Monday, July 31, 2006

Room 2 move

I did the most assnine thing you can do when the tempature hovers the boiling point.

I re-arranged bedrooms.

I did however bake in the sun Sunday for an hour. When I went out it was 94, when I got back in it was a nice toasty 101. No wonder my backside felt like I had urinated on myself.

I had to clean up minimal flesh soup outside.

My bees were not allowed outside past 6am....But they were sleeping at that hour..Sucks for them. And me..

I moved Butch Bee's room to the lower level, now the girls get their own room again. Next month is Boo's 3rd birthday, and she is getting a big girl bed.

She wants a pink room. Blondie Bee wants a black room. Guess who won and guess who lost. What 6 year old girl wants a black room?...MINE DOES.

So now Boo will have her own room and her new bed. Now I only need to get her to crap and piddle in the toilet. Hell, cats can do it. Why cant she. True, she is a tad retarded. But still...Even my mother who borderlines on the crapping yourself kind of retardedness can still poo in the potty.

But Blondie and I compromised. It wont be black, but yellow or red. Ok that is technically not a compromise, but whatever. I am older, I pay the bills..ok technically that is wrong as well. Mr Shaky pays the bills. The point is I told her she was not having a black room.

As I sit here at my desk typing this mindless drivil, I am experincing more butt and booby sweat then I have in my life. I am so hoping that hell is a dry heat. U don't smell so fresh when u are bombarded by the sticky heat.


So my weekend was spent with my 2 year old trying to make snow angels on the carpet, my 6 year old trying to talk me into letting her room be defaced, and my son telling me how his life sucks because he has to clean his room and go to summer school.

NO Blondie Bee, U can not turn Goth on me, your 6, your room will have flowers and butterflies,no black anywhere. Or your moving out..mmaky?

Hey Butch, sorry your life sucks, but NO you still have to go to summer school and take showers. Its just the law. And please do something about the odor your omitting from your feet. Did you step on a dead carcass of some kind..Really dude, get your feet off my couch, thanks bud.

And to you Boo bee, no we can not make snow angles on the carpet. And on you "birfday" you will be "freeee ears ode" I know this baby, I was there when I birthed you, and yes you can have a pink cake, party hats, and bawoons.Pink bawoons. Yes and a pink room. Oh and yes, Dora on your cake of course, oh yes, and Boots too..Ok..Got it.

why? Because your so damn cute and I love your baby talk..That's why.

I have a question. How do parents who do not allow their tots to watch TV get anything done? I am all for restricting the use of the devil box...For sure. But how do you get a load of laundry done, or get dishes done without a kid hanging on your leg begging for something? Or some peace and quiet time. You can turn on Blues Clues and you magically have a half hour of non speaking or moving. Kick your feet up, sip some lemonade..Whatever..

What do you do without the means of a TV? And don't even tell me you have a nanny to mind your kids needs. If you tell me that I will personally come kick your ass.

Or don't tell me you read and play with them all day, cause that will be a bold face lie and I will still have to come kick your ass.

And don't tell me that they occupy them selves and play outside.

What kid plays alone and outside ALL day? If you tell me yours does..Again, ass kicking in order.

Someone please give me an answer. I am clueless as to how this whole process happens.

What the sam bloody hell do you do with a 2 year all day? If you don't turn on Dora or Elmo, what do you do? I want a detailed schedule.

Oh and don't give me a schedule of

1, we go to the pool in the morning
2 go to the library in the afternoon
3. We have a tea party after lunch
4. Outside time
5 naptime
6. "School work time"

don't even think about giving me a schedule like that. Normal people don't have that kind of time.

You wont get an ass kicking, but maybe a strong nodding and finger pointing at.

Ok, leave me your answers if you have some good ones..If your gonna tell me the crap I just told you NOT to tell me, then forget it..I don't wanna hear it. I want a real, honest answer, cuz I am thinking of doing this...So any real help would be grateful.

Ok sorry this is way to damn long...I got to go do something.

I think Bob the Builder is on...And I think he is hot.

Oh and it has come to my attention that the MN lotto is rigged. I mean I bought 5 tickets for better chances of winning the 170 gabzillion dollars, and I did not get ONE damn number. NOT ONE. That money is meant for me. I have had a premintion. A premintion of me living in house with 3 pools, 5 good looking shirtless pool boys.

And 3 nannys so I can have some quiet time with no TV on...

