Monday, October 31, 2005

Why I hate this town number 1 gazziloin and 5

Since this is our first Halloween in this pit hole of the earth, I was not sure what time trick or treating started. In our previous pit hole there was a scheduled time. Usually 5-7. I think that is pretty respectable.

So I call the city hall, figuring they could shed some light on this matter. Come to find out, there is no set time. Kids can start as early as they want and go till they drop.

I need some structure when it comes to the art of trick or treating. Is this just my pit hole of a city, or are there other towns out there that do not conform to any "Halloween rules".

And what about Devils Night? Or is that just in Michigan too..The night before Halloween kids go out and egg and soap things. I don't think anyone around here knows such dreadful tactics. I have not heard any mention of Devils Night. Which I guess is a good thing.

Anyway, happy gouling:-)

Busted again

Happy Halloween my fellow little goblins.

Well I was busted again. I was caught watching an "inapproprite *sp* movie" with baby spawn. What was the movie this time you ask? Well another wonderful classic. " An American werewolf in London" another of my favorite scary pics. This time however I don't think baby spawn was enjoying it. It starts out slow, so we were good for a while, even hubby was watching. Then the first time the guy turns into the wolf baby spawn looks all panicky. She says " momma dog"

" she really should not be watching this"

" oh, she has no idea what she is watching"

" look, she is going to have nightmares"

" no she wont"

" I thought the guy from Family Ties was in this movie"

" um dear, that's Teen Wolf, totally different movie "

" oh, she really shouldn't be watching this then"

And now my laundry room is flooding again. I am hoping this is some sick Halloween trick and will be over soon. I am not forking over what could be 500 bucks to have my carpets cleaned out, then to have then get all flooded again. So I have convinced hubby that he is indeed not a plumber.

So lets wrap up the weekend I had....I had flooded carpets, then not, got busted watching scarey movie with baby spawn,then had flooded carpets again, got busted again watching a bad movie with baby spawn. So flooded laundry should be next..It is what you call a pattern:-)

movies I attempted to watch this weekend include: Nightmare on Elm Street, jaws,Fright Night,Land of the dead, zombies,american werwolf in london,the 6th sence,amityville horror,white noise( i did see that one really good),Halloween, Friday the 13th (pick a number), and night of the dead. and I mean attemped. Well we did rent White noise, I loved it, but I like them more scary then that, but it was very good..

have a spooktacular Halloween:)

Stay safe, and watch your backs..Remember


editors note****

Some new devolpments since the early morning hours since I wrote this. Baby spawn was all up all night. Not crying, just awake and talking. I was up with her most of the night trying to get her to go to sleep. I am thinking watching the man turn into a dog might have damged her phyici.

Then on my many trips down stairs in the night, I stepped in dog pee...ON MY STEPS..what dog takes a whiz on the steps? She normally does not do this, so I am thining watchng the man turn into a dog has made her too scared to go outside when it is dark.

Lesson learend my Lord, lesson learned. I will no longer let my baby spawn learn the finer elements of a good horror movie until she is at least 4..I get the point now, thank you:-)

Sunday, October 30, 2005

What, what, I still cant hear you








Saturday, October 29, 2005

mother daughter bonding, I am going straight to hell

I was channel surfing this afternoon. Not really much else to do, as I am lazy.

I came across some good movies, Old movies if u will. Since it is a " holiday weekend" there are tons of holiday movies on..if u catch my drift!! I love scary movies, they have to be my favorite.

I came across one of my all time favorite movies. " A nightmare on elm street"..The first one.I can not help but watch, and I find myself reciting every line. ahh, memories..

I look down and my baby spawn is sitting on the floor in from of the tv with her eyes fixated on the movie. I think for a brief moment, this is wrong, there is something really wrong here.

Then I say, oh heck, she has no idea what she is watching. Then hubby walks in room.

" what are you doing"

" watching a movie, duh."

" ok, she should not be watching this"

" um, she likes it..see"

" I am turning this off"

So there went my day. You just dont come upon good movies like this everyday. I was tyring to teach baby spawn the finer elements to a good horror movie.

I am not one for " romantic comedies". They bore me. They are so full of crap I can not find a diaper big enough to hold all the crapthey spew . If you think about it, your more likey to become someone,s chopped liver, then to meet your "dream guy" on top of the Empire State Building and live happliy ever after. I am not stupid folks..

Thats why you always need to "watch your backs"

My friendly reminder for this holiday weekend:-)


I thought I saw a puddy tat

I want to thank those of you who commented and gave me some much needed advice over at my "other" website. You guys are truly wonderful.

Here are some pics of my kitty that were taken this morning. She looked so cute I had to share

isn't my little Sagwa so cute?

Well we have called the insurance company about our " situation" and they said someone would get back to us very soon...I guess they have no idea what the smell of wet, moldy carpet streaming thro your home smells like.....totally gag me with a spoon.....I am thinking we wont hear a thing till Monday which is only going to enrage me more:)

Have a good weekend


Friday, October 28, 2005

yes, friday nights rock

took the two older spawns to my moms where they are spending the night.which is hard for me , because I always prefer them home...Kinda stupid huh?

Hubby me and baby spawn go to Target for some much needed items ( I am a target whore)..End up getting things I didnt realize I needed till I got there..

