Sunday, May 15, 2005

sunday..boring sunday

so as I sit here..I am thinking.(and I try to do very little of that on Sunday)...I really hate real reason...they just seem like...a day to let your brain kinda fade into another relm of sorts...I mean going to church and your usaul weekend sprouse up of your aboad..but what else is there?...nothing really good on the this time in the weekend the kids are ready to go back to school becuase they are sick of all the family time...They want to hang with buddies...or hang outside....just to get away from us..the parental figures....When I was a kid it seems that I rather didnt care for Sundays either...even in the summer...Not sure why..I guess we all have a day of the week we dread or thinks drags on forver...I would love to hear what yours is..:-)
Anyhoo...I have a a lot of crap to do today....I wanna start planting some flowers...but this dang ole Minnesota air is just a bit has basically rained everyday since last Monday..although the sun is out today...It isnt gonan be nearly warm enough to plant anything...At my home in Michigan I would have nice flowers...I dug out flower beds alnog my sidewalk leading up to my porch..very pretty wildflowers..I am thinking of doing that here as well..I love doing yardwork..and working outside....not only is a a good place to work on your tan...but it smells good...and good excersie.....
Well better get along and get some of my buisness taken care of so I can rest the whole day...I like doing housework....but I dont like to spend the whole day catching up when I dont do something...It really bites.....Well hope all your housework is good...and stays clean for at least a few hours..:-)TOODLES

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