post about so I will give you one of my famous childhood dittys)...

Not really childhood...but late teens I will say...My mom had these tickets to some thing at The Palace of Auburn Hills ...And some NFL players and basketball players were there....This was 1992..I was 17 years old..I did not want to go.but did...anyway..we say Vinnie Johnson (played for the pistons) and this NFL guy who once played for The Lions..his name was Willie Green...I got his autograph...and he asked for my phone number..:)

I did not give it to him, but he did ask!!!...LOL...can anyone beat that??..and I have no idea if he even plays football anymore..I never heard of him since:)


Monday, September 12, 2005


What I have witnessed..No mortal should ever have to see..Espeacilly a mom..

This is what I saw with my own eyes..The spawns had friends over and they all ran outside...and I overheard one of them say something to the effect of oldest spawn and kissing the girl as all the kids ran outside I looked and watched out every window to follow thier every move..And then..I saw it .. My oldest spawn and this girl standing on my deck. My windows are open so i can hear everything . The girl tell my oldest spawn she loves him....Then this is where I fainted....they kissed..I nearly keeled over,dropped dead, went to the light, slipped on the peel, and went home with the BIG MAN UPSTAIRS...They pecked on the lips and I fell to the ground..I didnt know wether I should be laughing or kicking the girl out of my yard..Oldest spawn doesnt know i witnessed this love encounter...This girl doenst live here all the time..only when she is visiting her father..well I think this girl is spending too much time at her dads house...go home little girl..leave your lips off my baby..

Well since I didnt get my girls weekend I went and bought a brand new dining room table instead...Oh she is a beauty..It has 2 leaves, 5 chairs, and one of them benches that seats about 3..It was pricey..around 1500.00...but dang, shes a beauty..I get her on Wednesday..I can not wait...
So now that I am getting a new table, of course I had to paint my dining room...I am paniting it " golden rod"...It is a golden yellow color..very ellagant and charming..As soon as I am done and have my table..I will share it with you all:)

Sometime soon though I am going to need a girls weekend..Not sure who I am gonna have one with..but dang Christna needs one..So I am taking applications for a girls weekend..just send a self addressed stamped envolpe to the adress below...and I will see who i think we be the most fun..I need a a night out...who is with me??...Heck I will even come to you...LOL

Well I am off to Ikea this Monday morning to browse at the goodies..For those of you who do not know what Ikea is..It is a big ole furniture store with restraunts and whatnot inside...Cool beans...

Well have a happy Monday:)

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Only to me...This could only happen to me

Ok, I bet your are waiting to hear about how I made big at the casino..How I am toting off with enough winnings to pay off both my mortgages...About how we got so stupid sloppy drunk we made silly with the bellboy...Right...Am I right??...( actually that could not happen because Mystic Lake Casino does not serve alcoholic drinks)

Instead this is what I did today:

Yup..We went to The Minnesota Zoo....

My poor Jennifer could not make it....She was not feeling well and she thought maybe she might of been having a panic attack about getting on a plane..She wasn't sure why..Her and I have flown a few time..Maybe its because of the weekend and the date one of the days falls on and getting on a plane and such...Not sure...But all I know is she could not come...

So hence I had no "girls weekend"....Its ok though...Maybe she can come another time...Or maybe I will go there one weekend...I am at the point where I would get on a plane and go just about anywhere just to get out of the house for a while...But we will see..I am kinda disappointed...But I know it is not her fault or anything...I know she wanted to come...

So there you have it....I am having a ho hum day and a ho hum weekend just like you:)...........LOL