Sunday, July 31, 2005

This and that

So far this weekend I have had a bat in the house, been called into work on my day off, had one sick spawn, felt lazy, trimmed the bushes in the yard, went for walk while son roller bladed, cleaned (very little), and been hot.

I added a new feature, I am sure not all of you are going to like it..But I guess I can not please everyone:)

I have been thinking?..What makes a good friend?..Is it someone you talk to everyday?.Someone you tell everything too?..Maybe shop with, have girl talk. I am just wondering. The real friends I do have...Well thought I had.. I don't really hear much from..I mean a call every now and then.but...I have not had a friend make an effort to come here to see me since I moved. And I have been back 3 times sice I left..So am I wrong thinking it is their turn?..
I have this friend who I have been best buds with for like 17 years..She tells me she is gone call..And she don't..She says she is coming to see me..And she don't.. She tells me she is gonna get on her computer so we can chat..And she don't...If you have no intention on doing these things..DO NOT TELL ME YOU ARE GOING TOO!!...

You really get a sense of who your true friends are when you move away..So far I have none..LOL...

I know I complain about this feature of my life all the time..But it really bugs me..I have been doing my best to make friends here, but seems I am not good at making them..I try..I think I am trying anyway..

Do real friends have to be ones you know or meet with?..Because it seems the ones I don't even no personally are better friends than the ones I do know..

I have decided I am not wasting anymore time on friends that make no effort to stay in touch..If I call once and don't hear back..NO MORE CALLS FOR YOU.. If I take time out of my day to send you an email and I don't hear back within a weeks time..NO MORE MAIL FOR YOU!!...I am tired of being the one who puts all the effort into it..Being friends should not be that hard..Am I wrong..???

So what is the lesson today?..Christina isn't gonna waste anymore time on friends who don't waste time on me:)

For those of you who have true friends..You are lucky...Enjoy it..It may not last forever..So enjoy it while it lasts:)

Good day..

Here is the short version

Last night. Squeaking. Cat. Disabled bat. Blanket. Door. Outside.

I am not gonna say anymore:)...But I am gonna move in with...Lets see..Either Beth, Marel, Angie..(since we know eachother and all..LOL)...Anyone else never had a bat in the house??Because you will be up for consideration as well..:)

Have a good Sunday...Go to church will ya:)


Ok..Hear anything??..LOL

For those of you who truly know me will get it..Those of you who don't..You will get it....Anyone who knows my email address..(and I no most of you do)...Will no why you are hearing what you are...:)

Enjoy...I am gonna have to move it if I can figure a good place to put it..

so sit back and rock on..LOL.

Gob Bless.....Toodles

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Shameless...spawn gets a haircut

Took eldest spawn to get his hair cut this morning..I can see his face now:)

I also caught baby spawn doing a no no too....take a look

and here is middle spawn..she is feeling much better now:)

Back to the land of cleaning and complaining

It seems as middle spawn is getting better..Her fever is gone, her headache is gone, her tummy ache is gone, her leg ache is gone,and her wrist hurt is gone..LOL
Yes that was all a lot of hurt for a 5 year old...Last night she wanted some ice cream..So we got her a bowl and I was feeding it to her...Why I have no idea...Finally after a few spoonfuls she says.."Mom..I CAN feed myself you no?"

So far the other 2 spawns are in the clear..No sign of disease yet..LOL

We were going to head to the science museum in Minneapolis today..Now we are gonna go next weekend..Get a motel..Let the kids swim and maybe head to the indoor waterpark....I am not sure if I will be doing any painting today..I need to do lot of catch up on my housework..I kinda let it go while middle spawn was ill...

I am mowing the lawn today and trimming some bushes..Anything to get out of the house for a while...LOL

If any of you would like to move here...So we can be friends and hang out..Please do...I need someone to go shopping with..LOL

Well I have to go eat breakfast..I will post later...Have a good one..Toodles

Friday, July 29, 2005

Update on middle spawn condition

I called the Dr to ask about appendix issues..They didn't think that was it..And I really did not think so either..But you never know..They gave her an appt. At 2:15...Then 5 minutes later they call back and want to see her at 9..So I had to run like a mad woman getting 3 kids ready who were all still in jammies..LOL

Well turns out the little bugger has strep throat..She ended up "losing her cookies" in the garbage can there...Fun...

Who knew that a tummy ache meant strep throat..Well now you know..:)

She also has a heart murmer...But she gets one when she has a fever..They say it is nothing to worry about..So I wont:)

Well gotta go tend to the sick spawn...I am sure it wont be long and they will all be sick spawns..Such as life I guess..

Have a good Friday...Toodles

Sick spawn..Babies, no thanks I will pass

So my middle spawn is still sick...Her fever was past 102 last night..So I did not get much sleep..Her tummy hurts..I hope it isn't her appendix or something..Right now she is laying on the bed I made her on the couch...In a few I am gonna give her a nice bath..Too cool her down a bit...Yup..Fun day ahead...:)

Since I had weird sleep last night, the weirdo dreams came out..I had a dream I was gonna have a baby...I guess I would consider that more a nightmare really..

It seems like everyone I know is either pregnant or just had a baby..Or there are some out there that think they are preggers...I just hope it isn't something that is traveling thru cyber space..Otherwise I am going to get my DSL disconnected..LOL...I don't want to take any chances...
My baby factory is closed and all the employees are getting there unemployment .. I am gonna take measures to make sure this factory gets boarded up for good...Baby Jack..(the baby I had in my dream)..Was very fussy..He was cute...But no thanks...Don't want any here...Keep flying ole stork..I will shot you down with my sling shot if you even come within a 10 mile radius..GO AWAY..YOUR SERVICES ARE NO LONGER NEEDED..THANK YOU..

There I hope that scared him off...

Well I need to go tend to middle spawn...She is moaning and groaning..Have a good one..Toodles

Thursday, July 28, 2005

sick spawn..

