Tuesday, May 10, 2005

thoughts of a stay at home mom

hello..life of stay at home moms are very underrated...I often find myself wondering how I got here...Growing up I alwyas knew I wanted to have kids..but thought I would be able to hold down a job like my parnets did...I was alwyas with a babysitter ..summervaction..Christmas vaction..andy time school was out..I was at a babysitter...Snow days really didnt have much meaning..still had to get up and leave my warm cozy bed....So when I had my first child 8 years ago...I was working full time..thought in 6 weeks I would go back..well that was not the case..I cold not bear to leave him...There wasnt anyone I could trust the care of my new baby with...My mom my grnadmohter..all offered....my mom raised 2 kids..we are still both alive...but no..I would not hear of it....Not until he was nealry 2 years old did i go back to work....and truseted him in the care of my mom and my grandma..Then a few years later out came baby number 2...and I have been home ever since...she is now 5...and my baby is 20 months...And I stay home with them,take my 5 year old to pre-school...I am a chouffer,body gaurd,housekeeper,playmate,comforter,referee...and thensome......But all moms are all those things weather they stay home or not....I will share ccrazy things about my days as a stay at home mom...the awfull things..the funny and the bad....I hope you get some enjoyment outta it...I do

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