Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Ants or no ants...I must kill all

as I was mowing my lawn over the weekend...I noticed lots of those small red ants mingling around the sidewalk.like it was some kind of social hour or something..I have noticed a few now and then on my kitchen floor..So I would step on them(a quick painless death)..And sweep up the dead carcass...
well after doing some work around my yard..I noticed where they congregate...Under every rock in my yard...For some reason there are big boulders in different parts of my yard...After rolling over a few..I noticed millions of them..And there little maggot friends...I nealry died of the heebie jebbies..So being the mass murderer that I am...I made up a cocktail of dishwater and cayenne pepper...Poured it under every rock...Then took my salt shaker..And shook salt under it...Well needless to say there are a few surviors among the dead...Not sure when the funeral arrangements will be made...But my yard is now a bloody battleground....Any pest or creature with more than 4 legs..Antenna..Or live in the dirt and or webs...Will be killed on the spot..No questions asked.....The rabbits...The rabbits can live...For now anyway..:-)

Monday, May 30, 2005

Flowers,dirt,and sun oh my

well today has so far turned out way better than expected..It is sunny and pleasant...I finally got off my tookess and planted some flowers..I do not have a green thumb at all...I enjoy the planting and pulling of the weeds...I am just no Mrs.Greenthumbs...
I have a feeling everything I have took all the time to plant..Will be eaten by very mean,super bad bunnies .They frolic in my yard thinking they own the damn joint...And I tell you..There are armies of them....There is the leader..And some followers..Then...Then..They always have reinforcement and back up...It seems the squirrels and the rabbits have some sort of silent treaty..They make it seem as though they are working against eachother,when indeed...They are one big army of destruction and flower eating nonsense....The squirrels lead the rabbits to the flowers and the rabbits lead the squirrels to the freshly planted seeds...They work together..Real team work they have...Really they need to start a union..Needless to say...I will enjoy my flowers till the bunnies and the squirrels join forces in my yard....Anyhoo...That's what is goin today...Hope you keep the bunnies in your neck of the woods well fed as well:-).......also..please find on the lower right side..my guestmap..please put a pin where your from..kinda fun way to see where we all are from..thanks....Toodles

Sunday, May 29, 2005

All alone in min-ee-soda

As i am looking around outside this weekend...I notice all my neighbors with family over for picnics and bbq,s....Looks like everyone is having soo much fun...But us...We just sit in our yard..Alone..Although the kids are busy with all the neighborhood kids..They don't realize much...I always use to hate having people over..Such a chore..Making sure everyone is alright..Checking to see if they need refills on drinks..Seconds on food..Oh such a pain..
Now that we have no family to come over..EVER..Seems kinda weird...It is nice,not having to entertain..I am not much for that kinda thing...But it seems kinda pointless to have a big shindig for just the 5 of us(really 3 and a half..My son wont eat that stuff..And the baby don't eat much:-).....So we tend to have everything low key....But seeing all the fun the neighbors are having..Makes me wish I could have a barby.....Oh such as life....
So far this weekend I have mowed the lawn..rearranged some rooms..Moved my computer to the basement(which was a chore getting it hooked up and running again)...Oh well...Had to just complain....Hope everyone is having a good time this weekend..And don't forget to thank VET....(not vetenarian)...I will call me gramps tomorrow..Who is 86..And was in WW2..God bless em..:-)

Saturday, May 28, 2005

does this..or does this not look like nick noltes mugshot from a few years back...:-)
my kiddies

dirty picture

I just wanted to share a messy photo of my little one...She has dried yogurt,jelly and whatever else you can think of in her hair....I kinda thought it looked like Nick Noltes mugshot..maybe I am wrong....but she still looks as messed up as ever...Have a good Holiday weekend.....

Friday, May 27, 2005

Crappy dryer..(literally)

So your never gonna guess what misadveture my life took me yesterday!!...It first started Wednesday night...At about 8:30 pm...My hubby asks me if I would start some laundry..I told him..Are you nuts?...I did all the laundry today!!...Well apparently he had a stash of his clothes laying on the bathroom floor in our room...(I had not paid much attention when I was in there)...He stated he did not have any pants to wear for work the next day.(typical man...Waiting till the last minute..Then not even doing it himself!!)...So I made the treck all the way down to the basement...Grabbed some other dark clothes that had been thrown down the laundry shoot that night,as he didn't have enough for a whole load...Any hoo....I start the wash...And he put them in the dryer when he woke up the next morning...When my hubby came upstairs to shave and brush the teeth...I could tell he kept smelling his pants...But I didn't not question anything..Because at 6am..I did not care....I heard him leave bout 10 minutes later...Then bout 5 minutes later..I heard the front door open and him trek upstairs to the bedroom...He say"I cant wear these pants..They smell like sh*t"..I said no they don't....He's like "yeah they do smell them"..So he threw his droors at me..I took a wife...And I nearly dropped dead...I said"..Well I wonder why they smell so weird"..But he changed his pants(he had to wear his suit pants)...And left...
Well after I had awoken and got the kids ready for school..I went down to start some more laundry...I took those clothes out of the dryer...But as I opened up the dryer door..I was hit with a smell I had never smelled in a dryer before..It was.it was....ohh..It was awful.....I held my breath and peeked my head inside of the dryer...And melted on the side of MY dryer..Was a big ole turd:-0
I know your thinking how could that happen...Well I do not know...None of the kids will fess up to it....But I do have a feeling..As a trick of somekind..Whether by God or someone else...I think somehow cat crap was put in there...My laundry shoot basket is right next to her litter box...Maybe when my kitty was doing her scratching a lump of her kitty crap landed in the pants I was about to wash..Not sure though..But that is the case of my mysterious dryer crap...It is all a big mystery...Needless to say....My new dryer will be here in a few days...I have to hang my clothes on my clothes line in the laundry room now..So it takes about 10 days for a load to dry..!!Oh..Such as life...:-(

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Not on my watch

Being the last day of school is Friday,and as I am getting the kids ready for the last days of the year.Something funny had come to my mind...One day bout 2 years ago(my son was in kindergarten).I was having some minor surgery in the morning so I had my hubby get his clothes ready for me so I could get myself ready..My son come downstairs and looks good..Other than the fact it looked like his pants were getting a tad bit short..I told him "man you have really grown..Your pants barley fit you anymore"..He said proudly"mom I grow everyday you no"...Not thinking much of it..And not having enough time to get his pants switched I just let him go that way...afterall...He was only in kindergarten..And they were just a tad short..That's all...

Well after he came home from school I could see he was in distress..I asked what was wrong...He told me I shoulda put some different pants on him..I asked why..They are just short...He said no..I couldn't button them all day..They kept falling down...So I had him come closer so I could examine the situation...
Well turns out my hubby got out a pair of our daughters pants..Who at the time was 3..So my poor son who wore a size 5...Was wearing his sister size 3..The band around his waist did not even meet up...Big gap..I asked him why he did not inform me before he left...He said.."Well you told me they will do for today"..And he said he cried on the bus to school..Told his friends I made him wear his baby sisters pants today....My bad...That was a very bad mom moment..And trust me..There are many...

