Saturday, May 14, 2005

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so we went and did the church thing..the minute i came home i slipped into my weekend attire(no not a teddy)some comfotable workout/lazy pants,and put my sports bra on as I like it much better..Put my littest pain in the rear down for a nap while the hubs and the two olde rpains in the rear went to the library..while they were gone I sat on the couch..thought about what I should be doin..then it dawned on me...i am gonna sit in this very spot..and do nothing...well that was short lived as the 3 of them came barreling back in the I got up unloaded my dishwasher,thinking if I dont unload this I wonder how many days we would go with out clean dishes till someone acctulaly did it...Not wanting to see the conisiquinces of it not being done..i relectanly unloaded it..and loaded her back up...While my son is throwing a fit because I have asked him to clean his room...Which is like asking the dead to rise...and I know there are folks out there who relaly think the dead do rise..well this comment just wasnt meant for you then as I live in a place called realitiy..whereas some folks I know do being my sisiter....If my family had any idea the way she really lives...they would be a house is something she feels needs to be mother who lives with her(soon to be leaving)cleans up...but why should she have to clean every mess my lazy sister lets her ruthless kid make...the kid has no rules no boundries...yet everyone thinks she is doing a wonderfull job raising her kids and manging a house..then there is the case of her perverytedly grotesct husband...who has a missing porn tape that they are blaming on my mom...i tell you my family is very looks good on the outside...but when you dig deep...there are big problems with everyone...inclucding myself...but thats the way it goes...I suppose every family is really disfunctional when you get down to it...Nothing like inbreeding or anything ..but your basic run of the mill crazies...every family has them..mine jsut has more than one..all families has that aunt or cousin noone talks about becuase they would rather pretned they are not oppse to dealing with the probelm or acknowleging that there is one....My famliy has a few of those..and my sister just happens to be one of them....I find her lifestyle and her paernting skills(or the lack there of) very revolting...but the trouble is..noone relaly knows what goes on there...I dont say what I know and hear to anyone..not my place...and frankly I really dont care...everyone jsut makes excuses for her..well when one of her kdis ends up missing or kidnapped..beucase she let them go out unsupervised without even a care...well...i am sure everyone will have an excuse for that as well...Poor her...she has a lot to deal with..she has a baby and a hypercative kid...big Fucking deal...lots of moms have that and still mange to keep and clean and house and nice well mannered kids...hell sinlge moms do a better job that what she is doing with her and her "husband"...I wont evern get into what I thik about that piece of shit...thats another thing that if anyone really knew what he was like they would be shocked..but as long as my sister has him..noone else really needs to worry about her...they cant pay thier bills..wait let me repharse that..the wont pay thier bills...soon after mom leaves when they will be alone to acctulaly pay wont be long till there is no phone or cable...but someone will bail them out.,..always do....rather than go without unsessary items...they buy what they want before they pay bills or buy what they need..of course they get free stuff from the they have no idea what it is like to acctually pay for milk or cereal of baby formula which can cost about 40 a bweek depending on what you use and how much...but they are above the rest of us who acctulaly had to spend our own money buying suppliyes for our babies....when I has my first baby..i worked full tiome and so did my hubby..after I had him I wanted to stay home with we had to sacrifce a lot of things..had a crappy place to live..crappy cars...and crappy clothes..but damn it we paid for every crappy thing we had...and for some reason she thinks she has no need to do that..she can work the sytesm and people to get free is really very amazing...instead of working for thier own place or to have a nest egg for emegercies they use every last penny of a pay check on fast food or whatever they want...Kinda makes me ill....
Now we have a very nice home...well the home we had before this one was nice..well it was acctually the house we grew up hubby and I bought it from my dad when he bought a new was a good starter home for was big..but not big enough for only had one bathroom and not a lot of space for a playroom and what not..had big fenced in yard where we had a pool as kids...had a good time growing up there..but ater living in it for nealy 30 years...I really thought it was time to find something difenrt..tried selling it but that didnt pan out...right now a good friemd of mine..her parents are living in it..they are gonna buy for now they are renting it..which works out was a very big burden havng to pay for 2 homes after we bought our new one..but now that is all taken care of....we have a pretty big home now..3 bathrooms 4 bedrooms...a full finsished walk out basment...that is nice..
anyhoo...I have done enough complaing for now...toodles

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Man, talk about long winded!