Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Here I go again

I have dealt with the amnesia I believe. It is a rampid epidemic I think. Kind of like gambling, drugs and wife beating. Only these are juveniles. Poor stupid juvies. There minds are so delicate, so mushy like oatmeal. I believe my Butch Bee has made a full recovery from the deep depths of his memory loss. Thank you Lord Almighty for keeping my family so insane. It makes me seem less crazy. But then again, I seem to be breeding the crazy, and that is never a good thing. Its people like me that need to be sterilized. But yet we keep breeding like rabbits and goldfish.

so onto other matters. I don't know about any of you, but I really hate TV commercials. They are kind of like a nasty bout of runny diarrhea. But hence, we still have to live with it once in a while.

I notice on ads for weight loss products, be it Weight Watchers , nutri system, or what have you, that when they show the person who has lost weight they state in small letters..*results not typical*....

My question is this, if paying for your crap isn't going to help anyone lose weight, why do you think we would want to buy it? Sure..The woman who lost 500 pounds using Nutri system, that might not be a typical result, not everyone is that motivated. But when they show a woman who lost 15-20 pounds and they still say that *results aren't typical* it makes me wonder what the whole point of their ad was. What are you trying to sell me? If it isn't typical to lose weight while paying a small fortune for your product, why the hell would we want to buy it? It is just more proof to me that this planet we live on is inhabited with morons and retards. I see it everyday. If not at the DMV then on TV or hell...At church. RETARDS ALL ARE WE...We must stand united in the fight against stupid people.

Another thing that pisses me off...

yup there is more folks..Sorry

When I spend , lets say 4 bucks on a bag of Baked Lays Cheddar and Sour Cream chips and then open the bag and it is less than half full. Why do they sell half eaten bags of chips? When I spend money on my Baked LAys or Sun Chips even, I expect to pay for the whole product, not a half eaten bag.

Same thing with cereal. I did not pay for a half a box of raisin Bran or coco Puffs. I paid for a full bag. Maybe on small print somewhere on the bag it says *having a full bag of these crap is not typical* Am I missing the boat here. I want my moneys worth. If I am paying indeed for a full bag, you better give me a full damn bag. I don't have that kind of time to read all the fine print on the crap they sell at the store. If it indeed says on the bag that I am only paying for half a bag, then I hang my head in shame.

Now when it says "contents may settle during shipping" I do not count that as a half eaten bag. To me that means the sweaty , bald guy delivering the stuff to the store might of sat on the bag and crushed all my chips. Like they have settled to the bottom of my bag. But maybe it means he eats it..I don't know...If anyone knows anything about this..Please inform me..

I am a tad on the slow side as well..Thank you.


Ok, something weird is happening, as I am sitting here with my butt and boob sweat typing this I have this strange person IMing me on yahoo. I don't know them, nor do I know how the found me. They have bothered me for a week now, but I just ignored them. Today I finally asked what the hell they wanted.

So he asked me if I work in law enforcement...How the hell would he even know this. I mean I have worked in law for 2 weeks now.

He then goes on to say he wants some advice, that he has been stalking some women and he cant stop. He goes into all the details of how he gets pleasure out of doing this and wants to know if I can help him. He wants me to turn him in.

Now I don't know who this person is or if they are even telling me the truth. And I don't want to be involved in any of this. But then if he is telling the truth and he is planning to do harm to these women, and he asking me to turn him in before he does...What the hell.. Now he says he wants me to call him. Damn, if Bossy ends up MIA this is what happens when you talk to someone you don't know...I normally do not do it, but this person has been coming on to talk to me a lot, and I just wanted to see what they wanted. I am a big fat Boob..Someone shoot me.. And dont talk to strangers people..remeber that..didnt Mr Rodgers once tell us that?..Why the hell didnt I listen?

Now I have a feeling I may have a stalker. I just pushed the ignore button. Hopefully he can not talk to me anymore. But now I am a tad freaked out. He lives in PA..Or so he says.