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Moments of clarity are few and far between

So now I have a moment of piece and clarity toddler is down for a nap.I hardly know what to do with myself..It is pouring outside(I think I see Noah in the distance).And I am chilly and it is dark in my house.I have a hard time justifying the use of elcerticty when it is day light out..I am just trying to save the planet..Using babysteps of course.

My kitty sits on top of the computer and I can hear her purs..There is just something about quiet that I rarely get to expericne.My 5 year old is down in the basement playing(that is what she said she was gonna do anyway).I look around my humble abode and see many things I could be doing..The bedding needs to washed,dishes need to be loaded in dishwasher.I can not find the motivation to disrupt this quiet I am sitting through.

At some point my toddler will awaken,holler"momma"..I will say you wanna get up''and she will say"no"..As that is her answer for everything...I will pick her up.put her in her highchair..Make her lunch,and when I give it to her..She will say "tank choo"..(that is thank you in baby Arabic..That is the her native language because she sure as heck don't speak a lick of English)..Then she will eat..I will get her down..And the chaos will begin once again...But I wouldn't have it any other way...Then bout 3pm..My eldest will come home..And the fighting begins..For him and his sister(5 year old) can rarely see eye to eye on anything..So sometime I will have to remove both their eyesockets.(trust me it will be for the best)..Well I should go enjoy what time I have left.When summer vacation starts next week..I will no longer have these moments of clarity and peaceful silence...Enjoy your momnets of peace..For they are few and far between:-D

Brown bagged it

As I was making my sons lunch this morning(only 2 more morning and I am done for the year)..It reminded me of taking my lunch...I loved to brown bag it..My mom would make my lunch the night before..Always had bolonga sandwich with miracle whip and ketchup...Some kind of fruit...And a dessert thing of some kind..But It got me wondering how come I never came down with an awful stomach virus,as I would put my lunch in my locker and it would sit there for 4 and half hours..In a hot steamy locker...Warm miracle Whip is just not good for you I do not believe.....Of cousre on pizza day I would bring money for a lunch..But there was always a divide...The hot lunchers did not sit with the brown baggers..As they thought us brown baggers were just too cool for school...And it makes me smile when I see my son walking out the door with a cold lunch..A lunch I made just for him...Not in a brown bad though...In Hulk lunch box of course...Brown baggers will one day take over the world..So beware...And they will be more wealthy,because they don't have to spend money buying an overpriced lunch they may or not have health violations attached to it...Happy Eating:-)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Reality...I think not

I find myself consumed by American Idol! I am not proud of this fact..Although I must admit it is better than watching half of the crap they call programming today..But it has got me thinking...I can remember spending Saturday nights with my grandparents,and watching Hee-Haw,Golden Girls,Empty Nest,and sometimes the Grand Ole Opery..Now mind you...I puke in the face of country music(hate it..Despise its presents in my wonderful world)..But I did rather enjoy Hee-Haw..I can remember someone always getting whacked in the rear with the board from the fence..Rolling in the hay..And mindless dumb humor..
Sitting on the couch in the living room with a little Dixie cup full of peanuts(with the skins)..Root beer..Our own TV tray..And a night of Hee haw and other crappy shows...I loved every minute of it.....Now that was a moment of reminiscing if I ever had one...Holy crap...
These days are filled with children's programs,showerless days,sleepless nights,and hair loss..(not sure why that is..Maybe I am pulling it out in my fits of rage)...My kids keep me running...And for punishment...I wish I could come across some old re-runs of Hee Haw...That would straighten them up..And ion a hurry I might add....For they have inherited my total dislike for country music..I am always thinking of ways to torture them:-)

Theater bug..I don't think so

My son who is 8,had a class play today...I must admit he nor his sister like being the focus of attention....The play was cute and short...The best kind when you have a squirmy 21 month old who keeps calling out her brothers name while he is doing his ravishing performance.......What a day.......I have posted some photos I took today as well....For the fam...ya no...They miss all the good stuff now :-(

here is my little theater performer..he looks ever so happy doesnt he?....
my kiddies

here is my angel...who likes all things little boys do....excpet the cutting off weiner part:-)
my kiddies

here is the littlst one running away with my purse....with her friend in crime following:-)
my kiddies

Mr.Roders In my neighborhood...Or not

So I was thinking about a traumatic episode I had as a kid....It doenst get much worse than this....
I was around 9 or 10 years of age....My father was heading to the store..And asked if I wanted to tag along....I declined the offer as I was playing outside and then I knew Mr.Rodgers would be coming on soon..And I did not want to miss it...After a short while my dad came home..And said"well you should of went to the store with me"....And I was like "why"?..........He says..With a straight face..."Well..I was standing in line at the store,and I turned around and Mr.Rodgers was in line behind.me..you missed it"....I thought for a minute..Than began to cry uncontrollably....Finally after seeing what a huge baby I was..He said he was only joking....Which I could not understand why Mr.Rodgers would be in my small town in Michigan....My dad was always playing little tricks on me..And my sister....And he still is kinda funny...Well I did not think that particular joke was funny...But I do believe he got a good kick outta it..Glad someone did!!

Monday, May 23, 2005

here are my trouble makers....the things they say will get ya everytime:-)
my kiddies

Out of the mouth of babes

so the kiddies were outside playing yesterday....One of our neighbor boys is a little Mexican boy(I mean..They barley speak English)..And all the neiboghood kids were playing on a trampoline in the Mexican kids yard..I have noticed in the past this kid can be kind of aggressive..So I kept going out to look and make sure everyone was still alive....A short while later my son comes home mad...He says"the Spanish kid slapped me"...I said why..He said "I don't know but I told him I am not gonna fight him because I am bigger than he is and it would not be fair...."...Then he says with a puzzled look in his eye..."I thought Spanish people were very peaceful people"...I nearly died laughing..He is so cute....And he calls them Spanish..Because they speak Spanish...Tried telling him they were not from Spain..But from Mexico....Oh well....Kids are too funny

here is my baby who talkes about cutting off weiners....how sweet is that?
my kiddies

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Kids say the darnest things

Saturday evening as my 2 oldest kiddies were playing with their new light sabers(yes my baby girl loves star wars..Along with spiderman,superfriends,and yu-gi-oh) they were playing around...And my 8 year old son...Takes his sabor and and swings around his body and says..I have cut all the robots heads off...And my precious 5 year old girl..Swings her sabor around..And says..I am cutting their wieners off....Now where she heard such a thing I have no idea...Even her older brother could not believe what had just come out of his little sisters mouth..My hubby nearly wet his pants I do believe.....Kids...Funny little creatures...gotta love em:-)

