Monday, August 08, 2005

Messy house, mowing lawn and moving

My gosh has my house been neglcted over the weekend...It is going to take me all day to get it looking half way livable...Crap, darn ,dang it anyway..LOL...

We had a very busy ,yet enjoyable weekend..I am tired and I have a mountain of work to get done...Plus I have to work today..Yeah for me..LOL..Actually that isn't so bad..It is the chore of having to do the laundry so I have clothes to wear...That is the kicker..LOL

My lawn is in desparate need of attention as well...I have not had time to get her hair cut..It is getting a little shaggy...Plus my mower has been giving me some trouble last few times...Please..Please...Act right..I do not want ot have to buy a new one....

We have decided that in the next year or so we are going to sell our house and move...We want to live closer to hubbys work..Right now he drives about an hour to get there...Traffic here is totally nuts...Really..If you are not a drinker...Driving in the traffic here will make you one..Well hopefully not while your driving..LOL..
When we moved here it was kind of a rush thing..We needed to get a house and get one pretty fast...I like my house..And if it was closer to the city...I would never leave..(unless I were to win the lotto..Then I am buying my own tropical island somewhere ..And I am not going to give out the address..LOL)..So anyway, by next year or maybe even the next year..(we are not going to rush it...We just moved and its a pain in the butt)..And we want to find the right house...And be able to sell this one for a good price..Since we own 2 homes right now..I don't think the bank is gonna be willing to hand us another home loan until this one sells..LOL..Just a guess anyway:)....If our first home would have sold...It would be no trouble...But since it didn't and we are renting it..Makes a big difference...And they have a 2 year lease...And are suppose to buy it after that...So we may wait until that happens..

I need to start thinking about what to get baby spawn for her birthday..It is on the 29th..I know lots of time still...But, I like to be prepared..LOL..

well I better go do some laundry before I end up having to go to work in my "unmentionables"..LOL

Have a rockin Monday:)


Marel Lecone said...

I guess I have lots to do too. Maybe, I should start a pot of coffee. It's almost 11--why not? You're so inspiring. Have a great day!

Robin said...

Don't try to do (or think about) so much today! You'll be burned out by Wednesday!! ;-)

momma of 2 said...

I understand where you are coming from...I think weekends should be three days long. Two to spend with family doing adventures things, and one to recover from said adventures things...and to do laundry, clean, mow etc. Hope you have a great day!