Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Now I have to keep an eye out for middle spawn...Getting to know me

So I take the kids to the park Monday night. And on the way down we walked by their pal Noah's house. So of course they asked him if he could come along..Which I did not mind...The kids got dirty...I mean dirty..As I was chasing baby spawn around the park I had noticed something very disturbing in the grass next to the grassy knoll of a hill inside said park...First I saw a condom wrapper...uck and double uck..I paid it no never mind...Then as I am turning corner of said grassy knoll I spot the item that belonged in above wrapper....And it was USED...I about died as I stood there..How did it get in the park...Are hoodlums walking around have nukky in the park my kids play in??..Oh my gosh...Rewind my life back to the summer I was 13 years old...Hot summer nights, sneaking out..Heading to the park...Yup it happens and I am living proof of it...So I had to block it all out of my mind...

On the way home my beautiful middle spawn asks Noah if she can hold his hand on the walk home!! Ok..I am really dyeing now...My baby girl is 5..Come on now...Please..Slow down here..I have a hard enough time dealing with the 8 year old and girl kissing and what not...Please Lord..My heart cant take it...I swear..

I thought it would be fun and wise to list some things about me that you may not know..Probably don't really care...But I like to get to know the people...ya no...so here are 10 things you might not know..But will soon now..
1. I am addicted to Dt. Dr pepper, yes I know diet soda is bad for you and will likely cause cancer and kill me....But I wont be getting a fat rear from drinking it;)

2.I am an 80,s girl..Most music I listen to is from that decade..And no..I have no leg warmers..

3. I love club sandwiches...With no tomato...Oh yes..Good stuff

4.I started dating said hubby the summer before my senior year in highschool...And married 3 years later..

5.I never wanted kids....I mean 10 years ago...LOL

6.I gained 110 pounds with my first born...And only have lost about 60 of it..Plus have had 2 kids after that.....

7.I love working out..The treadmill and me are best buds..She knows me well..;)

8. If you are my friend..I will more than like be the truest most honest and loyal pal you would have...I take friendship very seriously..

9.I was a mean girl in highschool..I would make fun of others....I would make fun of all sorts of folks..I am reformed..And feel awful about anyone I was ever mean too..No wonder I didn't have many friends..LOL..Really though..I was nasty..Especially if it was over a guy..Oh man...The devil came out then;)

10. I don't drink..(well rarely) and have never smoked a day in my life..But I am convinced I will die of lung cancer..I grew up in second hand smoke...Plus all the pollutants we breathe in the air...Not looking good for me;)

There...Now you no...The rest of the story..
that's all I have for now...Keep it real...Toodles


midwest_hick said...

Always interesting to find out things about others....I enjoy reading your posts.....have a great week.

Marel Lecone said...

Nice post. Thanks for the info. I think you're right--kids, in general, please slow down! :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

MWH, and I enjoy yours as well;)..you are the funniest man i dont know..lol

Marel,damn shame we have to worry about kids so darn young..i mean come on..lets make it to at least 5th grade before we have to deal with it..lol

Heather said...

LOL kids grow up way too fast.. but ya know .. sometimes some of the parents out there are just... weird.. Like the mother of the little boy my daughter called her "boyfriend" last year.. she is 5 btw.. my daughter.. not his mother.. anyway.. she called me up and asked if my daughter could spend the night with him. WHAT?!?

Yeah, that isnt exactly a behavior I want to encourage right now.. but thanks.

LOL Oh parents today :P

Gangadhar said...

Good post,Christina...
Have a great week,dear!!
Blessings to your kids!!

momma of 2 said...

Big Guy has a little girl friend at daycare. When they were in the toddler room they would hold hands during play time, snack, reading circle, and NAP time. She didn't go to the same preschool as him, and thankfully he is starting to make other friends...UGH... but he still says I am going to marry Holly (has said this for 2 years).

keesh said...

Christina - yes, kids grow up so fast. our 13 year old niece had a shirt on that said "you better make more than I can spend." What is up with that??? How fast they grow up...

Angie said...

Where does the time go? I look at my oldest (18 years old) and see the baby I had as clear as if it where yesterday.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Heather..holy crap sleep over..i would be leary of the family..lol

Gandar, thanks and same to you as well

Mommaof2...you better watch out for that Holly..lol

kish, gosh when i was 13 i had a shirt that said "I love my attirude probelm"..lol

Angie, time does go fast...it still seems like my oldest was just born and he is 8...somedays i wish they were grown and lived on thier own though..lol

Tee said...

I've seen used condoms in parks before. Isn't that just awful. Makes me want to throwup. If people mess around there in the night - fine - but any kind of litter pisses me off - and something like that is really awful.

I would go nuts if my kids were moving so fast! There has to be a way to slow them down.

Cool getting to know more about you :)

vani said...

my 15 old already has a crush on a boy her age in daycare- the girls there make a fuss about how cute it is that she follows him around and "is all over him", including kissing and hugging- i don't think its cute at all....15 mo old and already boy crazy!! it just takes me back to the comment my dad made when i had my first daughter- he laughed and said "oh, you're going to pay back everything you did to me." lol- when i had my second he laughed even harder! lol

as for the condom in the park- that's disgusting! what if one of the kids happen to find it and pick it up? ewwwww....

as for your list- i enjoyed it, sounds like you're a cool girl. :)

Robin said...

I had the same experience at a park, only my son found it first. YUCK! There are freaks in this world.

Loved your list. I always like getting to know my blogger buds a little better.

P.S. I am drinking a Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. P as I type. Tried them?? Yummy!

steff81 said...

Those kids having nooky are everywhere. I worked at a scout camp three summers ago and on the final night a parent brought the attention of the director that there was a used condom in the dining hall floor. Yes it was used and unfortunately the staff knew who it came from. My parents taught me what was appropriate and where it was appropriate. It's a shame more people don't pass that information along. Hopefully, the park will still be a place you'll want to go as it sounds like your kids have a great time there!

Wethyb said...

I love that list!! You forgot about Days of Our Lives...LOL. I looove Diet Dr. Pepper too and the Cherry Vanilla! It really does taste like regular Dr. Pepper :)

I got my addy changed. It's wethyb.blogspot :) You know you can't live w/o reading my blog...lol :)

d said...

Ewww, condoms in the park??? I used to see that kinda stuff in my old neighbourhood, nasty!

There is no way that you were mean in highschool. You must be remembering it wrong, you are just too sweet for words. Now, if you were indeed mean, what happy pills did you take to fix yourself because I think I'm gonna be needing some of those. I feel the inner bitch coming out more and more, or maybe it's just indegestion ;)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

tee,yes that makes me mad too..grr..and I am wondering why kids want to grow up so damn fast...it sucks being a grown-up..lol

vani,wow 15 months and already getting hit by cupid..not a good sign..lol

Robin..OMG you son found it..oh no...not good at all:(..yes I have tried it..it is very yummy:)

steff..kids today are somthing else..lol.i am hoping i will have no more run ins with anything "used" there agian..lol..thanks for stopping by;)

Beth..i fogot the most important one..lol...what was i thinking??.thanks for the heads up on your new adress..you no i love ya;)

D,I am hoping it is just indestion...lol...nothing wrong with the inner bitch sometimes;)

Angie said...

Christina~ yikes, the park....it's probably some old geesers....jk
I don't remember you in HS, isn't that awful, I blame the surgery...haha. I know I wasn't a pleasant cup of tea, but hey, it's HS good thing we grow up and change...whew

Bossy♥'s YOU said...