Sad but so true

why is it that we women will actually admit when we have to go up a pant size...Men will wear the same size pants they wore in high school..Only because they do not button there pants at the belly button..They button them at the bottom of their big ole beer belly's..And just let it all hang out...I could never understand why men don't want to cover that up. we women do not find it attractive(well maybe some do)...And we women do whatever we can to hide our flaws..And men..They just let them hang out...Why is that..Our women too obsesssed with the way we look or the size we are?...And men just don't care?...I know some men must care what they look like...Everytime I see a man with his big gut hangin outta his pants,and seeing that his pants button below his fat...I wanna take a fork and let the ait outta there belly's...Because they look like weebles..weebels wobble but they don't fall down...I am gonna throw him down buy him the right size pants...For the good of all man kind....(same applies for the ladies who try to wear midrifts with the flab hangin over the side..Or low rise jeans with the flab hanging out the back front and sides):-)

Friday, May 20, 2005

Something I don't understand

well...Have you ever have you ever sat and wondered about the damnest things...Like have you ever pondered the damnest crap..Like have wasted time thinking about the stupidest things...I find I waste lots of time wondering dumb stuff...For instance...When a dogs hear us talk...Do they really know what we are saying...Or do we sound like the teacher from Peanuts...I mean..They act like they no...They come when we call..The sit when we tell them too...They go to the door when you say"wanna go out"...Sometimes it seems like they listen better than our kids....You ask your kids.."How was your day"..And your greeted with a blank stare..Like they have no idea what language you are speaking ...Almost like they put up with us adults co-existing on their planet...And they are really getting tired of sharing space with us....So I just wonder...Are dogs smarter than kids...Something to ponder...

So its Friday...

Ok its Friday..Remember how much you enjoyed Friday nights when you were a kid..You would run home from school,kick your shoes off..Turn on the tele and sit and wait for something fun to happen..Why was it Fridays seemed more fun back then?...Maybe it is because the kids tire us out and we have really not energy to get all gussied up and head out for the night...Or you don't want to have to find a sitter..I mean...It is too much hassle..Might as well stay in for the night..Send the kids to bed early...Then you would probably end up falling asleep early anyway..
When you were a teenager..Friday nights had a whole new meaning...You would come home from school...Take a shower...And plan a night out with friends..If you had something sneaky planned..You may lie to your parents ..Tell them you are going one place..But really go somewhere else..Maybe meeting your boyfriend/girlfriend....Swapping spit and the rest that follows...Just living it up..And praying you would not get caught as you knew damn well you would be getting grounded...For the next weekend..And maybe even the one after that..
I got grounded one time(well a lot of times actually)..But my mother had told me I could not go somewhere..(rollarskating..It was the only entertainment we had)..But I went anyway...Then my mom got suspicious..Called the roller rink and asked for me...And like a dumb ass..I asnwered the call...I was there with this really scuzzy girl named Rachel..Why I was with her...I am not sure..Maybe because her mom is the one who would drive me there...Cant remeber for sure..anyhoo..I got grounded....My bad....But I also never got caught with many things I did...Someday I will write a tell all book...After my parents are dead of course....
So as adults..Fridays come and go...And we just sit around and watch our kids have a good time waiting for Fridays...Try to make it fun for them..For we know the truth...Friday appeal ends with age...And pretty soon they will all blend..The only reason I look forward to Fridays now..Is I get a little extra help on the weekends..Because my hubs don't work...Mostly though..He is just another kid I have to keep track of..
Well sit back and enjoy your Friday....For the next one wont be for 7 more days..:-)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

You are so dreamy!!!....

so..We have all been in puppy love right?...Who were your childhood crushes..I mean..Did you once fancy a celeb who is all washed up now..Maybe even...Gay..Don't feel ashamed...We have all been there....Here are some of my fantasies as a young girl and teenager...Don't laugh..Don't make fun...But it is pretty damn silly..

1.River Phoenix
3.Michael J Fox..(as alex P Keaton)
4.Michael Jackson(before the 20th nose job)
5.3 of the new kids on the block
6.Lead singer of nearly every hair band
7.George Michael...(wham and solo)
8.Cory Haim(from 80,s films..Cant tell ya one right now...But I am sure you no who I mean)
9.all the guys from poison
10.Tom Cruise..(per rain man and cocktail)..yum yum
11.Will Smith..(fresh Prince of Bel Air)...I know I know
12.Andrew Macarthy(per movie mannequin)
13.Boy George...(I was 10..Please...Don't be hard on me)
14.Glen Medaros(use to be a singer in the mid to late 80,s..Cant even think of his most popular song..My bad)

well that about sums up all I am gonna admit too...Good times..Good times...


Does the smell of something ever remind you of a place or time?...This morning when I took my daughter to pre-school...The smell in the damp air reminded of a time when I was little and we were up north to this cabin...And the cabin(at the time)was a dump..noone had been there in a long time..And it was obvious..It was a family cabin...And we went with some cousins and whatnot..When we walked in...I was showed where my bed was...And the whole damn bed was covered in maggots!!..I know gross...I cried and begged my parents for us to leave.....And there were mice and other gross items in there...Plus an outhouse..(ugggg!!)..anyhoo...The smell there up at the cabin was a nice smell..Damp and very summery smelling...(the air,not the inside)
I also like the smell of musty basements,dishwasher detergent(the powder..Not liquid)..And baby magic baby wash.....What smells do you like that may be a bit..Well odd?...Toodles

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Does time stand still when you are in a hurry

Do you ever get the feeling that time stands still when you are wanting it to go a wee bit faster?...For instance...When I am working on my treadmill...Time seems to go forever..And stupid me..I go faster hoping that the time will speed up..But it has not worked as of yet...

When you are watching your favorite show...Time goes fast...Its like you sit down and its over...Your downtime has been sped up all of a sudden...You finally have the time to sit down and enjoy a moment...And boom..Poof...Your time is up..

But if you are waiting in line at the Dr,s office...Or getting a root canal..Or in labor....Time literally stands still...Like one minute..Is really a day...Time it by your watch..Its true....That's why I don't wear a watch...It only sees to anger me when I look and see how much time I have wasted doing absolutely nothing..And Time seems to fly by when you are finally enjoying some downtime...Is it just me...Maybe these things only happen to me....Toodles

stuck in another decade..i mean century

I have said it before...I am stuck in an 80,s timewarp...why I have no idea..lets see if you really remeber the 80,s.....

if you used aquanet hairspary(i mean the pink and gray can)...you were there
if you had big hair..man or woman....you were there
if you had a tee shirt that said "talk dirty to me".you were there
if you wore shoulder pads...any size...you were there
if you wore long sweaters with stirrup pants with a big oversized belt and high heels..you were there

if you made out to the song"open arms" by journey ..you were there
if thought The Breafast Club or 16 candles was so you...you were there

if you watched club mtv....with downtown julie brown...you were there
if you lisetend to Culture Club....and liked it....you were there
if you wached solid gold...you were there
if your favoirte band was..Bon Jovi...or New Kids On the Block...you were there..

