Thursday, May 28, 2009


So I thought maybe it was time for some sort of post, or update or some shit. I know how you people like to keep tabs on me, cause you are all nosey like that, and I get that.

Well I had my surgery, it went ok, I am still alive as you can see. Today I find out if I am having another one. Its all big fun, I swear to God, I wouldn't lie.

My Boo graduated from her pre-school, so now she is well on her way to graduating high school. The Boy is doing well, has a baseball game tonight and is always lookin for chicks. Little does he know I would rather him be gay than to bring a chick home. I don't think I will like any dames he brings home, because none are going to be good enough, and may only be using him for his hot roller blading skilz or his allowance.

Blondie is doing well. She graduates the third grade next week. She nearly bit her bottom lip off the other day at school.

Lets see, what else are u dying to know about?

Oh, our house is now for sale. So far there has not been any action, which is ok, cause we are not nearly ready to move yet.

The hubs is looking for employment in Arizona. That is where we both settled on.

Why are we moving you ask? Well, its a long and drawn out affair. Number one, MN sucks worse than MI when it comes to jobs and weather...I take that back, I think MI does suck more in the job area, I do stand corrected! We are glad we got out of that tumbling job market when we did. If we would of stayed sure as shit he would not have a job now.

We kind of feel this is a good time..even though the economy is shaky, better than it was, but still shaky, because our tots are getting older and once The Boy hits high school, its down right cruel to drop kick em out of school and shove him into a new one.

A couple years ago, the hubs and I decided in two years we would try and get out of here, not knowing the economy would shit itself.

Now that the economy is starting to re-potty train itself, we are more hopeful of getting out of getting out of here.

Plus he has had to take a nearly 15% pay cut, they stopped matching his 401K which means at this rate, we won't ever have enough money to retire. I can not find good enough employment here and there are too many mosquito's.

If a place hires him, that means their company is doing pretty f-ing well, otherwise they are not going to relocate a body from MN.

It may take a while, but eventually we will be out of here.

I am also looking for employment out there. I have a diverse background, I can do writing, I can work with the mentally ill, I can work in jails, and I can count, and I am damn good at my ABC's

So far I see tons of shit I could be hired for but it is kinda hard to even try to apply for anything until I know for sure when we will be there. But at least I know there is hope once I get there.

We just want to be settled down, and know we can plant our roots firmly into the sand..(cause ya know, its sandy out there and shit...) We don't want to have to think about relocating ever again..

The hubs is somewhat excited about the upcoming adventure...He said to me..

"Arizona does not sound all that bad"

My tots are excited about going there. Except The Boy. But he always looks for things to complain about. Once he gets there, that boy won't know what to do with himself, being surrounded by chicks in shorts all year round.

Now that the first part of my job is done, meaning my tots are all in school, and I can focus on doing things for me, I am looking forward to the journey. Before the tots were all in school, my main priority was to be here with them, because I myself did not have tots for them to be raised for 8 hours a day by someone else, even their grandma..My mom raised her tots, its not her job to raise mine..It's MY job.

So I sacrificed a good 10 years to be able to be here when it counted. Now that my son is old enough to babysit in the summers and during school breaks I am home free to be able to either continue my education or jump right in to full time employment.

Only there aint shit here...

Times are tough for many people right now. And we are thankful hubs is still gainfully employed, even though he has taken a huge pay and retirement cut.

But its time to move get settled and stay put forever.

Where the sun is always out, the snow rarely hits, and palm trees all around. 4 hours from Vegas, 5 hours from San Diego. The tots and hubs can still go tussle in the snow if they wish, cause there are mountains and places where it does snow, which is only a drive away. Its the best of everything.

Now we just need to get there.

So there, your nosey little fuckers are updated.

Peace Out~

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Well, its my birthday, I am having surgery Monday and God willing we will be moving soon.

So whats new with you?

Someday soon I hope to be back to my full time blogging job, but ya no, I am a tad lazy and its not like I have not told you this before.

Oh, and I hope noone gets the swine flu..

I have had one too many cherry bombs tonight...