Wednesday, August 31, 2005

In the crapper

No one will even believe the story I am about to tell..So I just wont do it..You can not make me..Nope..You wont believe it anyway..I swear, I have no idea why these things happen to me..But alas, they always do..

OK you have twisted my arm..So I will spill the beans..

Earlier today I was enjoying a nice semi peaceful afternoon..Until oldest spawn asks me " hey, why is there water all over the wall?"

Now you must understand he said this in a somewhat joking matter..But as I came to realize..This was no joke..
I walked over to the kitchen where he was standing, and he says " look, up there"..Pointing at the ceiling..

And sure enough there was a big ole crack in my ceiling with water dripping thro the cracks...I run upstairs and check the bathroom..And sure enough..The darn toilet has overflown and flooded my bathroom..

Now what makes me mad about the whole thing..Was last night I asked hubby to please plunge that toilet because it was not flushing..Guess what....he didn't ...Hence the flood gates..

Now the toilet had not been used since about 7am when I woke up...So I have no idea how long it had been leaking or overflown toilet water onto my kitchen floor..

Now what angers me the most is hubby blames this on me and the Tampex corporation...But he does not realize..That stuff is biodegradbale..Come on..The thing is flushable..I have been flushing it for years..So why on this very day, has it all of a sudden flooded my bathroom???

Now if he would of plunged the toilet when I told him too...This would not of happen..After I saw the situation..I went to the basement bathroom, and got the plunger, walked up 2 flights of stairs..And wala...Problem solved..If he would of done that very thing...I would not have toilet water on my kitchen floor..End of story:)

Now Thursday morning is going to be a great morning..I will send my 2 older spawns off into the world of public education..Middle spawn will start her first day of kindergarten and oldest spawn will head off to the 3rd grade..I am so proud of the both of them..But I am looking forward to some quiet time...I have to work in the morning so I will try to post the pics before I leave..If I cant I will when I get home..I know u will all be waiting..LOL

Talk to ya on the flip side

I just realized I may be hitting middle age...And other random crap

It is a hard fact to comprehend..We all think of ourselves as young and hip..Right??..Well today when I went to the kids openhouse at the school..And I saw my middle spawns teacher, I suddenly felt like an old,frumpy, worn out, piece of crap...

She looks to be no older than lets say, fetal stage..At leat a 35 weeker...She is cute, bubbly..And the gag me part...Recently married...So she still has her nice fetal figure..
I wanted to puke right there on her kindergarten room floor..But I held it in..I am strong..I am middle age after all...

Now I have 3 spawns, and I have never really had a "terrible two" episode...That is until today..Seems baby spawn has realized she is two and must have heard talk that it is ok for babies to mis behave when they hit 2 years of age...Because I swear she has been a perfect angel until today...All I can tell you is that at this open house she all of a sudden had no legs...She could not walk..I guess I should of dragged her to the ER..But I had a feeling they would grow back..She wanted to roll around on the classroom floors and proceed to get things out of cubbies and other nucks and crannies...And she began to foam at the mouth when we picked her up from the floor..So we put her down to let her walk...And she throws herself to the floor (in the freaking hallway) and screams..I walked down the hall pretending not to know her..Kinda wishing someone would take her in, give her a good home..Maybe a puppy..She is cute..So she would go fast...But hence, we took her back home with us..

something is happening in this house that I never thought would occur..I think Hell may be officially froze over tonight...My hubby is a blogger..I know..I know..He cross stiches, makes breakfast on Sunday, blah blah blah....I am not sure if it will last, but he is doing it...I don't know if I am terribly frighten by this..Or terribly amused..I have no idea why he is doing it...But he is...I really hate fighting for blog time..I can barley find the time to read all the ones I love and write on the 3 I have....Now I have him to compete with...Maybe he will finally understand what an addiction it is and not get on my freaking case about doing it...

I am so totally looking forward to Thursday morning 8am when the two older spawns ride off into the morning sunrise on the big yellow bus....That is if I can keep them alive that long...I never have looked forward to the start of a school year as I am this year..Now I just need to find a school, boarding home, kennel, what have you for baby spawn..And life will be good:)

As I was in the tub tonight after my long sweaty workout..I can hear inside oldest spawns room...He loves listening to the radio at bedtime..And he asked me to find him a good rock and roll station to listen to...I found a really awesome classic rock station..I love this station..anyhoo..I could hear his radio..Then all of a sudden it went louder..I guess he loves the song "Beautiful Loser " by Bob Segar..Rock on spawn..Rock on my son;)

Crap this is way too long...Toodles

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Why..In the name of all that is holy...Why

Why is it my baby spawn will not eat the following: corn, green beans, pizza, hamburgers, mashed potatoes, cake..(she eats the frosting), pudding, oatmeal, some cereal....But she will eat dog food...I swear every day I catch her in the kitchen eating the dogs food...What is wrong with her????????????

sorry....I hate posting more than once in a day...Just skip this and read my real post below...Thank you..Goodbye


Another birthday gone..Done for the year now:)

So baby spawn had a good birthday yesterday..She got messy, she played outside, she got a treat from the ice cream truck, she got new toys, and she was spoiled all day..So that wraps up my birthday,s for the year...Next spawn to have a birthday will be middle spawn and hers is in February...So I just need to make it thro Christmas..Yikes..

