Monday, July 24, 2006

Hangin tough...

Oh gosh, remember New Kids on the Block? Don't know why they just came to my mind. They remind me of all sorts of odd things. Summer of 1988 and 1989.., my first few boyfriends, sneaking out at night to meet my boyfriend at the city park and "deface" picnic tables....Um...I will leave it at that. I wanted to marry one or two of the New kids. Not the ugly ones, the good looking ones.

Anyhoo, now that stroll down memory lane is over, lets get back to business shall we? I worked over the weekend at the home with the mentally ill. A new girl was working there with me.

Now let me take you on a side story for a minute. I boldly admit I am lazy. In fact, I am pretty sure I am the lazinest person on the Earth. My fatness and lack of general motivation are clearly seen in this area. I am lazy. I would not wait on the bees if I were not legal bound to do so. In fact, it should be the other way around, they should be waiting on me. But that is beside the point of relativity here.

Sometimes I am so lazy I wont even change the roll of TP. I will just set it on the sink next to the pooper. Now that is lazy..Am I right?

I have always been lazy, this is not a breaking story or anything. I was birthed out that way. I have no motivation or energy to do stuff. Lazy, yup that's me. I would not be so fat if I were not so lazy. I know it. I deal with it. I accept my size 10/12 pants will more than likley live with me till I die..probably from not moving out of the way of a train or something, because I am that lazy. My house would be cleaner, no clutter or tiny pieces of lint stuck in the corner of my carpet. Lazy. And. Me.Go. Hand.In. Hand.

There, I said it, Bossy is lazy. Feels good getting that off my big chest. Again, why are the boobs so big? Because I was too lazy to use birth control and got knocked up, then too lazy to go get a boob reduction. See...Lazy.

Ok , so we have established I am lazy. I have made my case.

I thought I was the laziest gal / human on the Earth. Until this past weekend. I can safely say that I have witnessed the deep end of lazy. This girl puts me to shame.

So I am at my place of work with a new gal. Just me and her. What does she do when she gets in the door? Turns on the TV and watches 3 hours of Full House. While I do meds, lunch, cleaning, and answering the phones..Preparing the snack...She watches Full House then some weird shows on the WB network. I have never in my life watched the WB, and I can safely say it will never happen again.

A woman came with our groceries for the home , she honks when she pulls in the driveway because she is old and cant carry them in. I tell miss lazy that honk means we need to go out and get the stuff from the old lady.

" oh do you need help"

" well I am not sure how many bags she has, but come out and meet her so she knows who you are."

I go outside, get the bags..No lazy girl.

she is still on the couch watching the WB.

I turn the TV off, tell her to go clean the bathroom. She is gone for 10 minutes cleaning two bathrooms. Then she ploops back on the couch. I tell her that this TV is for the guys who live here, and we need to be making sure they don't want to watch anything..They normally watch TV down in the basement, but I was calling them all upstairs to watch TV, because miss lazy was getting on my last nerve.

They wanted to watch baseball. So that's what we did for 3 hours.

I now know what lazy is. I no longer will consider myself lazy. I a more motivationally challenged. Or decreased mobitilty sufferer.

I can just thank my lucky stars that I got this slap in the face. I now know what I do not want to become. It was ugly.

I think I could become a motivational speaker on the art of being lazy. But I now am turning a new leaf.

See, my leaf is slowly turning. I am working up a sweat. Being non lazy is hard work.

But what I don't get is I walk 4 miles everyday, sometimes more. But to walk from the living room to the kitchen just seems like so much damn work. And I don't like work.

Well I need to go lay down.

Bee Real


Working Mom said...

You? Lazy? Pu-lease! You walk 4 miles a day woman!!! What do I do? Nada! Zip! Zilch! I ENVY you and your energy....LOL

Oh, and I LOVE the song you're playing! How sad am I?!

just_tammy said...

It's so funny to think about New Kids on the Block. I took a pre-teen to one of their concerts in Germany since her parents couldn't. It was so funny to be there with everyone in hysterics. I was in my twenties I guess so I was too old to be in love and too young to be one of the many parents. A blast from the past...

You know I'm pretty lazy as well but put the TP up! Other than that you're good! It's funny how I put things off and then when I finally do them, it's such a relief. Silly me, but never three hours of Full House!