Feel free to add more....if i forgot something you did or enojoyed...enighten us..

Feel like a fat cow

why is it that when we women are pmsing...We want to eat everything we see..It just isn't fair..I have felt this way for the last few days...I am just praying it ends soon before I crack...I even wanna eat stuff I hate.....Men are lucky...They have no such dilemma....Men can eat like pigs..It is just kind of expected..But if a woman were to eat a whole basket of chicken wings...She is looked down upon..(I am not condoning eating a basket of chicken wings)..But I think you no what I am talking about...It is ok for men to have a big ole beer belly...But women are always expected to be fit and trim...We women are responble for gaining weight while we are pregnant..And to lose every pound 10 minutes after we have the baby...But men are just only excepted to get bigger and balder as they age...If a man has no beer belly...Others may think he is ill...Maybe even dieng..No one comments to a man..."Boy...You are looking great..Looks like you have dropped about 10 pounds..You look wonderful"...In stead..This is what is said.."Man...You feelin ok buddy..Your lookin like crap".........It just isn't fair......And when a woman loses a few pounds whether it is needed or not..This is what is said.."You are looking nice..You have such discipline..Wish I had your will power..How do you do it....You wanna lose more?"...Doesn't seem fair..Almost like we are excepted to lose weight whether we need to or not.......anyhoo...What do you think..I am wrong...????
Later Gators

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Something that popped in my head,,,beware

Ok....Here is one for you....If smoke rises..Why are all lit exit signs high..If there were to be a fire in a building..And everyone had to crawl on the ground to escape...How is everyone gonna know where to go..As you cannot stand and breathe at the same time....Well you could breath...But you may die of smoke inhalation....Just something I was thinking about.........

Why is it so hard to lose 5 pounds..But so easy to gain 20?....Drats....


my baby..she is bossy,mouthy,and loves the word no...but she is cute as a button...well at least i thik she is:-)
my kiddies

hubby and the chitlens at Easter
my kiddies

kids..what ya gonna do with them

Well my kids are sweet and cuddley like a fuzzy bear..grizzly that is..no really they are cute and sweet...90% of the time....They look like my husbadn..which is a plus for them!!....
Like everytime I asked my son...he is 8..to do any work weather its homework or genral maintence of his room....he all of a sudden becuase a drama queen..he is gonna die of starvation if I do not feed him right that minute...and will proceed to whine...I tell him no food till the work is done...kids in third world countries dont get to take a lunch break form working in the sweatshop..so darn it...you can do 20 minutes of work without a snack...am I wrong people?

those were the days

for some reason I am writing this a seond time..for some reason it did not go on the first time....shugs....
Rememebr high school...wenrnt those the best times ever..no worries..(other than homework and wondering if any one hated you today)..Good times..Good times....I had a good group of pals...some of us are still friends..some I dont know where the hell they are...we got into fights...a lot....there was rarely a time when the whole group of us acctually all got along..dont as me why...remeber your old boyfriends....oh you loved them so much(or so you thought)..and wished to be together forever...or that mad crush you had...praying at night that he or she would ask you out....Good times..good times....I "hung out" with lots of losers...friends tried telling me at the time what losers I was hangin with..but I would go from one loser to the next..Good times..Good times....My friends would do the same....but seems like I found the most losers...
We were all B/F/F...what the heck does that mean anyway...like at the time you think you are gonna be freinds forver..well that rarely works out...things change,people change...you change....But it is all for the best..so I say anyway..Back in the day we had to cares...school was more of a social gathering than a place to learn academcs...if I could do it again..I would really study harder..well probably not..hee hee...But most of us had fun and would do it all agian...I know I would......Good tims..good times....
I have posted some old photos of friends and myself..although some of the folks i catn recall thier names(my bad)...it is all in good fun...and kkep in mind this was the early 90,s...so keep all rooten commnet to yourself;;ha ha....enjoy my torment...Toodles

some of my senoir photos..how lame..yes i know...please dont laugh..i get hurt feeling easy..(not really):-)
my kiddies

one is my Mexican friend jill and her prom date Dan..they are now married with 2 girls..next just a group of friends htat i dont talk to any more..I am in the front row...next grad pic
my kiddies

some modge podge of high school open house..and graduation
my kiddies

next is a pic of me and my old friend Jill..yes she is half Mexican..hee hee
my kiddies

top pic..cant remeber who the red head is...I am next in the pink shorts..my friend Megan is next..then a gilr named ann(i think)
my kiddies

ahh..Those were the good ole days weren't they?

wasn't high school just the best times?...I mean sure,at the time we all hated it and dreaded every moment.But as we look back,really those were good days.No worries(other than if your homework was done..Or making sure noone hated you that day)..I had a good group of friends...We all took turns hating one another over varies things..Mostly over boys or one friend thinking you were spending too much time with another friend(I had a lot of that)....And we were all b/f/f...I mean what the heck does that really mean....Like people are really Best Friends Forever....Get a grip...Things change..People change....You change...
Remember you old boyfriends and how you would pray at night that you would be together forever..Or even a crush you had...Wishing on the stars at night that he or she would finally ask you out?....Well aren't you glad none of that turned out?..Look at your life now...I was kind of a "tramp"...(not that bad really..I don't think anyway)..And aren't we glad we didn't end up with some of the losers we once thought we so wonderful....Geesh I know I am....
I have posted some pics of some of my old friends and of me....Enjoy...And keep in mind this was the early 90,s...As I gradualted in 1993....So don't laugh..Keep all rude commnets to yourself..Tee-hee

Monday, May 16, 2005

whats the deal...With the following

My mind has been running...So many things I really don't understand....Some things I have been pondering(remember I am blonde...Although I try to hide it with brunette:-)..anyhoo....

How come kids and men are the only ones who leave skid marks in their underpants?...Makes no sense...Maybe they just aren't real sure where the toilet paper is suppose to go.....

Why don't I use spell check more often..Is it that I am lazy...Or I just think I am above that sort of thing...

Do we really have body soil in our beds even after we wash our bedding in hot water...Or does Clorex want us to buy their colorsafe bleach and using scaretatics to get us to buy it...Not sure..But it works for me..I buy it...:-)

Why don't babies have bad breath....Some of the sweetest breathe you can come across...I love babies...

Why does it take a puppy a week to potty train..But takes your toddler 3 months....

