Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Reality...I think not

I find myself consumed by American Idol! I am not proud of this fact..Although I must admit it is better than watching half of the crap they call programming today..But it has got me thinking...I can remember spending Saturday nights with my grandparents,and watching Hee-Haw,Golden Girls,Empty Nest,and sometimes the Grand Ole Opery..Now mind you...I puke in the face of country music(hate it..Despise its presents in my wonderful world)..But I did rather enjoy Hee-Haw..I can remember someone always getting whacked in the rear with the board from the fence..Rolling in the hay..And mindless dumb humor..
Sitting on the couch in the living room with a little Dixie cup full of peanuts(with the skins)..Root beer..Our own TV tray..And a night of Hee haw and other crappy shows...I loved every minute of it.....Now that was a moment of reminiscing if I ever had one...Holy crap...
These days are filled with children's programs,showerless days,sleepless nights,and hair loss..(not sure why that is..Maybe I am pulling it out in my fits of rage)...My kids keep me running...And for punishment...I wish I could come across some old re-runs of Hee Haw...That would straighten them up..And ion a hurry I might add....For they have inherited my total dislike for country music..I am always thinking of ways to torture them:-)

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