Then had to go to "hell on earth"..yup walmart. But only spent like 20 bucks that is ok...right?

This has been my Friday night ever since mom moved here. The older spawns go there and me and the other 2 members of this family head to Target....Ok why?

Why do I need to head to Target every week...? Some weeks I dont even have any money. I feel so much better when I walk thru the doors. Like the angels are singing. Like the employees put everything out just for me. Its like everything I need is right where it should be.

baby spawn had to wave and say " hi" to everyone we came across, then chatted it up with the check out lady..every question she asked her, baby spawn would say " NO"..then giggle....I love this kid..

Toodles** ( need advice,please read it if u are among the ones who I allow there..LOL)

bout time

Finally got blogger to do its darn job.....

Notice how baby spawn had too creep her way into the photo shoot.

And here is miss thang in her laundry basket:-)

well hubby should be here any minute now to deal with our unfornatue "plumbing situation"....Heaven help me. He has no clue about plumbing. That is kind of why there is schooling and training for such things.And why they are in the yellow pages for easy access. But what do I know?

Have a good weekend....C-ya on Halloween.


blogger sucks

I have been trying to upload my pics to blogger..Darn thing wont let me...Man, why do we bother ?

I will try again later.

My plumbing problem is worse. Now the wet carpet has gone all the way to our office. I can see I am going to need new carpet , as well as call a plumber. Crap, I really don't need this.

Nothing like walking on carpet and feel the sqooshyness under your shoes. The water seeps right over top of my shoes. Lovely:-)

Heaven help me

Wednesday night as I tried sleeping I heard the tiolet downstairs running. My moniter is in there because it is across from the spawns bedrooms..It kept me awake all night, yet I was too lazy to go down and shake the handle.

When hubby got up in the morning, he came up to tell me how the laundry room had flooded . When I went down later in the morning I noticed the carpet outside the laundry room "slushy". And half the things i had on the floor in there were ruined.

Well Thursday night she backed up again. I have no idea what the heck is going on.

Kissing spawn came home from school and forgot a book he was suppose to read that is due Friday. So i told him he was punished for the rest of the day for being "irresponseable". He then told me he wanted to be adopted. So I told him that could be arranged and I just had to make a few calls.

he looked at me with this odd look. I could not tell if he was extremly happy, or extremly heartbroken. About an hour later he says "Were you seroius about adopting me out" I said " if u wanna be, I only want to make you happy"

He then says " I just can not belive you said that, are you really serouis?"

Then when hubby gets home " dad, would you adopt me out?"

Hubby, " no, why do u ask such a thing"

" well thats what mom said"

so then I was in trouble with the hubby for telling Kissing spawn such evil spew.

Covery spy spawn and I got our cookies done, these ones were good:)

I am going to make her a DR appointment. A few times after she has come in from running she complains her heart hurts. I am sure its just that pain ya get when you run too much, but she hasnt had a check up in long time, so it is a good excuse to go.

I will be posting pictures later, they are having thier halloween/fall party today. I am having them wear their cute pumpkin shirts and some cute halloween tatoos on thier cheeks:)

Have a good Friday.


Thursday, October 27, 2005

FYI....Word to the wise

Covert Spy spawn has to take 20 unfrosted pumpkin shaped cookies to school tomorrow. So her and I hit the kitchen making some sugar cookies.

When we have all our cookies, there were some to spare..(and I thank God almighty for this) because her and I decided we better have one...

Turns out I used baking soda instead of baking powder. And her and I simutaniulsy spit out cookies out into our hands.....

so....Make sure u read the box and just because it says baking on it, does not imply it is what u need.

so now I am on my second batch of homemade sugar cookies.....Ugggg

Martha would not be impressed, nope..Not today:(

and plus, Martha could not even figure out how turn her blender on, on her show she has no room to talk today:)

a little something for the ladies...

I got this in an email today from my great aunt...I thought it was cute, so I am sharing:)


1.Pass My Shotgun

2.Psychotic Mood Shift

3.Perpetual Munching Spree

4.Puffy Mid-Section

5.People Make me Sick

6.Provide Me with Sweets

7.Pardon My Sobbing

8.Pimples May Surface

9.Pass My Sweatpants

10.Pissy Mood Syndrome
11.Plainly; Men Suck

12.Pack My Stuff

...and my favorite one..

. 13.Potential Murder Suspect

There ya go ladies, did u enjoy that??..I thought it was funny, but I am blonde and I am desparte for humor somdays.

Ok , so I am very happy about my new real estate woman. She called me last night and went over some paper work. Since we are in separate states its kind of tricky. But she is even gonna do it for 5% commision instead of the regular 7%. Which was very nice of her, but I am still not thinking it will sell that fast, but we will see.

Hubby attacked the hoola hoop again tonight. He was gettin er done, and I was not loooking and he says..." oh fine, just when I have it going and your not even paying attention"

Ok, are you seroius?

I sooooo want that " name that tune DVD 1980s addition". I see it on vh-1 like every 5 minutes..I could kick all your asses at that....Anyone up for up??..LOL

Well have a happy hump day...