Oldest spawn and his friend were in "the woods" yesterday..( I believe this is the spot they have used to defecate on Mother Earth)...And I called him in the house because I have told them I don't like them playing in there...Well as he was running up to the house I saw the woman who lives in the apartment behind this woods..I guess she told oldest spawns friend that if she sees them in there again she is calling the cops..Who tells 8 year old boys they are calling the cops if you go in the trees behind your appt that aren't even your trees??...I think she is growing weed back there...And trust me..If you saw this lady, you see it would not be a stretch....She just doesn't want the kids trampling on her goods...I told hubby this last night and you know what he said???? " weed needs sunlight, lots of sunlight to grow, not enough light back there"...
So I am wondering how he knows all this!!!...LOL.....

Then last night I nearly had a meltdown...My mom call me ...And you will never guess what she told me....She said she was going to move in with the migdet...The same midget she swore she was not talking to anymore...That she didn't trust...Man I nealry had a panic attack..But I think I have talked her off the ledge...I swear when I am not there the whole world goes to pot...I have learned that no one can truly get by without my help...I am needed here...This is my calling from the Big Guy Upstairs..
I am the voice of reason....Sometimes seems like the only voice of reason..But my gosh..It is needed EVERYWHERE....I don't know how the president runs the country without my guidance...The world would truly be a safer and better place if everyone would listen to me..:)

I have added some new names to my blogroll..I am adding more too...I swear it takes me all day to read the ones I have now...I do half in morning and half in the afternoon..But I like reading them all...I just make time for everyone...That is just me..LOL...I think I may have removed some...Shh..Don't tell anyone though...LOL

Well that's all for now I guess...The spawns have their open house at school tonight..They meet their teachers and see their classroom...They start school Thursday...I know middle spawn is very excited..She really has no clue..Soon she will hate school just like the rest of them:)

Have a happy Tuesday...


Monday, August 29, 2005

bare with is birthday photos of my baby spawn

** Caution...Vulgar language and a few curse words may be present**

This is how my day unfolded..Hubby and I and what was my baby spawn at the time went off to my weekly Dr visit. My due date was Sept 11th so I had a few weeks to go.

I get to the Dr about 10:30am..He comes in the room about 11:15..*grrrr*
After taking my blood pressure he checks me into the hospital. I am thinking..Crap..I have baby spawn here..She can not be here to see the blood and gore that is about to happen..Man she will be scared for life...No way...Aint gonna happen...

We had no time to take her home as the hospital was about an hour from home..So she had to come...But Hubby called his brother and sister in law and after that got off from work they were coming to get her and then get oldest spawn who was with my mother and take them to MIL house for the night..

Anyway I get all checked in my room about 12:30...Get my IV about 1pm..Get my freaking potocin about 1:30pm...My Dr comes in shortly after seeing if I need some pain meds...."Who me..Hell no I don't need any".....

Well bout half hour later I was praying to the Lord Almighty to kill me..Please take my life at this moment..I can not take the pain anymore...I ring for my nurse..She comes in I tell her.." Get my an epidurral NOW please"....And she tells me that they are in the OR with a patient and that they will be in shortly..

20 minutes later my Dr comes in ..I tell him " so, where the hell is the epidural guy..Does he have the fucking day off or something?"

Doc seeing I am in distress says he will go see where they are..

2 pm rolls around, I have been in pain for much too long..At least a good half hour...And I am not taking it well...Not well at all...

My poor baby spawn is sitting across the room watching the Disney channel and eating her snacks I had packed her...(we were gonna go for a picnic at the lake on the way home from Dr...)...So she had no clue what was going on..Well she knew we were getting a baby that day..

Anyway, 3 pm rolls around and now it has been a good 2 hours of solid death wishing for myself and to others..I wanted anyone and everyone who was not in pain to die..A horrible , slow, death...

well my pain was short lived because the little turkey popped out at 3:31pm Eastern Standard Time:-)

The minute she came out I said.." Holy shit she is small"
The Dr says.." She looks pretty good size to me"

I am thinking she is very small..My former baby spawn was 8 pounds 13 and half ounces and 23 inches long....So this damn baby looked like a damn premmie to me..

Well new baby spawn weighed in at 8pounds 3 ounces and was 21 inches long..See I told you she was small...Dr says,," honey that is still a big baby"...WTF!!

If that baby would of cooked the 2 weeks she had left she would of weighed more than a small sedan...!!!!!!

Now my baby spawn is all of 2 years of age....She is my only spawn with out my dashing blue eyes and blonde locks...Although her hair is getting lighter by the day..

Her dark brown eyes are so deep you can see her soul in them..And her soul is beautiful, funny, cute, cuddly, smart, annoying, trouble maker, and little devil all in one..She melts your heart, " momma jews" translated means..."Mom can I have some juice please"
or she will say "wa shoes" translated means " mom where are my shoes" proceeded by " oo side"...Translated means " mom can I go outside" and my all time fav is " shank u"
translated means " Thank you" and she uses the all day long..And if you do not reply with a " your welcome" she will proceed to tell you "shank u" until you do..:)

You ask her how old she is she proudly states.." Chew" yup..My little girl is chew today...

