Thursday, August 18, 2005

A couple updates...And a bunch of crap

So something I had forgot to mention..Remember my troubles with the "Spanish kid"?...Well turns out one night they up and moved...They are gone..No sign of them...I am hoping they are headed back to the home land..And I don't mean Spain..LOL..I am bad..Really I don't mean it...But I do think they might have been here illegally...For crying out loud..The kids barely spoke a lick of English and they were litter bugs..And I have heard Mexico is dirty...Hubby went there for work once...Never wants to go back either..

I am gonna make a complaint of sorts..I know I have lots of them.
My hubby..Who I have been married to for 10 years now..Is a bit, shall we say, annoying..He does things, little things that burn my britches..You no ladies, I think everyone has a hubby that has some minor flaws..Maybe major flaws..But flaws none the less..
I am gonna list a few in no order..Just randomly..

1. Why after 3 weeks of asking you to put air in my bike tire..Is it still laying there with a flat tire?

2. Why do you often have a hard tome keeping track of your nail clippers?..Then asking me where I put them..When I don't use them

3.why when I ask you to put baby spawn in her jammies and lay her down, do I go in her room and she be in her clothes still?...Why??

4. Why do your kids crap outside?

5.why do you like watching the Sci Fi channel for 4 hours straight on Friday nights?

6.why are you so big on saving the planet when you can not save it alone?

7. Why do you like counrty music and why must you listen to the prairie Home Companion ever Saturday night..are you like 70???

8.why do you feel the need to watch old episodes of Seinfeld and friends..When I hate both shows?

9.why must you think that you need to volunteer for everything anyone asks you to do....You don't think I spend enough alone time with the spawns???

10. Why cant you put your dental floss in the trash..Instead of on the sink?

There...Trust me I have plenty for about 5 posts..But I will end it there..

He gets on my nerves a lot...Makes me want to pull my hair out..Sometimes whines and complains like another child...But what can ya do?...Someone has to take care of him I guess...He may starve or something without me:-)

He has his good points...
1.he lets me control the TV
2 lets me sleep in on weekends
3.makes pancakes every Sunday
4.takes days off of work so I can go to Virginia beach , Michigan and Chicago
5.lets me travel alone to Virginia beach, Michigan and Chicago..And doesn't really complain...
6. Cleans up..Sometimes
7. Cleans the kitty litter box...Wait scratch that...I have to do that now..
8. Takes the dog out to go potty at 4am when she is my dog
9. Gets up if he hears the baby spawn cry
10. Lets me have the air condtioner on even though it is bad for the environment and even when it isn't even that hot out..But because I sleep better with it on...It is ok..

Not really such a bad guy after all huh?..LOL

Oldest spawns idea of cleaning his room...Put all dirty and or clean clothes in the bottom of your closet and shut the door....
When told you need to clean the closet....His idea of cleaning it...Throwing all the clothes , blankets and or toys that were in said closet down the laundry shoot...

Have a good one..Toodles


Marel Lecone said...

Now, about the Seinfeld, come on? It's sssooooo funny--love it. :) Friends--I'm tired of. Don't know why.

I agree though. We have things that we don't like. But, we take it because we love some of the things that they do. I can completely relate. Clueless bastards! hahaha I'm really just kidding. hehehe

Talk to you later.

Jamie Dawn said...

It's good you put the good stuff on there too.

Marel is right! I LOVE Seinfeld. I'm addicted to reruns, and I've seen all the episodes several times.

I never did get into watching Friends, although the few times I did, it seemed pretty good.

The first post I ever wrote on my blog is about Seinfeld, If you get a chance, read it. You'll see that I'm not kidding about my love of the show.
I'm with your hubby on this one!

Wethyb said...

I hear ya honey. They all drive us nuts at sometime or another.

I have to admit I'm a Friends fan. I have Seasons 1-6 on DVD. Just gotta get the last four :)

And don't be making fun of my hair girly girl :) I wanna see yours!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

Marel and Jamie, ok yes Seinfled is funny..I loveed watching it before it was off the air...But I can not sit and watch the same episodes over and over and over..I mean how many times can you see the "man hands" episode and still have it be funny??..LOL

Beth, Friends huh?..geesh I dont know..I maybe have seen 10 episodes..that would be what one a year..??..LOL....anad no way on my was , shal we say.."big"..LOL

d said...

It must be an epidemic! Some sort of missing gene (or several) that man have. My gosh, I can relate to everything on your list (your bad list, I don't get no stinkin pancakes on Sunday morn).

The nail clippers! What is it with the nail clippers. I just about fell off my chair when I read that. Me too!

firehotgran said...

i must say your nubby is by far my favorite son-in-law......after all he puts up with

firehotgran said...

i must say your nubby is by far my favorite son-in-law......after all he puts up with