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Some things u just don't put on the line

I nearly died Tuesday. I mean literally. This is how it went down. It was roughly 12:15 pm cst, I was watching Days of Our Lives and eating my lunch. Baby spawn was sleeping and covert spy spawn and babysitting kid were in the basement playing.
I swallowed a bite of my sandwich and something happened...It got stuck...I mean right in the middle of my chest. It was very painful. I mean I could breath and all. But the pain. It was like a snake trying to swallow a crocodile, my throat cant expand that far. I walked around for a while hoping it would pass. I ended up having to go in the bathroom and let nature take over. It was not pretty. I hate puking. And my chest has hurt every since , in that spot...Damn sandwich.

Is anyone else bombarded by sales calls all day? I swear my phone yesterday rang non stop. On my caller id I had 17 calls. 2 from hubby, one from the school 2 from my mom and the rest telemarkerts. I get the same ones calling, I tell then "stop calling" but they still do. So I have decided when an "unknown or 800 " call comes in, I will hand it over to baby spawn. She got to talk on the phone a lot today. She would get such a gleeful look in her eye everytime the phone rang. She would talk and talk her gibberish 2 year old jive. I am hoping after a few chats with baby spawn, they will halt all calls to my residence.

Ok, here is something I saw today. I mean I have seen this many times, but what strikes me, is why today.

Who hangs clothes out on the line when the tempature does not even hit 50 degrees, especially , why do u hang this on the line at any time or tempature...

this is my neighbors underoos. I know, they are big granny pants..LOL...Well she is old, and a bit, shall we say.....round around the edges.

This would be another reason why I hate living here. No one around here has any class. And as we all know, I am full of class:)

And notice how neatly the door is laying against the house, along with some what appear to be old storm windows. No wonder property doesnt sell well here either:-)


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

it exercises your wibs

Covert spy spawn got out her hoola hoop last night. she brought it upstairs to practice. Mind you she is not that good, but she is getting better. When Kissing Spy spawn saw her trying her damnest to hoola, he took it and did his buisness. and my son is one hell of a hoola hooper...I was shocked, I mean this boy can get 'er goin'....I was dumbfounded .

They took turns hoola hooping, and covert spy says " momma this is good excersie isnt it?" I told her " yes baby, very good"....

Then she tells me it is good excerise for your wibs....I told her, yes your wibs get a good workout:)

So the funny thing is, hubby tried doing it. He picked up the hoop and tried to get it going. Needless to say it wasnt happening. He then took his sweatshirt off thinking that was his problem. so there he is all bare chested, twisitng his torso, and moving his rump.

He then tells covert spy spawn to get her brother, so he could show him how to move. so then I have my son trying to teach the hubby how to hoola hoop, all the while baby spawn is yelling " oola hoops, oola hoops".....she wanted a turn, and it was pricelss watching her try and get it going, but she is just too small. Then she threw it to me and said " your turn hoops" yeah like that will happen.

I just could not get enough of watching hubby try and hoola hoop, I thought watching him cross stich was bad, but you have seen unbeilevable humor till you have seen your hubby get his groove on hooping...and failng misreably...

And then when he did mange to get it going, for a brief second...he yells.." did you see me, did you see me, I did it"...

Oh hell, now I have to witness him hulla hooping like a big boy, heaven help me.

Ok so I call a realetor back in the homeland. she tell me houses there are not selling, and she has had one for sale over 3 years. crap, thanks for the confindence booster, you baiscally just told me you can not sell my home.....i might as well just hand it over to the bank now.

But her point was that the city has rasied its water bill so much , no one can afford to live there, and plus the gas has went up. But she is going to list and see what she can do. If it doesnt sell, we are so screwd....I may have to go out and get the dreaded J word...Yup a job.

So I am hoping this resolves itself soon.

I was just watching some show on was about the 80,s. And I had a flash back. They showed this thing called the "fashion plate"....It was a thing where you could scetch your own picutres by switching the plates and then taking a pencil or crayon over top of it.....anyone remeber those?..I am gonna try and find a picture...I had one and it was like my favorite thing...I had forgot all about them till tonight:-)

whewww...found a picture...remember these....ahh, memories.

Good times..Good times....I thought for sure I was going to end up being some cool fashion desgner making my awsome dresses with the big ole shoulder pads and the the poofy pants........I had a very good eye for fashion back then..LOL......

If they still made those today, I would own doubt about it:-)

Well have a good Tuesday, I babysit today...Oh yeah,the fun we will have.


Monday, October 24, 2005

anyone know anything about....

ya see, I am looking to make some money, ya no..the easy way. (no not selling myself to the pimps and gangsta,s)

but on Ebay. Have any of you ever sold anything on there?...I am thinking of putting my home in michigan on there to sell. I was thinking it would be cheaper than paying 7% commssion to a realetor.

Has anyone ever did this, or no anyone who has?

What are some good things to sell on there? I mean I have loads of crap, I just dont know what people buy and how it all works. I have created an account. But I havent set it up yet...Still kind of leary.

Can u sell kids on there?...oh didn,t mean that:)

so can any of my blogger pals tell me anything about Ebay, I am an Ebay virgin. I totally have no idea how it works and if u can acctually make any money off it. And I am lazy and looking for a quick way to make a killin:-)


Like do I pay for shipping, or do they?....these are things I must find out.

by any other name, it is still the same

so I am wanting to get rid of my baby spawns plug. You know what I mean, the thing most parents hunt on the ground for , espeacilly at night. Making beddy bye time less stressful and more tranquil.