Bee Real


The Blog Whore said...


the truth is, I duct tape my kids to the ceiling and feed them snacks with a sling shot.

There you have it.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

blog whore,
ok, I thought I was the only mom who used duct tape, but I must say, the sling shot feeding is brillant:)

Peggy said...

Its been a few years but everytime the girls said they were bored or they started fighting I found chores for them to do. They started handling their own fights and found something to keep them busy cause God forbid they had to do anything around the house!
The grandkids are easier as they spend all day at their house watching movies or playing video games. I get them outside building forts or playhouses, feeding the animals, gathering eggs etc that they actually think its fun and stay outside playing. I am sure it will come to an end soon. Guess I had better stock up on dvd's and games.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

when i was a kid i never spent time in front of the tv, i would rather be outside or being alone in my room.

i am thinking of not allowing the kids to watch tv anymore, and wondering of some alternivtes to keep them busy, they can only read so many books..(plus my son is the only one who can read yet)..

and they put up a stink when the word chore is mentioned..they are ungratful brats i tell ya.

Fantastagirl said...

Duct Tape is brutal...we have a velcro wall - my mom made me the kids these little suits and we just stick them on the wall with that...

(not really - but it sounded good - my kids get to watch TV - but we limit how long and what.) Otherwise I'd get nothing done - ever...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok I am so digging the velcro wall thing...

i know, how do people get things done when they dont let the kids watch tv?

makes no sence.

novaks8 said...

I've been busy, just caught up on the past few posts.

What cute kids!

I use TV WAYYYYY too much.
Every day I tell myself I will do better and every day it's the same.

I suck.

Raggedy said...

I loved your post!
I am glad you stopped over at my place!
I am going to have to add you based on this post alone..hahaha
I have a free year old daughter too!
Have a wonderful day.

Kelly said...

Well, my rule for daycare is absolutely NO TV...and sometimes I could kick my own ass for that! It is cool that I get paid good money to play with my child all day, but reality kicks in when we have cranky babies, piles of dishes, meals to cook for seven little mouthes, laundry piles of bibs, blankets, nap mats, etc... In the evenings TV is also my lifesaver. Punkin' turns it on and I am able to catch up on housework and heaping piles of paperwork!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thats what I worry about, using it too much, my kids need to be controlled, they shant be controling me anymore;)


well thank you for popping in..and I am lgad you enjoyed yourself while you were here..please stop by again..our free year odes should get toghter..haha

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

opps missed ya kelly,
i dont know how you can runa day care without the devil box..haha

but its a good idea for the daycare though.i give you props for doing that:)

Mrs. Diamond said...

bossy you almost sounded like a preacher's wife on my blog today. but don't worry i won't tell a soul.

as for what to do with kids without tv? what on earth would you wanna do that for? no just kidding. I do have a schedule during the week, but it's cuz i do home daycare and the parents actually expect me to do something with their kids. But for a compromise we SCHEDULE tv time. Right after lunch, so's I can have my nap. ;)

vani said...

what would one do without tv? my two year old however, doesn't care for tv yet, she occupies tearing the house apart. while my 5 yr old loves hilary duff, disney, disney, disney....i just wish I had some tv alone time.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

mrd d,
hush now women, lets not let all my secerts out..hehe

sceduled tv time is a good idea, i mean we do need our naps;)

mine like crap like full house, the fresh prince of bel air, and some wierd show called drake and josh on disney..

then the 2 year old likes dora, sesame street,clifford..ok anything on playhouse disntey or nick jr..heathens all are we:)

Princess said...

ROFL Bossy! Oh how i have missed your hilarious posts!!!

I will come over from Aus and entertain your cutie for u? give you a break? :P

Ok, your right too expensive.

You could always set up a play date with her and her lil friend. Then someone else has to entertain them, until its your turn.

Does she go to day care? I hear they help out heaps.

What about a day bath, its hot outside and she could play. It would be like going to the pool, but the poor version :P lol

JD's Rose said...

Bossy, what is going on over there? Is it usually this hot?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

no, none of them go to daycare. I am running out of things to her and the other two busy..the older two will be starting school in sept, so i am not worrying about them,i may start making playdates for the local pub:)

glad to have u back girl:-)

jd, was at the hottest point today 111 degress..i dont know what the converts to in aussie temps..but its damn hot:-)

Kendra Lynn said...

