Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Open up and say ahh..

My son has once again thrown caution into the wind and pissed on my floor. I am sure he could never be a police officer as his aim is not good. He is in the process of writing this 500 times..

" I will pee in the toilet, not on the floor"

If this does not work I am going to force him to wear adult diapers..
**edit...since I made him sit down and write this is what has transpired..

sobbing, uncontrolabe sobbing..I say to him "your fine"

He says " do you hear me? do I sound fine?"

Then he screams " I cant breathe"..this kid can work himself up

He goes into the bathroom to puke. He then carries on, says I am wrecking his futrue and that I am killing him because he cant breath. He then asks me if that is part of my plan, killing him. That I would not ask any kid to write something 500 times unless I was trying to be homocidal.

He then says he gets it. He learned his lesson. He says " I will try not to pee on the floor anymore"...I said "try"...he then screams bloody murder right near his window that I am killing him and that he will never pee again..

I need a vaction, and this kid needs therapy...this is what I hear at this moment.."somebody help me, I cant breath."

Well I had my first day on the new job. It was good. I am going to enjoy working there. BUT while I was at work I got a call for another job interview. This one is for a Corrections Officer at the sheriffs dept. And it pays over 5 bucks more then my new job that pays 3 bucks more an hour then Target..So leaving Target in the dust could potentially be a 8 dollar an hour savings, or bonus...Whatever...

So its all good...I hope anyway.

As I am watching " What not to wear" I am thinking why someone doesn't turn me in. I could use a $5,000 shopping spree. They could dress me in whatever the hell they want. I could out do some of the folks on there, I have a pretty bad sense of what looks good. And I am cheap. Those two combos don't go well together.

I say size 10 is the new size 2. Anyone with me on that?

Mr Shaky is sitting here telling me how I need a new wardrobe while he sits here with his underwear hanging out the bottom of his shorts. And to top it off, it isn't even underwear, its an pair of my nasty old maternity shorts from 10 years ago. He has no shame. Yet I am the one who needs a new wardrobe.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. I am going to eat smores tonight, and lots of them...And don't even tell me you don't know what smores are, or I will hunt you down and beat you with a marshmallow.

Bee Real

and JD, this is for you...This is Def Leppard..They are a heavy metal band ( and I use that term loosely) Maybe you know the song " pour some sugar on me"..You cant tell me you don't have this down under. They keep you guys under rocks over there. They have been around for over 25 years...You poor girl if you don't know them. I feel for you.

Ok, it wont let me post the pic..I will just put one of their songs on here..geesh, I hate blogger sometimes.


Gette said...

You keep your one-armed Brit. I'll settle for REO down at Jackpot. If that's your era of choice, you should check out Moondance Jam up in Walker. Who's playin' state fair this year? They're usually good for some shows I like.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

OUCH! you did not say one armed brit did you?..haha..REO?..come on your not a granny are you?..teehee..I havent heard who is playin at the state fair yet, I know there were a few I had wanted to see last year..

Gette said...

Very eclectic range at SF this year, just checked on the web. Everything from goat ropers to edgy downtown crap. They've jacked tix prices, I see. The free stage has some intriguing options as well.

Time for me to fly...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hmm, I am gonna have to check it out..

take it on the run;)

pack of 2 said...

LOL...keep us posted on the pissing drama!

We are happy to lay around in sweats & tees all day...your hubs sounds like he needs a makeover with those drawls...:)


Karin said...

Well never a dull moment at the Bossy house. MMMM Smores, now I am going to have weird dreams about marshmellows. Good luck with the interview an 8 dollar an hour raise doesn't suck. By the way yesterday I didn't mean I thought you screwed Tarjee over I meant that they felt that you did. Your Def Leapard song doesn't play very well for me are others having the same problem?

JD's Rose said...

Nope. Sorry. Still a blank. I asked Mr JDR and he has no idea either. Sorry girl.

They need to invent a pee pee valve plug... Maybe there is something in that. This could take off you know? Think of all those parents out there that are sick of cleaning up after their kids woo woo accidents...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

he needs more than a makeover!..he needs the queer eye guys;)

i took the song off because it wasnt playing well for me, but i thought it was just me;)

damn, you and mr jd need to come over here and I will show you the heavy metal ropes..mmkay?..this is a shame, I blame it on the aussie govt;)

just_tammy said...

Happy 4th!!!

Nothing like pee pee drama from the drama bee!

Good luck going after the big bucks.

I'm sooo glad to hear 10 is the new 2. If I don't hit a single digit size soon, I'm going to try at home lipo with the vacuum!

The above paragraph isn't going to happen since hubby now needs to pick up the s'more ingredients along with mustard. Thanks ever so much!

Kelly said...

Okay, so the neighbors will soon be reporting your for suspected child abuse..and you work for the state?!

Congrats on the next job interview. That would be great if you could work it out to be part time at both...you go girl!! :)

Choppzs said...

Wow, it sounds like he knows how to pour on the drama!! It sounds like my daughter, she can really wail and make herself hyperventilate when she knows she's in trouble. I just laugh at her and she gets pissed and stops. lol Hmmm, hope the sentences work!! lol to funny!