Friday, July 28, 2006


I have a burning question. Well not burning so much as just an annoying itch. I have stated before how I really detest resturant buffets. It seem old people and people who think they are sticking it to the place are drawn to them. There is just something about putting food on my plate that I know is either being heated by stale luke warm water or heat lamps that makes me feel like vomiting in my mouth. Then there is the not knowing how long it has actually been sitting there, or if anyone has accidentally put there scummy, dirty finger in there that they just picked their nose or scratched their bum with.

I will however make an exception. I do like a good Chinese buffet. I adore Asian food. Not the meat, I will not eat the meat. I have had one to many experiences with eating meat that should only be consumed by vultures or cannibals.

But my question is, how many trips do you make in order to get your moneys worth? If you only go up one time, that is not getting your bang for your buck. If you go 3 or more times, people will talk...And u walk out waddling because your an idiot.

This is my normal run thru the chinse line. First trip is noodles, satued' mushrooms, broccoli, and the green beans sauted' in some kind of brown sauce that looks like gasoline.

My second trip is more mushrooms, baked fish..(or maybe its eel, shark, snake, or puppy) and garlic bread. I don't consider fish a meat, its more of a solid food with protein and mercury, plus you can normally look at it and know it is a fish of some kind..Might be a blowfish instead of cod..How the hell do u know? Or it might be something along the lines of a fish they found dead on the beach and grabbed what was left after the pelicans and seagulls were thru eating it.

My third trip is the best yet. Its the dessert bar, which intales cream puffs, little coconut cake, rice pudding and almond cookies. Yes, I actually put all that on my plate. And eat it. Not willing to share. Not even if you begged or cried. Or threatened me with bodily harm.

Am I getting everything I can out of it? Or should I load up more? Or am I eating way too much and not leaving enough for the starving people who may rummage thru the dumpster after the shop closes?

I will say, one buffet I would gladly eat at again and again is a dessert only buffet. A place I can get any kind of cheesecake, bread pudding, cake, jello desserts with whipped cream, um cheesecake...I love cheesecake. Maybe a strickly cheesecake only buffet. That would be nice.

In my dessert only buffet there would be the finest selections of fruit and juices, as well as milkshakes, malts and smoothies. basically anything that would put you into a diabetic shock.

All this for a sound and stable 2dollar and 50cent.

If you are on a shoe string budget, u can still afford to come. Take back some pop cans and come on in..if your state does not collect money for pop cans as this one does not....Maybe get a job mowing the neighbors lawn or babysitting.

My mentally impaired two year old is walking around with her t-shirt and diaper while wearing a winter knit hat. She is laying on my carpet telling me she is making snow angles. And now she keeps yelling for me to watch her..

"ookk momma, I make snow angels...It likes me. Look at the snow momma, u play wit me peese,lets make a snowman"

It is 104 outside right now. Heat warning in effect yet this retard is seeing snow.

Peace out...c-ya monday, if u wanna know what I am doing this weekend, look at the post below..dont be jelous..i am jsut a normal girl with big dreams, thats all
Bee Real


Kuan Gung said...

I always liked these but often wondered how long that food has been sitting out there, and then, all of a sudden, it all taste the same...

JD's Rose said...

I do not do buffets! Ever!

But, if I did, I am sure that three trips would be sufficient!


Britmum said...

Hmmmmm lets see three trips to the buffet bar. No I definately don't think thats enough trips. I think you need to go double that to get your monies worth. LOL Bloody hell Bossy I don't know. We don't have buffets in the U.K. They wouldn't give you anything that you can get second helpings from if it killed them. They definately don't give you refills either. They have never heard of the refill concept. I think they would go broke if they gave refills. LOL

Have a good tanning session this weekend.

Anytime your passing this way or I am passing your way we will have a girls night out lovey.

Take care xx

lawbrat said...

Buffet's scare me. My pulse races, I break out into a cold sweat, my arm hairs stick straight up.

Yeah, scary. Germs scare me. Yuck.

I dont like chinese meats either. I'm a total veggie girl when it comes to chinese.

I wanna make snow angels!!

The humidity kills me more than the darn heat.

Karin said...

well after taken a food sanitation class I have not been able to do buffets. My one exception is Vegas, but then I stand by the cart and wait for a new dish to come and I take the first helping from it. Therefore I know how long it has been out and who has touched it. Buffets are food poisoning waiting to happen. I think your plan of avoiding meat will help though.

Fantastagirl said...

I want to make snow angels...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

kuan gung,
it may taste the same, but it will reek havinc on your pooper..haha

i dont do buffets either, but for some reason chinese ones dont seem so gross..unless your eating the meat:)

so your saying i need to go up more?...have u not seen how fat I am?..this would only baloon what I have already accomplsihed..

you need to head this way..come in the fallor early winter when its hot there..I will give u a good cool down of lets say 50 below zero.

yes, veggies all the way..

well get on your carpet lay down and start making a snow angel;)

after i took microbiologly i swore i would never eat again.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well come on over and join my crazy baby...she is having a ball doing it.

Jim said...

I suppose you think old people don't like Jimmy Buffet either?
I like the Chinese buffets if they have fresh chilled shrimp. A lot do have that here in the Gulf coast area.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh I know old people like jimmy buffet, my parents do..hehe

and i am with you on chilled shrimp..thats some good eatin there.

Gette said...

As I told Cliff, it's not the heat, it's the humanity.

I think I'll title my next post with that.

My neighbor slops his pigs with the leftovers from the local chinese buffet, so there are none left for dumpster divers around here anyway. Pigs that eat sweet & sour pork...the irony is not lost on me.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

what is the temp there right now? according to my readings here it is 101 bees are all up in arms cuz i wont let them outside.

yes pigs eating sweet and sour pork is very odd..i wonder if they think it taste like chicken.