Damn...PEOPLE....Don't come to me with this stuff...I have enough crazy to deal with. Have you READ my blog?...damnitalltoheck.

I will keep you posted on this if need be. I told you this planet was run by morons and retards. My point gets more valid as I keep breathing.

Bee Real

ok let me add that I did NOT call him, nor did I even give him the chance to give me his number. this converstaion took place in the span of 15 miuntes and after a while I pushed the ignore button so he could no longer talk to me. I never had any intetions on calling this person, nor talking to them in any great length. And he has not been able to contact me since...yet anyway.


The Blog Whore said...

Uh, oh! Oh hell no! Do not call him!

That is seriously freaking scary, girl.

He could figure out where you live by your number...

Anyway, I'm betting he reads this blog, because how would he know about your job?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

blog whore,
no worries, i would NEVER call anyone I did not know..nor would I ever give my number out..

well I just updated my Yahoo profile and it says I work in law enforment, he must of got it there.and i belive that is what he told me..

but what freaks me out is that there would be long pauses between his comments and now i just wonder if there is a way people can track where your IP address is from and find you..

like i said, if i end up MIA..this is why..

Michele_3 said...

Oh girl,That is super scary!
Don't IM him anymore, he is definitely trying to get your attention- Could it be from someone who is playing a joke on you? go check your sitemeter now & see if there anyone from PA on there..This kind of stuff makes me freak-out...
P.S-I hate buying half-empty chip bags too!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

no worries, I have it set where he can never IM me agian. I have so many differnt people come here I could not poosiably track donw if he came he told me he got my info from my Yahoo profile, my regualr messagner I use is not on this blog, my real email is not on this blog..

he got a hold of me on my personal IM not my blog it makes me about sure he got it from yahoo..

i dont think he comes here..i think he just was looking at profiles and decided to bug me..asshole

Kendra Lynn said... NOT call that guy!
Holy cow.
I hate when people im me. I basically don't do instant messenger anymore. No reason to deal with morons if you don't HAVE to.
I'd take out that "deals with law enforcement" profile thingy. Some folks are weird and won't leave ya alone, like said weirdo.

Hope things start lookin' up. :)


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

no way in hell I would call him..I did not even let him give me his number..

this is the first time i have been approached like that. Normally i ignore them,and mostly all I talk to are family and frineds and a few bloggers i trust with my real IM..

But i have it where he can not contcat me that way anymore.

Wethyb said...

There are so many WEIRDOS out there! I swear! I'm glad you hit the "ignore" button!

Strange thing ex-employer found me that way! Seriously......he must have saw I was from the area, saw my profession, and IM'd me! I ended up working for him for over a year! Not everyone is so lucky though!!!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

wow, see i am the type of person who would assume the person was lying about a job and I woulda told him to f-off..haha

this is not the first weirdo i have encountered, but mostly i ignore all that try to talk unless they are already on my selected few on my u..haha

vani said...

that is creepy! there are way too many freaks out there, you don't need to be attracting any. stay safe momma!

Working Mom said...

Holy hell batman! That would've totally freaked me out! (Why am I calling you batman?) He probably was just screwing with you. I know many, many years ago my brother and I use to do that to people, not quite like that, just tell them they were hot and stuff (hey I was young and stupid and bored).

Maybe you can get your boyfriend at the jail to take care of him?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

freaks galore huh?..and i find every damn one of them.

ok, so it was YOU wasnt it?...tee-hee..

i have never done that, but it sounds kinda fun..

Fantastagirl said...

Freaky... what is up with that?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

tell me about it!

ill call said...

don't sweat the freak
hell im a freak i imagine
get his number
give it to me
ill call him!!!
i bet that is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy down on the list of his desires
not only is my voice alot deeper than he would like i suspect mydrawl will also be more than he bargained for.
here is my mail
if u wanna gimme the number i'll call him and report back the results

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

I did not get his number. I clicked him right out before he had the chance.

but thanks for having my back..will u take care of another stalker should one arise?

like a second hubby almost..haha

Heart Of Darkness said...