Yes I am speaking of the pacifier. All my kids had one. But my baby spawn has gotten really funny bout it. She will find something, anything , to reach onto the counter to get it. I must have 100 gabzillon of them all over the house. And my gosh she knows where they all are. I only let her have it at bedtime, but I will be damned if she dont find a way to reach up and find one every time.

I dont know what a good age to get rid of it is..Some would say, you should never give them one. well I am not one fo them:-)

Kissing spawn was nearly 3..and he called his his sucky.

Covert spay spawn was 2 when I had her throw it in the was New Years Eve..( so she was not quite 2) and told her that starting in the moring she was going to be a big girl...and she didnt need it anymore....and that was that...she was done...although she did have one stashed under her pillow...I found it 2 nights later...

She calles hesr a sire short for pacifeir....cute huh?..

Now baby spawn just turned 2 in August,,,she calles it her night night.....

I do belive this child will be sucking on it on her wedding day.

so this is my delima for today....when is a good time....She is becoming more fond of it....And I am starting to get jelous.

Death to all night nights......

on a side note...I booked a flight to Micchigan last night. I am taking Kissing spawn and Covert spy spawn with me. Should be fun huh?

since no memebrs of our families will come here...guess I have to shell out the money to go there.....But I did get a was $78 bucks per person....Rougly $115 after taxes and fees. So that is not too bad....We are going next month. I treid finding a non-stop flight...but heck..there were we have a freaking 3 hour lay over at Chicago O'hare..u all know how much I love Chicago...well I love it...just hate driving thru it..but I wont be doing no worries I guess huh?


Sunday, October 23, 2005

for those of u who care

ok, i had a run in with the midget today....i have devoted a blog to my conversation with him..if u want to read...go to

****diclaimer.....if u have no idea abiout the midget, or feel u may be somehow offened by the reading..then do not go:-)

and please...leave comments...beauce i know he will be reading:-)

Saturday, October 22, 2005

My Saturday night

So tonight I carved pumpkins. Yes I did. I carved all three of them. I love carving pumpkins. Now I have the seeds drying so I can roast them tomorrow.

Kissing Spawn wanted absolutely nothing to do with the process of cleaning out the pumpkin. He drew his face on it, and that was all she wrote. Covert Spy spawn and her little friend did most of the said gutting of the pumpkins. She loves that stuff. Baby spawn also helped...She kept putting her hands in the pumpkin and saying " goo".....Gosh I love that kid...

Ok so I photoshopped again...Well I took the red eye out of the one, made the other black and white...And well the other...My flash didn't work, but I thought the photo turned out pretty cool...LOL

I hope u guys aren't too spooked out:-)

So there you have it........Have a good weekend


ok, how does it look

does it make me look fat?

this is what I have been waiting 3 weeks for....:-)

First I will thank Cherry over at web-divas for the design. Then I want to thank Melis over at for putting it up for me. It took her less than a day to do what I have been waitng 3 weeks for. I told her she needs to start her own web page desing thing. She also did the picture with my name and then she made my page be all magical....LOL...she is pretty cool....


Over heard at Applebee,s

Hubby, me and baby spawn head out for a night on the town. We go to Applebee,s.

At the table across from us there were a few moms and thier kids. The littlest one was all of maybe 14 months old. She was chewing on a blue crayon. The older little girl says " momms she is chewing on a crayon". The mom looks at the baby, and lets her keep chewing. A few minutes later the little girl says " momma now she is eating it"

Mom says " honey, dont worry, its non toxic"

made me smile:-)

have a great weekend


Friday, October 21, 2005

and so it goes

well, for those of you who didnt think my days could really get much ya go..

ok, so our house in Michigan we rent out, because it did not sell fast enough. Well we had not got our rent payment from them yet this month so I had hubby call. Turns out the guy has no job now and they can not afford to live there.

so now I have to try and sell that house now, or hopefully find another renter. But I really hope to be able to sell it.

And I am still waiting for my blog to be done. It has been nearly 3 weeks now. I told her to send me the codes and i would have someone install it for me.

I have not heard back. It is very unprofessional of her to do this. She says her dad is ill, but she should of let me know and just sent it to me......I am going to ask for my 60 bucks back and find someone else to make one for me , if this doesnt get done soon.

So I may get drunk tonight....drunker than I have ever been. And I am not a drinker, but tonight I may make an exception.

Have a good weekend...I keep thinking mine can only go up from here, but it seems one thing after another keeps I am just going to count on having a crappy weekend, and if it turns out not so bad, it will be a pleasant surprise huh?


Its just for protection

For some reason on nights when there is no school the next day the spawns like to sleep in the living room, only they fight who gets to sleep on the big couch, because they are both to big for the love seat. So one if them has to sleep on the floor.

We make them a bed on the floor and they are as happy as clams....Well covert spay spawn said that everytime she lays on the floor the dog chews her hair.

So hubby told her , next time wear a hat...Then the dog wont eat your hair.....

Well last night this is what I saw

now you cant see in this pic too well..But kissing spawn has a pile of drool running down his hand,,,bout cracked me up

ok there ya go....U can go bout your business now and read my real post for the day.