There you have it...The day my baby spawn spewed into the world...Aint she cute though?...LOL

Happy Birthday Baby spawn....We love you:-)

On a side note my older spawns totally wrecked my copier/fax/printer/scanner this weekend..So those of you in the sticker club...I could not copy the paper..I am having hubby copy it at work today...Its coming I promise..

Oh...And I quit my job Friday...I am starting my own business...I am going to get my daycare license....I am finishing out my schedule..Then I will fill in on weekends if they need me for the time being...My daycare wont be up and running for a few months..Lots of paper work and meeting I need to attend..And I need to get my basement all set up right...Moved a lot of stuff around this weekend..

Well thats it today...Have a happy Monday

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Birthday weekend for baby spawn

when the kids have birthdays we take the weekend closest to their birthday and let them have a "birthday weekend"...Thus it is baby spawns birthday weekend. And she is really too young to take full advantage of it..Which is a good thing..But we are getting her some special things she loves such as chocolate milk, fruit snacks she likes..

now the other 2 spawns know how to do it up right...Take out, movies,games,trips to various destinations..We are getting off cheap with this birthday..LOL

We went shopping today to get some shoes and stuff for school...When we got to Target (the Mecca of all shopping).....I let the kids pick out some slippers..They love slippers..
Oldest spawn got some blue ones, middle spawn got some purple ones,and baby spawn got wiggle ones....As we are going thro the check out my oldest spawn is carrying on a conversation with the check out lady..

He proceeds to tell her why we bought each item...They get to wrapping paper and he tells the check out lady that it is his little sisters birthday on Monday and that is her wrapping paper ..And she is going to be 2 ....Then they get to the slippers...Oldest spawn tell the check out lady..."Yeah those wiggle slippers are for my baby sister as she watches the wiggles everyday..Then goes on to tell her that he and the middle spawn were not allowed to buy "commercial slippers"....(Like spiderman,care bears ect....) because dad said they can not get those kind but it was ok if baby spawn got the wiggles..But it was ok because she is just a baby"...

Then on the way to the car he tells me that he is a very smart citizen......Not sure why..But he did.

But I did remember to get shoes this time..Then go to Target and buy things I did not need...Like a thing to roll the hose on outside....But it was on clearance....Oh and I bought me a new pedometer....And TALKING pedometer...Oh yeah....Another thing I didn't need..

Well now I need to go take kids to the park.....Then we are having a cookout and roasting marshmallows on our new outdoor fireplace tonight..(another thing we didn't need)...

have a good weekend....Toodles

I just had to add this...My oldest spawn in wanting to go outdside..(he has a perfect life out there and the most awfulest life inside)....he is stomping around "where are my shoes?..when I take them off and leave them somewhere NOBODY TOUCH THEM".. So I say..."hey smarty, there on your feet"....

Friday, August 26, 2005

SPF and so much more

So it is that time again, SPF day..the categories this week are
the eye sore of your neiborhood,a funny or weird sign in your town, and a photo you took secretly...

so first up is the eye sore...It happens to be not a good photo..I had to drive around the block twice to get it, which this is also a shot I took secretly..This is not a good photo, but if you can notice all the windows in the garage are broken out...The door window is covered with thick gray tape..You can not see the mess in the yard to well...I had to shoot and run..But this is a Mexican kid house...The ones that could not speak a lick of the language, were dirty, knew more curse word in English than did verbs or nouns...Thank the Lord above they up and left in the night a few weeks ago..Can we get an "amen"..

Next is a weird sign I spotted at the park tonight..I am not really sure what it means..It could mean there are aliens around...Would they be considered and "exotic species"..??????

So there are my SPA pics...Like I said..The first photo is two in one..LOL
I know I had a lame week..Not much to take pictures of here I guess..I need to move:-0
Next are just some random shots I took at the park Thursday night...The kids had a good time..So here ya go...

There you have it..Our trip to the park today..

My oldest spawn had a meltdown Thursday night..He screams this at the dinner table in ear shot of any neighbor that would have been in there yard and or dead...


so that was my night in a nutshell...LOL

If any of you moms of young kids want to join my sticker club let me know and I will give you the info on it...I am gonan start mailing out today or Saturday...It is a fun way for your kids to get stickers and mail...And it is neat to see where you will get stickers from...This is my first time participating..So I hope it goes well...Send me an email if you want to join..

Have a TGIF....And a great weekend...Toodles

Thursday, August 25, 2005

7 Things

I got this from Marel. And I thought it sounded like fun...

