Friday, May 20, 2005

So its Friday...

Ok its Friday..Remember how much you enjoyed Friday nights when you were a kid..You would run home from school,kick your shoes off..Turn on the tele and sit and wait for something fun to happen..Why was it Fridays seemed more fun back then?...Maybe it is because the kids tire us out and we have really not energy to get all gussied up and head out for the night...Or you don't want to have to find a sitter..I mean...It is too much hassle..Might as well stay in for the night..Send the kids to bed early...Then you would probably end up falling asleep early anyway..
When you were a teenager..Friday nights had a whole new meaning...You would come home from school...Take a shower...And plan a night out with friends..If you had something sneaky planned..You may lie to your parents ..Tell them you are going one place..But really go somewhere else..Maybe meeting your boyfriend/girlfriend....Swapping spit and the rest that follows...Just living it up..And praying you would not get caught as you knew damn well you would be getting grounded...For the next weekend..And maybe even the one after that..
I got grounded one time(well a lot of times actually)..But my mother had told me I could not go somewhere..(rollarskating..It was the only entertainment we had)..But I went anyway...Then my mom got suspicious..Called the roller rink and asked for me...And like a dumb ass..I asnwered the call...I was there with this really scuzzy girl named Rachel..Why I was with her...I am not sure..Maybe because her mom is the one who would drive me there...Cant remeber for sure..anyhoo..I got grounded....My bad....But I also never got caught with many things I did...Someday I will write a tell all book...After my parents are dead of course....
So as adults..Fridays come and go...And we just sit around and watch our kids have a good time waiting for Fridays...Try to make it fun for them..For we know the truth...Friday appeal ends with age...And pretty soon they will all blend..The only reason I look forward to Fridays now..Is I get a little extra help on the weekends..Because my hubs don't work...Mostly though..He is just another kid I have to keep track of..
Well sit back and enjoy your Friday....For the next one wont be for 7 more days..:-)

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