Sunday, August 07, 2005

Baby spawn is so smart..And I spent too much money

So the weekend has been kinda busy. Friday night we went to the fair for a few hours where we consumed cotton candy and other useless crap..(pics posted below)

Saturday we went to the Science museum..At more useless crap..(pics below too)

Today we did some shopping..School clothes and what not..Between Sears, Marshall Fields, and Target..We spent over $600.00...Normally spending this kind of money would mean I was sure I was winning the lotto the next week...Alas..I am sure have not..But we have made some smart finicail moves and are nearly out of the wrath of credit card debit..So we had a lot of extra money this month...(and my kids have been in desperate need of new clothing..I mean it was bad..)..So all three kids got a bunch of new clothes...And sleepwear,caught a bunch of deals..So it is all good:)..And again I ate crap...

Baby spawn will be having a birthday at the end of this month..She will be a whooping 2 years old...So after that day, I will no longer refer to her as baby spawn..But as spawn who is too big for her britches..LOL
Since she seems a little "slow" sometimes.I figured I had better start her on knowing her age...I ask her how old she is , and she says."chew"..That is two in her language..She caught on real fast..So I hope when her birthday comes she doesn't think she is really going to be 3..As I tell her she is 2 already..yikes..LOL....She also will tell me her name when I ask her..And she kinda looks at me baffled like.."Lady..If you don't know my name..Then we have problems"..

I get to work tomorrow night...And we have vacation Bible school this week..So gonna be a busy week...And what Bible school goes from 6:30 pm till 8:45 anyway...??..??..Seems a little late to me...So I am gonna see if I can get out of work half hour early so I can pick up baby spawn..Hubby is going to have to take her along..And she will not be happy of she has to be up till 9pm..No way hosa..LOL

Oh..And hubby found a note under oldest spawns pillow with the name of the girl who kissed him on it..Along with a heart...I hate that girl already..My son doesn't write love notes..He writes comics...He is a comic book writer for goodness sake..Not a freakin poet...Look what a kiss will do to a young boy...Crap..What am I gonna do??..LOL

Hope everyone had a good weekend..Toodles


mal said...

a "love note"? *L* wait till he gets older, the brain really short circuits then! There are days I count my blessings with 2 daughters *G*

On credit card debt, GREAT! getting debt free is a huge load off your mind. Credit cards first, Mortgage next.

Our "back to school" shopping consists of sending tuition checks to universities *OUCH* but it is simpler

Jamie Dawn said...

Shopping!! One of my favorite things to do!
Baby Spawn is smarter than you think.
Your son has now got girl cooties.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

mallory, I dread the day of sending out tution checks..yikes..

JD, yes shopping is it:)..only i wish i had bought myslef something..yes..he has been disinfected:)

Kristen said...

isn't love grand? My five month old can't keep his eyes off of any woman's chest. I'm sure I'm going to be in the principal's office for him doing all manner of adult-like behavior at age 9.

Marel Lecone said...

Yay for less debt.

And, you're right--that does seem late for VBS.

My Faith's birthday is on the 26th. Talk to you later, Girlie.

Melissa said...

Wow! A love note? Oh lord, he's growing up!!
I'm back from the weekend and trying to catch up. Hope your weekend was okay.

vani said...

a love note? ummm, ok i would not be cool with that either- i'm a jelouse mommy too- lol

momma of 2 said...

I don't know about the love note thing... Silly boy - hasn't anyone told him how expensive girlfriends are?

Credit card debt - I am so glad to hear you are almost out of CCdebt - it can be a real pain, and you will feel so good to be rid of it! YEA!!

Back to school shopping - got the supplies, need to go through Big Guy's clothes to figure out what fits and what doesn't..he's growing fast!

Tee said...

Our VBS was exactly those times, too. We were like, So wait, they're supposed to eat dinner when and go to bed when???

Good luck on the love note. UGH. I'm not looking forward to that. For now I'm lucky in that my almost 7 year old has a crush on Kim Possible.

It's amazing how fast the money goes when back to school shopping. I did our school supply shopping at WalMart - very cheap. New shoes at payless and most of his back to school clothes are from yard sales. I can't believe the good quality name brand clothes people sell for 25 cents sometimes.

Did the kids enjoy the museum?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

kristen,you better keep your eye on that

marel,baby spanws b-day is the old is faith gonna be?

Melissa,I have been wondering where you

Vani,yes jelous mom here..he is never getitng married..i cans ee that already;)

momma, i swear kids can grow 2 feet in an night..
and I told him he doesnt make enough in hois allownce to have a

Tee, my son had a crush on her shopping bites..and I never bought thier shoes yet...and there are never any good sales around here..usaully old people
and yes..they loved the museum:)