Sunday, May 15, 2005

things that make me mad

so I have been thinking about stuff that really pisses me off....and I have compiled a list..enjoy:-)

(not in any order)
1.snow...even in the dead s winter..but espaecailly in the dead of spring and adults...all apply waiting


5."that time of the month" chat rooms

7.people who dont write you back after you take the time to send them a note(e-mail or by postman)


9.waiting..waitng...and waiting...


11.folding clothes

12.putting clothes away

13.plumbers that dont show all


15.pushy salesmen

16.people who go door to door trying to sell shit

17.dandlions in my lawn

18.reality shows...(execpt ameircan idol)

19.brittney spears..and any other talentless person who takes up radiotime

20.boy bands

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