Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Kids and toys..Why oh why

Why is it that kids can get out 30 toys with no problem? But when you ask them to pick them up you would think you have asked them to remove one of their kidneys for the family dog!!
My kids are wonderful at making messes,but when it comes to the pick up process..They are just kinda dumbfounded. I swear I am gonna go thru all the toys with a big ass lawn and garden bag and just start throwing some of the crap away....Once I get the toy room cleaned..They are back at it because they would rather play in a clean room then the room they had left me to clean...When I was kid..I never remember having that many toys..Kids these days have so many gadgets and shit...Toys that can play by themselves...Unlike the toys when I was kid...Dolls,playdough,barbies...Today videogames,DVD's,all sorts of shit...There wasn't even VCRS until I was at least 10 years old...And remotes....hah..We had to actually get up and turn the channel..An then there was only like 5 channels...Until I was about 10 there was no cable television...Now today there are channels for everything..Cooking,decorating,traveling,history,porn(not that I watch it)..Just channels of everything you can think of...Kids today have it so easy...With the internet kids can find out whatever they want about anything...In my day..We had to actually go to the freaking library and get a book and read about it....
All I know is kids and their toys and the lack of them doing for themselves..Really burns my britches....My kids think it is like my job to pick up after them...They can leave dirty clothes anywhere..Dishes...And poof..I will clean it...Well it is true..I do....One of these days...I will go on strike...Well...Maybe...Because if I do...The kids and my husband would have no clean underwear!

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