Why does does Michael Jackson look freakeir as time goes on....He really looks like a typical child molester...I am not saying he did it...But I keep a photo of him on the fridge..Tell my kids if they see anyone looking like that...To run the other way...(my bad I know...But you cant be too carefull)

These are just some things that I have been wondering about....Excuse me for thinking out loud..I tend to do that....

Right now I am watching Larry King...And Robert Blake is creepy..Holy crap...So I got sidetracked...Remember I am blonde...Not to say that all blondes are slow...But this is can be:-)

Well I better get along and get ready for bed....A night of Meduim,John Stewart,and the back of my eye lids are in store for me....Toodles

what i ecpect out of my kids

most parents have high expectaions for their youngens......like Dr...or lawyer...some crap that anyone can do with enough school....but i dont want any of that....well if they choose to..thats ok...I would like my kids to be able to support me should i become a drunk....

what i expect....

1.Be kind....try not to make fun of the scuzzy kid in class...for it could be you

2.Dont lie........lies only get you in more trouble....unless you are your moms alibi the night a crime happens...

3.Be nice to animals.....animals are Gods gifts....unless it is a rattler in your sleeping bag...

4.Treat adults with respcet........they only want whats best for you....unless one asks you to help find a lost puppy.......then you kick them in the crotch and try to scratch them so you have thier dna under your nails....

5.Use your good looks for the good of mankind....not good to flaunt your stuff..just be glad God blessed you...unless you get an offer of milloins to pose for Vouge......

I know these are simple request.......I dont ask for much........

Just tryin to work on my missoin of world peace ....It is a slow process,,,but we can do it...one kid at a time......

whats up doe

well the day is sucking...The weekend did not end on a good note....And to top it off...I am PMSing..Not pretty..Not pretty at all...I sit here wanting a big freaking bacon cheeseburger slobbered with grease and cheese...And for a senceable dessert....A big freaking piece of white chocolate raspberry cheescake(had some at the Cheesecake Factory on a recent trip to Chicago..)

Today my littest pain the rear is having a runny nose and coughing...She has been cutting this darn tooth for 2 weeks now...Her new thing now is asking..(in her own language of course)..What you doin?...She said it to me two times yesterday....She is very chubby and very cute...

Nothing else much goin on right now...I need to get in some jump roping so I can take my mind off the crap I wanna eat......I may eat everything in this whole house before the day is over...And that is definitely not on my diet plan..Tee-hee....Toodles

Sunday, May 15, 2005

things that dont me as mad

so I have been thinking...here are some things that dont make me as mad

in random order..

1.getting a check in the mail

2.the color green............any shade

3.a clean house

4.getitng an unexpected letter from ...........anyone

5.the wiggles..specailly that blue one

6.George Michael....just looking at him...

7.going to a Prince show....be still my heart

8.taking a trip....anywhere


10.when kids go to bed without complaing..somthing that rarely happens

11.when my kids pick me dandilions from the yard...thinking they are picking me flowers

12.when my baby says thank you

13.when my hubby does the dishes...without me asking...

14.when i hear a song i havent heard in a long time...a good one..

15.my birthday

16.my kids birthdays



19.a good tan

20.pumpkin patches

things that make me mad

so I have been thinking about stuff that really pisses me off....and I have compiled a list..enjoy:-)

(not in any order)
1.snow...even in the dead s winter..but espaecailly in the dead of spring

2.whining........kids and adults...all apply

3.call waiting


5."that time of the month"

6.yahoo chat rooms

7.people who dont write you back after you take the time to send them a note(e-mail or by postman)


9.waiting..waitng...and waiting...


11.folding clothes

12.putting clothes away

13.plumbers that dont show up...at all


15.pushy salesmen

16.people who go door to door trying to sell shit

17.dandlions in my lawn

18.reality shows...(execpt ameircan idol)

19.brittney spears..and any other talentless person who takes up radiotime

20.boy bands

sunday..boring sunday

so as I sit here..I am thinking.(and I try to do very little of that on Sunday)...I really hate Sundays...no real reason...they just seem like...a day to let your brain kinda fade into another relm of sorts...I mean going to church and your usaul weekend sprouse up of your aboad..but what else is there?...nothing really good on the tele...by this time in the weekend the kids are ready to go back to school becuase they are sick of all the family time...They want to hang with buddies...or hang outside....just to get away from us..the parental figures....When I was a kid it seems that I rather didnt care for Sundays either...even in the summer...Not sure why..I guess we all have a day of the week we dread or thinks drags on forver...I would love to hear what yours is..:-)
Anyhoo...I have a a lot of crap to do today....I wanna start planting some flowers...but this dang ole Minnesota air is just a bit chilly...it has basically rained everyday since last Monday..although the sun is out today...It isnt gonan be nearly warm enough to plant anything...At my home in Michigan I would have nice flowers...I dug out flower beds alnog my sidewalk leading up to my porch..very pretty wildflowers..I am thinking of doing that here as well..I love doing yardwork..and working outside....not only is a a good place to work on your tan...but it smells good...and good excersie.....
Well better get along and get some of my buisness taken care of so I can rest the whole day...I like doing housework....but I dont like to spend the whole day catching up when I dont do something...It really bites.....Well hope all your housework is good...and stays clean for at least a few hours..:-)TOODLES

