Friday, May 13, 2005

Had another tea part today

So my 5 year old wanted to have another tea part today...She got out her fancy hat..Which she keeps all our supplies(teacups,teapot,plates and saucers....And lipgloss)...As we sit down to the coffee table she reminds me we haven't put our lipgloss on yet...So she gets out her dual strawberry shortcake lipgloss..One side as glitter the other is for shine:-)
We sit down and sip on some tea..aka sugar free kool aid...And she suggest we need to eat something..So she says lets have pretzels..So I crack open a fresh bag of pretzels and we each have like 4 on our little plate(these are very small cups and plates)...We finish with our party and she says this was the best tea part yet...

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firehotgran said...

sounds like a great tea party to me