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Crap..I have a sick spawn
So my middle spawn came up to my room stating she was ill and needed to sleep with us...HMMm I don't think so miss....After she is tucked into bed...The hubby is like.."All she wanted to do was just lay and cuddle here because she isn't feeling good...So then felt I bad..I walked down to her room where she was already sleeping..(which means she must be sick.....)I wake her up and ask her if she want to come up with us,,,and of course she does...I do the good mom think make her take her shirt off,,(I mean she was on fire) took her tempters 101.3..not what I Would consider a high fever to be..But as of now..She under supervision..This is no longer a stay of a tummy ache..Now I have to make sure I wake up to feel her every hour to make sure she has not melted....What fun...LOL..I have supplied her with her needed mortin to combat a fever during the night,so I don't get woke up with her having convulsions because her fever is to high......I will have to kiss her many times...(that is how you gauge)..If your lips burn,,,bad news...LOL...She may have spiked a good one..LOLI am hoping by morining this funk is gone,,,,I don't like to deal with sick kids..It breaks me up...Makes me feel sad,,,nothing I can do to help them...Just dish out the Vernors,popscilies,juice and of course ice cream....I think I am gonna have a long night,,,I will try to check you stuff in the morning if she is feeling better....Call me if you have my number..I will need a pick me up...Take care...Sick kids suck.....(well not the kids...But the sick..LOL)....Toodles
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She is paying the light bill

My baby spawn has learned a new trick..She takes an empty laundry basket, pushes it to the kitchen and proceeds to turn the light on and off..I tell her that she can not practice this anymore as it costs money to play this game..And mommy is not one to spend a lot of money on a game..LOL...But she still is doing it..(I have tricked her..I put the basket back in the laundry room..She is looking all over for it..LOL)

The oldest spawn is walking around with dracula teeth in..I tell him it isn't Halloween..So get that crap out of your mouth..I am just one mean mom:)

I have washed all the bedding today..Is that enough?..Crap I still need to make dinner..

I am going to mow my lawn tonight..Moms night out..LOL..Too bad when a night of walking around your yard pushing a large piece of metal that stinks and is WAY to loud for you to even think to yourself..Is a night out for me..I need some friends...PLEASE ANYONE..I WILL TAKE ANYONE..CALL ME..LOL...But I will be getting a workout...No riding lawn mowers for this gal..Push mower all the way baby..:)...Although I wouldn't mind one...No I didn't say that...:)

Thanks for all your comments on the rooms...I may start painting my dining room this weekend..I will post a pic when I am done..It will be a surprise..LOL

Well guess that is all for now..Now a very eventful day..Is that a good thing or a bad thing?????
Be back later...Toodles

Round 2 of the decorating delima

Ok....I liked all your ideas on the dining room...So here are some of my kitchen..It is not very big...I was thinking yellow...I love yellow..and maybe it would brighten it up a bit...what do you think?

Ok here is my bedroom...I had to put more photos of this one so you could see all the angles....Please dont mind all my clothes sitting on the lazy boy in the sitting room:)...I am kinda of a slob in that

the one photo is the bathroom wallpaper in our bathroom in there...I really hate it....I would even be willing to re-paper it since it is a small space...all 3 of my bathrooms need to be re-done..but that is at a later date..But I wanna fix this one when I do my room......So I was thinking tans or mocha colors for the bedroom.....Let me here your kind though.,..I know I am a


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

ideas..yes please fill me full of them

As I stated before I am going to be re-doing some rooms at the ole homestead..

First off I want some ideas on the dining are some photos of it..It is much bigger than it seems..I can not get a good angle....Keep in mind I love green:)
So what do you think?...I am gonna re-do the floors..and I hate give me color ideas with paint..even foe finshines are ok..

Ok here is littlest spawn today....I about cracked up...she put all the pillows and blankets in here herselff

I have been tagged.......

I have been tagged by lilsassy20 at
(I hope I wrote that right..)

Anyhoo I am too list my top 10 turn offs and top 10 turns ons..So here it is

Turn ons
1. A man doing house work
2.sleeping in
3.taking a hot bath..(with no little people bothering me)
4.a man wearing jeans with an untucked t-shirt and a short sleeve button up shirt over it..Unbuttoned...With sandal's..And nice smelling cologne(a dab will do you..)
5.The blue wiggle..(and you thought I would forget that..)
6.having friends I can count on
7.a 5 o'clock shadow..On a nice looking guy..
8.clean house
9.good television programming...(something I have not seen in a long time)
10.when the dog goes to the door when she has to pee..Instead of using my floor as a toilet

Top 10 turn offs....
1.people who lie
2.friends you can not count on kids messy rooms
4.not having money when I want to buy myself something nice..LOL
5.any kind of food that causes you to get fat fighting
7.complaing husbands
8.having bad hair days
9.bugs of any kind
10.winter...winter..snow...and winter..

now I am tagging Melissa, Beth, and Marel....Cant wait to read..LOL

Ok I have some decorating dilemmas..I moved here to my new home in November and have not changed a thing yet..I hate white..And most of the rooms are white..My living room has the most awful blue wallpaper with the most hitoniuos flowers..(get it Jaime??LOL)...I will be posting 2 pics a day of the rooms I am gonna be fixing..And I would love to hear some ideas...So put your desgeiner thinking caps on....

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Middle spawn ....Her achievements

So my middle spawn who is 5, has had a very productive week and it is only Tuesday..She has learned to tie her shoes, ride her bike and also discovered she has 2 teeth that are loose..Yes a lot for a little girl...She just learned to ride her bike today. And I must say she is a pro already..LOL...I am about to post some pictures..I know bare with me.....:)

She is just so darn cute isn't she??..LOL...She fell off a few times and came in crying..But darn it all she went right back out there and got back on...I asked her if she needed a band aid.."No mom I don't"..Well la te da..LOL

Now I can not post pictures of one kid without doing the others...Well I could but I don't want too...Here is one of the oldest spawn...Can we say..

NEEDS A HAIRCUT???? this kid is in dire need of a good old fashion trimming...Hasn't had a haircut all summer..LOL....School will be starting in September..So he has plenty of time to enjoy his long locks...

