Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Moments of clarity are few and far between

So now I have a moment of piece and clarity toddler is down for a nap.I hardly know what to do with myself..It is pouring outside(I think I see Noah in the distance).And I am chilly and it is dark in my house.I have a hard time justifying the use of elcerticty when it is day light out..I am just trying to save the planet..Using babysteps of course.

My kitty sits on top of the computer and I can hear her purs..There is just something about quiet that I rarely get to expericne.My 5 year old is down in the basement playing(that is what she said she was gonna do anyway).I look around my humble abode and see many things I could be doing..The bedding needs to washed,dishes need to be loaded in dishwasher.I can not find the motivation to disrupt this quiet I am sitting through.

At some point my toddler will awaken,holler"momma"..I will say you wanna get up''and she will say"no"..As that is her answer for everything...I will pick her up.put her in her highchair..Make her lunch,and when I give it to her..She will say "tank choo"..(that is thank you in baby Arabic..That is the her native language because she sure as heck don't speak a lick of English)..Then she will eat..I will get her down..And the chaos will begin once again...But I wouldn't have it any other way...Then bout 3pm..My eldest will come home..And the fighting begins..For him and his sister(5 year old) can rarely see eye to eye on anything..So sometime I will have to remove both their eyesockets.(trust me it will be for the best)..Well I should go enjoy what time I have left.When summer vacation starts next week..I will no longer have these moments of clarity and peaceful silence...Enjoy your momnets of peace..For they are few and far between:-D


J&J'sMom said...

Hey...have you been in my house? This is sounding oh so familiar except mine are 2 1/2 and 6. HI! I'm here via you coming to me. Nice to meet you! Hope to see you again..I'm going to come invade you blogosphere for a bit if you don't mind to terribly much?? Thanks!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hi j&j..thank you for coming..i only started my site last week..maybe goin on 2 weeks now..I hope we meet agian!!

Jamie Dawn said...

Silence? My kids are 15 & 17 and I'm still not experiencing that foreign word...silence.

I love a good level of noise though, but as you say, we must enjoy those peaceful times when they come.

gulnaz said...

wow, that was such a cute post! moms have to work so hard and their work never ends. i'm single and have no kids but i hope to soon, some day and your post is making me smile and think again. :)

btw, thanks for visiting my blog, hope to see you there again.