Tuesday, August 02, 2005

So the Spanish saga continues

I have wrote about my son and the Mexican kid..(he calls him Spanish because he speaks Spanish..LOL)..Today he had another run in with him..This time the "Spanish" kid told him he could not go play with the girl who lives next door to him because he..(my spawn) speaks English..And the kids started throwing balls at him...And my spawn came home and got his knee pads and elbow pads and helmet on because he was going into battle..The Spanish kid and the English spawn war...We told him that we did not like him conversing with this kid..

Now my spawn has compiled a list of kids who are his friend , those who are not...The only kid on the not friend list is the "Spanish kid"..LOL

I don't mean to make fun of people, but these "Spanish" kids look like they rarely bath..Have potty mouths, and just look all around like what the scuzziest kid you ever knew looked like..Really I swear..

There home is missing windows..And as I have noted in a previous post..The yard is full of litter...I mean it looks like maybe the garbage truck rolled over in their front yard...

And this little "Spanish" kid has also broke the chain off my middle spawns bike..The one day I told him if I ever saw him on her bike again I was gonna take a jackhammer to his scooter:)

I generally like other peoples kids..I have any number of kids in my yard playing on any given night...But I can not stand this kid..And he is the kind of kid the other kids in the neighborhood follow because they are scared of him....I wanna go knock his block off...

Please I don't want any hate mail about Mexicans or Spanish folks..I am just stating the facts as they are in this case...He IS Mexican..And I DO NOT like him...He is a dirty, potty mouthed, little $**@

That is all I have to say about that..:)


Marel Lecone said...

You're cracking me up with the Prince. I came upon your site. I was like--what in the world? You're too cool. :)

Sorry about the rough kid causing trouble. I have always hated bullies. This kid's parents are so to blame in my opinion, but neither here or there, really. Your son, going to battle, is great--he really is trying to stand on his own. Keep us updated. I am afraid the trouble that I may run into wanting to protect my kids. One of the toughest part of the jobs . . .

Thanks for the tattoo pics. I was just thinking--a funny tattoo--a pic of the trouble kid getting the bully treatment by the neighbor kids. That might scare the kid off for good. Just kidding, now--don't actually do it! haha :) I'm bad is all.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Marel..you crack ME up..lol

yes that kid is a pisser..(as you would day..lol)

good thinking on the tatoo thinkg..lol

Kristen said...

God, Christina, I am so offended. LOL

you should beat that kid up. LOL

Autumn said...

My oldest boy got beat up by a couple Mexicans and we live in the same general area, you and I, so I know what you're getting at because now my kid's all "Mexican's this" and "Mexican's that". I discourage this talk and I ask myself "doesn't he remember that HE'S half Mexican?!"

I guess not...


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh kristen..please for give me..lol

Autum you no what i am saying then..we need to ban together and run em outta. town..lol...hate bullyies...:)

Tammy said...

Christina, Me being married into a spanish family, I so know what you are talking about.
Alot of spanish families live like what you are talking about.

I remember when I first started dating Mario and he took me to visit some of his family.
I remember going into my brother-in-laws house and was afraid to walk into the house. It was so bad.
SO if you think there yard is bad, I can just imagine what the inside of their house is like.

Alot of spanish families could care less about being clean. The main problem, is that most of them are LAZY AS HELL. They may work hard at work but when it comes to there home, they don't care.

I hope things work out with the kids.

fsgsf said...

Yes, I would have to agree that bathing is foreign to many of these kids ( and adults)

Perhaps when they smuggle into our country illegaly they should smuggle in their bathtubs with them! Or better yet let them go to France, where nobody bathes and they will blend right in! :-)


NJ from NJ

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

you guys crack me up..sad thing though is most of it is true..I am not one to sterotype..but I even seen folks like this in the city i grew up in..only they were all drug dealers...:)

Gabriel said...

Damn Mexicans... :p Wouldn't you rather have some Portuguees living near you? haha

I'm kidding of course! :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

you bethca GAb..lol