Now comes the baby spawn..For some reason she likes to crawl in her highchair at any given moment...I took this today when she was just chillin out in it..LOL

and since I have posted a picture of my wonderful kitty..My dog was feeling left out.....By this picture you can not tell she is a pedigree can you??...LOL

I gave her a hair cut last week because she had some mat's on her head..Now she looks like a freak of nature...I need to take her back to the groomers..Yes..But will I???

so there you go....Now you can go about your day...LOL

Have a good one...Toodles

Ok...I take it back,something amusing has happened

when I got home from work my middle spawn wanted to make brownies...She loves to bake and help cook..

after the brownies are made and we each have one on a plate..( had a small one so I just popped it in my mouth..) my hubby says "wait don't put it in your mouth yet !!"
"huh what I already ate it"
"I think there are bugs in it"
"holy crap what!!!!"

sure enough there were little white things that could not be explained...And then as I was digging thru the brownies investigating..I saw a piece of white plastic mixed in with the mix.....I am done eating for the rest of the day..Maybe week..

The hubs went to go buy a new box of brownies for her to make...And hopefully eat..LOL

I was hoping something worth writing about would happen..:)

Toodles my buddy Jill I saw you came me..I dont have your new cell phone number and I dont know how to get a hold of you...hope you are well...Miss you.....:)

Pulling my hair out..

Just got home from a day with the old folks..Nothing really amusing happened..In fact nothing even remotely funny was said today..They must have been having an off day:)

My son is making me want to pull my hair out..He was grounded to his room for the whole day yesterday...He is mouthy and back talking..Otherwise he is a good boy..He said to me yesterday.." I am just trying to live a life and your wrecking it"..He got himself into more trouble when I went to his room to check on him and he was not in there...He had decided to go in his sisters room to play with them...The bugger was hiding under her bed..I was so not impressed...He then proceeded to tell me that he was not gonna stay in his room all day and that I could not stop him from leaving...OH REALLY??...Well guess who won that battle..LOL

No bats last night....And I have no amusing story about mom and the midget either....Of course I could tell you something and an hour from now I would need to do a re-write..LOL...I cant keep up myself

Hope you are all having a good day...Toodles

Monday, July 25, 2005

Here kitty kitty

Ok...Gushing about my kitty made me think I better show her...She is a wonder to the modern marvels of nature..No kitty is more grand..Her name is Sagwa..She is 4..And I love her..:)

I have never been so attached to an animal as I am to her..

She is just a specimen of what pure feline perfection ought to be..Don't you think??..LOL.....

I love my kitty...:)


Oh no IT did not happen again..I love my cat

So once again it happened..Not sure how and I am not sure why, all I can say is it happened again.

I am laying in bed..(our room is upstairs and the kids rooms are downstairs) and I hear something crash...I have the monitor on next to my bed so I can hear if the kids need anything..I did not think much of it because with a small dog and a cat, sometimes they knock things over in the dark...No big deal...Until I heard squeaking that is...

I said " I think I hear a bat again...But not up here..Downstairs!!"

So we head downstairs..And sure enough I hear it coming from the oldest spawns room...We wake him up and tell him to go sit on the couch for a minute..

We look and we can hear the bat, we just cant see it...As we walk over to the side of his bed, my cat has it pinned against the wall...She had damaged one of its wings so it can not fly...So it was making all sorts of noise and trying like mad to fly away..We got it outside and then we couldn't see it..It was dark and it just kinda flopped out of the box..I told him to kill it...He was hitting it with the broom but that didn't work...And I did not want to make a bloody mess in my house...

So my Seal point Siamese with the blue crossed eyes caught the bat..Now that is a good girl...She is good at things like that...She can catch flys with her paws too..But catching a bat in the dark has to be her biggest achievement yet..

I do not know how it got in, nor do I know why...I just know I better never see another one in here or I am moving...

Another update..Now mom IS talking to the midget..I swear I am gonna stop updating if she cant make up her mind...She is making me look bad...LOL

Well that is all I have for now...I am tapped...This bat has taken what funny story I thought I had to post..And crushed it with its beety eyes and huge wing span...Think I am gonna make me a sling shot and take em down as I see them fly thru the sky tonight...And put a BEWARE OF CAT sign on all the doors and windows..Written in bat language of course..(I don't know of they can read English or not)..

Have a good Monday...May all your days be bat less days...:)

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hot..Hot and even hotter

Man it is so freaking hot outside..I am not sure if the Earth is at boiling point, but it sure feels like it..Saturday was even hotter, The air was so thick with humidity you could not breath..I love summer, but I don't like not being able to enjoy it..Drats..

I worked for a few hours today, and I really don't have any amusing tales..It was pretty quiet today..I don't think one of them yelled at me or cursed at me..;)

I don't know what is wrong with me..I know there are many working moms out there..Who actually work full time..Then come home to get dinner and take care of the kiddies. But only working part time..I am so whipped by the time I get home I could care less if anyone in this house eats let alone if it gets clean or not...When the oldest spawn was a toddler I worked full time..Sometimes I would go 2 weeks at a time without a day off..(I did the same job..Activities at a nursing home)...And I could work from 9-5 everyday, come home, get dinner,play with the baby..And everything else..Why does working 4 hours a day a few days a week make me feel like a tired ole bag??..Although I have worked nealry everyday this last week...Still..I am a young chick still...And my mom has reminded me I can not retire for another 30 plus years..And I also think you need a job to retire from...Guess I better find a a job huh??..LOL

Another update...I know this all changes daily..The plot changes more than Days of Our Lives...(yeah Beth..You no what I mean..LOL)
My mom and the midget are no longer...She has told him not to ever call her again..I guess he was starting to sound a little crazy...LOL..Go figure:)....But she a few other suitors hot on her trail...She finds more action..( in cyber space) than most find on a race track..LOL..Maybe someday her prince will come..Maybe she might wanna start going to church...Nice men go there don't they??...

