Sunday, August 14, 2005

The girl and the oldest spawn

So yesterday I did get one of my big jobs done..I pulled the carpet up from the hallway..The floor look so good...I had to put in a little elbow grease to get the job done..But I did it..I will post a pic later on..Along with the greenest grass Christina has ever seen..LOL

So last night at around 8pm we started a little fire in our new out of doors fireplace...Yeah....And the kids had a few friends over to make smores...And guess who the oldest spawn wanted to come...Yes the girl who kissed him...He got out a chair , set it beside him, and told her "you can sit here"...I am gagging over here.Truely I thought I was gonna lose my cookies....But I kept it all in....It was getting a little chilly out and middle spawn was getting cold...So the girl said to her." you can wear my jacket"..So what does oldest spawn do.."Oh, I can go in and get one of my jackets so you can wear it"...Ugh!!!....No tell me it isn't happening..Tell me my oldest and first born is not offering to go inside and get a jacket for her to wear....!!!

So alas 9pm rolled around and both the other kids left...The kids stayed outside looking at the stars and getting ate by all kind of bugs..I came in the house..(I hate being chilly..And I hate bugs..) I watched a little TLC took my bath...And yes I used my citrus stuff...heehee....Then I headed to bed...

Today I am gonna try and get the girls room all cleaned out and get their carpet removed....There room is a frightful mess...

Oh and my wonderful cat..The one who catches bats and has never done wrong a day in her life....Well guess what she is doing now...Something she has not ever once did....She has peed on my rug I have under my table....The rug I paid about $100 for last year when we re-did our old house...I cleaned it...I even got out steam cleaner out and tried to get the smell out....I think she is still peeing there because it smells even worse..Now I have to toss it out...And I really hate doing it...The table and chairs scrapes all over my wood floors...Man I want to ring that cats neck..I don't know why she is doing this....But she better stop..Or she will be on the fast track outta here..I tell you what;)

Oh and the friend I broke up with...She emailed me yesterday...Not looking good....I don't want to take her back......But it is just looking like I may..Please someone shoot me.....

I will post some pics later....I know how much ya'll look forward to that...Tee hee



Tammy said...

How old is your OLDEST SPAWN?
That is too cute. They grow up so fast.
Good luck on getting things cleaned up.
Sorry about your rug, that sucks.

Ciao Girl.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hey Tam..he is 8 and half...too young to be a little casnova thats for darn

Heather said...

Ack! I know what you're thinking.. Here comes that long winded commenter!! I will try to keep it under 5 paragraphs this time :P

I do not like animals... for that reason. Its bad enough that when we were trying to potty train my middle demon.. she used to hide under the table and pee on the rug.

I feel your pain, chica.. I feel your pain.

Marel Lecone said...

Your oldest is too much. That does seem early but what do I know? How old is the girl that he likes? Too bad about the rug too. Can't wait to see the pics though. Talk to you later.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Heather,well myself am wishing I was not an animal lover..have you read about my flea bath?? was last tuesdays post..heehee...but i have one dog one cat I had a tortise but the sucker ran away..i mean walked

Marel, she is an older woman..I think she might be

Anonymous said...

I think I got it Chris!