Sunday, August 21, 2005

Funny things my spawn does and thensome

So Saturday we head out for a little more school shopping. The one thing I must not leave without are shoes for the kids,,Christina, do not forget shoes..OK got it. will remember to get shoes...

We also had an appointment to get baby spawns photo taken. For her 2nd birthday which is next Monday. They got some cute shots of her. Then I wanted to get a few with all 3 spawns. That is when toruble began. Baby spawn had sat thro enough smiling and sitting like a little angle bit. In the photos of all 3 of them..Not one turned out good. At lease one kid in every photo was looking a bit , shall I dare say,......ODD...But I got the pic with them all least looking ODD...Only one who looks odd in this one is middle spawn..Looks like she has seen the coming of the Lord with her eyes so big and all...I think this fall we will try to get a better photo..I want to get one taken outside with the falling leaves on the grass...That would be a cool one..

We get done with all the nonsense and head out for lunch before we head home. We go to this place called McCormics...It is Irish..Everything in there is painted green and there are pictures of painted shamrocks all about...
My oldest spawn gets very excited. The waitress comes over and he says to her
OS: " I am Irish you know?"
Waitress: " Oh really?"
OS: " plus my birthday is March 17th."
W: " so I guess this makes you double Irish then huh?"
OS: " yup sure does"

My hubby and I look at eachother wondering where his Irish roots are.

Then a while later he gets acting real weird..He is now putting on a show for us..He turns to hubby and says " so, tell me a little about yourself"
Hubby just looks at him, have you lost your mind..
Then oldest spawn says " My name is Jack, and I am looking for my family"
Then they play around a bit with his act there..Then oldest spawn gets up and sits at a table all by himself..Like he is waiting for someone or something..Then hubby signals him back over..He comes back to the table and asks if we would like to adopt him...

I think the folks sitting at the table behind us thought we were all crazy..Which would not be a stretch my any means..

We get in the van and head for home...Half way home I realize something....I FORGOT SHOES...Crap, I can not believe I forgot the one thing I came for...So today we may have to take another run..

Then we get home and I get the mail and we have a letter from the school..It is a note saying who middle spawn will have for a teacher...And tells when the open house is and the first day of school..

This whole time I was going to send my kids to school on Sept 6th..That is for some reason when I thought they started..Good thing I read the note and not just skimmed thro it..School starts Sept 1st..I have no idea what I was thinking..And who starts school on a Thursday?..So now they go back next week...I am so excited....I am jumping right now...Jumping for joy that is:-)

I guess that is it for now...Have a good Sunday...Toodles


Marel Lecone said...

Your oldest is too funny. This is sort of along the lines when he said, something about being in another family. Maybe, this is the scenarios he is playing in his mind. Giving him that date night or maybe re-doing something new about his room--would give him something different to be thinking about . . . just an idea. He seems very sociable. :)

Hope today's shoe trip is quick and successful! Take care. :)

Tee said...

LOL! Your kids are so funny. I'm laughing about the photo shoot and the line about "the coming of the Lord" ROFL!... It is TOO MUCH to ask for 3 kids to sit still and look normal for a photo.

Our school start day is Aug 26 - a FRIDAY! Isn't that retarded? I wonder what's up with that.

momma of 2 said...

At least they start in Sept - we start on Wed the 24th, (well actually grades 3-12 start on Wed, K-2 don't start until the next day - and then it's only half days until the 29th.)

mal said...

*L* who else? Minnesotans start school on the first....the cheddar heads are worse, #2 daughter starts back at Mad Town on the 2nd then gets labor day weekend off....go figure

firehotgran said...


Aunt Frankie said...

Just a little family history for you, your mother in laws last name was Driscoll, it was O'Driscoll until someone droped the O. We are Irish , you son is right, he is feeling his roots !

midwest_hick said...

Safe to assume ya adopted him when he asked huh?

Heather said...

My kids started on a Thursday.. Man quit trashing me Christina.. first being miss charisma isnt good enuff.. now thursdays are bad?

Geez woman :P

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

marel,yes he is funny..when he isnt being am doing the date thing with him lets hope it works;)

Tee,wait till you see

Momma,thats whiers starting on differnet days..

Mal,so very ture..they run ship differnt in these

Graany, Jack behaves very similar to the oldest you wont notice a differnce

Aunt Frankie, hmm..maybe he is on to something huh?

MWH, yup cheapest adotion on

Heather, Love ya baby;)..*muah*..(that was a kiss i am sending to you to heal you anger at me;)