Friday, July 14, 2006


Man I hate that movie...And song, anyhoo..

I have some sort of injury. Not a life threatening one by any means, but one none the less. I don't know how or why, but something went arry somewhere Wednesday. I am not sure if it was performing my life saving skills on my Annie doll during CPR training, or when I attempted to jog the other night at the lake trying to get the dead snake out of my line of vision, whatever happened it is not good.

My upper thighs and buttox area are tender. I can not sit without complaining. Its almost like having hemorrhoids, I don't want to sit. But it is my muscles. Maybe I have huge roids on my muscles. I don't know. But I need some been gay and good looking man to rub it in for me.

My Blondie Bee is rather gifted. This morning she walks out of doors, looks up at the sunny, clear blue sky and takes a big deep breath. She looks at the trees, takes another sniff of the air, then proceeds to tell me we are in for a storm today. I tell her she is nuts. Its clear skies, a high of 96..No rain in the forecast, in fact we are having a very bad drout. My grass is crunchy and has not needed to be mowed in weeks.

But I will be damned if 3 hours later they did not post a severe thunderstorm watch. Sometimes these kids are retards, sometimes there are gifted retards.

We played a very dysfunctional game of beach volleyball yesterday afternoon. One side is me and Blondie. Other side is Butch and my mom, Boo bee was over at the sidelines putting sand down her diaper and in her hair.

My mom would wail the ball over, I would run to try and hit it, my son would say he was forfeiting because he hates doing anything that requires him to move.

I get the ball, spike it over, boo bee is crying because I wont let her play with her Dora ball. I tell her to sit down and be quiet, its my ball now. She cries some more.

My Butch starts to leave the game, I tell him to get his butt back there and not move.

So the whole rest of the game he stays stationary. He even lets the ball hit his big, fat head. I tell him "hit the damn ball". He then reminds me I told him to stand there and not move.

Then Boo is screaming again because I wont let her touch her ball.

this is what family outings are like here.

Not only do I force my son to play a riveting game of volleyball with two fat ladies plodding in the sand trying to smack my 2 year olds Dora ball, but I wont even let my two year old touch her ball. I throw her some rocks and tell her to "hush now, momma is busy."

My kids are gonna need lots of therapy.

Have a good weekend.

Our skin will be melting off our faces this weekend. Its gonna be in the 100's here. I love heat but I hate the smell of melting flesh. I just can't win.

Bee Real


jsull said...

The heat beats the cold I'm thinking. Except when the cold signals hunting season I'm for that pretty much. I don't know why you have an ailment in ur butt but I am a male and I am a rubber inner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

d said...

My daughter used to be able to "smell" rain coming when she was younger too.

Hope your butt feels better - sounds like you just worked yourself a little too hard.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes heat beats the cold anyday..I love the heat..the rest are wussies.

yea, my ailment is weird...and you crack me up.

my daughter and yours have the same first name..maybe its some kind of weird thing with that name..

and i didnt work at all..haha

Jamie Dawn said...

I LOVE to play volleyball. I haven't played in quite awhile. My hubby and I used to play volleyball often, and I was on two city leagues. LOVE it!!

I agree that all bats, rats, snakes, etc. should be killed. I can't stand having hideous creatures near me.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i would love to play volleyball on league..i have not played since high school so i am really bad right now..i mean bad..course i was playing with a 9 year old a six year old and my old mother..haha

Anonymous said...

i haven't read your post yet. you told me to email raspberryberet, but i don't have that one, and you never sent it to me i must have lost it. i'm not paranoid. read the email i sent out to your yahoo account, and you will be in the loop. trust me, the person i'm dealing with is going off the deep end.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i sent you my address last night..i read your email after i already read your blog:)

but i repleid to it..i hope you got it..

Kendra Lynn said...

Sounds like you had SOME fun. LOL
Hope you are feelin' better in the nether regions soon.
Take care.


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well the nether regoins are still sore..what the heck did i do?

Anonymous said...

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