Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sad but so true

why is it that we women will actually admit when we have to go up a pant size...Men will wear the same size pants they wore in high school..Only because they do not button there pants at the belly button..They button them at the bottom of their big ole beer belly's..And just let it all hang out...I could never understand why men don't want to cover that up. we women do not find it attractive(well maybe some do)...And we women do whatever we can to hide our flaws..And men..They just let them hang out...Why is that..Our women too obsesssed with the way we look or the size we are?...And men just don't care?...I know some men must care what they look like...Everytime I see a man with his big gut hangin outta his pants,and seeing that his pants button below his fat...I wanna take a fork and let the ait outta there belly's...Because they look like weebles..weebels wobble but they don't fall down...I am gonna throw him down buy him the right size pants...For the good of all man kind....(same applies for the ladies who try to wear midrifts with the flab hangin over the side..Or low rise jeans with the flab hanging out the back front and sides):-)


Jamie Dawn said...

When women wear the low-low rise jeans, unless they are stick thin (emaciated), they look awful.
Beer bellied men with t-shirts stretched to the max are funny. Hey, whatever you feel comfortable in, I guess.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

true...very true...too each his own...:-)