Hi there.
In answer to your question about the tv and two year old thing:

We don't have tv. Yes, that's right. Our televison gets NO channels. Nothin' but static.
I do have a dvd player and my kids get to watch one or two movies a more than three hours of movies.
Basically, they play all day long in their playroom, their rooms, or the basement.
(sometimes outside, if I can find some shade.)
Kelsey spends about an hour a day looking at books. Merry spends most of the day tormenting Kelsey.
I go to the basement to do laundry, and let them hit each other and push each other all alone upstairs while I do it.
They take 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hour naps each day.
We eat lunch and dinner sometime during the day, and I try to get housework done around breaking up fights.
Yep, that's how our day works without too much tv.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok i was hoping u would tell me..i knew u didnt have tv...ok all that sounds pretty resonable..

i wasnt sure if they were allowed to watch movies or not..

this help..thank you sweety:)

Kendra Lynn said...

I am all for dvd/tv time. My girls aren't allowed TOO much, but I am definitly not against it. :)
They usually watch one in the morning and one in the evening.


p.s. if they are sick, or if its wintertime and nothin' to do, they get a little more tv time.

Granny said...

111° F = 43.888° Celsius.

No, I'm not a genius. We had 111 here and I was busy doing the conversion for my Canada, UK, and Australian visitors.

We've dropped 20 degrees finally. 90 seems cool in comparison.

t.v. or not t.v. I limit time and content but we have t.v.

Barring abuse, I'll never criticize the parenting decisions of another but I'll confess all that perfection gives me a headache.

Started to say something else but it would turn into a rant and you should be the one ranting on your blog.

Granny said...

P. S. I've threated to:

a. hang them all by their collars from hooks until they're 18..

b. Cyrogenics? Until they're 18.

Gette said...

I think I will completely plaigerize Novak's comment. Ditto on everything but the catching up part.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i try and limit tv time to less than 3 hours per day, but somedays it doenst go like that..

i am so thinking about not letting them at all..if i let them watch movies they would only fight over what to wacth, they never will agree..

i know what u mean..perfection or the "appreance " of it make me sick.

I am all for your on to something.


mary has 5 kids i think..maybe 6.i she knows what she is talking about:)

Heart Of Darkness said...

The children are adorable!

The bedroom rearranging... well, maybe not the smartest thing to do, but hey, you can blame it on heat stroke! :)

We had the storm of the century over here Saturday. First, my political assignment was postponed due to the heat pouring down the skies, then it started to rain (I was thankfully at home already!) thn it really came down... and the thunderstorm created a small blackout, where we had to eat everything there was in the fridge to keep it from going bad in +37C...
The power came on one hour later, so okay, the eating spree might have been uncalled for... :)

But with no power, what is there to do? Read. And, yeah, like me - paint... as soon as I get my digital camera fixed, I'll try to post my oilpaintings on my site... it's just one bloody thing after another, isn't it?
(oh, and yeah, it's 5:45 am, and I'm already at work, crunching numbers...)

Rosa said...

Apparently during my last alien abduction, they have erased all memories from that time frame. I have totally forgotten what I did with my kids when they were that young. I truly don't remember, which means it was pure hell. (Like childbirth, if we remembered the pain, we all would only have one child.)

Karin said...

If it makes you feel any better during this heat wave Brad and I bought a new table and chairs from Ikea. So we spent all day in the heat assembly them all and rearraging the kitchen. I know we are brilliant. But I love the new stuff so it was worth it. I am not a parent and when I grew up things were different but in the summer my mom kicked us out of the house during the day and we were only allowed back in for brief potty breaks. Granted we had a large backyard not visible from the street that we could play in and didn't need to be in the house. This doesn't mean the three of us played nicely or stayed out of trouble though. We didn't however watch tv.

just_tammy said...

Thank you for making me laugh my head off at the end of an extremely exhausting day! Left waaay too much to the end before leaving. I'm so tired I typed in wherethebeersare. Bet you didn't know you were one small letter away from that, did you?! I noticed it before I entered it so while I'm gone, please see if there is such a blog.

I have no answers now. The heat has baked what's left of my mind to a crisp. I know you love the heat but I'm so ready for my little winter break - that is until we head to the jungle for a couple of days. I figure thanks to this heat and humidity (kinda like when we lived in the tropics), I'm ready for that as well.

Don't miss me too much while I'm gone. Heck, you have so many friends you won't even notice my witty remarks are missing. I'm looking forward to catching up. Take care, my favorite Bossy!

just_tammy said...