Saturday, May 14, 2005

untitled blog from a nobody

so we went and did the church thing..the minute i came home i slipped into my weekend attire(no not a teddy)some comfotable workout/lazy pants,and put my sports bra on as I like it much better..Put my littest pain in the rear down for a nap while the hubs and the two olde rpains in the rear went to the library..while they were gone I sat on the couch..thought about what I should be doin..then it dawned on me...i am gonna sit in this very spot..and do nothing...well that was short lived as the 3 of them came barreling back in the door..so I got up unloaded my dishwasher,thinking if I dont unload this I wonder how many days we would go with out clean dishes till someone acctulaly did it...Not wanting to see the conisiquinces of it not being done..i relectanly unloaded it..and loaded her back up...While my son is throwing a fit because I have asked him to clean his room...Which is like asking the dead to rise...and I know there are folks out there who relaly think the dead do rise..well this comment just wasnt meant for you then as I live in a place called realitiy..whereas some folks I know do not..case being my sisiter....If my family had any idea the way she really lives...they would be mordified...cleaning a house is something she feels needs to be done..well....never...my mother who lives with her(soon to be leaving)cleans up...but why should she have to clean every mess my lazy sister lets her ruthless kid make...the kid has no rules no boundries...yet everyone thinks she is doing a wonderfull job raising her kids and manging a house..then there is the case of her perverytedly grotesct husband...who has a missing porn tape that they are blaming on my mom...i tell you my family is very disfunctional..it looks good on the outside...but when you dig deep...there are big problems with everyone...inclucding myself...but thats the way it goes...I suppose every family is really disfunctional when you get down to it...Nothing like inbreeding or anything ..but your basic run of the mill crazies...every family has them..mine jsut has more than one..all families has that aunt or cousin noone talks about becuase they would rather pretned they are not there....as oppse to dealing with the probelm or acknowleging that there is one....My famliy has a few of those..and my sister just happens to be one of them....I find her lifestyle and her paernting skills(or the lack there of) very revolting...but the trouble is..noone relaly knows what goes on there...I dont say what I know and hear to anyone..not my place...and frankly I really dont care...everyone jsut makes excuses for her..well when one of her kdis ends up missing or kidnapped..beucase she let them go out unsupervised without even a care...well...i am sure everyone will have an excuse for that as well...Poor her...she has a lot to deal with..she has a baby and a hypercative kid...big Fucking deal...lots of moms have that and still mange to keep and clean and house and nice well mannered kids...hell sinlge moms do a better job that what she is doing with her and her "husband"...I wont evern get into what I thik about that piece of shit...thats another thing that if anyone really knew what he was like they would be shocked..but as long as my sister has him..noone else really needs to worry about her...they cant pay thier bills..wait let me repharse that..the wont pay thier bills...soon after mom leaves when they will be alone to acctulaly pay bills...it wont be long till there is no phone or cable...but someone will bail them out.,..always do....rather than go without unsessary items...they buy what they want before they pay bills or buy what they need..of course they get free stuff from the govt...so they have no idea what it is like to acctually pay for milk or cereal of baby formula which can cost about 40 a bweek depending on what you use and how much...but they are above the rest of us who acctulaly had to spend our own money buying suppliyes for our babies....when I has my first baby..i worked full tiome and so did my hubby..after I had him I wanted to stay home with him..so we had to sacrifce a lot of things..had a crappy place to live..crappy cars...and crappy clothes..but damn it we paid for every crappy thing we had...and for some reason she thinks she has no need to do that..she can work the sytesm and people to get free stuff..it is really very amazing...instead of working for thier own place or to have a nest egg for emegercies they use every last penny of a pay check on fast food or whatever they want...Kinda makes me ill....
Now we have a very nice home...well the home we had before this one was nice..well it was acctually the house we grew up in...my hubby and I bought it from my dad when he bought a new one...it was a good starter home for us..it was big..but not big enough for 5...it only had one bathroom and not a lot of space for a playroom and what not..had big fenced in yard where we had a pool as kids...had a good time growing up there..but ater living in it for nealy 30 years...I really thought it was time to find something difenrt..tried selling it but that didnt pan out...right now a good friemd of mine..her parents are living in it..they are gonna buy it...as for now they are renting it..which works out good..it was a very big burden havng to pay for 2 homes after we bought our new one..but now that is all taken care of....we have a pretty big home now..3 bathrooms 4 bedrooms...a full finsished walk out basment...that is nice..
anyhoo...I have done enough complaing for now...toodles

weekend plans..whopee

so it is saturday..big feakin deal..its cloudy,its chilly..feels like winter..Yippie(really I am being sarcastic..incase you didnt read into that)....I want to be able to plant flowers this weekened..but it is looking hopeless by the minute...I believ it is only gonna be like 57 today..that is just not a suitabe condtion for me...
Lets see..I have an appt at the church today for some job or something Marc wants us to do(yawn yawn)..But it would be extra money..Then I would like to take a trip to the mall and gets me a new pair of shoes..My tenneis shoes are fading fast..they might not hold on much longer..(say a little prayer)...Then I will need to bring my fat ass home and workout..Maybe feed the kids.maybe not..depends on if they complain about starving...Give the littest pain in the butt a much needed nap..so I can sit and do nothing for an hour or so...And I havent made many plans past that point wich takes me to like 2 pm...so i am sure it all goes down hill from there anway.....

Friday, May 13, 2005

Why oh freakin why

why is it that 2 days after I buy a feeaking head of lettuce..It is covered with this slime shit and turning gray?.....

Wonder if anything spooky will happen today?...Ya no..Being Friday the 13th and all...Maybe all 3 of the kids will behave...No fights.....My luck the fucking sky will start falling and a big piece will land right square on top of me..I will be calling for help,but none will hear as everyone has taken shelter...My cell wont work cause all the towers have been struck by a lighting force so powerfull all the pacemakers in the world will stop working...I will be left there...To die...Oh well..Such as life

My three little kiddies...arent they cute as a button
my kiddies

Had another tea part today

So my 5 year old wanted to have another tea part today...She got out her fancy hat..Which she keeps all our supplies(teacups,teapot,plates and saucers....And lipgloss)...As we sit down to the coffee table she reminds me we haven't put our lipgloss on yet...So she gets out her dual strawberry shortcake lipgloss..One side as glitter the other is for shine:-)
We sit down and sip on some tea..aka sugar free kool aid...And she suggest we need to eat something..So she says lets have pretzels..So I crack open a fresh bag of pretzels and we each have like 4 on our little plate(these are very small cups and plates)...We finish with our party and she says this was the best tea part yet...

Items that are causing me to think too much

Ok so we are told how fat we Americans are..That we are the fattest country in the whole freaking world....Well I wonder why that is....Lets see...We don't excerise we eat fast food..We are couch potatoes....Hmmm and the list goes on..Kids today are fat..Some of the little girls in my daughters pre school are very overweight,and it makes you wonder...I do not remember having fat kids in class when I was in grade school...There may have been one chubby kid..And that's the one everyone made fun of...Not nice...But it is the way things are in school...Kids are too worried about how they look or how other kids look...If parents would take the time to cook a descent meal instead of running their kids to a fastfood joint kids might not be so overweight..As well as the adults...It is hard to lose weight once you have gained it....I know that...Been working my ass off for the last year too lose about 40 pounds...And it is coming off very slow...But it is coming off...I also do not eat fried food such as fries and whatnot...I workout everyday..Twice a day...Following a diet is not easy....So I do not think of it as a diet..Just the way it has too be...
Then you have folks like Oprah..(I love her don't get my wrong)..Say about how she lost all her weight and how it is a choice we all have to make..Well not all of us have personal trainers or chefs to make you healthy meals for us...no one to tell us to get our ass out of bed and get your workout done..We have to mange it all on our own..Most of us trying to get healthy slip up as we have noone to help motivate us or to tell us "come on you can do it"...We are alone...So for her to make comments about how fat we are...If she was as poor as the rest of us..She would be just as fat..If not fatter....
Parents need to start at home with healthy choices for the kids to eat..Serving Mac and cheese or fishsticks or chicken fingers t(that are fried) are not good for children as well as adults..And letting your kids consume glasses upon glasses of juice is only gonna cause toothdecay and obesity..Small kids up to the age of 5 are only suppose to have one or 2 four once glasses of juice a day..But I have seen parents give their kids nothing but juice or soda..And them thinking if its 100% juice its ok..Well that's not the case...Give your kid a feaking banana or apple...Much better for them..
I do allow everyone in the house a free day..Where they can eat whatever they want..Such as a fast food place..And my son will not eat any such thing...Never really has...But my 5 year old loves cheeseburgres..So she gets a happy meal..And she always chooses the apples or applesauce depending on where we go..She chooses it....And my 20 month old I must confess loves chicken nuggets..One serving once a week is what I am saying...If you are letting your kids eat that stuff more than that,you are only helping them become overweight..

