Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Turn up the Radio

Since its summer vacation for Gods sake, I try not to wake up before dawns crack...Because I really do enjoy the shut eye...

This morning I hear the ole hubs leave to go earn his greenbacks...

I am sort of awake anyway, because there is this massive thunderstorm brewing out my window..God didn't care it was still sleepy time for me.

A couple minutes later my phone rings...I lay there and don't even entertain the thought of answering it, because no one needs to call me this early...And if someone has died, they will still be dead at 8am and I will answer the phone then.

I close my weary eyes again..and BAM the phone is ringing again. This time I look to see who it is, and I see its hubs calling from work.

I answer it and he informs me they are sending them all to the tornado shelter and would like me to follow suite here...

The tots are already down there, because they love sleeping down there when its hot out..

I figure to myself if it was that important the siren would blow..

This city has a weird way of wanting to kill people, because they rarely blow it when there is one heading right for me.

I turn on the telly and sure right on the news it says there is one heading to my house.

Still no whistle..

The people who run the city must have part time jobs at walmart and are unable to function in normal capacity....

And I just feel sorry for them..

God speed retards..


My 4 year darling tot is obsessed with The Jonas Brothers. For you feeble minded elders, its a couple of semi good looking brothers who pound out tunes in Radio Disney and The Disney Channel..

My darling tot swears she will marry one...I tell her she wont. she cries and says she is a princess and they will indeed marry her. All of them.

I say not unless you wanna be jailed...You cant marry more then one your 4 and thats a jail sentence all in itself.

Then she informs me she is almost 5..

well you got me there honey...

she is also convinced they live in our homeland back in Michigan.

I keep telling her they would NEVER live there...not ever.

She then says while she was watching the Disney Channel they said they are all over the world, and therefore the homeland is part of that world so they are there.

I cant hardly argue wit that logic.


While my mom and I were on our adventure driving to Virgina Beach a couple weeks ago, I advised her to put in our Jimmy Buffet CD..She bought it a while back and left it in my van, and it had never been open.

When your on the open road, sometimes hearing " why don't we get drunk and screw" just makes the flow of traffic go faster...

So she opens it and pops it in. The damn thing keeps spitting itself out and says "error"

I'm getting fuckin irritated because I don't want to be on this damn trip to start with, and plus its never been opened so how could I have damaged it already?????

We try a good 10 times , I have her breath on it, and wipe it, figuring this will help anything...I mean that technique is golden..

The damn thing kept being spit back out..

Finally I lift up the package to put the broken CD in..and on the box I see that it is indeed.






Two weeks from Saturday is my show...I cant wait...see, this is a ticket I need to take with me when I go..

wouldn't u be excited too?
Normally I get these here things about 3 or 4 times a tour, but since they are not doing a full scale tour to suit MY needs, this is my only one this year SO FAR...

Get ready to rock, christina !
Thank you for your order of (1-[ : 0 : 0]) 5 Star(s).
Please print this Order Confirmation and present it, along with a photo ID for christina ******, at your special meeting place on the day of the show. You will receive an itinerary email 5-7 days before your show including details about meeting time and place.
Your Order ID: 117****Artist Name: Def Leppard 2008Order Details: (1-[ : 0 : 0]) 5 Star - Iowa State Fair, Des Moines, IA, August 16, 2008Amount Paid: 185.00Payment Type: Visa
If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us:

Sincerely,YOUR I LOVE ALL ACCESS TEAM+1-888 I LUV AXS (+1-888-458-8297) toll-free from U.S., Canada and Mexico+800 I LUV AXS 1 (+800-458-82971) toll-free from UK, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and SwitzerlandMore toll free numbers coming soon
*Please print out this email and bring it with you to the show. You must bring a valid PHOTO ID matching attendee name on this order. Those who cannot present a photo ID matching the attendee name on the order, will be turned away!

Yup, this will be a sweet day for me...

The only bright spot about this whole damn summer...
Trust me, you know I have had a bad summer when I say..
"I'm having a bad summer"

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Parents just dont understand.