Yeah, like that one is any better, right?


so it went a little something like this

Do you ever have one of those days that you just wish went a little better than it did?

Well I have had 2 of them days in a row, and now I am going to give u a play by play of my life the last 2 days...because I am cool like that.

So Wednesday I sleep on the couch, and hubby forgets to call and tell me it was 6:45 am . So I hear this little voice asking me if its time to wake up yet. I look up and its kissing spawn. I ask him what time it is, he says it is 7:15am. Crap we are late getting ready for school.

Then while I am babysitting , I let covert spy spawn and Brandon play down in the basment alone..big mistake. Them two had papers cut up and pieces of chalk all over the place...

I was hungry for sloppy joes for dinner...I had no ground turkey or buns.


lets see, where to start.

well I had my favorite hair clip break, ran out of milk when I wanted to make some tomato soup. I will not make it with water..something criminal bout that.

I tell my hubby I will stay here. I will wait the 2 years, as we will come into a lot of cash if we do....but I want to move closer to the city.

I call the bank to get all pre-qaulified for a new home. Houses closer to the city run about 250,000 for a decent home that doenst look like a slum lord ran it. The banker calls me back asking if there is anyway we can get our van put in my name..

yes mr smart banker, they will gladly put a brand new van in my name because i have no job or income ..stupid fu*k...

So then he tells me that we are prequalified for a shy off of what we want, becuase of the monkey on our backs we call , the home we cant get rid of in the homeland.

so I have come to realize I am stuck here...unless ,as the banker told me.." I can find someone to pay off my van loan for me"..

Ok are you joking?...yes I have a list of family and friends who have just been dying to pay off things for me...

SO because I have 2 homes and a van and oh, lets not forget the student loans...we cant get the milloin bucks we need for a nice home in the city because we have..oh Lordy we have some debt....crap who doesnt?.....but we can get enough to buy a nice box....and maybe be able to fresh dirt in for a floor.

Maybe if something happen to our other house..ya accidental fire, or a tree falling on the roof.....or better yet....a tornado....

so if any of you, no a guy who knows a guy...let me know....

so we remain in our nice home in a spot I hate for 2 years. And I have to deal with it. I was told i could go on a trip....I have nowhere to go.....I dont really have anywhere I want to go now.

I guess I would rather have someone come here....only I have noone that wants to come.

oh and anohter thing...I wanted a cherry cheesecake blizzard from Diary Queen. Only they only put like 3 damn pieces of cheesecake in it...and they close for the freaking winter tomorrow....oh yeah...such as the way my life is.

Well I hope all of u are having better days.....


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Ok, last photoshop thing...I promise

I don't know why I like screwing with myself. Ok that came out wrong...


well my hubby has bribed me to stay put for the 2 years. He is offering my vactions, mini trips, itmes if choice...within reason of course...I told him..I am not your prostute...You cant buy me off like that.

Well maybe he can.

My mom claims to have the winning Minnesotta lotto big money ball ticket. Of course I clamied to have had it last week , but the suckers jipped me by 7 numbers..pissers..

So if she does win that whole 300 gabazillion bucks its worth...u can take this blog and shove it:).....

Ahh, dare to dream.

So unless a really super good oppurituy comes along, we will stay for 2 more years. Even his place of employment now wants to keep him so bad they are willing to try and develop a postion for him in the south east....Holy crap....Man I was fired from my last job from being on my death bed...He must be one hard worker...or they must be real stupid...Not sure which:)

Well have a good day and hopfully noone pees, poops, vomits, or cusses at you or on you:)


oh and i want to thank melis for the water pic in the corner and the page thingy she did..*hugs*

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

tryin out new photoshop thing....And gross kid

Tuesday I went to Covert Spy Spawns class where I went for a little reading activity then had lunch with her. There was this very obese child sitting across from us. This boy didn't look like he had his hair combed in weeks, nor did any amount of excersise since kicking in his mothers womb. This kid slurped his freaking applesauce with is spoon so loudly I wanted to vomit on his plate. I tried ignoring him, then when I finally had him blocked out of my mind..This kid lets out the biggest belch I had heard since I was in grade school. Man, kids.

So I have no freaking idea when my blog is being done...She showed me the product 2 days ago..And now nothing.....Dang...I am a little impatient..Plus my pal Melis is going to do something special for me when I get it...Isn't that right Mel??...heehee

So I took some photos tonight and I tried using my very fancy photshop thing...I only really doctored 2 of them..But I think they turned out nice....The rest are just pics I felt like posting as I have not much to write about today:)

My girls chillin on the stoop..LOL...And here is one of me and Covert Spy spawn..aint we cute....( hardly)

ok, here is Kissing Spawn, cant forget bout him now we can..He is gonna be my bread and butter someday yah no?

now my cutest little baby spawn, doing what she
does best...Being cute:-)

a sign every home should have in front

ohhh look at the pretty tree

walking in the wind

there u have it kids.......Stay outta trouble now..ya here:)


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

i need an agent

I went for my tanning appointment last night, and walked to my moms afterward for our nightly inthrawling game of spades. On the way home it is dark, bout 7:30 pm.