When I was a kid we never spent a day after school or in summer indoors..We were riding bikes,swimming,or just walking around with friends...And there was also not many overweight kids....

little children are too stimulated today...Sending your infants and toddlers to every baby class you can find..Just does not make sense...If your child spends much of the day in a caycare..Then you pick her up and take her off to a class of somekind...That is less time she is spending at home with some nice quality alone time with parents...Small children do not need so many activities..A good game of peek about or reading a story or watching a video together..that is good family time..Not tossing a ball around with a bunch of other parents and kids..

These are just some thoughts that have been crossing my mind...And I have seen many news reports about such items...So it has been on my mind....
In the end...Lets all watch what we eat...And the time spent with our kids should be quality...Not over stimulating....And letting your kids veg in front of a TV all day..Not a wise idea either....But...You do as you wish...These are only my thoughts...Don't mean to offend anyone...Just my views..And my views aren't always right:-)

Love Fridays

Well Happy Friday Morning....Yes,Its Friday....The end of the week...Now I can usually look forward to some help with the kids while hubby is home...WE mostly stay put on the weekends..As after a week of school and play the kids would rather stay home where the can have friends over and play outside...And play and occasional videogame...But the kids mostly like to take the out of doors..We have a pretty big yard..Front and back..So they can find all sorts of things to do....
Nothing exciting going on today..That I am aware of anyway...Crap tends to jump up on me when I can finally sit down for a few minutes...Either the baby has the dog trapped under the clothes basket..My oldest daughter sitting on top of it so the dog cant get out...Why they think this is funny..I have no idea...Then baby will head to the kitchen where she tends to open a drawer and dump all of my tupperware lids onto the floor so she can plop her chubby rear inside the drawer..Anyhoo....They all keep me busy....What would you do without all the excitement and chaos....You would be bored stiff.....Lets just say..I am never bored...

Thursday, May 12, 2005

what can ya do

I am about screaming mad...my laundry room is a frightfull mess..I am just gonna have to clean it myself..Everytime I go in there I nearly break my neck on some small object on the floor..So...I am gonna take care of it...My hubby says everyday.."boy I need to get the laudnry room cleaned"...well I guess I will do it for him..Men are like that sometimes...they have good intentions..but dont follow thru...

My baby Emma got up from her nap kinda crabby..for lunch I gave her pb&j and a cut up apple..she loves apples...then she got jelly in her hair...so now she will need a bath tongiht...again...they all had baths last night...And my oldest girl all she wants to do is eat..for lunch she had a peanutbutter sandwich .then she wanted a hotdog(with no bun)..then she wanted an apple...I dont know how she stays so skinny...

Crap..I just realized it is the day I go and clean the bathroom downstairs...the bathroom in the basement is rarely used..well the kids use it when they are down watch the tellie or playin as thier playroom is down there...and for some reason..the kids dont flush the toilet when they are done..so at times it smells like a damn outhouse...I have three bathrooms...one in the masteroom ,one in on the main floor and one in the basement....And only one gets a good thruough cleaning...as my kids are very messy with toothbrushing and whatnot...I cant stand seeing toothpaste in the sink...I guess I should clean my bathroom..Dont much feel like it though....I so need a housekeeper..I think my mom knows a good one..I think she lives with one..:-)...tee-hee...

Well better go get some more work done..Need to go get my laundry room clean...I have had enough....Although I was gonna do it the other day and did not...But this time I really mean it:-}

Things I gotta do today

So I just got done with my morning workout on my "hamster wheel" as my best pal Jilybear calls it....Now I am off to do my jump roping...I try to get in 100 jumps twice a day...Abby is at school..Emma is playing .....I need to grab a shower when I am done..Pick abby up...And yes another tea part today....Yesterday she even wore her church hat....She is so fancy sometimes...It is a rainy cold cold day...High only bout 41....Sucks....
I start my new job Tuesday...Ultra excited...The kids went to check out their new day care yesterday....They are excited about goin...I am nervous though....Never left them before...Although sometimes the school systems are questionable....It cost me $3.00 per hour just for Emma...$2.75 per hour just for Abby...And $2.55 per hour for Zach...Damn....I know...If I worked 40 hours a week during the summer..It would cost me way over $330 a week...Good thing I am only doin part time...Need to get out of the house..Earn a little extra money..Make some friends...ya no...Same ole....When my Emma Boo hits at least pre school I will work full time...I like being here for now knowing if they had a problem I can leave and get them straight away with no questions or worries...I am way too much a worry wart...But that's me:)

hecktic morn

First my son complains about the shirt I pick out..He is too cool for school I gues because the nice shirt I paicked out..was deffinalty not gonna work for him as he stated it was a church shirt...Then he tells me,as he has his mouthwash in his mouth,,,that his 5 year old sisiter has put soap in the mouthwash.....And I say...no she didnt...and he says yes she told me so....
anyhoo....it is a cold and raniy morning and I do not want to leave to take my 5 year old to preschool...cant wait till fall when she can ride the bus to Knd....After I take her to school..I need to get in my morning workout as I hate feeling fat...I may go on a liquid diet for the day..does that sound good...slim fast shakes..suger free jello...and chicken broth..hmm sounds good to me...I think I may give it a whirl...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

the day so far........

well today so far is a hoe hum kinda day..kinda chilly,kinda cloudy...kinda crappy...For breakfast I consumed a bowl of Specail K...I never thought I would be old enough to enjoy it...pretty damn sad....For lunch I had a bowl of chicken vegtable soup..and a leftover piece of meat from Mothers Day..is that too long to leave in fridge...crap now I bet I will have diareha later.....
Fixen to get out my jump rope while Litte Emma Boo is napping..she tends to like to try and grab my rope while I am jumping:(

I got my dishes done..picked up one of my bathrooms...and now i just wanna crawl on the couch and take a nap...but no can do...I need to get part of a workout done....or I will regret it later..Wanna lose at least 30 pounds by mid-summer...Trying to lose the rest of all my baby weight...It is harder thatn it seems...do you eat carbs or not..do you go low fat or not...what the fuck..I have no idea...so I just workout everyday...try to eat ok..not the best somedays..but I do workout 7 days a week...Hopefully it will start to pay off soon.....Looking doubtfull somedays...But i am plugging alone day by day at it....I need some lipo and a tummy tuck...that would solve all my troubles......but that is doubtfull as well....

Some current events that are on my mind...

