Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I don't know if any of you read Rosie Odonnles blog, but she has a section where you can ask her a question. I got answered...Why?..I dunno?

go to

and click on ask ro...Mine is the first one..

ok back to our regular scheduled crappy bloggin..


Wethyb said...

You go girl! I don't like Rose though, but

And that is a total you question. What the heck? LOL.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i am not a huge fan either, but i do read it.

its a song ya know?..i just was thinking of a total ass nine question:)

and it seemed to pay off..her and I are like thiis now:-)

Jerry said...

I noticed that everything she writes is in lower case. Does Rosie not know where the Shift keys are? Hey, and I noticed that you didn't either in your comment. Stop it! Hit the shift key! Make a capital I. I double dog dare you!

Britmum said...

Well Bossy I guess that you are too good for the likes of us now. I will bow out gracefully now that you are a huge Star.

Good luck with your hob nobbing with the rich and famous. I will miss you.

Take care xxxxxx

P.S. When the bubble busts I will be over at my blog to comfort you. LOL Love YA!!!

Working Mom said...

I used to like Rosie, back when she first started her show.

Can I have your autograph?

(Stay away from Joe, he is mine)

JD's Rose said...

I must be so out of touch with the rest of the world... I am going to go and find out who Rosie is.

Granny said...

Between the moon and NYC?

I never did find her answer. Probably because I'm asleep. I'll try again when my eyes are open.

Yes, I can type with my eyes closed.

I like her as a person but I don't watch much daytime t.v. and didn't know she had a blog.

Silly. Everyone has a blog.

The Blog Whore said...

I used to read her blog, then I got away from it. I read yours instead. Much funnier :)

Anyway, I went to see it and her comments were closed..


Jodes said...

i love rosie - I will go check now...I wishI could see her on the gets in the way.

Michele_3 said...

Ok, awhile back ago I was reading her blog all the time- but not so much recently- & I got my questioned answered on there too-
(very surprised,like you too)

I didn't blog about it because I figured no one really likes her anyway..
here was my Q: At what time do you think in life a person should stop pursuing their dreams?
Her A: Sometime after death...
(so like her huh?)LOL!

~Deb said...

Are you "Just Christina"? Which one are you? You said the first one, right? The question that asked what would you do if you were caught between the moon and NYC?

Is that you? And I was confused, I saw my name and my girlfriend's name on there---I was like, "That's not me!!!'

pack of 2 said...

I knew about Rosie...LOL @ JD Rose...that poor girl...always the last to know who Rosie is:)

JD~ It's Rosie ODonnell.

I also cracked up at how your son plans t get an xbox...taking in the homeless...LOL...priceless!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

hey guys,
been sleeping had to work last night and again tonight..

but deb, yes just chirstina is me..that was my blog name before i went into blogger protection..most everyone knows my name is christina, i guess maybe you didnt..but yup..its me:)

Anonymous said...

i don't understand any of that.

and i wouldn't want to ask her a question. she's boring as hell