I will be the first to admit I'm a shitty mother. I mean have u seen my kids? I mean what mom lets the tots go to the beach when the sun is on vacation?

Today my 4 year old...pictured here..

She is the small one, and I'm pretty sure she will be a short bus rider, but thats beside the point..

She was getting a pencil from the pencil jar because her and her sister, pictured above in blue, were making blue prints for a tree house, that well, I'm not buildin..

Anyhoo...she grabbed said pencil and was running downstairs. Being a good mom I said, Hey Boo, don't run with that pencil.

she then informed me it was a pen..

I said..carry on then, carry on..


Pale Girl and I went to have dinner with our rather "special friend" old man lover..she is the other one in the pics of us from yesterday's post.

Anyway, she has some issues..

We tell her where we are, she says she is on her way in. Ten minutes go by and she is nowhere to be seen.

A bit later she comes wandering in the backdoor because she couldn't find the front..

When we went to leave we saw she had parked nearly right in front of the door.

She brought her daughter who is 3 and her baby daddy other baby with her. Did I mention baby daddy is on the dark side?

So she has these two little girls in there, being all wild and such...The 6 year old girl, whom is not hers, was full of piss and vinegar.

She says to old is you?

I'm like excuse me? No kid talks to me this way....

When my pal had to use the bathroom, this girl hid under the table to hide from her. She told me to tell her she was outside smoking?


I was like, um I don't think so...

She said.."what, u don't think I can smoke, my daddy lets me all the time"

I wanted to die.

Then while making conversation I asked said girl how many siblings she had.

She looks puzzled, and shrugs her shoulders and says..." honey, I don't know, u acts my daddy"

I asked her what grade she was in, she informed me she was in Kindergarten..

for the second time..

cause she misses a lot of school I guess..

Pale girl and I decided that the wait we endured for her to get there, was well worth it..

ten fold..

But I did tell the friend that this girl needs to learn manners, cause well...when she started threatening people that she was going to..pop their hands..I knew we were dealing with a future me.

only more tan.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Open Arms

I am just tired of stupid people. as God as my witness, I run into all sorts.



Its troubling to me because, I do not deal well with this sort of thing. Not everyone I know is a smart as I am, and trust me, its something I have been learning to deal with.

But every time I leave my house, BAM, I run into one, or a whole bus load..

I went out with some friends over the weekend and I ran into some very, very special people.

One lady out dancing on the dance floor with a nice white bandanna on and missing teeth had her boobs flopping in the bra and a very low cut tank top..

My pal who is a bar tender asked me if I could be mean. I'm like, "hello do u KNOW me?"

She dared me to go up and tell her she needed to do go home and get a bra on..

So. I. Did.

And its those moments in my life I treasure..

I walked right up to her and told her she needed to leave and get a bra on...

She about crapped her stained white Capri's...

But the downside is, she just kept dancing...Dancing like her boobs were free and bouncing to the beat of their own drummer..

I don't think she found me threatening..

Here us girls are on said night...

See, I don't look very bad ass do I?

See....we are just a non threatening bunch of gals gettin our groove on...

The bra-less wonder kept on groovin while my eyes were blinding themselves.


Remember a couple years ago when I was telling you about a little boy who was wandering the hood alone? I called the PO-LICE and told em a tot of about 2 was wanderin about alone and was nearly to main street..

Well, the tot is back....

He,came into my yard over the weekend and asked my hubs if he saw a murder.

Hubs told him not that he knows of.

The kid told him to keep his eyes open and to let him know if he does.

Then this morning the kid is on my back porch, looking thru my window with a knife in his hand.

A big plastic knife. But a knife.

I told him to go home or I was going to send my dog out to nip at his legs.

He then continued to roll around on my grass and just act like a total retard.

I'm sure the parental units were still sleeping...

I was going to call the PO-LICE again to let them know there was a tot wandering around aimlessly looking in windows with a big knife..But hubs wouldn't let me.

As you can see, I'm tired of stupid people, and stupid people who breed make me even angrier..




