Sunday, May 15, 2005

things that dont me as mad

so I have been are some things that dont make me as mad

in random order..

1.getting a check in the mail

2.the color green............any shade

3.a clean house

4.getitng an unexpected letter from ...........anyone

5.the wiggles..specailly that blue one

6.George Michael....just looking at him...

7.going to a Prince still my heart

8.taking a trip....anywhere


10.when kids go to bed without complaing..somthing that rarely happens

11.when my kids pick me dandilions from the yard...thinking they are picking me flowers

12.when my baby says thank you

13.when my hubby does the dishes...without me asking...

14.when i hear a song i havent heard in a long time...a good one.. birthday kids birthdays



19.a good tan

20.pumpkin patches


Courtney said...

These make me mad:
tailgaters, pushy salespeople, biting the inside of my mouth

These make me not so mad at all:
losing 10 pounds, hearing my kids laughing, having a perfect hair day

Jamie Dawn said...

Hey, I just posted the above comment under my daugher's blog name.
I was using her laptop at the time.

Go ahead a visit both of our blogs. I think you'll enjoy them!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I so hate biting the inside of my mouth as well...grr!!!

And I also must agree with your not so mad....very true indeed:-)

sandgirl said...

Chrisnit, you forgot to add to your list.

An exotic person (male preferably) waiting on you hand and foot whil fanning you with a big leaf the whole time, in the sun, white sand, and clear blue water....aaaahhh!

Be sure I add this to the things Id like to do before I die list...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i stand corrected