7 things to do before I die my kids get married
2.hold my grandchildren
3.own my own biusness
4.Take a real vaction somewhere exotic (African safari maybe)
5.Finish college
6.Meet a famous person
7.lose 40 pounds

7 things I can do

1.change a diaper and put shoes on at same time
2.sing silly songs
3.walk 5 miles a day
4.make 3 meals a day
5.put in cute piggy tails in the girls
6.french braid
7.cut hair

7 things i can not do

1.fall asleep more than 10 minutes at a time old reruns of any show the speed limit
5.make a bed
6.cook or bake..moslty bake
7.catch a bat

7 things that attrach me to the oppsite sex

1.nice teeth
2.well groomed
3.nice scent
5.kind hearted
7.nice face and body to go along with it

7 things i say most

1. because I said so
2.get out of the bathroom baby spawn you want to get grounded
5.stop fighting
6.your kidding right it bedtime yet

7 celebrtiy crushes

1.George Micheal
3.Colin Ferral
4.Anthony..(ASA...the blue wiggle)
5.Johnny depp
6.Matt Laur..(today show..not sure if i spelled it right)
7.Will Ferral

7 people i want to take this quiz
2 i dont care
3.if u want to do it
5.whats your name agian there...

So there it is....You can all sleep better knowing all that crap cant you?

Dont forget to scroll down and see a pic of the funniest thing I have ever seen;)

Photo of funniest thing Christina has ever seen!!

I have had a few requests for pics of the hubby in action..In cross stitching action that is. Not sure what it is suppose to be or what it will be..Trust me..I do not ask those kinds of questions..The less I know the better for us all..So without further ado..

So there you have it...I do not tell a lie..LOL..Not sure what to make of it all..I think I may be in some form of denial..How do you except the fact that your hubby cross stitches..Do I just pack up quietly in the night?.A Dear John letter? Therapy..For ME , OR MY GOSH the kids..I forgot about the kids..What will this do to them?

Man, this is worse than I thought...I have to think of the children.and their future..And my grandchildren...Dang, this is not looking good..

I have a lot to deal with here. I need to get this taken care of. I can not let this go on for one more second..Pretty soon he will be doing pillow cases, pictures for the wall...And oh my..What if he starts doing diollies??..No doillies please...That would just be the end of the road for me..Sorry, I can not bare to watch..Did I marry a 90 year old granny?...Heck a 90 year old granny is hipper than that..cross stitching is so totally 1950,s..Come on...Someone spare me the grief..

Now he is sitting here telling me he wants to learn how to quilt...No way..My ticker can not take it..I am feeling faint...So very faint..

I feel this sudden urge to spit and see a ball game...Move over Freaky Friday..And hello ,Tell me it isn't so Thursday..

I need to go sharpen his needles or something...


please pray for me*

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Mad as all heck.....And an interview

so I am so thinking about quitting my job...I am as fired up as a ...As A...Heck I have no idea..But I am fuming...First of all I am scheduled to work Friday and I cant because my daycare is not open that day..(madatory inservice or something).

My boss will call me..And ask me to cover a shift. Other co-workers will ask me to cover a shift or trade shifts with them...Not once have I ever said no...I am a "go getter"..Always willing to help out...So when I told my boss that I was having trouble with working Friday..(which I ws hired to work the afternoon shift..And this is a morning one, and that is what is causing trouble..If it were the shift I was suppose to work, this would not be an issue)..
Anyway she tells me I need to find my own replacement...WTF????
Now after all the crap I have done to bend over backwards to help out when I was needed on my days off..And the one time I cant show up..She tells me to find my own replacement...I thought you were the boss...Not my job....Plus it is costing me more in daycare than I even get paid..My bill for July that we just got today was $245...And I only worked like 3 or 4 days...WTF?????

So I am thinking of quitting and starting my own daycare..I thought about it before when I lived in Michigan...Just never went thro with it...So that is my dilemma today...

Ok on to my interview...I am being interviewed by Robin at
I love this stuff..LOL

1. If you could be reincarnated as any animal of your choosing, what would it be? Why?
I would be a bird..I would love to be able to fly...But not a bird who is trapped in a birdcage who cant fly...Maybe a parrot in the rain Forrest:)

2. What is your favorite quality about yourself?
I can be funny @ times...And I tell it like it is..

3. If you could do anything without getting caught and with no ramifications, what would you do and why?
this is a hard one...Probably fudge at winning the lotto..So I don't have to spend the buck to my own ticket:-)
4. Describe yourself in high school. If you had to do it again, would you change or be the same? Why?
Lets see...bitchy,hormonal,trampy and fun....I would change nothing because I had a good time...LOL

5. If you could eat only 1 food ever again, what would it be?
Club sandwich with no tomato on wheat bread with fat free Mayo and extra crispy bacon...Oh yeah....And a dt.dr. pepper to wash it down with


The Official Interview Game Rules:
1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying interview me.
2. I will respond by asking you five questions - each person's will be different.
3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

There you have it....Who ever wants to interviewed just leave me a comment stating so..:)

that's all I have for now..I need to think about what I am gonna be when I grow up..LOL.....

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

ok...the proof is in the pudding...or on my curtain anyway

so just now...just a few moments ago..we hear a clatter , bang, dingaling...whatever anyway..

We knew it was a bat..this time I got some pics of it...Little sucker was chasing me around the house..I guess he did not like the flash..

The cat ripped a hole in its wing when hubby got it off the curtains..

can we say.."calling the Orkin man asap"

dont forget to read my real post below this...You need to read the funniest thing I have ever seen in my whole 30 years of life...and trust me,,these eyes have seen lots;)


Funniest thing I have seen today ..Thus far

Took the kids to the park. And 3 other kids came along with us..Which is always funny because I love to hear their conversations...