Cliff Morrow said...

Lay down. You deserve it.

Gette said...

Maybe we lazybiatches need to start a support group or something. Fll House is definetely a sign she's gone 'round the bend. Who trained her in, anyway?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

honey, i truely am lazy, anyone in my family will vouvh for that..

this song so reminds me of my first love..he would sing it to me, thinking he sounded like was so way lame:)

I saw them twice..I hate to admit it..and one time they were touring with that is even sadder.

I know I need to get the TP on the roll...I know..lazy I tell you..lazy.

thank you, tell mr shakt that please;)

I dont know, she just started Monday...but I can see I need to break her in...

and this girl was proabably in diapers when full house was on...she is kinda young..haha

Britmum said...

Oh my bossy you are so funny. How the heck can you be lazy when you are doing two jobs......

You deserve a medal.

Take care xx

Kendra Lynn said...

LOL...great post. Dont' you HATE it when someone who is supposed to help you out, doesn't? Man...that grinds my last nerve. For sure.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well i am glad you find my laziness funny:) I forgot about having 2 jobs...gosh..

grinds my last nerve too...i dont mind being lazy if your only effecting yourself..geepers..

if she works with me again this will not happen. I will give her a list of stuff to do...a big list.

Lady Noelle said...

LOL, every now and then I leave the tp roll on the dispenser because I just don't feel like putting new tp on. I just feel like 'whatever, the next person that needs it can bend over and reach in the drawer under the sink which is like a foot from the toilet'. Other times I'm a real bitch about it all and can't stand when little things are left un done.

And yeah, the lazy girl. That would suck. I used to work with a nurse like that. I hated it.

Anyways, great, funny blog. Thanks for the comment.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

lady n
funny thing i would worked with 2 nurses like that too..

i better start putting the tp on...i use to keep it under the sink too;)

Karin said...

Ok I will fully admit to being lazy at home but being lazy at work is different. I would make sure you let your supervisor know that she is spending her day watching tv and will not help even when specifically asked. Man maybe she should be a patient instead of an employee.

New Kids On the Block always make me laugh because when they were really popular I worked at JCPenneys and we sold their tshirts. These girls would come in and hold a tshirt up in front of them and their friend would take their picture. It was pathetic and sad, but really funny to me.

Gangadhar said...

When we talk about too belong to the club of lazy people... ha ha...
But I'm lazy at sometimes and not lazy at some other time...

And can u pl do me a favor? Pl edit my url on ur blog to

thank you

take care

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes i agree..i am lazy at home but NEVER at work. Well it seems this girl is not the only one who is lazy that works here.

thats too funny, like they were not going to buy the shirts just have thier pic taken with them?..who does that?..I had about 3 new kid shirts, but I bought them att at the concerts I went too..which is even lamer:)

i think maybe eveyrone is a tad bit lazy..

ok, i will chnage it.thank you for reminding me.

Michele_3 said...

Okay, you are not lazy!

1)you are so allowed to be lazy in your own home okay!

2)you walk 4 miles! what is Lazy about that?

3) You have 2 jobs, I think you have lost your mind-there's no laziness there girlfriend!

P.S-I like this song you got on your blog- I never was a huge fan of NKOTB, but I liked their music..

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

having the jobs dont count..even lazy ass people have jobs..haha

ok, if u like ther music you WERE a fan..lets not hide that sweety..mmkay:)

EmmaSometimes said...

oh, trip down memory lane.

and it's easy to be lazy when it's 100 freaking degrees out.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

arent trips down memeory lane so fun:)

and Amen on the 100 degrees..maybe thats why I am so lazy..thank you for saying that..I never thought about that.

but i am lazy when its 50 below zero, so i guess that shoots that theory outtta the water;)

keesh said...

I totally remember NKOTB. they rocked! so who did you think were hotties? I liked Donnie, not even sure if that is how you spell it. yeah, I liked bad guys. So how many jobs do you have anyway? Something about a corrections officer, a jewlry counter and now some home? I can't keep up girl!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

it was donnie and jordan i wanted to nail:)..i will tell the story sometime about how they called me one time after a concert...long funny story..

no more jewlry counter..

just corrections and working with the mentlaly ill...i know, they could be the same job..haha