Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ok..Here is the scoop on the box

Ok..Here is the scoop on the box..It is by know means a funny story or a humorous one...But I will tell you anyway..Only because you are the best folks out there..LOL

I keep some , what you might call, mementos in this box..Nothing fancy, nothing frilly, just stuff...Maybe it is a form of torturing myself..Not sure..But this is the only day I look at it..August 17..This very day..Although I have not opened it today, maybe I wont..Maybe just knowing it is there if I ever want to is good enough..Maybe I have move past it..

Today August 17th would have been the 6th birthday of a spawn. And yes I am sure this one would of been a bad spawn too..LOL..Seems to be the only ones I make..heehee

So in this box are items..Little things..Hospital bracelets, cards, and other odds and ends...Not a big box, so not a lot of stuff fits in there..But that is the way I want it...

There you have it..The story of my box..Not a pleasant one..But a story none the less;)

So now I will end on a funny note..I told the two older spawns to clean their rooms today...To which this conversation proceeded..

OS: " why, why, why cant you just let me be a kid, why am I always having to do work?"
ME:" well you are being a kid..And kids keep messy rooms..And yours needs to be cleaned a bit..So please do it."
OS:" well I wish that people in this house would show me respect and loved me."
ME: " everyone in this house loves you..Go clean your room"
OS: " I wish I could be adopted into a family where the mom and dad loves their kids and doesn't make them clean anything"
ME: " well when you find them, I would love to see what the house looks like"
OS: " I bet they live in a mansion."
ME: " ok. I will help you pack."



d said...

Oh geez, an here I was thinkin it was dozens of rabbit feet ;)

Sorry to here that sweetie. Happened to me too. You never forget do you?

Marel Lecone said...

Thank you for sharing that. That is a special thing to keep--feel free to take a look when and if you need to. Thanks for sharing also the conversation with the kids--they are so funny and sweet. :) Take care. And, talk to you later.

momma of 2 said...

Sorry Aug 17th is a bad day for you - D is right - you never forget, and it's okay not to forget.

Kids - have you been listening to my conversations with BIG GUY - I think I'll send him your way - you handle it so much better... lol

Litlsassy20 said...

Sorry about that too girl, I myself would've had a 13 yr old right now, which when I think about it scares the CRAP outta me!! I DO NOT want a TEENAGER!!
But its easier with time........

Outta the mouths of babes, I tell ya, he needs to come hang out with my oldest son!

Prométhiûs said...

Hopppy hoppsie hop!
Well life is a jack

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

D, rabbit feet..LOL..nope you dont..and I dont even think hubbys even knows the;)

Marel,you are about the sweetest thing ever..:-)

Mommaof2, well at least it is a happy day for you;) send big guy here, he will fit in fine..the more the

Litlsassy,weird to think about huh?..13 year old..geesh....your not old enough to have a 13 year;)


Heather said...

Okay.. I dont get promethius either.. but oh well...

Hang in there chica.. time heals all wounds and all that bullshit. I cant imagine what it must be like to miss a child. I always have a shoulder if you need it :)

BipolarPrincess said...


firehotgran said...

oh.i was so wrong...thought it was lettes you never threw anything out..i never forget about your little angel.....find myself thinking of him or her.from time to time

Jamie Dawn said...

Here it is Aug. 21 and I'm finally reading this post about the contents of your special box.
How very sad. Your loss had to have been terribly painful, and probably still is, especially on Aug. 17th.
I don't think you have to move past it at all, I think time helps us deal with loss, but there's forever a missing piece in our hearts for our loved ones who die before us.
I'm so happy you have three children making your life wonderful and interesting every day, but I wish with all my heart that you had not lost that one, sweet spawn.