AS the kids were running up and down the hill with the grassy knoll..(the one next to the condom wrapper..That is STILL there)..My oldest spawn says to the other little boy..
"Now pretend you have a pretty lady there...Laying on her side"

I was like what did he just say....
So I holler over " what do you need a pretty lady on her side for?????"

The kids run off and ignore my question...Figures...

I am putting middle spawn to bed in her new clean room...She has been sleeping on the coach the last few nights because her room was "out of sorts"...I tell her come on and I will tuck you in ...I asked if she liked her new floor and her nice clean room..She said.."Yes momma I like it..So when I get grounded I can just come sit and here and think about what I have done ..Right"..

Not sure if she is wanting to get grounded or what...Her brother sure does not make it look glamorous by any means...

Funniest thing Christina has seen today....Maybe even all my life..
I am laying up here in my bed...I turn to hubby and ask him "give me something funny to write about..I am tapped tonight.."

The minute I look at him I say " never mind, I have my material right now..Thank you much"

You will never guess what he was doing...Go ahead and guess......You give up...I am gonna pee my pants just typing it out...But I will try

he was....cross stiching

My family gives me such wonderful material..I swear..You can not make this stuff up...


Monday, August 22, 2005

Ok..Here are the pics

Ok first this is the hallway we did last weekend ...

Here is the room..I am not finished....I noticed there is white paint dried and splattered all over the floor...Ugh

I still need to do some fine touch ups..But the hard part is done for now:-)

So that was my little home improvement project..Now we need to get that yucky wallpaper off the walls and paint it..


Are you spiritual or religious

Why..Why is what I ask myself a bit. I believe in God I believe that Jesus died for our sins..But I also wonder things..Why would a God who is suppose to love..Let cruel things go on..

Such as war, cancer, starving nations, and violence of other kinds..

Why do we have children in other countries dying of diease and starvation? Why we do have children everywhere who suffer and die painful deaths in the hands of cancer, diease or child killers?

Why do we have war and fighting?...Is killing other people and causing mayhem and destruction in other parts of the world solving any problems?..Or is it making situations worse for the folks who actually live there?...

Why do we have to deal with famine and AIDS?

If I question these things..Does that mean I question GOD?..I don't think so...But maybe it does...I did not grow up in a family where religion or church was important..Not important enough to take us to church anyway..But you still believe..I think there is something greater than us all..Do I think it is GOD?...Yes I do...Do I think GOD sent Jesus to die for all of us..You bet I do....

Do I think if your religion does not believe these things that you are wrong and going to spend eternity in hell...??...No way...I enjoy learning about other religions and cultures..Not that I would ever convert to Muslim or Juddisism...It is just all fascinating to me....That humans on this good Earth have different looks and views in things..And to discriminate against a person because they aren't the same religion as you..Or to kill and torture them is just wrong..This world today frankly scares me to death..

I mean at any point in time our water supply could be tainted, the schools our kids go to everyday could be blown up, a plane could take a nose dive into the building we work in, our food supply could be tainted..

and why?...Not sure why..So many people have hate in them..Maybe it is jealously as we Americans are very fortunate and have many more opportunities that every other counrty out there...Maybe it is because we don't practice their religious practices..Maybe its because you can really be born with the devil in you..

Really who knows the answers? I sure don't...I am not sure I would even want to know the answers if they were brought to me by GOD himself..

Anyway..These were just things on my mind today...Sorry...


Later today I am going to post some pics of the work I did all weekend..I need to get the floors cleaned up...I got all the carpet out and padding..Now I need to go over it with a good scrubbing...Looks really nice so far..

Well have a happy Monday.Toodles

Gift for gab

I swear, the weekend went by way to fast...Like I went to bed Friday night and woke up Sunday night...I did do a lot though, maybe that is why..We went shopping Saturday morning, came home did some light housework..And I stress "light". Was up till bout 3 am. Not doing what your thinking either..I ws laying here tossing and turning..I really hate insomnia...Ever since the removal of my thyroid some 5 years ago..I have not slept since...Not a fun thing..And I have not found a Dr who can help me..I have to resort to prescription sleep aids..Which I am out of now..And I just do not have the time to go see the Dr to get more..Such as life I guess..

Oldest spawn has been pretty good all weekend..No major meltdowns..Tonight he wanted to call his grandma..(my MIL).. I swear that boy can talk longer than I can..He must of told her everything he has watched on TV and did for the last 2 weeks...I mean he just kept going on..And on...And on...I thinking...Holy crap..He is going to have to fight with his wife in the future over phone use..But at least she wont have to fix him meals...As this kid does not eat...LOL..Fair trade I guess..

haven't had much time to blog around and check what's going on with everyone...Today I spent much of the day finishing the job of ripping out carpet in the girls room...Got that done now..Hip hip hooray!!

Baby spawn will have a birthday one week from today..My baby is growing much too fast..Gosh before I know it she will be mouthing off and kissing boys...

Middle spawn fell out of a tree Sunday....Why do kids think climbing trees is ok..?...She only got a cut on her pinky..She came in crying and wanted a band aid...Then wanted to go backout and cause more trouble...

