Friday, August 05, 2005

Never again will I get on

All I can say is...I have a headache....I was not made for going in circles..I can handle roller coasters...I can not do Ferris whoelse...Nope..Not this gal..

we had a good time though..Well the kids did...They got to pet baby bunnies and baby chicks....How is it that baby chickens are so fluffy and cute..And adult chickens...Well lets just say I have no problem eating them:)

Even baby spawn had a good time :)

They got their cotton candy, rode the rides, saw the animals..What more could a kid want on a Friday night??..LOL

I just wanna thank my good blogger pal Gab for the nice post he wrote about me today...Made me all teary eyed...You can find him on my blogroll under Gabriel....If you have not read him yet..He is a very wonderful writer and poet..Easy on the eyes too..LOL..:)..I would link him in here..But I can not get it right..
I think that is right..If not forgive me..Anyway...Thanks for the wonderful lies you told...LOL...Really it was nice and made my day:)

In other news..Lets see...Do I have anymore news...Going to the museum tomorrow..Than mow my lawn...Sunday church..(maybe if I can get going early enough)....

Funny middle spawn said to me this morning..

MS.."Mom where is.."Baby spawn".."

ME "I don't know..Where is she"

MS "Well she is upstairs, tough luck , the gate is down"

She is a little mouth...But she is cute..LOL

I ended up having to go into work today...We took some of the ole folks to the fair...I think most of them had a good time..Of course the one I was in charge of wanted to leave 10 minutes after we got there.I walked her around the whole fairgrounds..Went to all the buildings..Than she told me to stop walking in circles and take her back to the bus so she could go home..LOL...Needless to say I had to sit and listen to some live polka music for about an hour while we waited for everyone to get done..And that was even too loud for her..LOL...It was fun though..:)

Well I better get off to bed...I am tired and lazy..Have a good weekend everyone..



Jamie Dawn said...

Feeling dizzy?
How fun for your kiddos. Baby chicks are cute!

Me said...

nice pictures....
beautiful template...

Gabriel said...


momma of 2 said...

Sounds like the kids had a blast at the fair! They are just so cute too! Have a good weekend - don't work too hard!

bleemy's blemishes said...

Your kids are adorable!!!!


Wethyb said...

I can't handle that shit either. I can't handle ANY of it. lol.