Well I am gonna go have a bowl of cinnamon Life cereal..I am in the mood fro something sweet...And I love cereal..LOL...(kinda like Seinfeld that way:)

Have a peaceful Sunday...Toodles

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Apple bees=birds and the bees

So I worked today from 7:30 till 4pm...And I went most of the day with out upsetting an old person....That is until I left..One lady..(not the same one from yesterday..LOL)......
LADY:.."What's that on your neck?"
ME.."Huh..I don't have anything on my neck"
LADY" I mean on the back of your neck"
ME..:"what is on the back of my neck..(worried like)
LADY.." That damn tattoo you have".." You no you cant give blood if you have a tattoo"
ME: " I wasn't planning on giving blood..Nor can I"
LADY.." Oh hell, I don't want to hear your damn excuses"
ME..:"you no I have 5 tattoos..And I like em all"
LADY.." Your a damn fool, you no they don't wash off?"
ME:" good thing, cause I spent a lot of money on them"

So I did manage to tick one off before I

I have 5 tattoos..And I will tell you where they are and what they are..(just for future reference)
tattoo number one is around my ankle and it is daisies and leaves
number 2.. Sunshine on the back of my neck
number 3..(now don't faint...) the symbol that prince use to go by..I love him you know?..
number 4 and 5...2 drops of purple rain on my shoulder

there nothing bad..Nothing dirty...Nice clean fun..:)

After work went out shopping at Target..( love Target) and ate at Applebees..Where I saw two folks with a mullet..One woman and one man...I just don't know how they can look in the mirror and think it looks ok..

The table right behind us had a group of folks...Talking about how good their sex is...Making sexual comment to the waitress..It was like 4 couples..Talking all nasty and crap..I was not impressed at all...Laughing..Drinking..Just whooping it up..Oh well...At least some adults are out having fun with friends..

Hope everyone is having a good weekend...Toodles

Friday, July 22, 2005

Fancy Fingers and son of a guns

At work today I had the most amusing thing happen..Today we had to paint some of the ladies fingers nails..This was the first time I had worked on a Friday morning ..So this was my first time doing it here....Being the manicurists I am ..(afterall I did go to beauty school..LOL) I was giving hand massages and the whole nine yards..

Mind you I work with old folks..And most of them are losing their minds...Sad ..But it is true..
One little old lady was sitting next to me..So I asked her if she wanted her nails to get painted...She told me "hell no"..And the drama just went on from here...I am going to use her exact words she used with me..I will not paraphrase as it will take away the comedy aspect of the whole story..LOL

I finally got her to let me clean her nails as they were a little dirty..As I am cleaning them I poked her (accidentally) under her nail...

LADY: " you stupid son of a bitch what are you trying to do, kill me?"
ME: " what happen? What's wrong??"
LADY: " Go away you stupid son of a bitch..(insert slaps here..No kidding)
ME:" I am sorry, let me look to make sure you aren't bleeding.."
LADY..:" You are not touching me again you stupid son of a bitch..(insert more slapping here)
ME: I am sorry let me look I promise I wont touch you"

So after I nearly wet myself from the laughter I was holding back I went back about my nail painting...She had left..And a few minutes later she wandered back in...Asking for her nails to be done..(she had not recalled our encounter 15 minutes prior)..I politely decline...LOL..But another staff member who was not in the room at the time of said encounter offered to do it..I had to chuckle to myself..No way I was telling her what just happened..LOL..I wanted to see another good show..:)

And so the episode repeated itself..Only not with me:)

When I went to pick baby spawn up from day care she was sitting in the woman's lap...When she saw me walk in the door she ran up to me, grabbed my leg and said .."Gotcha momma"..awwwww....:)

The two older spawns were away on a field trip to a water park with the daycare so they were still gone...When it was time to pick them up baby spawn and I walked in the place..She is yelling at the top her lungs..For her brother..Calling his name as loud as possible..When we get to the room where they are..He hears her yelling for him..He walks up to us..Baby spawn gives him a smile..And pats him on the head..LOL

I hope I have no encounters of the flying sort tonight..I can not believe none of you have ever encountered a bat in your house before...You do not know what your missing...Mother Nature at its best..LOL

Have a good weekend...I have to work all weekend..Lucky me...I am sure I will endure more verbal abuse..:)

Things that fly..where they dont belong

In the early moring hours I was sleeping,but not soundly sleeeping. You know the kind of sleep where you can still hear everything but you are sleeping as well? That is the way I sleep most of the time, which can be helpful say if one of the kids yelled or a potetion robber..I would be all set...:)

About 4:20 this moring I heard somehting..Kinda like sqeeking..and hten...fluttering...I knew right what was going on..I knew we had a....bat in the hubby says.."oh no, I think there is a bat in our room"..He gets up turns on our bathroom light..and yup there it is flapping in the room..banging into the wall..I sit on the bed woth the covers pulled tightly over my head..(I dont want the sucker landing on me)...I tell the hubs to shut the french doors that lead to a sitting area off our room so the beast doesnt get down stairs..All I needed was it to go in one of the kids rooms and cause havic..

Now me..I am not one to promote the killing of animals..but I would of smashed it and made sure he wouldnt be back in for another visit..EVER..Not the hubyy
He catches it in a blanket and takes it outside ..Ya no so it can come back in tongiht..
So this is the story of my early morngin..I gotta go ready for work..Catch up with everyone later..Toodles

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Put some thought into it

Do you put thought into your everyday actions? Or do you just take everything as it comes?..Did you put thought into what you wanted to do with your life?..Or did it just happen? Did you think about how many children you wanted?..Or did it all just happen?

Sometimes I wish I would have planned it out better..ya no, like actually finished college before I got married and had kids..Wish I would of moved away from home sooner...(only because my kids did not enjoy the move)..If I would of moved before I had them..No problems for them....

I wish sometimes that I would of put thought into my school work as a teenager..So I could of gotten into a real good expensive school far away...I wish I would of studied harder..I truly always wanted to be a Dr..I had a professor last year tell me I would make one hell of a Dr as I could diagnose nearly anything he threw at me ...I wish I would of not been so scared to pursue things that I know I could of done..But didn't think I could at the time...All this time wasted..I don't even think anyone even knows I wanted to be a Dr..The running joke with parts of my family is I am the un official Dr..I can usually tell you what's wrong or what is not wrong..Most close friends and some of the family know this and humors me when they feel odd or think they may be sick..It is fun for me..99% of the time I am right...LOL

If I would of only put some thought into everything...Life would be better..Instead I get antsy and when I want something I do it or get it..With no thought...I have wasted money, time, and other peoples time..And if I would of slept on it..Or gave it time..I would not have done it...Live and learn..