I just can not believe the media attention of this Michael Jackson thing..Holy shit...He is loving all the attention though..Has not been in the spot light for a number of years...What the hell happen to him anyway..Such a talented man..Has became such a waste....Back some 22 years ago or so I had wanted to marry him..Thankgoodness that didn't pan out...:-)..He has turned into his own freakshow...And what parent in their right mind would allow their kids to spend so much time with another grown man and allowing them to spend night in a bedroom alone?..I don't care if your Wolf Blitzer or the fucking Pope...Doesn't make sense to me...Parents are blinded by the money they assume he has..Some folks will do anything for even the thought of getting rich quick..The parents who settled on the first case...Did not have their sons best intentions in mind..If Michael Jackson would have been proscuted the fist time...All these other situations would not have happened..Instead of worrying about the welfare of other little boys to come..The parents only thought of their monetary benefit,,how sick..I hope this time Wako Jacko has what is coming to him...I believe very much he is so guilty..Now I could be way off base..But have you seen the guy?...Creepy as all hell..What the hell has he done to his face..I know,I know he has never had any plastic surgery other than what he needed to make his breathing easier or whatever shit he was saying..This man thinks everyone is really stupid and that the public is blinded by his wealth and the power he thinks he has...He really thinks he is above the law..But if this man has really gave young kids wine,showed the pornographic materiel,videos,and took showers with the boys...That is diffenaty a big no no with the big man upstairs...Michael Jackson is a very sick man..Needs lots of therapy to help his pervesrion with young boys....And he also needs to serve many years behind bars...Because he really is a Smooth Criminal..

about last night

so last night I had a light dinner...a chicken terriyki sub from subway..very tastey..then went to my tanning appointment...loves my tanning....then I came home..worked out..did 30 on the treadmill...and did some jump roping..very tiring...:-(..watched American Idol..love it...Bo really rocked...was a litlte off on the first tune..but he brought it back home on the second one..Then watched House..very good show...Then it was on to Law and Order SVU..it was ok..not the best episode I have seen..watched Daily Show with John Stewart..than tried to fall asleep....was up much of the night...

Yestrday afteroon I was taking off a cleasning mask..(as i am trying to aviod getitng wrinkles and shit)..my oldest girl who is 5..said mom whats that on your face...I told her it is something to make me more beautifull..she said that i was beautifull enough already...kids say the damnest things....Well that about sums up yestrday...

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Social life of this stay at home mom

seems to me I haven't had much of a social life since like high school..And that was long ago...I miss the interaction with friends and peers....I have lost contact with many of my high school friends..Isn't it funny how in school you say you will be friends forever..When in deed forever ends at graduation...I had a few of my friends in my wedding...Don't really talk to any of them anymore..Not for lack of me trying....I do have one real close friend...But she has never been dependable or reliable..Only when it is convenient for her....She is not married has no kids...But whatever......Another friend I talk with is a good friend from school...Although we had a long absence of talking...For some reason we didn't speak for like 10 years or so...But now we are back on track...But it isn't like we can go and have a girls night out...I am over 900 miles away..I have not made any friends here..I have just moved from the town I grew up in...Only about 7 months ago...My husband got a new job...Trying to better ourselves I guess...Makes nearly double than his old job..Which is nice....But it gets lonely not having a friend to drop by..Or a spot to go and hang when he gets home...Just to have girl talk..You never really realize how much you miss friends until you don't have any....Sure some women say their husbands are their best friends...My husband is my friend...But I don't dish with him...I sure as hell cant complain about him...To himself...Or talk about juicy things that may or may have not happen in the bedroom..:-)Sometimes I feel very isolated..Not just because of the move..Even before I moved I was feeling this way....I wonder if other moms have run into these kind problems....Yah no...To have a girlfriend to complain about the kids too...The husband..The job...Just life in general...Go out with..Dinners,movies,shopping.....Girl stuff...
My social life now constists of going to store alone to get the milk..Trips to the park..The pre-school..Occasional trip to the Dr....That about sums it up...My husband and I don't go out alone..My kids think that I do nothing....That a stay at home mom does not have a job..Maybe they are right..I have no friends...No social life....Boo-hoo....And a baby who likes to eat out of the dogs bowl...Guess it doesn't get any better than this.......

Kids and toys..Why oh why

Why is it that kids can get out 30 toys with no problem? But when you ask them to pick them up you would think you have asked them to remove one of their kidneys for the family dog!!
My kids are wonderful at making messes,but when it comes to the pick up process..They are just kinda dumbfounded. I swear I am gonna go thru all the toys with a big ass lawn and garden bag and just start throwing some of the crap away....Once I get the toy room cleaned..They are back at it because they would rather play in a clean room then the room they had left me to clean...When I was kid..I never remember having that many toys..Kids these days have so many gadgets and shit...Toys that can play by themselves...Unlike the toys when I was kid...Dolls,playdough,barbies...Today videogames,DVD's,all sorts of shit...There wasn't even VCRS until I was at least 10 years old...And remotes....hah..We had to actually get up and turn the channel..An then there was only like 5 channels...Until I was about 10 there was no cable television...Now today there are channels for everything..Cooking,decorating,traveling,history,porn(not that I watch it)..Just channels of everything you can think of...Kids today have it so easy...With the internet kids can find out whatever they want about anything...In my day..We had to actually go to the freaking library and get a book and read about it....
All I know is kids and their toys and the lack of them doing for themselves..Really burns my britches....My kids think it is like my job to pick up after them...They can leave dirty clothes anywhere..Dishes...And poof..I will clean it...Well it is true..I do....One of these days...I will go on strike...Well...Maybe...Because if I do...The kids and my husband would have no clean underwear!

thoughts of a stay at home mom

hello..life of stay at home moms are very underrated...I often find myself wondering how I got here...Growing up I alwyas knew I wanted to have kids..but thought I would be able to hold down a job like my parnets did...I was alwyas with a babysitter ..summervaction..Christmas vaction..andy time school was out..I was at a babysitter...Snow days really didnt have much meaning..still had to get up and leave my warm cozy bed....So when I had my first child 8 years ago...I was working full time..thought in 6 weeks I would go back..well that was not the case..I cold not bear to leave him...There wasnt anyone I could trust the care of my new baby with...My mom my grnadmohter..all offered....my mom raised 2 kids..we are still both alive...but no..I would not hear of it....Not until he was nealry 2 years old did i go back to work....and truseted him in the care of my mom and my grandma..Then a few years later out came baby number 2...and I have been home ever since...she is now 5...and my baby is 20 months...And I stay home with them,take my 5 year old to pre-school...I am a chouffer,body gaurd,housekeeper,playmate,comforter,referee...and thensome......But all moms are all those things weather they stay home or not....I will share ccrazy things about my days as a stay at home mom...the awfull things..the funny and the bad....I hope you get some enjoyment outta it...I do