Oh, my brain is so fried I forgot to mention that in this lovely heat, I baked dozens and dozens of cookies and ran the washer and drier all afternoon and evening. That's why I'm avoiding going upstairs. Did you know heat rises?! (Don't want to sweat in the clean sheets!)

Cliff Morrow said...

On what to do with the youngster... two words... shrink wrap.

Britmum said...

Hi Bossy

I banned Sam for two months from the t.v. because he was such a snot and he did find stuff to amuse him. Amazing!!

I am having a hard time here with things to occupy them. Its hotter than hell here from May till October. We run out of stuff to do and beleive it or not the pool gets old.

The little guy who is 4 usually helps me out. Like doing the laundry. I let him load it and push the buttons. He walks round with a duster and dust. He washes dishes and likes to cook with me. Well thats how I get stuff done.

I must admit this summer the tv has taken a big hit. Its bloody hard and I am no saint ya know.

Good luck given the boob tube up.

Take care xx

Claire said...

Cute kids!

I don't know how parents can do it without occasionally reverting to TV or movies. Kids are great, but sometimes you just need them to be occupied, but safe, and TV is a good way of doing this (I speak as one not yet blessed, but who spends her working life knee deep in 7 year olds!).


Micky said...

Don't beat yourself up about the t.v. My kids grew up without permanent damage even though they spent hours a day in front of the tube. My 3 year old son knew all seven times and three stations where you could get Sesame Street. (He was reading by 3, too). So there's the good and the bad of t.v. I especially like the programs where the kids are up and dancing around while the t.v. is on. Unfortunately, no matter how distracted the kids were, I still was terrible with the housework. You can lead the kids to t.v., but you can't make me work.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

heart of darkenss,
wow, thats sounds like one hellofa strom girl..damn.

cant wait to see the pic of your painting..

well in about 2 months from now I wont remeber a thing either..probably a good thing:)

dang, u did too much work in the heat woman..but hey, if u bought new stuff what can ya do? you can not very well have it sit there in the box for days,,i love ikea:)

when are you leaving?....

and i cant belive u cooked cookikes..your so insane:)

and i iwll miss you:)

your a damn genuius:)

well whne the kids get grounded they can find somehthing to do..but it lasts no longer then a few hours and then they are beggong for death rather then lfe locked in their room with no tv..if it werent banned, i would grant them their wish..ok maybe not..

well if u spend your days with 7 know right well what your talking about:)

tv isnt so bad I guess...its just something that kind of gets on my nerves:)

well all three of mine are showing sings of retadrdenss, maybe its not the tv..maybe the are just stupid:)

Cliff Morrow said...

BTW your kids are waaaay to cute. Must be quality stock they come from.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thank you sir....well check the post below this one..u will see it is not top quailty..maybe just your standard stock:)

Angie said...

I take mine to the gym in the morning for around 2 hours. I get to workout and they provide free childcare, what more can a girl ask for???

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well that is smooth thinking..i would work out all day if that were the case here..haha..our gym is open 24 hours a day..but NO childcare..bummer..

Krystal said...'s a blast from the past...

We hit 110. You beat us by 1 stinking degree. LOL!

When I have enough of the kids watching television I tell them to either find something to do or I'LL find them something to do. There is ALWAYS laundry to be done around, dishes to do, vaccuming and mopping, etc.

Mine are actually pretty good at surviving without television when I've decided I've had enough.

keesh said...

I have to allow some TV too, otherwise, I would never get anything done. I have 1 child and he needs so much attention. but what I do, is tell him if he doesn't find some toys to play with then we will start donating them 1 by 1 to the needy. Suddenly he finds something to do for a while. I let him watch TV in the morning when he first gets up, then he can watch some at a quiet time and look at books, then sometimes at night he can watch some, but my son would much rather be outside then anywhere else, so it isn't too much of a problem, yet anyway...

Mrs. Diamond said...

Hey Bossy, I thought I'd tell you what we've done for tv/movie/xbox times in the past and it's worked BEEYOOOTIFULLY. When I'm disciplined enough to follow through. I do this during the school year, and may start implementing it now during the summer if my kids start watching too much...

I bought a giant roll of tickets from the dollar store. Each week I would give each child 10 tickets each. I would date them, so they couldn't save them, and initial them so they couldn't give them away to each other. Each ticket was good for half hour of movie/xbox time.