Only a couple more weeks till my Def Leppard show...I am looking forward to the pre-show party, cause I'm all VIP and shit..I cant wait to put my cheap,laminated tag around my neck to show everyone there that I'm awesome and they suck.

My nice VIP tag that I'm going to wear everywhere..

And that I will show countless pictures on here of me wearing...cause thats how I roll..

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sticks and Stones

A couple days ago I was advised to read this so called article on MSN. The writer of said shit is a Sean Nelson.

Not sure how this dude got a job writing about music..and he seems like a total douche bag and must be a very insecure man and is overwhelmed with jealousy over music acts that have succeeded in time, where his crap band, Harvey Danger has virtually went no where...See I bet you have never even heard of it..

My point exactly.

His crap listed the ten bands/artist he feels should stop making music.

Let me tell you, he got some feathers ruffled..including mine.

These are some he listed..

Madonna..I cant disagree 100% on this one, she has not put anything decent out in 10 years at least.

The Rolling Stones...although I'm not a fan, I have heard they can still put on ONE hell of a show, and frankly, if u still got it, get paid 4 it.

Elton John...this one cuts me deep...If u know me, u know I think Elton is the single handedly the most talented bloak out there..His last couple CD's have been nothing short of excellent, I have seen Elton in concert a couple times, and he takes my breath away.

Bryan Adams..I love him. I will admit I have not heard new stuff, but I saw in him concert with Lepps a couple summers ago, and he still has it..who the hell doesn't love Summer of 69?...

The those would be fightin words for my dad. He LOVES The Who..and I have heard their newer stuff and its pretty damn good.

Carly Simon...I have never been a fan, don't like her old stuff, don't like her new stuff..I don't care so much about this one.

Joni Mitchell...another one...this one I don't care much about, don't like old, never heard the new.

and one of the last one he mentions is...

Def Leppard...oh hell NO, is all I can say. When I read that, the first thought that came to my mind was..."this tool doesnt care if his nutsack gets bashed in." Their new CD is wonderful...and the live shows, well they are some of the best...

So you can see why my panties have been given me a wedgie ever since I read this piece of cow dung..

So I decided to compile my own list of people I think should maybe think about stop making tunes and or touring...

This is just public service announcement more then anything..


.the new stuff is very bad. Debra Harry's voice is plain scary now..lets just live in a world where Heart of Glass still kicks ass..

2.Poison/Bret Michaels

.....Do I even have to give a reason?..Poison has not put anything good out since Look What the Cat Dragged In back in 86..sorry, buts its true..and Bret, well him and his wig need to check out...

3.Bob Dylan..

.his voice was never good 30 years ago, and now, its just well...creepy.

4.Celine Dion....

.I mean, seriously..

5. New Kids on the Block.

..yup, the bad boys are back together and stronger then, wait...they are tools and should get good office jobs to support their tots, lets face it, they are not Hanging Tough anymore..

6.Shania Twain that her husband left her, her music will suck, because lets face it, Mutt Lange can make anyone sound good..and when your hubs is your producer, and he is gone, your career is over..He wrote and produced ALL her hits..she is over. Period.

7.Motley Crue.

...I mean, holy toots....the new stuff is just plain, well...unstable

8.Mariah Carey.

....her stuff in the 90's was..."ok"...anything after is just plain un-listenable..

9.Neil Young...

.now if my dad were to catch wind I said this, he would take my allowance away for sure...He just saw him in concert not long ago, and said it was good..however, I saw him perform on a couple shows last few months, and well..its not happening..And I listened to his new CD whilst with my father and I hated it...when u have a song over ten minutes long, ur trying to over-compensate for something..


..I know I'm gonna get a back lash on this one...but frankly, after 1979, they have went in the shitter...Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the old stuff and even stuff up unto the 80's....but I have heard some concerts they have given in the last couple years and well....they lost it when they lost the make up...

Im gonna throw in a freebie here...and I say this one because I think they lost it long ago...and the lead singer is one arogant mother*ucker..and he rubs me in all sorts of wrong ways..


I saw them in concert in 1987 with Great White...and they sucked so bad I swore I would not ever see them again..I know they were doing some touring over seas with Def Leppard, and I felt so bad for the fans who had to sit thur it last month..

so there ya go....this is my list of who I think should hang it up, and the reasons why.

