Sunday, May 29, 2005

All alone in min-ee-soda

As i am looking around outside this weekend...I notice all my neighbors with family over for picnics and bbq,s....Looks like everyone is having soo much fun...But us...We just sit in our yard..Alone..Although the kids are busy with all the neighborhood kids..They don't realize much...I always use to hate having people over..Such a chore..Making sure everyone is alright..Checking to see if they need refills on drinks..Seconds on food..Oh such a pain..
Now that we have no family to come over..EVER..Seems kinda weird...It is nice,not having to entertain..I am not much for that kinda thing...But it seems kinda pointless to have a big shindig for just the 5 of us(really 3 and a half..My son wont eat that stuff..And the baby don't eat much:-).....So we tend to have everything low key....But seeing all the fun the neighbors are having..Makes me wish I could have a barby.....Oh such as life....
So far this weekend I have mowed the lawn..rearranged some rooms..Moved my computer to the basement(which was a chore getting it hooked up and running again)...Oh well...Had to just complain....Hope everyone is having a good time this weekend..And don't forget to thank VET....(not vetenarian)...I will call me gramps tomorrow..Who is 86..And was in WW2..God bless em..:-)

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Sandy said...

It's just us this weekend too, but we have to work. Oh well, you are with your kids and that is what counts. {Hugs}