Monday, May 30, 2005

Flowers,dirt,and sun oh my

well today has so far turned out way better than expected..It is sunny and pleasant...I finally got off my tookess and planted some flowers..I do not have a green thumb at all...I enjoy the planting and pulling of the weeds...I am just no Mrs.Greenthumbs...
I have a feeling everything I have took all the time to plant..Will be eaten by very mean,super bad bunnies .They frolic in my yard thinking they own the damn joint...And I tell you..There are armies of them....There is the leader..And some followers..Then...Then..They always have reinforcement and back up...It seems the squirrels and the rabbits have some sort of silent treaty..They make it seem as though they are working against eachother,when indeed...They are one big army of destruction and flower eating nonsense....The squirrels lead the rabbits to the flowers and the rabbits lead the squirrels to the freshly planted seeds...They work together..Real team work they have...Really they need to start a union..Needless to say...I will enjoy my flowers till the bunnies and the squirrels join forces in my yard....Anyhoo...That's what is goin today...Hope you keep the bunnies in your neck of the woods well fed as well:-).......also..please find on the lower right guestmap..please put a pin where your from..kinda fun way to see where we all are from..thanks....Toodles


Jamie Dawn said...

I posted on your guest map. I'm in CA in the purple dress. Too cute!

Wascal Wabbits!!!!

Jaws said...

Sounds like its real nice out there. I do not have a green thumb at all. My father does though and has a constant battle witht he deer in his neighborhood. They eat his flowers.

Pinning Virginia. I feel like I should blind myself first and some one should spin me.