The beauty of it is, that it eliminates them saying, "I'm bored" and just plopping down in front of the idiot box. They actually have to responsibly choose how they are going to spend their tickets. And choose which shows they want to spend them on.

The ticket system is in effect Monday to Friday. Weekends I give a bit more lee way after homework, chores and piano practising is done.

Just thought I'd share. I got that idea off the radio. Dr. Dobson or something...and tailored it to what worked for us.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

if i tell mine to find somethig todo..they will go to thier room and get everthing out and not pick it up..they are slobs..

mine love being outside, but after 4 hours or so they come in all pooped out..and want to watch tv...and the last week it has been so hot that they have not been allowed outside..

its not so much the older ones..but the little one..what the hell do they do with 2 year olds?..someone tell me.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

mrs d.

you are full of great ideas...thank you:)

Mrs. Diamond said...

and if my kids dare tell me they are bored, I make them wash dishes, fold laundry and wash floors, clean up dog poop....

I really actually do. I can't stand when they whine they're bored. They had more toys before age 2 than I ever dreamed of my whole life. Of course we've updated those toys over the years. hah.

Mrs. Diamond said...

2 year olds generally still nap? Or they do at my house. ha. And most 2 year olds I know won't even watch more than 20-30 minutes of tv/video a day anyways? I have one daycare child who is nearly 2. I can't leave her unattended for one single second or she's into something.

I keep her in her high chair when I'm working in the kitchen, baking etc....and give her books and toys, and talk to her while I work. And my 11 year old daughter chases after her quite a bit when she feels like it. Course she's only here from 9am til 4:30pm. I'd be completely mental if she were here 24/7, she's so busy.

I feel for you. But blink a couple times and she'll be going to school.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

mrs d,
i do the smae thing when they say they are bored..i will make the vacum, sweep or clean thier rooms..then after they do it..they still whine..

well she will be 3 next month, and this girl get totally into her shows..she sings, she dances..and episodes she has seen before she will recite the words along to it.

she moslty likes dora, wiggles and anything with singing or dancing..hell last night she found the remote and was turning channles..she passed by dragon tails and went right to the lawrence welk show and stayed there till the show was over..

how sad is that?

Mrs. Diamond said...

dora's actually pretty good. one time i got a dora video from the library (we didn't have tv) and came running into the room when i heard all the kids yelling. they were answering dora. I laughed, but's pretty interactive....

not sure about the other shows you mentioned...i'm not familiar.

maybe let her pick her three favorite shows and that's it? or something like that...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

the wiggles are on the disney channle..4 middle aged men singing songs and dancning..i beilve they are from austrailia..they are big with the tiny tots here..

lawernce welk is a vairety show that was on back in the 60;s and 70's...kind of like Ed sullivan..expcet it is for old folks...lots of ball romm dancing and singing weird was an adult show way back when..its on PBS on saturday nights..reruns of course:)

dont u know the song tiny bubbles? thats a song that was sung at the end of the sow, nothing to really write home about:-)

Choppzs said...

Wow, I feel horrible. My kids watch way to much tv. With the heat, I can only let them outside for a couple hours. Now that is while the baby is napping, if he isn't napping, I have to bring them in sooner because the baby gets to hot. Then when the baby is sleeping, I try to do my housework, and if the tv isn't on, I have the 2 yr. old running around screaming, and then that wakes the baby. Then without going outside because it's to hot, the girly girl wants her and all her little friends to come play at our house. Then I say no, she pouts and asks to go in one of their houses. Well then yes, it's ok!!! lol But, by that time, the 2 yr. old is screaming because he can't go play with sissy, and baby is screaming because 2 yr. old boy is screaming. Ok, so....any ideas on how to keep the tv off??? lol

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

same here..its been to hot to go outside, then they complain and want thier frineds to come inside here..i tell them no, becuase there are already 3 too many kids living here as it is..then they complain..

ifs funny durring the weekends the tv is not turned on really, but week isnt shut off..:)

pack of 2 said...

LOL...I used to want a black room too...only I also wanted to spash bright colors all over the black:)

As you kiddos here but we do put our niece in front of TV to get a break. I'm all for the mind control box as a babysitter:)


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well splashing the bright colors doenst seem so bad:)

i am all for the mind control of the tv too..but my probelme is it gets on my nerves...

and i am scared thier brains are turning to much..but when u have your niece, that is what aunts do.they spoil the kids.

