Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Not sure exactly

I am sleepy...Not sure why exactly
I have a headache..Not sure why exactly
I don't have anything good to eat for breakfast...Not sure why exactly
My dog keeps getting mat's in her fur...Not sure why exactly
Bats invite themselves in...Not sure why exactly

The baby spawn is crying..Not sure why exactly
My house is too big to clean...Not sure why exactly
The baby spawn has pieces of poptart on my floor...Not sure why exactly
It has been very hot outside...Not sure why exactly

I had a fish die...Not sure why exactly
I have a very clever kitty..Not sure why exactly
I want to meet GOD...Not sure why exactly
I think Oprah has too much money....Not sure why exactly

Not sure why...But it is the way it is.....I am gonna get a photo of my last room I need help with...It is the one with the really bad wallpaper....But first I have a few request for pics of my tatoos...So I am gonna try and do that later..
Hope everyone is well.....Toodles.....ANGIE HOW IS THE BABY??


tommy said...

I've been thinking of a tattoo. But I can't think of where to put it? I think guys have limited options:-)

momma of 2 said...

Do you want some fish? We seem to be killing ours off in a wonderful fashion. Hubby has had a tank since he was 10 up until Big Guy was born, and we have just now set it back up - they are every other day it seems another one has bit the dust...it's our city water! yeah - that's the story.

fsgsf said...

I am commenting on this post........not sure why exactly!


Nj from NJ

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

good one NJ...I am not sure either..lol

firehotgran said...


Jamie Dawn said...

I'll bet your kids like the sunshine tattoo.
I'm feeling frumpy today... not sure why exactly.

Gabriel said...

Talking about babies.. you need to go read Hermes' post today.. it's about a new born baby, really beautiful.

It will probably remind you of when your spawns were brand new :p