Friday, July 07, 2006

Guess what

Friday night we took the fam to the lake where the fireworks were going to be set a blaze. We get there, get some snacks for the bees, and some of them damn glow sticks. After a while I want nachos. Mr Shaky wants a pop. I head out to find such crap.

I come back and I see this little boy...This is him..

" guess what, I don't have a dad so I have no one to play with.

"guess what, my mom gives me nothing to eat and I am starving?

then shaky tells the kid he can have some of the nachos

the kid makes himself right at home. He then tells me no double dipping.

I say these are mine so I can double dip, you can not..mmkay?

"guess what, I am 5"

"guess what, I don't have a dad, hey can I have more chips? I am hungry and I don't know where my mom is but she has no food anyway"

then he leaves

half hour later

"guess what, I can not go to kindergarten because I don't want to fight.
"guess what,I like my hair like this, its kinda sticking all over, but I like it lie that."

The kid had bed head that has been brewing for a good 4 days I would say...

"guess what, my mom is drinking over there...I am hungry."

so I say to him, go tell your mommy your hungry honey.

"oh, she wont care."

gosh why do these things happen to ole Bossy?..I thought before nights end we was adopting a boy. And I don't need any more kids right now.

if I hear guess what outta that boy again, I am serving the mom with papers.

Bee Real

ok sorry i had to just get it out of my system....just go read my post about the job..just venting here..some peoples kids I tell you what!


Karin said...

Guess what I have a Mom and a Dad but they don't feed me anymore. Guess what I didn't comb my hair today but nobody knew the difference. guess what .....

Meow said...

Guess what ... you obviously looked like a mum who loves kids, and would be willing to take on another !!
Guess what ... I'm going now.
See ya, Meow

Fantastagirl said...

Guess what...I think my neighbor kid found his way to your neighborhood.... Everytime we see them - it's my Daddy was mad so he didn't make us supper.

Guess What (the 7 yr. old) can make spagehettio's out of a can....

Guess What....

~Fantastagirl - who would sooo call DHS, but the mom works for DHS...

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the mom sent little guess-what over to you purposely. Sounds like he's practiced those lines with someone (Mom?)
By the way, I know some adult guess-what's, too.

Peggy said...

I would have went to the mom and said guess what... take care of your kid or I'm reporting your a**

Kelly said...

How sad! Obviously craving attention.

Marel Lecone said...

As usual . . . very funny stuff!! Hope you get the job. Talk to you later. :)

Working Mom said...

Ok, I just got caught up with your posts! I'm glad I missed the piddling posts...LOL

I am totally jealous of you though! Def Leppard!! I love them! I've seen them twice in concert. I couldn't find anyone to go with me to this past one. You should've came to FL and we could've went together!

I hope you get the job you want. It sounds like your interview went well. Where are you working now?

Ok, I'm writing a whole post here, I'm gonna go!

Kendra Lynn said...

Poor baby...that's so terrible.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

been working all day..

hope i never see that kid again though..

guess what..

i wuv u guys:)

The Blog Whore said...

That's what blogs are for, venting..if not, then I am in big trouble cause I bitch in mine 24/7 :)

Damn, I wish people would take care of their kids. I almost feel like adopting one myself!

Anonymous said...

sorry, but that kid was totally playing you. kids who are seriously abused or neglected don't usually just march up to people and demand food. not that open about what the dealeo is. his mom was probably just being stupid for the night, so he thought your food looked better.

mal said...

been there, did that and DID NOT feed the kid. Kid sounds like he is in serious MOOCH training

vani said...

guess what? i hope you get the job too.

guess what? you crack me up!

EmmaSometimes said...

I think guess what is about as bad as a 'why?' child. I have one next door.

Why? I think God sent her to me to build my character.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

blog whore,
well there is no room at the INN here for any kids i didnt push outta my own birth canal;)

well the mother was smoking her ciggs and talking on her cell phone. It was pitch black dark. the boy told me he was 5. he seemed very "socail" i guess:)

man ik have to change my blogroll, i keep forgetting you changed your address..and i didnt want to feed him, but mr shaky is all God like and crap..damn i dont like him sometimes;)

thank you, and thank you;)

emma sometimes,
build your characer huh?..crap, is God sending me a sign?

keesh said...

That is insane! It wouldn't surprise me if hte mother sent him over to you. Yeah, he was craving attention. At least he felt comfortable coming to you. You act all tough, but we all know the softy in you :)