Michele_3 said...

Okay, I'm still cracking up from that post..Too funny! By the way my little who will be "Freee" soon-says "Bawoons too!
I wish i could tell you we have a great schedule for the kids going on over here but TV is allowed in my house too-We just don't let them watch it 24/7 there is a cut-off.
My boys love to be outside, I mean my older one is always with the neighbor boys on their bikes & the other two play on the gymset we have in the back.But that don't last forever & I think all moms eventually hear "I'm bored"-I read on Rosie's blog that when her kids say "I'm bored" she say's- Hi Bored I'm Mom" (cute huh?)

~Deb said...

First of all, LOVE the song you're playing!!! Supertramp rules! :)

Anyway, cute pictures of the bees. :) What to do with the two year olds? Daycare. End of story.

(Can you tell kids aren't in the cards for me?)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

maybe our free year olds should get toghter and play with some bawoons:)

well, my older two run rampid with the neighborhood posse, but my two year old, well she runs with the little dogs..meaning me:)

I LOVE this song, and i love supertramp..I have this song on my IPOD and when I hear it, it makes me run faster:)

daycare..good solution..but its like 200 bucks an hour..and i am too cheap for that honey:)

kaliblue said...

You have the funniest yet the most adorable kiddies I've seen. :-). They have looks, imaginations and smarts... You had better be careful. They are bound to gang up on ya and out witt ya one day *LOL*. Ya'll are crazy I tell ya. :-).

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

sadly, most says they do out wit me...31 year old duped by juvies..sad day my friend:)

LZ Blogger said...

As the answer to you question to what to do with the kids all day...
I'VE GOT NOTHIN'! But if you hit that Jack pot... I'd like to put in for a POOL BOY job (I don't actually have to be a BOY do I?) ~ jb///

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

lz bloggr,
the job is your my friend:)

Karin said...

what the heck is going on around here? I get so excited because I have 13 comments which is more than I have ever had and then I come by here and you have 60! Ok I am feeling quite inferior. 60 comments in one day, wow I can't even not post for 3 weeks and get up to 60.

Working Mom said...

Sheesh I'm late in commenting here! And I didn't even get the chance to comment on your last post, dang I'm slow!!

Well, my schedule is easy. I take Bug to preschool and when she gets home, she's allowed 1 movie per day cause she's been playing all day with no tv already. Weekends are a little harder, depending on my mood (sanity) sometimes she gets 2 movies a day.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok..i was hoping you would give me some advice on the tv..:)

well you are working all day, so your sceudle is just fine:)

Working Mom said...

It'd be better if I didn't have to work :)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

amen sista:)

beth said...

just found you through Mrs D. i also have a 9, 6 and 3 year old. and they watch tv, how else am i supposed to get my tv watching in?? and when i was 6, i wanted a black room, too. i didn't get one either!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

so what is it with little girls wanting a black room?..enlighten me:)

thanks for dropping by, i hope to see u again:)

beth said...

i think, in my 6 year old mind, a black room would really show off all the other colors and it would look so cool. think how great hot pink looks with black? i don't know, just a thought.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i remember when hot pink was all the rage back in the 80's..but i never would of thought about mixinfg the two, but your right, it would look good.

i once had a black sweatshirt tha was black and it had hot pink and neon green splashed on it..i was hot when i wore it back in 85:)

Meow said...

Man, 68 comments ... whoo hooo, after reading them all, I don't know what to say ... it's all been said !!
Great post, hope you are well, stay cool ... Meow

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes i know...its weird..and this wasnt even that good of a post..I have done better:)

but thank you

Anonymous said...

My kiddos are teens now, but when they were 2, I gave them diaper wipes and told them they had to scrub the walls and appliances....for some reason, they liked doing this and they almost got their sticky finger prints cleaned up. Once, I gave them a tupperware bowl of colored dry beans and measuring cups and told them I needed them to measure and sort the beans for me,....kept em busy for hours till one decided to stick a bean up her nose! And you think YOUR kids are retarded! LOL Shoulda seen her face when I told her if I couldn't get it out, she'd have a bean stalk growing in there! She was worried about Giants living in her brains for days! LOL

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

thats too funny, my little one will take baby wipes and wipe down stuff, and tell sm me she is "cweening"

so i take it there was no giants living in her brain:)

Anonymous said...

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