These are just thoughts I have been running thru my head today...I am sorry..

BTW...I am totally pissed off..(BTW..That is a side note..Has nothing to do with my post whatso ever)

I may need to give God a call tonight and ask his opinion on what's going on..Not sure if He is home tonight..I think it may be bingo night..LOL

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The city of the future

earlier today I asked my oldest spawn if he had picked up all the toys in the family room in the basement..He assured me that there was not a single toy down there to be found...I even did the " so if I go down there the room will be clean, right?" bit and he nodded and complied with all questions..

After I dropped them off at daycare I wandered down here to turn off the computer and make sure the TV was shut off...And this is what I found...

Seems the kids are making a city of their own....I may buy some investment property. Maybe start up my own business..I always wanted a pet store..I think there may be room for one on the corner next to the boat..LOL....How can you get mad when do such cute things..I am glad I didn't run away today or I might have missed this wonderful investment oppurtunity.... :)

No way back Wednesday

Yes I am not playing way back Wednesday today as I have no pictures of my drunk in college...I am guessing I could not afford a camera in those days..hee hee

Why do kids want to sleep on their floors or on the couch when they have a perfectly wonderful bed to sleep in??

Why do kids complain when you ask them to out THEIR toys away?

Why does the baby spawn continue to do things when I tell her to stop?

Why does the eldest spawn pick fights with everyone is this house?

Why does the middle spawn cry when her brother even looks at her funny?

Why do I lose my temper after my oldest spawn asks me the same question over.and over ...And everytime I tell him the same answer..NO.??

Why don't I charge these kids rent?

Why does my dog need a bath everyday and why does she always smell?

Why does my cat lay in the corner all day without moving?..How can she hold her bladder that long?

Why am I the only one in the house who knows how the dishwasher works?

Why was I going to run away again??

Why didn't I?

Oh yes..Because it is my job to do all this work and to deal with the kids all day everyday..Because the hubs is out working and making money because that is HIS job..And when he gets home(from his hard day at work in an air condtioned office) ..And if I want to go out and make the money he would be more than happy to stay home and be with them...
Yup that would last about 2 days..And he would be begging to find a job with hard labor and nil for pay..

But that's my job..And why don't I have a retirement plan?..Or vacation time, or sick days, petty cash, company car(oh yes I do..)..Holiday pay, personal time, maternity leave, or fringe benefits?

Gotta go...Have a good day..Toodles

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

ahh shucks anyway

well I just got home from work bout half hour ago..Work was slow and boring...Lets see, we did some ROM (range of motion)..Played a hot game of crosswords, did a little handwashing , sensory activities, passed out dinner trays , then played a mind numbing game of lawn dice..Yup this is what I get paid $11 bucks an hour for:)

I did have a old man tell me how pretty I was and that he didn't want me to leave..LOL...But I don't think he had his glasses on:)

One day mom and the midget are in love..The next she is mad at him..Sounds like true love to me:)

Here is a little ditty from my childhood...And this is all true:)
I was a shy young child..I always did what I was told....A very good girl..And to disobey a teacher..ARE YOU KIDDING..Never ever...

Although one day in first grade something hit me..There was a boy named Billy in my class. Not a very attractive kid..But that is not the point..Just a side observation:)
At story time when we were out of our chairs listening to our teacher read a story
I snuck over to my desk and got out some glue..The paste kind in the plastic jar and when you undid the lid the little applicator was attached to the lid...
I took the lid off and brought the applicator to the boys chair and proceeded to cover this boys entire chair with my paste...Then I snuck back over to the cirlce we first graders were sitting in...

Shortly there after we went back to our desks..And this boy sat in the paste..Got it all over his pants and his parents had to come pick him up because his pants were full of white paste:)
Someone ratted on me..I ended up sitting in a corner all day and didn't even get to go eat lunch....
I never behaved baldy after that..That was my one shining moment of rebel ness till I got to highschool....And boy oh boy is that a novel all in itself:)..All in good time though..All in good time:)

views and viewpoints

Ok..this may sound like what working moms may assume us stay at home moms do all day..But as I am sitting here watching The View..(yes..please no nasty commnets)...I think to myslef how nice it would be to reach my hand inside the televiosn and slap all of them..They act like kids..They talk over eachother,argue, and just bloody get on my nerves..Why dont I change the channel you ask?..One word..LAZY.

Also I will be watching the only soap oprea I watch..( I know..I must sit here and do nothing all day:) And I swear if it dont get better I will not watch it anymore..My life is way better soap style than the crappy show I watch..But I am addicted..I need a 12 step program for crappy shows...

For a sheltered person as myself, some things just make you happy..Like a not so hot day that you can send the kids out play all day, see a favoitre movie while channel surfing, finding a fat free ice cream that doesnt taste like crap..And also getting emails..I have come to a time in my life where I love to get emails..wheather I know you or not...It is kinda like opening a present you werent expceting...I sit here on my laptop..( I am too lazy to walk to the basment to get on the real computer..and you remeber whay happen last time i wlkaed down there..) I turn it on in the
morning after breakfast and send an email out to a few friends and family memebrs..Some folks are so lucky to get an email from me everyday..hee hee..some folks who I write dont write back..well in a timely matter..But thats ok..I always like to do a weekly check on everyone..Freinds or family..I like to do my check ins.....I just am like that....But today I got an email from a very nice woman today..She told me she enjoys my site and enjoys reading my really made my day....So I just wanted to thank her again...You made my day..I so love getting emails..and I think you are my new best know..I am a poor, lonley ,sap of a woman..:)..I love getting mail..I am lame ..

The kids are getting on my nerves..Emma is doing some dramtics now..I think she must be wanting a nap..Lord knows I do..She got up at 5:30 today..way before I was ready..So the hubby brings her upstairs with a cup of milk and a dry bowl of Captin Crunch...She watched her shows and I took a cat nap..Then shortly afterward the middle spawn comes up.....Why cant kids understand the joys of summer vaction and the art of sleeping in???...grrr!!