Tell me if u agree or disagree, and also give someone you think should stop recording music..

Although I find it hard to say anyone should stop making music, because someone likes this shit they put out...just because it isn't me, doesn't me someone else isn't enjoying it..

So...What are your thoughts?

Rock on bitches...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Swinging good time

Some of you heathens have asked to see what the gardens look like, because well, your nosey..

So being the giver that I am, I will show you some things..

Its by no means the prettiest garden, but hell, like I said, no one is digging holes in my yard unless I'm burying a body.




This is my pumpkins and such....

This would be The Boys lethal piece of footwear.....

This would be my Herb Garden....

and no, there is no wacky to -baccy...damn people..



NOT Mary Jane.....its, well...hell if I know..

So anyway, there ya go you nosey heathens..
The other day I sent a nice email...that's how I a Thanksgiving harvest at my dwelling.
I sent one to my sister in law, my dad and the just about everyone but the father in law, because frankly I think he is about as worthless as a polished turd..
I have 3,000 sqaure feet in this house, plenty of room for a big gathering to feast on a gamey bird..
EVERYONE, has ignored me. For Christ sake, just say no way Jose'...or tell me how much you would rather get your toes run over by a mack truck..something.
Don't just damn dis on me..
I wont extend an invite ever again....unless its to kiss my bottom..
OK, really i wouldn't invite them to do that...
OK maybe i would..
Not sure why no one has just told me no. I knew right when I came up with the bright idea that no one would come here...
It was more for shits and giggles to see if anyone would actually WANT to come here for a holiday.
Guess the shit and giggle is on me.
Any of you wanna come?
yup. thought not.
My son had his last baseball game tonight...
Now my boy is no, well, athlete by any means..But he has been gung ho all season about this. Normally he starts something and then quits.
Not this, he went all the way thru.
Now he never had a hit, but he did walk a lot of times this that's OK..
But tonight, the night at which it all boiled down too......the night of the championship.
He is up to bat...does he hit it?...does he?...does he?
but ya no what...he was the only kid to make it to second base.
I.SHit.YOu. Not.
and he only got to second base because the little sucker STOLE his first base.
Now there was no one in front, or behind him...but he thought it would be a good time to slide.
He has not worked all the kinks out in his slide, so it was more of a leap and a bounce.
But dang it, he did it...
They lost, not a single run...
The sad and amusing thing is the boy was the only one to make it to second base.
This is a day that will live in Infamy.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Gardening 105

This is what I will refer to as an advanced gardening class, because hell, I'm advanced that way in nearly everything...don't be a hater, its just true.

So we have three gardens...Garden one is just a pure herb garden....its got your Sage, your Dill, your Catnip..(dudes we have two cats, we aim to please), Oregano, and Basil among other plants I don't know what they are nor what they are used for and frankly, I don't give a poop..

Garden Two houses our Tomato's, beans, cucumbers and other various non carnivorous pieces of eatable shit...

Garden Three houses the big guns..

Watermelon and Pumpkins.

Now our gardens are raised gardens, because I will not allow the husband to dig up my yard...Only way we are digging shit in this yard is if I'm burying a body.

I have a huge yard, and I rather like it...So I try to keep the digging to a bare minimum.

Anyhoo, we have been having some issues with the neighborhood rabbits wanting to dine out at our garden. The bastards walk, I mean hop , right into the garden and just help themselves like they have a reservation or some shit.

I have been trying to come up with things short of killing them to keep them out.

Trust me, the thought of standing out there with a huge rock to smash them on the head with is a very tempting thought, but I do think it would set a bad example for the tots.

And they get enough bad examples of behavior from mom as it is...

One night as I was attempting to pick up my house, I smelled this rotten smell. Like something had actually decomposed in my house.

And hell, I did not want to have to dig a fuckin hole to bury it either...

My sniffer tried like hell to find the source of this Oder.

Low and behold it came from a shoe. A shoe my 11 year old son wears.