Now mind u I am no peeping Tom, lets just get that out in the open ok?. But as I was walking home I wondered what was going on in other,s folks homes. So I decided to take it upon myself to look in the windows of the house who had lights on and the curtains open. Ya no just glancing from the sidewalk. I saw some intresting things. The people who who leave thier curtains open..are always the wrong kind..if u know what i mean.

I saw a big burly man digging for gold in his nose while watching what seemed to a sporting game or something...After that, I have decided I will be a people watcher no more. I have been scared straight:)

I had a revelation last night. My Kissing spawn could be the bread and butter of this operation. He had a total "freak mom out episode" last night. He just starts screaming and saying something is wrong..he feels "uncomfortable" and that he had never had this feeling before.

So me..I am thinking I need to rush him to the ER because he is having some kind of an annyrsium or something.

I tell him to come ustairs and lay with me for a minute so we can get to the bottom of his delima. He lays his head in my lap sobbing. He says " I feel like something is missing, something that is always here every night is missing"...ok I know what this is about now....I had let Covert spy spawn listen to the Veggie Tales cd for the night, it was her turn....And the dramatics...I mean I was going to take this stinking kid to the ER because he was pissed off he didnt have the Veggie Tale cd..Holy crap how embarrassing would that of been... they would of revoked my insurance card right in the spot..

But u should of seen him, hystarcally crying and carrying on because he was feeling "uncomfortable" and not right.

man I feel like a big boob....Thank heavens we got that taken care of ..ehh??

So my new site will be done soon. and when she gets it done there will be a few changes. I am going to change my name. when I post it wont be christina anymore.I am not sure what it will be yet.....but I will let you no...LOL...I saw her preview of it and it looks pretty sweet. I hope she gets it on here soon...It is real nice:)

Well happy Tuesday...oh and todya is my dads birthday...he is 51, i better call him later..crap I hope i dont forget.


Monday, October 17, 2005

its all sunshine and roses.

what a weekend. We got Kissing Spawns room all done. I may post picutres later, then again, maybe not.

My laptop is gone to sh*t, this will be the last post I can make from it. It needs some help, maybe a good shrink..oh wait, that is me. But it does need to be looked at, it is acting weird, and i still can not do spell check on it, cause you cant pop up more than one window at a time...dang!

So the 2 older spawns spent the night with my mom Saturday, which was nice. While they were their mom was teaching them to play "go fish". They were having a good ole time, when mom noticed Kissing Spawn was cheating. When my mom told him that he should not be cheating, he told her that it was ok if her and I did when we were playing Eurker that night...Crap, I knew that would come back to bite me in the as$!!.

I was trying to watch Law and Order Criminal Intnet...Where is the "the know it all guy and the moderatly ugly red head?"....They have been replaced with the chick from Jungle Fever and The hand that rocks the cradle and Mr. Big...

I just cant catch a break anywhere.

Baby spawn, God Bless her heart, we were singing a song this weekend and when we were done she pats me on the back and says " Great job Momma"...Man I love that kid....I took a short nap Sunday while she was napping and hubby was "painting". When she woke up she comes up to me on the couch and pats my head and says softly " wake up momma"....Then when I ignored her, she hit me in the eye, screamed in my ear and said " Momma I said wake up"....I love that kid..

Well I love them all, but she just makes me piss my drawers sometimes:)

I keep waiting for my makeover, she told me last week she was going to start working on it in a few days. well I havent heard from her since....and she must not know how mentally unstable I am now....Maybe someone should warn her:)

Man I could go on and on with my crap, but I will stop here.


Sunday, October 16, 2005

If I had a hammer

things arent quite going the way they would of I was in charge of the project. I could of had the damn room painted in like 2 hours. And had all of the crap back in his room by dinner time....So now we are going on day 2. My house is riddled with kissing spawns things all about. Nothing is in its place. And of course hubby heads off to church this morning...Guess God can work mirealces if he think he can get the room done and go to church......I hate doing this..but I may have to pick up the rollar and get er done.

I am just screaming on the inside, everything pisses me off. I mean everything. I dont know if its the added stress I am feeling since mother is here now. Or that I am so dreadfully unhappy living here. Or the fact that hubby said in 3 weeks we would have a realtor come by and give us an opioin...and that 3 weeks is tomorw and we havent got sh*t done.

All I know is my house is a dreadful war zone,and hubby skipped off to church leaving me with all the kids and even more of the mess...

I just cant do it anymore. I want this house to sell...If it doesnt and I end up haveing to down grade to an appartment till our home sells...I will not be happy!!. But it seems nothing is getting done here. There will be no way on Gods green earth that any bank will give us another mortgae loan. We already have 2 right now..So selling this house is our only option. I will not cramp the 5 of us in an apartment/condo..It is not worth it to me.

So I guess I better go and get all this stuff done. So maybe I can at least have a freaking path to walk though. ..

I keep hearing this damn buzzing sound.....It is making me want to pick something heavy up and toss it out the window, watching the window and the item smash into a jazzlion pieces.

Right now I just want to take a small hammer, and clobber it over my hubby,s head. Not to kill him, just maybe knock some sence into him...Men usaully are lacking sence. yes while the house is looking like it was ransacked by monkeys in the night, this wouldbe an excellenet time to go teach your sunday school class, as I am sure you could not call someone to cover for you ..just this one time..uh-huh..

