Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Brown bagged it

As I was making my sons lunch this morning(only 2 more morning and I am done for the year)..It reminded me of taking my lunch...I loved to brown bag it..My mom would make my lunch the night before..Always had bolonga sandwich with miracle whip and ketchup...Some kind of fruit...And a dessert thing of some kind..But It got me wondering how come I never came down with an awful stomach virus,as I would put my lunch in my locker and it would sit there for 4 and half hours..In a hot steamy locker...Warm miracle Whip is just not good for you I do not believe.....Of cousre on pizza day I would bring money for a lunch..But there was always a divide...The hot lunchers did not sit with the brown baggers..As they thought us brown baggers were just too cool for school...And it makes me smile when I see my son walking out the door with a cold lunch..A lunch I made just for him...Not in a brown bad though...In Hulk lunch box of course...Brown baggers will one day take over the world..So beware...And they will be more wealthy,because they don't have to spend money buying an overpriced lunch they may or not have health violations attached to it...Happy Eating:-)

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Jaws said...

I know! Man My mom used to make me the same thing and gosh that sandwich was yuck by the time I got to eating it. Kids got it made now. Little cooler bags with the cooler freezer things to keep it cool then containers of apple sauce and chopped fruit in cups..

I so hated bag lunched.. my kids love them.