I thought to myself, self, u need to burn this.

Then I got the idea to set the smelly piece of footwear into said garden and hope that the smell would keep the rabbits out, as it sure as hell cleared out the humans.

I set that shoe in there a few weeks ago, and no rabbits have been back.

Maybe its because they heard I have buried a rabbit in my yard before, or maybe they really don't like their nibblets smelling like rotten ass.

Either way, they are gone..

I wont charge you for this gardening tip...take it and run with it..

God Speed my little green thumbs, God Speed.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

pour some water on me

Being the loser that I am I spend a lot of time watching VH-1 Classic and not by choice..

ON both channels I have seen this ad...Every time I see this I think to myself.

self, holy shit

To me its pure amazement that anyone would buy this, And I'm certainly hoping non of you have, or this may take a bad turn for the both of us..

anyway...what I am referring to is this.


If you have ever watched this ad, and listen to at great lengths like I will find it utterly amazing.

Right in the ad it is stated that basically this is used when you aren't sure how to water a fuckin plant. It prevents over watering and well, under watering.

Now I think to myself.

self, what tool cant water a plant?

If you have trouble knowing how to water a plant, please for the love of God, don't have any plants.

Maybe have a little cactus, they don't need much water, or hell, get some dried flowers, your set there...just don't water them..

or get a hamster...

or buy a stuffed rabbit.

These ads get stupider and stupider. For years the Clapper use to make me giggle. But now adays when I'm laying in bed and too mother truckin lazy to turn the light off I think to myself

self, you shoulda bought a clapper instead of making fun of the tools that did

But I will be damned if I'm ever going to need an Aqua Globe. I'm not that big of a loser.

If you have trouble remember how to water a plant, or how much water to give a plant, or anything of the sort.



and for God sakes don't breed.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I cant go 4 that

One thing I hate about this time of year are the little fucktards that manage to get inside my dwelling. I have not had them for a couple years, and then I get back from my "vacation" and BAM the douche bags moved in.

I hate ants. Ants are meaningless little suckers just asking to be squished. And I deliver. I'm a pleaser.

I have this thing with my house being clean. I mean, a dirty house means, well, your gross and lazy.

I cant stand having dishes laying in the sink, I cant stand dirt of any kind on the floor and I cant stand clutter or things that smell bad.

That being said, I have an army of little ants that like to rummage thru the garbage as well as the sink and counter tops.

Now I'm a little killing machine. I see them I kill them on the spot. But when I kill one, 600 more show up.

I do not like using the sprays and shit because holy shit, I have tots and pets I cant just kill off.

So I just kill them on site. I'm more of a assassin then a serial killer. Being a serial killer takes patience and planning. Being an assassin, u just kill on the spot when u feel like it.

Your bored?...go to the yard and just start killing anything crawling you see....thats an assassin

Your bored? Call the Orkin man, make an appointment, have him spray shit that enables you to leave your home for hours so u don't die with the fleas and spiders. And one to two weeks later your house is bug free...For at least one month, then the whole planning process takes over again..

I don't have that kinda time, and I have the patience of a retarded monkey.

It takes planning..

Thats a serial killer.


I'm not proud about being a killer, but frankly I have no choice. Before I know it they will be sitting a place at dinner and complaining about the menu and the sleeping quarters.

On the plus side, one month from today and I go to Des Moines , Iowa for my Lepp show. This is a bad year for me, as my first show was postponed...I have NEVER gone a year with only seeing them once...

Well not in my adult years anyway.

But its not my fault they have a shitty tour manager. I would be all over that shit planning shows in decent places.

Who the hell wants to go to Iowa?

motherfucker not me.

But who the hell wants to go to Minnesota?

motherfucker not me.

Not 4 long though...not 4 long.

Anyway, before I go on a human assassin killing spree, I best be going.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Gotta let it go....

While I was gone for this vacation the weather was shitty. it was never hot, and it rained more then half the days I was there.

I sit here at home and as I type this its a balmy 99 degrees outside. And I'm thinking, damn...all those hot days wasted. I mean when u go thru a winter that hits 50 below zero for weeks on end, you tend to bask in the days of 100 degree heat, because you know it wont be long before you need to start plugging your car in.

