Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Weird Wednesday

I know its not even 9am..But boy has it been an interesting morning.

First of all baby spawn slept till 7..And she NEVER sleeps that late..So I had to rush around getting kids breakfast and clothed so we could drive oldest spawn to summer school..Because he will NOT be walking..LOL..

As we are getting in the van, I see a small dog in our yard..A minute collie..And then..I saw a little boy in my yard..This kid could of been no older than maybe 16-18 months..I swear..He was in my yard had a dog leash in his hand..But the dog was not attacheted to it..And the boy had a pacifier in his mouth..I thought the parents should be around somewhere...Maybe they were just a little ways behind him..Anyway I didn't think much of it..

I drop the boy off at school and when we get back this same baby is not in my yard..But in the middle of the road rather...A SUV was barreling down the street and had to swerve and honk to miss the boy...I grabbed the girls and got them in the house..Then I went to my front door and was going to go out and get this baby and call the police..

Just as I opened up the door a big ole lady (who looked like she had just woke up) came running out of the door 2 houses down..(next to the Mexicans..This house is another story all in itself..But these folks are white..LOL)..By this time the baby had run a good block from home..ACROSS the road...She grabs him and starts beating his butt..I yell out.."He nealry got hit..I was just going to call the police"
She didn't say anything back just grabbed the baby and went back into the house..

I take my shower and leave my middle spawn in charge of baby spawn..I get out..I hear honking..So I am thinking this baby got out again and is in the road..Then I look down at my baby spawn and she has my keys in her hand..And she had pushed the panic button and it was MY horn blowing..Gosh I hope it was honking the whole time I was in the shower..Than I couldn't get the darn thing to stop..So when I get the figured out..Well...That is as far as I am today..LOL...

I am so looking forward to the weekend...We are going to the science museum this weekend..It should be fun...The kids wanna go see Grossology.(it is an exhibit of gross things..farts..Burping..Bugs puking on your food..All the stuff kids love..LOL)

Well have a happy Wednesday..And I am hoping I have no more run ins with babies in the road..


Tee said...

OMG! How frightening! Thank God the kid is OK... That is so sad.

I've heard of the grossology exhibit. I wish we could go see it someday.

momma of 2 said...

I've never heard of the grossology exhibit - but I am sure Big Guy would love it!

Kid in the road...OMG - That's so scary - we installed locks at the top of the doors at the old house - Big Guy used to be able to disappear in seconds...he loved to be outside, and our street was so busy - lived near what used to be the hospital, the drs and nurses would never slow down!

Marel Lecone said...

What a morning. I hope the kid is ok too. So sad and nearly tragic. Those honking buttons--I screwed around with that on a rental car--what a pain to try and shut off. :) Hope your day goes a little more smoothly. Talk to you later.

Jamie Dawn said...

That poor baby. His mom's butt is the one that need a good whipping. I hope he doesn't go out there again. My heart can't take it!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

tee, I know..I was freaked out..Grossolgy seems cool..i will let you no how it is..

momma,i am sure big guy would love baby spawn can open the door i need to make sure the screen doors are always locked..

marel,if I see the kid in the road again i am calling 911..and can bet your butt on

Jamie, my heart cant take ot either..:)

firehotgran said...


BipolarPrincess said...

You should have called the police anyway!