I'm the only child, and both my parents were only child too - if anybody screws up, it's most often me... :) But at least I'm not thje crazy one!

TV commercials... yeah, I'm with you on this! To put it in the words of the great philosopher Garfield, the cat: "TV Commercial - too long to sit through, too short to make a run for the litterbox". Hear-hear!

Micky said...

I hear ya with all those weight loss commercials. Know what else bugs me? Those commercials where the guys all are stupid and the women are all smart and have that "see what I have to put up with" look. Bugs the crap outta me. Makes me hate that equality crap - and I'm a woman, dammit!

Jewl said...

Freaky... not to scare you or anything but the freak might be targeting you... I am sure you already thought of that. Be careful.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

heart of darkness,
man, you have to love Garfields line of thinking on that one:)


well I have not heard a word from him..if he realy wanted to bother me he could of started emailing email is right on the yahoo page as well. I think its over and done..but for a brief moment i was kinda freaked out..not anymore though:)

Choppzs said...

Wow, that's some scary shit!! I hate the fact that these weirdos are out there and preying on people. Especially children. It really freaks me out!! I would say ask your jailhouse buds some advice and see what they say. Maybe someone somewhere can track this ass and see if it's just kid (or adult) pranking or something legit. For now, be safe! keep that new billyclub handy or better yet, your lipgloss!!! lol

kaliblue said...

Holy canoly, you do attract some freaks on I.M. don't ya?. That's why I don't use that stuff anymore. I got the chilly willies too many times from pervs and scary freaks.. I'm soo with ya on the stupid people thing. UGH!!! Where has this Country's brain cells gone to?. One thing about eating the "Weight Watchers" and "Nutri System" foods is that after you lose all the weight and go back to eating the food you cook, you gain all the weight back and then some. All food is alright to eat, just control portion size and exercise. (Coming from me who needs to lose some) *giggles* But I mean I do know the rules that apply. Common sense is all it takes. McDonalds fillet o fish that I love is bad for me Duh!!! I know it. But I don't eat 2 or 3 either. Just 1 with no cheese or tartar sauce. And not everyday. Now ya got me going on a rant. *giggles*
Have A Great Day and watch out for the pervs :-).

LZ Blogger said...

First thing... the box and bag trick is simple, air is cheaper to package than serial OR those healthy CHIPS! Second thing… Weirdoes on the Internet??? WHO KNEW! ~ jb///

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well the freak no longer can contact me, and I am just forgetting this whole thing ever happend..haha
and this why i dont let me kids on the internet:)

well normally I just use my IM for chatting with friends back home, or a few family memebrs..I have not been approached by a freak in sometime..but maybe it was a full moom last night..haha

I dont much care for fast food..although I have been known to eat a whopper once in a blue moon...I just hate all the false advertising that is done..

lz bloggr,
ok, you have a poin there on the air is cheaper..

yes, I never woulda guessed there would be freaks on the internet, i thought they were all in my family:)

js said...

heyyyyyyyyyy no way second hubby!!!
dang thatd be hubby without benifits, well now that I think about it I wouldnt get the payments either!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well the no benifts thing would suck..

considering neither one of our spouses would agree to such a thing;)

ahh well..

jsull said...

....makes zipping motion across lips.....

pack of 2 said...

How did he get you IM address? That is weird.

does he comment on the blog? I'm confused by this. I don't know much about IM...I have only done that with d. I didn't know other people could talk to you w/o knowing you.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well if u have a yahoo pubilc profile it is public..which mine is.I get all sorts of weirdos trying to talk to me all the time, only I never anmswer back.

no the guy does not comment here, nor reads it..he only got my IM from the profiles on yahoo..

and thankfully he has not been able to get me since..

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