Well I need to get my clothes in dryer or I will be going to work in my undergarments today...And noone wants that..well the one creepy guy would..but I wont be doing it for him I tell you what..!!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Conversations with little people

While driving in the van today my son pipes up with.." Mom "the Spanish kid" doesn't know what littering means?..I very much confused at this odd statement ask what he is talking about.
He told me that "the Spanish kid" and his family don't know English well enough to understand what littering means..Because there yard is full of wrappers, cups, trash and he has even seen spoons in the yard..LOL
He told me their yard looks like a "junkyard"
My son explained to me that he tried telling them that throwing trash on the ground was bad and you should really use a garbage can..My son really cant stand to see littering..God Bless him..So he is now convinced folks who hail from Mexico have no idea what littering means or that garbage cans can be uselful:)

My littlest spawn while outside tonight was throwing rocks..everytime she threw one she would say.."See..See momma"...And when I would ignore her..She would say it louder...When I would say "yup I see"..She would lift her arms in the air and say"ta da"...She is such a ham..I taught her where the sky is..Now when you ask her where the sky is she looks up..Points..And claps and says..:guy guy"..Guess you have to be there:)

I have added a few new sites to my list...All good of course..I am adding more but I have a hard enough time adding a few at a time...Remember I am a recovering blonde..Always keep that in mind when you read my nonsense..

Doing good with the Bloggers Biggest Loser..(it is a weight loss challenge in case you were wondering)...It is fun..And good source of tips and support for anyone wanting to lose a few extra pounds...

Do you ever have days where you think everyone hates you?..Yup having one today..And frankly I could care less..:)

Thanks for all the good advice from my earlier post..I have decided that I am going to just offer advice when she ask for it...I am not going to hound her or tell her I think she is totally whacked for staying...In due time I hope she will come to see..And Thank you Princess for writing and talking with her..Your great:)

Well I am off to bed...Gonna watch a little John Stewart..(if I miss the nightly news...I watch him and call it good..LOL)
Then watch a little Letterman...Then a little Conan after, hopefully sometime between now and morining I can catch a few winks..I am a sleep deprived soul on the verge of running away and or changing my name and hair color...:)

I have decided to run away

After much thought, I have decided I am going to run away.

I have not yet decided on a destination, or have I decided how I am going to live once I get there...I am only packing a fresh pair of underwear, chapstick, and a bottle of vodka..(and I don't even drink)

My kids have drove me crazy, the house, the job,the kids, the dog, the kids,and everything else you can think of..Oh yes and the kids..

My son has told me he is tired of doing all the work around here.(he stated this after he got mad and threw one of his toys on the ground and I told him to pick it up)..The 2 older ones are always fighting, or just itentionally getting on eachothers nerves...

Some days I feel I have had it...Some days I think I really need to get a full time job and let someone else deal with it all day....

At least it is cooler today. It is about 75 now compare to 100 yesterday..

I will let you no where I end up once I decide where I am going...I am thinking Bangkok or Katmandu...Haven't made up my mind yet..Depends on which one os farther away and closest to the sun...

I wonder if I am the only mother who wants to run away...Maybe I need to start a support group for myself..And call it.."You cant run away your my mother"............Any takers????

I better go..My son apparently has not ate all day and is on his way to deaths door...The dramatics on this kid are very amazing..He would give any leading man a run for his money....He can cry in cue, have a fit at the littlest thing, run and hide when asked to do any work, throw himself to the ground in a huddle like you were running in a bomb shelter when you scold him....Very imperssive..I need to get the kid some head shots..And a good agent:)

Hope all you moms out there are fairing better...
(I think my son must be getting ready to go thru puberty..He is 8 and half..Very emotional, cranky, moody, and annoying)....Any moms with young boys..Please let me know what you think?..He seems a little young to me...But I don't know for sure...I may need to commit myself if it gets much worse.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sundays in the land of the munchcins and runaways

Enjoying some much needed fresh air today, the kids went "swimming " in the little pool in the backyard.... The kids were having fun..Then they started complaining...They did not want to be splashed by the other...So after I had scolded the 2 older ones, on not splashing others when they do not want to be splashed..The Boy takes his foot and kicks water at the middle spawn..

She starts crying..I say to The Boy...Go to your room for that..I just told you not to splash...This is what I hear:.....TB: "I know your just saying this because you want me to run away"
ME: "whatever"
TB: "Ok that is it. I am running away..You can not stop me...I know you want me to leave you like all the girls better"
ME: "noone wants you to run away"
TB: "well fine..One day I will make you happy..I will leave and I will never come back..Never ever"

So after that fight was over and we told him that noone wants him to run away..My hubby and I decided that this child should enter some kind of drama class..Really he puts on a better show many soaps I have seen...
This kids wants to live in a mansion and be the richest kid on our block..LOL...Well I am gonna make him work for it..:)...For some reason money is a big deal to him..He is always wanting to know how much money we have..How much things cost..I tell him.." We own 2 houses..We have 2 student loan card bills,insurance on 2 cars,payments on one,groceries for 5,plus all the other expenses one may have...Kid we have no money"..LOL.....He didn't like the sound of that..He says "how can I live in a mansion if we have no money?"...I said.."Good question"...:)

Reason number one you should invest in buying "little swimmers" if your baby is going to get wet..She can barely get around with that load..:)

Do opposite attract?..Chapter 3 of mom and "little man Tate"

So I guess the date went well..They seem to like eachother..Maybe its love..yikes.. Not sure though

I don't want to come off with the impression that just because he is a "midget" or little person , that that affects my feelings. I could really care less how tall he is..I just worry about the "moving to fast " part..But I think in the long run they will move in together..I may have a new daddy one day after all..LOL

And my mom says."good things come in small packages"...I guess she would know:)

Going to take the kids outside to swim in their pool..It may rain today...Has not rained in over 2 weeks...My poor flowers are begging for a drink..And I am too darn lazy to go out and water them....Hiigh of 99 today, but tomorrow only gonna be 76...Then back to the 90,s Tuesday..Yippie..

