Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Bananas, peas, water buffalo and peanut butter sandwiches

all of a sudden my baby spawn has decided that everything she once ate, is some form of poison. I do not know when it happen exactly, not sure where I lost her. But she has become a form of anti-food human. She would rather eat crayons and dog food.

she once would eat whatever you put in front of her..Now I am lucky if she takes a bite of anything...Although she loves her fruit ( I cut and peel apples for her, she loves bananas, and oranges) but she will not eat any form of a veggie..She once ate corn and green beans...Now nothing....She refuses to eat mashed potatoes..To her it is some form of play dough..Not sure where I have went wrong..

My oldest spawn has a very serious eating disorder..I have never mentioned it before..But I thought what the heck...It started when he was about 6 months old..It started out being he would not eat his baby diced pears..By the time he reached one year old..His main food staple was yogurt..That was the only thing he would eat..And I am not kidding...Up until he was probably 2 and half that was his own form of nutrition..I am very lucky..All my kids love milk and take their vitamins with no problem...
When oldest spawn turned around 3 he moved to eating peanut butter sandwiches...So now at 8 years of age..Breakfast, lunch, and dinner consists of him eating peanut butter sandwiches..My Dr always told me it was nothing to worry about..That he would grow out of it...He will eat cheez its and bananas..That is it, He does not eat candy..(well sometimes peanutbutter cups) pudding, any form of kid heaven....

Last spring we took him to some food therapy class....There were about 5 other boys with the same affliction...But the classes did not work...I still have a kid who wont eat...I wont go into the whole long detail of it...But it is some kind of mental condition with him...He is healthy..Tall and good weight..

Now back to baby spawn...I am about to knock her block off....Even my middle spawn is a picky eater...WHY ARE MY KIDS MESSED UP???

I would love nothing more to sit down to a meal and have all 5 of us eat the same thing..With no complaining...

Anyway...Anyone else out there with picky eaters?...I know my son is an extreme case and I do not expect anyone out there to have the same ordeal...But baby spawn..And middle spawn....Any suggestions??

I am so glad the week is almost over....I need a day off...Oh wait..Moms don't get days off..Sorry..My bad:)



Marel Lecone said...

I wish I had more to say. I did not realize that kids can have such a condition. My youngest eats really well right now. My oldest--you just never know with her. I know that she is hungry, but she would rather go hungry than eat some things. But, the next day, she'll eat it all up. If it was up to my kids, I'd be running a 24 hour diner. And, I am totally AGAINST that! :)

One thing, though--your kids are not screwed up. Life is stages, I guess. Hang in there.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you marel...means alot..
funny how kids get like that...


Gangadhar said...

Yeah..I too fed up wid the eating habits of my son...It takes time for him to reform!He's just 2 yrs old now..
And for your best wishes..
With love

Wethyb said...

I wouldn't know yet. The peanut's not old enough to be picky yet. From my understand, hubby was a finicky eater, so I may have my hands full yet.

Ditto to what Marel said...your kids aren't screwed up. What kid doesn't like something or another?

Hang in there chicky!

momma of 2 said...

I guess I am very lucky - my kids will eat any form of fruit or veggie I put in front of to get them to eat Meat - that takes a miracle. We finally got big guy to eat meat when we told him that it was just a new kind of a veggie. That and he wanted to be able to ride the bumper cars at the amusement park...Baby Girl doesn't care - she'd rather just drink milk.

Our kids are small - Baby girl is 2.7 yr - weighs 25 pounds, and Big Guy is a little bigger 42 lbs, 42 inches - but compared to his classmates - he's head and shoulders shorter.

at least the oldest spawn is getting protein via the peanut butter - my kids won't eat peanut butter - why is that?

Working Mom said...

My daughter is the same way...she would only eat those gerber meat sticks and green beans for the longest time...she has a heart attack if you try to get her to eat eggs or basically anthing people eat normally. I found these "yobaby" yogurts that are made with whole milk and she loves those...I've found out that smothering meat (that is cut up) with A1 sauce or blue cheese dressing makes her day...the only veggies she eats is green beans and's getting old...I feel your pain...LOL