I am in desperate need of some alone time..Like a few years with no kids..My kids just run me so ragged that I feel I must be a grandma rather than a young, hip, cool 30 year old young mom..Did I say young??..Hubby says I need to start taking vitamins..So I bought some...Should they have kicked in yet? Cause I still feel like crap...

I need a walker and some ben*gay..And I will be all set..I have the glasses and the gray hair already...LOL..

I am looking forward to my weekend with "much younger than me step mom who I think is the coolest mom on the planet..LOL"...I mean do any of you have a step mom that is younger than you...And wants to waste vacation days at work to come and spend a girls only weekend?...That you think is the greatest pal ever..That your not jealous of....LOL..she is great and I love her bunches...We are going to Mystic Lake casino for one night while she is here...We love to waste money we don't have..heehee...

Oh and I forgot to mention I have a new really great friend...We have never met..Not sure we ever will...But she is super awesome..She calls and we just chat and chat..Trust me..I have lots to talk about..LOL...Hi Tammy..LOL.....I know..You still wont leave a comment...You will call me and ask why I just embarrass you like that..LOL..Luv ya Tam;)..Thanks for being my special bud..I only hope we continue to be closer everyday;)

I know this is about the most dreadful post I have wrote..My gosh..Sorry folks...Not much going on I guess...Bright and early Monday morning I will have something good ...I promise..


Sunday, August 21, 2005

Funny things my spawn does and thensome

So Saturday we head out for a little more school shopping. The one thing I must not leave without are shoes for the kids,,Christina, do not forget shoes..OK got it. will remember to get shoes...

We also had an appointment to get baby spawns photo taken. For her 2nd birthday which is next Monday. They got some cute shots of her. Then I wanted to get a few with all 3 spawns. That is when toruble began. Baby spawn had sat thro enough smiling and sitting like a little angle bit. In the photos of all 3 of them..Not one turned out good. At lease one kid in every photo was looking a bit , shall I dare say,......ODD...But I got the pic with them all least looking ODD...Only one who looks odd in this one is middle spawn..Looks like she has seen the coming of the Lord with her eyes so big and all...I think this fall we will try to get a better photo..I want to get one taken outside with the falling leaves on the grass...That would be a cool one..

We get done with all the nonsense and head out for lunch before we head home. We go to this place called McCormics...It is Irish..Everything in there is painted green and there are pictures of painted shamrocks all about...
My oldest spawn gets very excited. The waitress comes over and he says to her
OS: " I am Irish you know?"
Waitress: " Oh really?"
OS: " plus my birthday is March 17th."
W: " so I guess this makes you double Irish then huh?"
OS: " yup sure does"

My hubby and I look at eachother wondering where his Irish roots are.

Then a while later he gets acting real weird..He is now putting on a show for us..He turns to hubby and says " so, tell me a little about yourself"
Hubby just looks at him, have you lost your mind..
Then oldest spawn says " My name is Jack, and I am looking for my family"
Then they play around a bit with his act there..Then oldest spawn gets up and sits at a table all by himself..Like he is waiting for someone or something..Then hubby signals him back over..He comes back to the table and asks if we would like to adopt him...

I think the folks sitting at the table behind us thought we were all crazy..Which would not be a stretch my any means..

We get in the van and head for home...Half way home I realize something....I FORGOT SHOES...Crap, I can not believe I forgot the one thing I came for...So today we may have to take another run..

Then we get home and I get the mail and we have a letter from the school..It is a note saying who middle spawn will have for a teacher...And tells when the open house is and the first day of school..

This whole time I was going to send my kids to school on Sept 6th..That is for some reason when I thought they started..Good thing I read the note and not just skimmed thro it..School starts Sept 1st..I have no idea what I was thinking..And who starts school on a Thursday?..So now they go back next week...I am so excited....I am jumping right now...Jumping for joy that is:-)

I guess that is it for now...Have a good Sunday...Toodles

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Close call....

It has been a good 2 weeks at least. I think anyway. But this morning at approximately 5:30 am the hubby wakes me and says we have a bat..But he isn't sure where..Normally I am the one who hears it..But I heard nothing...So he goes downstairs..And nothing..No bat...Then as he comes back up to our room he hears squeaking..Which is never a good sign when your looking for a bat...Well the squeaking was coming from the attic door that is in our sitting room..You could hear him in there flapping bout and such..He never came out, I think he must live in there and he was coming in for the night as the sun was peeking through the windows..

But it has come to my attention that I will not be decorating for Halloween and Christmas this year..Or any year for that matter..All my decoratations are in there..And that door will never be opened again..NOT EVER!!..And I have ,made some pretty cool stuff for both holidays that I had wanted to show you...No can do now..Sorry folks..Nothing to see here..

Have a good weekend...Toodles

Friday, August 19, 2005

SPF...Oh yeah;)

It is SPF day and the category,s are...Something you made or built yourself,tools of your hobby, and something you would like to give away..