After my world travels over the last week, my restless ass syndrome is starting to dwindle down to just a discomfort in glutes....

Sitting and driving for hours and hours on end makes a girl extremely grumpy. And when you drive for hours and hours for nothing, it makes a girl homicidal.

In my travels I encountered many rest areas. Rest areas and I don't mix well, because I worry about sitting in other peoples cooties. And I have not had a case of the cooties since 5th grade, and I'm trying to keep it that way..

Sitting my restless ass where other restless asses sit, that I don't know, makes me nervous.

What if they have pimples on their bums and I am now sitting where the pimples rested. I think of these things...I swear I do.

I have learned over the years, to hover while I piss. Hovering takes some skill, some mad skills. But I have pretty much perfected it.

Then when you hit the shitters that smell like someone had a dead calf in their rectum...and then u cant go..I will get back in my van and travel 52 miles to the next rest stop.

Then when you walk in to a rest area, even at a restaurant or whatever, I can never use the first one I look at.

It can be the cleanest one in the place, but I will look in it, and pass the pot right by.

I normally go down to about the 4th or 5th stall. No reason, and there is no method to the madness...its just how I roll.

I think its something most of us chicks do, we always bypass the first pot we look at..

I'm not sure why...and I'm not sure if any of you know the answer. But its what we do.

Then after we are done hovering we always flush with our foot. I mean how can u touch that handle?

No bloody f-ing way.

So we teeter on one foot to flush the crapper, while we are trying to do our pants up.

We stumble out of the stall and head to the sink to wash up. Chances are the soap is out oh and the paper I tend to travel with my own supplies.

You can never be too prepared.

Try and take your tots to the rest area.

That never pans out well.

So from now on when we travel, all 5 of us are going to be wearing diapers.

If its good enough for the astronauts, its good enough for us.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nine Lives

I am now just for shits and giggles of course going to give u a brief run down of the last month...

I get to Michigan and stay 90% of the time sitting in my grandpa's recliner and grandmas house. Want to know why? Because there wasn't shit to do.

I listen to my tots fight, I listen to granny tell me all sorts of things that now I have let slip from my solar powered thinking tank.

I seen some pals, now many and not for very long...

I go hang out with my brother in law and sister in law, we drink, I learn lots of interesting things....lots..I mean shit, they are nearly as cool as I this was a plus.

I hang with my dad and step mother....we go golfing one night...we go to a golf dinner..we dads backs into my car...we go to the beach.

I spend time at my mother in laws, which makes me want to put numerous forks in my forks and even a butter knife or two.

I take my tots to the beach one day...and mind you, the whole time I'm there the weather is that of a cold October day...with rain and no fuckin sunshine.

After the tots frolic in the waves, I see this..

Appears we were swimming in a lil I'm sure we will all have bloody diarrhea till we die which could be any day now..

God Speed.

Here are the tots on the beach..

See how the hot sun is blazing down onto them?...see all the E-coli ravaging their tiny bodies?

damn sun was on vacation somewhere.

Lets see, what else...

I don't know,..oh here is one of me and Jill..(half Mexican momma)

I only saw her once, but it will have to do.

The days all started to blend together...I was unsure what month it was or the day and hell even the time.

My cell phone hardly worked at all...Which in turn made me very cranky. Kinda like a baby with bad gas.

Honestly what the hell is the point of a cell phone tower? I tell u I was right in front of one and the bitch still didn't work..

It worked in grandmas driveway, a couple park benches (depending what direction I faced) my dads sporadically, and other various restrooms and such..

Can u hear me now?


There is my dad, my Boo and my step ma...

one big happy family...

Here we are on 4th of July..

So the very next day we leave for home. Which was nice..

Between Sunday and Thursday I drive thru Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota...then Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, BACK to Illinois, BACK to Iowa, and BACK to Minnesota..


I have a roaring case of restless ass syndrome.

While in Waterloo Iowa, I am pa-rusing this mall cause frankly my ass hurts and I need to urinate and consume mass qaunties of food..