I am gonna go make a sandwich..eggsalad made with fat free miracle whip and light on the mustard...I would eat it on whole wheat bread if I had any..But I don't....Gotta hot the treadmill today...gotta hit the weights today...May try to hit the bike too around my lake....I say that like I own the lake..LOL

Maybe I can work out some of my aggression that way....We will see..Toodles

Hello God..Its me....(you no what my name is..Your God)

So my mother has spent her Saturday with her new found "friend"..Am still a little Leary of the situation..I do not trust people, nor do I expect them to trust me..And I have no problem with that what so ever..My poor ole mother has been thru a lot the last 10 or so years and I really hate to see her do something rash or speedy...But such as life I guess..

We are staying home from church this lovely steamy Sunday morning..My house needs some grave attention..Which when something needs attention, that is when I tend to ignore it:)

Some days I feel I have no clue what my purpose is..Sure I am a mom who stays at home all day..But I always hope I am more than that..Like I have stated before..I am a bit of a biologist..I know blood,bodily fluids,nearly every disease,and have seen man y disgusting things...I have dissected a fetal pig..I have looked at nearly every organ and cell under a microscope...
OK..So why am I just sitting here everyday..I should be out contiuing my education so I can get a job that pays more than 10 dollars and hour..(that is roughly what I make at my part time job at the nursing home where I play games and read to the elderly)..Yes my husband has a real good job..We have a nice home...We have 3 good children...So what am I lacking?..Not sure?....A dog?..Nope got one of those for Christimas cause I thought I needed one..(turns out I didn't,spend $600 on dog that I really didn't need)..A cat..No I have one of those..My mothers day gift about 3 years ago..(she is a Siamese..Beautiful kitty)..But no that wasn't it...A job..Well I have that now, still nothing..

So I am thinking it is lipo suction..I do think that will do the trick..Maybe a boob reduction...Nothing fancy:)..Not asking for an extreme makeover..Just a little nip and tuck:)

I know it is not that I need another kid..That would just drive me to the nutty bin..And I do not have time for that in my scheule....

Maybe I need a shrink..Maybe he or she could tell me what my problem is...If any of you are shrinks...Please insert the cure for my diease..Is it just the heat..(been nearly 100 degress for 12 days in a row)....

I want to take the kids to the beach today..Not sure if it is gonna pan out..Hubby never wants to leave the house..And I try to think of ways to get out of it...

Well I better go shower and whatnot...Try to get some crap done around here ,as my maid hasn't shown up..:)
I will try to write something bouncy and cheery later..But do not hold your breath:-)

Saturday, July 16, 2005

"And they call it, puppy love"..The continuing saga of mom and the midget

First off I want to say that I am still trying to get over the movie last night...As I stated last night..Johnny Depp good..Willy Wonka good..Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka..Not so good..One of my most favorite movies has left me blind sided..And in a comment from Marel about Tim Burton and his "directing"..much agreed...He is way more creepy than we give him credit for..
Gene Wilder if you are out there.."I love you Willy Wonka"....Not even the sexiest man alive can compete with you as the one and only Willy wonka..You are marvelous:)....On a side note the child who plays Charlie, so freaking adorable...He actually made a better Charlie than the first one..I wanted to wrap him up and bring him home..:)

So the saga slash soap opera of my mom and the midget continues...One day she hates him, the next she loves him...She tells me"I am not talking to him anymore!!"...
then a while later I see her on the computer so I IM her..And this is the conversation.
MOM"..NO!..WORSE I AM TALKING TO (the midget)!!

Well you see here in is where my trouble lies...I do not mind so much he is younger, heck I don't even care that he is a midget ..What I don't like is he says he is going to call..And he doesn't..
He seems to be on some kind of a bandwagon to get married..HELLO YOU HAVE KNOWN EACOTHER ALL OF 2 WEEKS..!!

He is suppose to be coming today..WITH A RING...WTF???...And he talks to her about wanting to adopt kids and living happily ever after..

I just smell somethin fishy..And I do not like fish...
Sometimes she acts like a love sick 13 year old...Other times she acts like a normal old lady, who can see the weirdness in this whole situation..

Now maybe I am wrong..It has happened once or twice..LOL
But I think this is very bizarre..I am no sure if she should continue to see this guy,,plus he wants to buy her a new car....Why cant I find a man like that??...

Well..You guys talk amongst yourselves and let me know what you think..Hurry before they run off to Vegas...Or worse..Toledo..:)..(ohio)

Friday, July 15, 2005

OK..Cheer up Charlie...Not..Not there..The candy man can..Nope not there either

I want to thank you guys for your kind words on my ho-hum day..You guys truly are the BEST!!!!

Ok..So Johnny Depp..Good...Willy Wonka ..Good....Johnny Depp as Willy wonka....Not so good..

I left this movie feeling very overwhelmed with a feeling of being cheated out of Willy wonka..Johnny Depp, as beautiful as he his, came across more as a creepy ,ambiguous sex, cross between Michael Jackson and Laytoa.freak show..LOL..His smile and demeanor was a bit lacking..There was no similarity between the two movies..I don't wanna spoil it for anyone who is going to see it..So I wont go into any details..But if you loved the songs from the original and the spirit of it..You will not enjoy the 2 hours you spend in it..My kids loved it..I came out lacking something..I knew I should not of went to see it...But I could not help myself.
don't get me wrong...It was full of color and special effects..Johnny Depp was wonderful..But just wonderfully creepy..I give it 2 and a half out of 5 stars..And I am no movie critic..LOL

On with other matters..I am still feeling a little out of sorts still..Maybe its the weather..Maybe its this and maybe its that..Not sure..Guess in the long run it really doesn't matter...It too shall pass..

I better get the spawns off too bed...Way past bedtime..For me I mean:)
I hope I do not wake in the night with bad dreams of Johnny Depp in my face with the big ole teeth telling me I am weird..I just know it is gonna happen..I am hoping for a wiggle dream tonight..Please keep your fingers crossed on that one..
Have a good night and a pleasant tomorrow..Toodles

Down and out in the mid-west

For some reason today I am in a bad mood and feel kinda down..Not sure why..Maybe I am tired of never having any money..(well I mean in my wallet..LOL)..Maybe I am tired of being tired all the time..Maybe it is because I feel lonely or isolated in my home...Maybe it is because I feel like such a huge slob..Maybe its because I feel I don,t have any good friends left anymore..Maybe its because I need some Zoloft..LOL...Maybe it is because it has not been below 95 for the last 6 days and we haven,t went outside..Maybe its because everytime we go outside we are swarmed by a family of mosquito's who haven't ate a good meal in a few days..