If you want to play stop by and see Kristine at and tell her you played;)

Ok first off..Something I made or built. Well I am no builder but I do paint..Here are some things I have painted..Most of my cool stuff I give away...This is just things I made for my kids..

ok next is tools of your hobby..Well lately my hobby is blogging, and the tools for that are very simple...LOL

ok last we have something you want to give away..This was hard for me because I get rid of stuff when I don't want it...But if you have ever read me site before..You will no I have had trouble with this...

my former flea bag of a dog..My Lahsa Apso Ellen..Paid $600.00 for her..But you can have her for nothing...She is a pedigree ya no..LOL
She will be one on Sept 11. You can throw her a big birthday bash if you want..LOL...She is all yours...Enjoy...

Toodles....That was fun;)

Funny thing said to me at work

I have been having a dry spell lately..A dry spell from funnies at work..Until tonigt.Tonight Christina hit the mother load...

Let me set the scene for you..Shall I..

I am doing what we in the business call " sensory stimulation."

It is just before their bedtime and I am doing hand massages..Something to not get them to stimulated and alert before bed..Calming if you will.

This one particular man is very demented..Talk gibberish a lot and even likes to curse for no reason...Hence..For those of you who do not like to hear curse words..You may want to move on..LOL

ME : " how ya doing?..Do you want a hand rub?"
OLD GUY: " yes, that would be nice, then you can help me get downstairs and see Jim."
ME: " yeah.....Ok...Whatever" and I rub his hand with some lotion.
OG: " that feels good , where is Jim?"
ME: " I don't know where Jim is, sorry"
OG:" what, don't you touch me you son of a bitch"..(must be popular thing to say because I have been called that more than once there..
ME: " let me see your other hand, and I will do that one and then you can go to bed."
OG: " I don't want that shit on me, you come any closer and I am gonna throw your shit ass out the door G...Damn you"
ME: " well, are we cranky tonight?"
OG:" get your fuc*ing a%$ away from me before I throw you sh*t a%$ out the front door, I mean it, I don't care who you work for..You can tell Jim I said that too..G..Damn him anyway,that son of a bitch is useless..DID YOU HEAR ME..GET THE SHIT AWAY BEFORE I THROW YOUR SHIT A5$ OUT MY FRONT FUC*ING DOOR"
ME: " Ok, I will leave you alone..Looks like you need some alone time"

and I start to walk away..And then he yells back at me.." Someone stop that bitch, she wont tell me where is..That son of a bitch owes me money."

Ok I am trying my hardest not to laugh..It would only make him mad..And at this point I can see he is upset...And I don't want him having a heart attack or something..

Then the nurse says to me.."Who is Jim?"
I say.." You got me!!"

On a side note here....It is really very sad seeing what can happen to you when you get old...I know what they say and do can be very funny..But really..It is sad..I have them asking where there family is..One that is always trying to leave because she thinks her family doesn't know where she is...Can you imagine starting to lose a little bit of your memory, not remembering you kids , spouses and grandchildren?..How awful would that be..Then to be dumped in a strange place and worrying about your family..Wondering where they are..And if they are ok..

Such a shame our bodies can do that too us....The thought that someday or minds and the person we always were can be wiped out ..Just like that..You are nothing but a shell of your former self...Just a body..Your face and mind and body are not the same. You look in the mirror and do not recognize your own face. You have no memory of the person who is talking to you..They say its your granddaughter..But you don't know her..You just smile and be polite..But scared inside because you have no idea who it is...Or who they are talking about..

You need help dressing, bathing, eating, going to the bathroom..
It is true what they say.." once a man, twice a child"...

Anyway...That was my funny run in tonight..Keep it real..Toodels

Oh I will be playing Stuff portriate Friday..I will post it this afternoon sometime....;)

Thursday, August 18, 2005


All kids get in trouble...Right?...No kid is perfect..Well I might of been...But other than that, not really much hope for it...Am I right??.

Now when oldest spawn gets in trouble...He has a new line now...This one actually is pretty funny...He still has his staple lines.."Just trying to live a life"...Or " I wish people in this house loved me"...yadda yadda yadda..

His new one now is " I never got in trouble before my haircut...It must be from my haircut"...

Ok, I am not sure if he realizes he did get into trouble 4 weeks ago..Even longer back...Heck since March 17th 1997 this poor kid has got into some form of trouble or another, and he has had more than that one haircut..But in his mind it is as good as an excuse as any..Go figure..

Are any of you members of last summer I was browsing the cyberspace and all...Really for the first time..I know..Lame..
And I came across it...And stupid me I joined it...They actually got me to pay money so I could read all my former classmates "profiles"...I am a sucker..I pay money every 3 months..I am a gold member ya no..I totally have no idea why..And the thing is I wish I hadn't paid the darn money...Because really..I could care less what anyone is doing..Or where they live...I must say I have got in touch with one or two old friends thro it...So it is handy if you really want to find someone..But only if they are a member...And I have become friends with a few people I was not close to in school and some I frankly don't remember well...But that is beside the point..I went to a small highschool..Geese we may have had 100 kids in my class..Maybe not that many..Maybe more like 60...Anyway..Point I am trying to make is....Well I have no point..Rather a complaint about it..They send me emails telling me there is a new member that has joined from my class..The wonderful class of 1993...So I click the link to see who I may be reunited with next..LOL...Half the time it is a person I have never heard of...And why?...because it is a person who graduated 4 years after I did..Hello...or else I will click on the link where they tell me a new member from the class of 93 has joined..I click it..And it tells me " no new members...WTF?? Send me anymore emails unless the folks actually graduated in 1993 or unless there really are new you want Christina to cancel her membership?...I didn't think so..probably the only person who actually paid for the darn service...Man..To go back in time..LOL...But I am glad for the connections I have made...But I could of done that without paying...Again..Can we say loser...

