Saturday, February 28, 2009

lets see


Well, I know its been a while..

I am officially going on a blogging vacation until my birthday in May.

I will be in and out of the blog world till than..taking the tots away for Spring Break, registering for school, and doing all sorts of dirty things you will not be interested in at all.

I will tell you later about the shemale I saw doing Meth in the Cashwise parking lot, or the woman I saw wipe out on the treadmill at the gym, or the endless asswipes I encounter on a daily basis..

Or the fact Pale Girl is moving to Kansas in June..

After she leaves, what the hell am I going to blog about?

I am going to have to find a new pale girl..

My son will be 12 on st Patricks Day..I am getting old..he even has a Facebook now, all his little snot nose friends do as well.

Good thing we did not have that kinda shit when I was a kid..

On July 24th I will be attending a Def Leppard concert in Detroit with a girlfriend from High School, we will be near the front, showing our boobies, thats how we roll...Aqua Net, fishnets, and cleavage galore..its going to be a sweet day.

So I will be back May 2nd with pics and updates and a new look I please stayed tuned.

When I have time, i will be dropping by to see everyone..

Things have been really weird here at home, and I have not even been on my blog in over a week.

Ya no, I had 11 baby hamsters to tend to..but I took nine of them back to the store that sold me the knocked up rodent..God top fukin dollar.

U can catch me over at Facebook if u want..I tend to log on there more than anything..

But I will be back and better than ever in May..

Don't forget me, and I wont forget you...

Peace out bitches.

I am officially a pre nursing student...I will be a RN in a few short years...I will be spending my summer taking math and chem classes as well as a nurse aide class..all these things are mandatory for me to get in the nursing program..

I will be a busy little beaver...

but a freakin hot, smart and blood lovin beaver..

PEace OuT!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

and on the 10th day

I am not sure where to begin, so lets just skip that part.

Yes, everyone knows I bought my daughter a hamster for her birthday, and yes a week later she drops a load in her cage of what apprear to be grubs..

This was the grubs as newborns..

This was them at like two or three days old, at this point I was really unaware at how many of these nasty lookin shits there were..

Now today, at ten days old..I am certain..

there are too fucking many...

Lets see, what else..

I have some topics I am going to be covering in later stay tuned..

I have been laid up on my back for days, and not in a good way..

curse the common head really takes this bitch out for a walk.

Peace out..

Sunday, February 08, 2009

its a couple girls, and a couple boys

So I took Linda back to the store because she was disabled...she has been gone about a week now..poor laddie couldn't walk to the water.

Than today, it appears as though Annie had a little of puppies, I mean hamsters.

Stupid rodent was rolling around in her ball last nite, not a care in the world..I took her out, let her crawl up my arm and we kissed a little..

no thats not weird.

Than today, I find a tiny,nekkid hamster in the food dish just a squeaking away.

I lift up Annie to find about 6 or 7 more where that one came from..So far they are all alive and doing well.

I called the pet store, because she was obviously knocked up when I got her, because I got her less than two weeks ago, and hamsters are pregnant about 3 weeks.

I remember telling the hubs how fat Annie was, and that she needed to walk around in her ball more.


The store said they would buy them back if I wanted..

SO right now I am sittin on a $100 gold mine..

I just may go into the hamster breedin bidniss.

They can pop babies out every couple weeks and very low maintence kinda delivery, and flexable hours.

hellz yeah!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Mistaken Identity

I need to fix something. I had said that it was Annie who was handicapped, but I was wrong, it was Linda.

Poor Poor sad Linda.

I called the pet store I got Linda and Annie and told them Linda was well, a special needs hamster.

They told me to bring her in..So I did. The woman set Linda in a little box and said she was going to keep an eye on her, but thought she would need to out her down.

So lets have a moment of silence for Linda.

Poor rodent may be running on the big wheel in the sky now..

It is just like me to pick out a hamster with special needs.she woulda had to ride the short bus to hamster school.

So now Annie is an only child, and that girl is always into some sort of trouble.

I put her in her ball when the tots are at school, and she can find trouble a human toddler could never find.

Anyway, our two hamster household has dwiddled down to one..if dwiddled is not a word, I am copyrighting that one too!

Rest in Peace Linda.

When I was at the gym last night, the teens who live at the drug treatment center came in..I have never seen them in there before.

You know you live in a fucked up area when there is a in house drug treatment center for tots ranging in age from 10 -18..

can I get a helz yeah!

I was asked to work there when it first opened, as the woman who use to be my boss was running it, but I declined..Thank God, cause me and those tots would never get along.

The way they were acting at the gym, those fuckers woulda been grounded.

They didn't clean any of the machines they were goofing around on, they were wearing like new years hats, and one didn't even have his shoes tied and tried running on the treadmill next to me, and fell.

I told him he was a dumbass.

A lot of dumbasses live here though, so that is not surprising.


I have been thinking about something..

I am either thinking of setting my blog to private, or else stop blogging all together.

Just delete the whole mother f-ing thing..

or changing my address...

Its a big hassle and a big pain I know..

but your big kids now and u can figure out how to change your link..


Sunday, February 01, 2009

busting at the seams

So my daughter had her birthday. We had the usual shannagins like cake, rodents and aliens.

You can not go wrong with any of those features.

Blondie named her rodents Linda and Annie. Annie though appears to be handicap, or to be politically correct I will call her handicape-able.

She can not use her back legs much at all. My poor dear daughter tells me she is worried about ole Annie, and that maybe we should take her back to the store.

I told her we can not just toss her aside because she can not walk to her food or her water, she needs to bottle feed that damn hamster like a good momma would.

Seriously though, I am not sure whats wrong with it. I did notice when I brought them home that the smaller one had some hind quarter troubles, but I thought maybe it was my imagination.

Turns out its not.

My daughter is convinced Annie will die soon.

And since Annie bit her, she kinda wants her too.

We will see..if Annie goes to the big wheel in the sky, I will go replace her with a newer version of whose hind quarters can move.

Don't be needin no special needs hamster.

We went to a place called Space Aliens for her birthday, wanna see some pics?

I thought so.

See what it says? It says Bar from Mars...that made me giggle.

There is my mom and Blondie..

Please don't make a crack about my hair or my spectacles...I had to get new glasses, as I have suffered permanent eye damage and can not wear contacts right now.

Here are Linda and Annie..our special needs one is the smaller one..

lets take a moment of silence and say a prayer that Annie can over come her handicap. I hate to think I need to hold some sort of a benefit dinner for her..ya no to cover costs of a hamster wheel chair or phsycial therapy.

So this concludes our birthday wrap up.
Good day..
I said good day!