Friday, August 05, 2005

It is Friday...The midget...And other stuff

It has been brought to my attention the bigger font is easier on the eyes..LOL...So there you go Bethy..:)

yesterday I played a little trick on moms midget..I went on my yahoo messenger pretending to be a single gal looking for love..To see if he would take the bait..Because I just did not trust him..And let me just say..He took the bait...In the 5 minutes of the conversation he was wanting to have kids with me and move in with me..Not a good sign..So here is hoping he is gone for good..

We are going to the fair tonight...Cotton candy here we come:)..I am not much for riding fair rides..I much rather hit a roller coaster..Anyone ever been to Cedar Point?..Now that is what I mean..LOL...(some folks here have never head of Cedar point...Huh..How is that possible??)

We are headed off to the Science museum tomorrow to see Grossology..Take in a dinner and maybe walk around the city for a while..So if you don't ever hear from me again..That means that walking around the city was a bad idea:)

Oh last night the kids come in from playing with the kids down the street..The first thing middle spawn says was that a girl kissed my oldest spawn...Huh..Can you repeat that please..You can never go out and play again..That's it..Nope..

Well I am off..Have to get breakfast for all the spawns and to some picking up around here..I have been a bit lazy all week..And it is starting to show..LOL

Have a good one


momma of 2 said...

Cedar Point is the best place in the world - my family loves that place. I can't wait until my kids are old/tall enough to ride roller coasters, we will be going!

firehotgran said...

zach's first kiss lol.......he is growing up too for nick//max....he was gone before that.......but that sealed the deal for good

Anonymous said...

ok, I think that mom needs to dump the midget. I was going to tell her that on hers but she wont let me cause I have to go as anonymous.

Cedar point is awsome, I cant wait to go again.

Wow Zach's first kiss! my oldest was 12 before she got her first kiss. At least as far as I know, you had better watch that boy. heehee

Have fun at the fair and the museum. I am heading north so I will talk to you sunday

Tee said...

I like the big font. Easy on my elderly 26 year old eyes. ROFL.

Many years ago a friend of mine asked me to do the same thing in chat to her boyfriend because she was suspicious. He took the bait easily. She still stayed with him. SIGH.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

momma of2, yes by far the best
jacks,yes i dont know why hers is like that..she didnt block it..have fun this weeeknd

Tee, oh no..she stayed with him still???...not good

Marel Lecone said...

Just talking yesterday to my niece, she had not heard of Cedar Point. Great place. It has been a few years for me. I really had to swallow my fear for those roller coasters--but, I did! :) Well, I hope you have fun with the fam this weekend. Grossology sounds so yuck to me--but, like you said, the kids love that sort of thing. Good luck on that one. Hoping you can hold down your lunch!:)

Wethyb said...

I do like the bigger font! Thanks honey!!! MUAH!

Gosh I haven't been to Cedar Point in forever. I don't like roller coasters but I'd go on the water rides. I have a wussy stomach. What can I say?

Uh oh...first kiss? Geesh I didn't have mine til I was like 15. Boy I suck! LOL.

mal said...

St Paul is a good downtown to walk in, unless its February *G*

Since our kids finished 4H we have not been to the Hennepin county fair. I do not miss it either *G*...The State Fair has a lot more to recommend it.

Enjoy the Science Museum....GREAT place

Gabriel said...

Cotton Candy!!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Marel,you and I need to take a trip to cedar a good weekend:)

Beth,ok you me and Marel..lets get to the POint..water em too:)

mallory, yes much agreed...not a good idea to walk anywhere in this state in have never been to the museum..i cant wait..thanks:)

Gab, pink or blue?? like the pink..its all pretty and stufff)

Kristen said...

i wanna go to the ffffffaaaaaaaiiirr!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

kristen..we are leaving in an hour..put the pedal to the metal..come on..i am waiting:)

Angie said...

Hey girl, just stopped by, had a sec. it was good chatting with you yesterday, let's talk more next week. your blog is awesome, how did you do it?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hey ange,
well to tell you the truth i didnt do it..I paid somone to do it for me:)

yes we need to chat again..I am gona all weekend pretty much..but I will pretty much be home all week:)