Ok..I am done with my rant...And I cant even blame it on a haircut..I haven't had one is like 5 months..Which reminds me..I really need a trim..Hair is getting a little out of control and getting a little too long..Need to giver her a trim...;)
Have a good one..Toodles

A couple updates...And a bunch of crap

So something I had forgot to mention..Remember my troubles with the "Spanish kid"?...Well turns out one night they up and moved...They are gone..No sign of them...I am hoping they are headed back to the home land..And I don't mean Spain..LOL..I am bad..Really I don't mean it...But I do think they might have been here illegally...For crying out loud..The kids barely spoke a lick of English and they were litter bugs..And I have heard Mexico is dirty...Hubby went there for work once...Never wants to go back either..

I am gonna make a complaint of sorts..I know I have lots of them.
My hubby..Who I have been married to for 10 years now..Is a bit, shall we say, annoying..He does things, little things that burn my britches..You no ladies, I think everyone has a hubby that has some minor flaws..Maybe major flaws..But flaws none the less..
I am gonna list a few in no order..Just randomly..

1. Why after 3 weeks of asking you to put air in my bike tire..Is it still laying there with a flat tire?

2. Why do you often have a hard tome keeping track of your nail clippers?..Then asking me where I put them..When I don't use them

3.why when I ask you to put baby spawn in her jammies and lay her down, do I go in her room and she be in her clothes still?...Why??

4. Why do your kids crap outside?

5.why do you like watching the Sci Fi channel for 4 hours straight on Friday nights?

6.why are you so big on saving the planet when you can not save it alone?

7. Why do you like counrty music and why must you listen to the prairie Home Companion ever Saturday night..are you like 70???

8.why do you feel the need to watch old episodes of Seinfeld and friends..When I hate both shows?

9.why must you think that you need to volunteer for everything anyone asks you to do....You don't think I spend enough alone time with the spawns???

10. Why cant you put your dental floss in the trash..Instead of on the sink?

There...Trust me I have plenty for about 5 posts..But I will end it there..

He gets on my nerves a lot...Makes me want to pull my hair out..Sometimes whines and complains like another child...But what can ya do?...Someone has to take care of him I guess...He may starve or something without me:-)

He has his good points...
1.he lets me control the TV
2 lets me sleep in on weekends
3.makes pancakes every Sunday
4.takes days off of work so I can go to Virginia beach , Michigan and Chicago
5.lets me travel alone to Virginia beach, Michigan and Chicago..And doesn't really complain...
6. Cleans up..Sometimes
7. Cleans the kitty litter box...Wait scratch that...I have to do that now..
8. Takes the dog out to go potty at 4am when she is my dog
9. Gets up if he hears the baby spawn cry
10. Lets me have the air condtioner on even though it is bad for the environment and even when it isn't even that hot out..But because I sleep better with it on...It is ok..

Not really such a bad guy after all huh?..LOL

Oldest spawns idea of cleaning his room...Put all dirty and or clean clothes in the bottom of your closet and shut the door....
When told you need to clean the closet....His idea of cleaning it...Throwing all the clothes , blankets and or toys that were in said closet down the laundry shoot...

Have a good one..Toodles

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ok..Here is the scoop on the box

Ok..Here is the scoop on the box..It is by know means a funny story or a humorous one...But I will tell you anyway..Only because you are the best folks out there..LOL

I keep some , what you might call, mementos in this box..Nothing fancy, nothing frilly, just stuff...Maybe it is a form of torturing myself..Not sure..But this is the only day I look at it..August 17..This very day..Although I have not opened it today, maybe I wont..Maybe just knowing it is there if I ever want to is good enough..Maybe I have move past it..

Today August 17th would have been the 6th birthday of a spawn. And yes I am sure this one would of been a bad spawn too..LOL..Seems to be the only ones I make..heehee

So in this box are items..Little things..Hospital bracelets, cards, and other odds and ends...Not a big box, so not a lot of stuff fits in there..But that is the way I want it...

There you have it..The story of my box..Not a pleasant one..But a story none the less;)

So now I will end on a funny note..I told the two older spawns to clean their rooms today...To which this conversation proceeded..

OS: " why, why, why cant you just let me be a kid, why am I always having to do work?"
ME:" well you are being a kid..And kids keep messy rooms..And yours needs to be cleaned a bit..So please do it."
OS:" well I wish that people in this house would show me respect and loved me."
ME: " everyone in this house loves you..Go clean your room"
OS: " I wish I could be adopted into a family where the mom and dad loves their kids and doesn't make them clean anything"
ME: " well when you find them, I would love to see what the house looks like"
OS: " I bet they live in a mansion."
ME: " ok. I will help you pack."