I'm driving in the parking lot trying to decide where to park, when low and behold I end up going down the wrong way on a one way street while oncoming traffic is heading right toward me.

Thank you sister...I hope your decision was well worth it...Hope the wandering pecker gives you many good years of STD's and love-less nights..

I get back home and NEED to order a Def Leppard ticket.

I mean after all that this bitch needs a vacation.

I was not going to go to Iowa for this show, I mean when I traveled outta state for a show in April, we all know how that panned out. But I just need something to look forward too.

The though of driving back to Iowa makes me have bloody dieharea all in itself..

But I go and order a 5 star ticket...which was a steal because normally they run about 350. And this one is only 185. How could I NOT do it?

So I will be seated in the first 8 rows..(which I normally am)...will mingle at a pre show party , have crowd free shopping and oh did I mention..I'm going ALONE.


its ok though...I am going to meet up with some people I know from the bands forum.

No, it does not make me a loser, so stop saying it out loud because I can hear you.

Oh and the opening act is Everclear. Who the hell are they? I don't know...

And I don't wanna know...

I'm use to good acts like Journey, Styx, Foreigner, Bryan Adams, Joan Jett, Billy Idol.

EVERCLEAR?..holy toots say it aint so.

I will leave u with some pics of my Blondie climbing a rock wall, cause I know thats what y'all came here for.

I guess that's all I have for now people...
I was going to tell you about our city parade Saturday that lasted over 2 hours...and how Blondie cried half way and wanted to go cause she was tired..
But I wont bore you with that....
But people, there is such a thing as a parade being too long.
Damn losers.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Im drained

Im drained. Im tired beyond words...

Im somewhere in cornstalk country Iowa.

I of course drove all day Sunday and Monday to get back home from Michigan.

And you all know about the saga with my sister and how she cried for someone to come get her.

I mean while I was driving Tuesday to get her she called at least 12 times asking where we were and crying that she just wanted us to get here...and blah blah blah...

She called and asked when we would be there, she had her stuff packed and just wanted to leave ..

When we tell her that her and her wandering pecker of a husband need to somehow come up with some funds to help the trip as at that point I had spent around 250 bucks on gas a such already and I was not even half way there...

I drive from Minesotta to Indiana in one day , a total of 13.5 hours..

We get a hotel because im spent. Im tired. Im drained...

After we are all tucked into our beds my sister calls and tells us she is staying because wandering pecker was not wanting to have to fork out any money to help move his woman...I guess he thought our family should do it..

He tells us he does not love her, wants her gone, but is not willing to come up with money to get her out of there.

So I drove all that way....more then half way....

for fucking nothing.

Im am beyond pissed off...

So im here in Iowa, and will be home sometime Thursday...

from sunday-thursday I will have driven roughly 2100 miles..

All she kept saying was how she was glad we would come to get her, because everyone else wanted her to stay with him and work it out...even though he clearly does not want her..

I mean his wandering pecker proves that...

Now she is saying that they are Christain and will work it out, thats what Christians do.

Hell im a Christain and if my hubs had a wandering pecker, his ass would be gone..

PLUS....what Christain has a wandering pecker?...

besides Jimmy Baker?

oh and we found out today my moms sister is full of cancer...she is only in her mid 40' say a prayer 4 her please..

when i get back i will get back to my regular commenting and blogging..I will visit everyone by weeks end.

love u all..hugs and kisses..

and dont ask me to drive anywhere 4 about 20 years please.

oh scratch that, im coming back to Iowa next month for my VIP def leppard show..

but that doesnt count.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

headed to the east coast

ok, im leaving sunday morning for home...will be home monday...

tuesday morning im leaving for virgina beach to get my sister and her three kids because her husband has a wandering pecker...

I wont be back now till next sunday...

im sorry for this, trust gonna forget all the stories i was going to share and charge addmission for and this sadenns me greatly...

I will need a vacation when i get back and a weekend of binge drinking..

oh and maybe some hot monkey sex too...

i mean its been a LONG time...

i mean damn...

ok im off again....