Anyhoo...I am going to take my 2 older spawns to see Charlie and the Cholcalte Factory tonight..Although I love Johnny Depp...I do not see him making a good Willy Wonka...That is one of my favorite movies..I am worried I am gonna walk away being very disappointed...I hope all the original songs are still in it...Oh here is hoping...I will let you know how it is when I return tonight..

This morning my little baby spawn was in my room watching TV..(it was around 5:30 am and I was NOT getting outta bed then..LOL)..When I looked over and she had taken her diaper off...Very proud of this fact she walked up to my bed.."Momma momma"...She had a big ole grin on her face...Then she walked back by the TV...piddled on my carpet..Then got a dirty sock from the floor and proceeded to clean it up...I think I may try potty training her soon...

Well I am gonna go wallow in my own self pitty..If anyone cares to join me..I am at the bar on the corner..I will be the one laying on the floor face down in the peanuts asking for another shot of the cheapest stuff they have...Toodles

Thursday, July 14, 2005

spf day

My first spf day...How exciting...

First up is a photo of you from then 80,s..Had to do some digging but I found a photo of me and our dog Magnum that drown in our pool..(from a past post..Remember)...:(

Next up is a movie or CD from the 80,s you can not give up..Well I had a few..So here we go again...

as you can see it is Purple rain...A few Prince CD,s..And my very favorite CD by Def Leppard..I am a rocker at heart:)


Next is something from the 80,s you can not give up..I had a hard time with this one for when I moved I have found I lost some things along the way..But for some reason this darn thing follows me where ever I go.

my dad and I picked this out for my mom for Christmas or something when I was little..I have no idea why I have it now...It isn't even mine..But he has to be over 20 years old...


That was fun...I have trouble scanning photos because my scanner is mentally challgened and my photo edit program seems to be unistalled now so I can not crop or edit them....Poo on that whole thing....So please forgive my sloppy pictures...I do the best and that is the best I can do:)

I have made a startling revelation

Well you know how we are always hearing on the news and such the we Americans are getting fatter by the second?..Always showing pictures of the heavier people walking,usually carrying a hotdog or eating fries or pork rinds?..

Well I think I know why everyone is getting heavier..I have spent much time thinking about this...And what is happening is evolution.....We are preparing for another iceage..Kinda like why polar bears,seals,walrus,penguins...They all have extra flubber to keep them warm...So I am thinking sometime in our lifetime, it will happen..Because the process seems to be over producing results, so this must be because it is going to happen soon..Am I wring people?...Yes I am no scientist and I have no data or research to back up my findings..Although I think I am on the right track...

If you have a better explanation I would love to hear your thereory....

Watched that INXS show last night...It is pretty good..No American Idol..But it is pretty amusing...I have not heard a really good singer yet..Although I have only seen it twice..
Have any of you seen it?..I know J&j's mom has....Am I the only one who likes those tacky talent shows?...If so...I can live with that..I would rather watch bad singers than watch those other "reality" shows..I really hate reality TV...Please give us some good family sitcoms..Hello..You twits..(talking to the TV executives)..WE would love some nice family sitcoms we can watch with our kids..With no bad launguae , sexual situations,...Or penile disfunction commercials or commercials about herpes or douching..Thank you..

I am off..Need to get in shower..Get kids breakfast..And go on to work later..Peace out..Toodles

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

OK here it is..Way back wednesday

Ok way back Wednesday is your old prom photo...I had to do some digging..I found it..

You have to remember this was 1993.My senior prom..My hair isn't too big, but I must say it is big enough...

I look that dress and think to myself "what was I thinking"...Oh those were the days...

Please insert laughter and giggles here______..LOL

Have a good one..Toodles

I am gonna play way back Wednesday

ok I got this off of Beth and Peanut...(sorry I will try to link soon..I have had many nice folks tell me how to do it:)

Only problem is I can not figure out how to hook up my dang ole scanner..As soon as hubby gets home..(took kids to the church ministry..Every Wednesday they do activities at the church)....And me being the recovering blonde I am..I can not get it too work....I have until midnight right???..LOL....I love these kinda things..When you know that there is one going on..Please oh please tell me...I will post it soon...Then you can all get a good laugh...Toodles

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Interview and such

I was out pulling weeds tonight and asked my son to help me. He was all gung ho about helping me pull weeds..Well, when I finally got him outside and asked him to pull weeds by a near by tree, this is what he said"I am not touching anything without gloves on"...Ok what is the deal with that?

This is the same kid who touches spiders, digs in dirt, and eats without handwashing..(I am sometimes bad about reminding them)...We had a fight and I told him to get in the house becuase I did not feel like arguing about him pulling weeds with gloves on...Who does that anyway?..What fun is it too pull weeds with gloves on?..I so need a gardener...

I have to work in the morning..Kids are excited about going to daycare for a few hours..Really makes ya feel good ya no:(

I am being interviewed by litlsassy20..(I don't know how to post links in my site or I would)..Sorry:(....Here are the rules if anyone wants to participle
1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying so.
2. I will respond by asking you five questions -- each person's will be different.
3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
Here are my questions from here along with my answers:
1)If stranded on an island, what 2 CELEBRITY's would you want there with you??..lets see..Prince for obvious reasons..And Alex Trebek..ya no to keep my mind fresh!!

2)What is your favorite thing to do when you have 'alone' time?I will have to go with sleeping..Or taking a long hot bath UNINTERRUPTED!!

3)If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?I would have to go with my being so judgmental and negativity I tend to have...Yes its true..The glass is always half empty!!yikes

4)What is one thing that you hope to accomplish in the future?Raise kids with good attitudes that treat people well and don't kill anyone or harm any animals!!

5)What is the one thing that you simply can NOT live without? My kids..Yes..That is a good answer:)

How is that?..Never done one of those before..

An update on a previous post...THE MIDGET CALLED MY MOM!!..Yes he called today..I hope I don't hear wedding bells...But my hearing is going..Along with my vision and my sanity..

Guess that is enough rambling for now..Have a good one...Toodles