I better go, before I say something really bad.


Saturday, October 15, 2005

I quit!!

It has come to my attention that I can not paint..I am messy and or sloppy..well maybe if I had an offer for help of any kind from you, such matters would not of occured.

Instead I have done all the painting , plus keep an eye on a baby spawn , yet still have not manged to do a good enough job for anyone.

So I am not lifting another paintbrush and or roller.

Mr Bob fucking Villa, take over.

weekend and chest pains

So today I am tackeling Kissing Spawns room. I went to Home Depot last night and bought the paint for his room. Right now the poor kid has wallpaper on his wall with some kind of hidious pink flowers and patterns on it..I think it may be affecting his mental health...So being the good mom I am, I am taking care of it.cause thats what i do.

We get home from Home Depot last night and Covert Spy spawn is laying on my mothers lap...she said she was having chest pains...yes chest pains....So I have her lift up her shirt to show me where it hurts..Well it is under her ribs, and the pain comes and goes...I checked her pulse, which was fine....She ended up sleeping with us last night which means momma got no sleep...

This morning she says it dont hurt, well only if u press on it...OK whatever..

My house is a complete trash yard. I am not sure what happened from the time we left for Home Depot and the time we got back home..But it is very obvoius that something did happen...

Plus I have a crap load of yard work to get done. Plus paint kissing spawns room..

I wanted to do this this cool crafty thing I saw on Martha Thursday. And I need ornage and brown glitter..Do u think Christina can find a place that sells orange or brown glitter...The answer is NO.

I bought the supplies to make covert spay spawns halloween costume. She is going to be a spider. Now mind you, I cant sew, nor can I thread a needle..But I have taken it upon my self to do this.. I am assuming I will end up having to buy her one of those ugly commercail costumes that are a dime a dozen....crap anyway.. but I am going to try..I still have no idea what baby spawn will be...

Well I better get to work...have a good weekend and c-ya on Monday:)


Friday, October 14, 2005

for all the moms I have loved before

OK I have a few things here for you today. First off is a nice little ditty that I got via email from my cousin Jackie, and I wanted to share it with all you moms:)

Before I was a Mom

Before I was a Mom I never tripped over toys or forgot words to a lullaby.
I didn't worry whether or not my plants were poisonous.
I never thought about immunizations.

Before I was a Mom - I had never been puked on. Pooped on. Chewed on. Peed on.
I had complete control of my mind and my thoughts.
I slept all night.
Before I was a Mom I never held down a screaming child so doctors could do tests.
Or give shots.
I never looked into teary eyes and cried.
I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin I never sat up late hours at night watching a baby sleep.
Before I was a Mom I never held a sleeping baby just because I didn't want to put it down.
I never felt my heart break into a million pieces when I couldn't stop the hurt.
I never knew that something so small could affect my life so much.
I never knew that I could love someone so much.
I never knew I would love being a Mom.

Before I was a Mom - I didn't know the feeling of having my heart outside my body.
I didn't know how special it could feel to feed a hungry baby.
I didn't know that bond between a mother and her child.
I didn't know that something so small could make me feel so important and happy.

Before I was a Mom - I had never gotten up in the middle of the night every 10 minutes to make sure all was okay.
I had never known the warmth, The joy, The love, The heartache, The wonderment or the satisfaction of being a Mom.
I didn't know I was capable of feeling so much before I was a Mom.
And before I was a Grandma, I didn't know that all those "Mom" feelings more than doubled when you see that l ittle bundle being held by "your baby"..
. And remember that behind every successful mother...
Is a basket of dirty laundry.


ok next is something I stole from take your name and google this...:christina needs: and u take the first 10 that pop are mine.

I must say they are pretty darn funny

1. Christina needs to name drop

2.Christina needs to quit losing weight..( ok if u say so)

3.Christina needs to consume 1725 caloires a day to maintain that weight..(it is hard too)

4.Chirstina needs to wear clothing OVER TOP of her underwear

5.Christina needs deeper drawers and some wall mounted shelves...( oh yeah baby)

6. Chrisitna needs nealry 80 minutes to express herself

7.Christina needs to be injected with insuilin at least twice a day..(ouch)

8.Christina needs help...(duh!!)

9.Christina needs to be steered in the direction if music starts like Whitney..( ahh , no thanks..dont need anymore crazy here)

10. Christina needs to realize she is not a bad ass..

There ya go..that was fun....Well I hope all you guys have a wonderful weekend and I promise come Monday I will be back to my normal self..Thank you for being so nice and understanding.

I am getting a makeover here anytime now. Not sure when she is doing it, but I know it will be any day now..Well talk tp ya later peeps.


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Here is some just for fun:)

Instead of my sad woes here is something I stole form my good pal Beth...It is pretty fun and hope some of you do it too..

Go to Google and click on the images link.
Type in the following and post the first (or your favorite) picture the search engine finds.
* The name of the town where you grew up.
* The name of the town where you live now.
* Your name.
* Your Grandmother's name. (Pick one)
* Your favorite food.* Your favorite drink.
* Your favorite song.* Your favorite smell

Here is what came up, this of course is not my town, but I have been to this spot many times on my way to Cedar Point

ok next is the town I live in now....Again this is not where I live or I would not be moving:)

ok there are a few , shall I say racy pics coming up...First is my name..Well what do u think is the first thing that pops up with the name Christina?..U guessed it..This tramp

ok next is my grandma,s name..and her name is Erma...You would think a nice wholesome pic right?...I was thinking maybe Erma Bombeck...But this is what came up:)

ok, now my favorite food...Which is Italian night here in which I serve up a plate of this...

next is my favorite song...And if you read the letters on the pic..I wont need to tell u the name of the song:)

Opps almost forget my bestes drink:)

and this is one of my favorite smells...If u look at the pic you would say a rose..But no..It is "after the rain"

so there you have it....If you want to join in the fun..Have at it...


ok now here is my livivng room....The before shot:)

now the after shots are all fuzzy and crap..Thanks to my crappy as$ camera

ok that is all I have for today.....Hope everyone enjoyed this bit of crap:)


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

proof of crappy as$ camera

Instead of boring you with things that go wrong for me on a daily basis i had wanted to share with you the pics of my living room I had just finished. Only probelem is the pictures are so damn blurry.

please oh great father in law, when you dont want to put any thought into a gift for me, just get me a freaking card instead of a beat up box with your used camera you have had for 3 years. Thank you

so here is a before shot...

ok holy crap now blogger wont let me post anything...Muther F***er

I am going to bed


please, please..someone help me

Holy crap. Thats all I can say. I am so darn stressed out. My hair is falling out, I am in a fowl mood, everything is making me pissed off..I mean everything.

My poor 8 year old Kissing Spawn talks constanly about these damn Yo-gu-o cards and other things and I just want to take a match and burn all his cards..just for talking about them!!.....Everything these kids have been doing has been making my blood boil.

One of Covert spy spawns friends mom is talking about maybe wanting to buy our home. If it looks to good to be true....dont even expect that it will happen.

Hubby has had 5 recrutiers call him so far and all the jobs so far have been in South Carolina. So I am hoping something come out of one of them...But whatever.

I just want to go somewhere and be alone. No one to bother me, or to talk to me.

I would love to get away from here for a few days. I would love to be able to fly back to Michigan for a few days and visit with some family and maybe one friend..really dont have any freinds worth seeing i guess.

I just feel overwhelmed and want out. I need to leave it all for a short while..Just a vaction or even a one or 2 day getaway. I know this will not happen. And I can not get down on it.

Man I hate writing this kind of crap, I like to be funny and to put a bright spot on your day. Although I can not today, because I am not feeling it today at all..

Give me a few days. And I am hoping it passes. I am sorry, and I hate being a freaking downer....I wont blog again until I have something good to offer my adorering fans:)

Hopefully in a day I will be back up to speed in my life, and these nasty thoughts and stresses pass.

Thank you for listening..I need that right now;)


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Holy Crap I am an awful parent

So my mother has been here last few nights as her appartment is not ready till Tuesday afternoon. And when she lived in Michigan we had a nightly ritual of playing yahoo eurcher in the evening. And we always lost..I mean always!!

So I came up with this bright idea that while she is here that we still play..I on my laptop and her on my desktop..Only I am right next to her and we know what cards we each have..hense....(cheating).. I know its wrong and I know I am going to hell for that (among many other things, I have come to terms with this, so dont worry)

But in the 3 nights we have been "burning up " the card tables , we have won twice:)

So Monday night as my mother and I are playing our diabolical game of Eucker, Kissing Spawn comes down the the basment. he ask what we are doing , and I tell him we are playing cards. As we are telling our oppents gg at the end of our game Kissing Spawn says "you should type to them that your cheating, ya no that isnt right. Mom you should not be cheating"

Yes I know this, but mom has a sick need to win at least one freaking game and yet even with our cheating our rating have sunk even lower than before we started doing wrong. Ok I am hanging my head in shame...I am a bad, bad, girl:)

Well hubby has had a few bites on his resume..One in South Carolina..So we will see what comes of it. We are not taking anything unless it is right. So keep your fingers crossed.

Sorry I have not been to see everyone. I have been very busy and the only time I have to blog is between painting and housework. I am hoping by Tuesday night or I can be on my regular blogging schedule:)...

I will try and post some pis of the living room later. it has turned out pretty nice. I have to babysit in the moring till about 1, and I am taking the kids to the park and meet up with anohter mom and her daughter. should be fun.

Well I am sorry I am not my normal fun and witty self.. I am stressed and tired..But I luv all my peeps and I will be back to normal very soon:)

Monday, October 10, 2005


Ok, so Saturday I pick my mom up at the bus station. I find her an apartment that is furnished and she can move in today. I am going to be helping her with things..Like managing her money and making sure she thinks with all her brain power instead of just one quarter of it:)

I am almost done painting the living room, and will share that with you later. We have 2 weeks before the realtors come over so I will be in high gear till then.

Hubby put out his resume over the weekend. So we could move sooner than we thought. Which is good for me:)

Not much else going on here, just trying it keep ole ma out of trouble...I will check in with all of my peeps tonight. I have so much crap to do today..I am not neglecting you, I promise....

Take care peeps and I will check in later...Much love I am sending