Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Kids wanna rock

I am smart. As I was watching VH1 last night I realized I have been wasting all these years trying to conform to what society refers to as "crap we need to know." When in deed all I need to know is summarized in two words. Pop Culture. I have been thinking for years of ways to get on Jeopardy. Now I don't need to get all smart and crap, I can win millions being dumber than a box of rocks. And I have proven it while watching this show. I am dumber than a box of rocks. I am not afraid to say it.

As long as I know who played with Kitty Kerry-all and who Eric Clapton wrote his song Layla about, I am good to go. I am the goddess of pop culture. Sorry, but your not.

As I sit here Mr Shaky is getting on my last damn nerve. He is so needy between the hours of 8pm-till he starts to drool on the pillow. He needs constant attention. He is like a puppy. A puppy who keeps nudging you so you keep petting it. Or kicking it, whatever your way of life is. He doesn't stop talking. I am about to smother him with his pillow.

Want to hear something very sad. The company that runs our mental health houses that I work at have been asked to build an adolesecnt home for young boys. Not young boys with your average bad ass attiudes , but kids who have Meth problems. The home will house 10 boys ages 12-14. Our city has a HUGE Meth problem. It starts about in 4th grade for some. My Butch will be in 4th grade, and this scares the crap out of me. I have heard different rumors about the meth situation here, but I guess it is worse than I had thought. When I was in school kids would sneak a pack of their parents smokes and try and smoke one without choking on it. In 4th grade we never would of dreamed of talking about drugs. We were busy playing spin the bottle and being afraid to kiss a boy for the first time, not about finding our dealers and getting high. Getting high to us was going to fast on the swing at recess or hanging upside down on the monkey bars so the blood would race to your head.

What the hell is going on in the world today? The planet is going to shit so fast. Not only do we have to worry about our kids being kidnapped out of their yards while playing with their balls and barbie dolls, but also getting involved with drugs at 10 years old. And I must say, I see young kids walking by smoking. I swear I have seen junior high kids smoking. It makes me sick. And another thing we have a lot here are little girls getting pregnant. One girl I worked with at target said that 6 of her friends have either had babies or about to have one.

We need a woman running this country. Women don't take crap, and we wont settle for crap. Amen.

Now Mr shaky keeps coming up to me and licking my arm. What the hell is wrong with him. I better fill up his water dish or something. It must be a full moon. Everyone is crazy, Even the crazies at work are in rare form. Today the delima was going to a rodeo. He thinks he is a cowboy.

Bee Real


Granny said...

I thought we were the meth capital of the country. We sure have a lot of it along with gangs and more crime than I'd believe possible in this small city.

It's sad and I don't have any real answers.

Anonymous said...

I watched a special about meth on TV and it was very scary.

They passed a law here that makes you have to sign papers and buy medicine containing the ingredients necessary to make it from the pharmacist directly.

It's crazy.

I pray for anyone who is addicted to drugs. It is very sad.

Karin said...

Back a houndred years ago when I was ten we snuck light beers from our parents and shared a can between like 4 girls, we certainly weren't doing anything to land us in a rehab clinic. Meth is becoming a huge problem everywhere but we are all paying the price for it. Brad had a killer cold that wouldn't go away because Nyquil changed it's formula so it could no longer be used to make meth. It can also no longer kill a cold.

As for the bees lock them in a bubble while there is still time. Lock Mr. Shaky in there too and he won't be able to get out to lick you.

JD's Rose said...

Makes you scared being a parent. How do these kids end up like this? Do you think that their parents just don't care, or that their parents are just like you or I, but the kids have gone off the rails any way?

Scares the shit out of me...

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i think meth iseverywhere, but it seems to be worse in small cities, i cant figure that out..its scary though.

i hate it when the meds are behind the counter and you have to ask for it..but now it doesnt bother me so much knowing that small babies like these boys are in so much trouble. I know i am going to have a good long talk with butch bee beofre he starts the 4th grade..this is the grade it all seeems to start in..

yes, we snuck the beers too..but not in 4th grade, maybe in 6th grade..its so sad they have to change the formaulas to these drugs we need so rotten kids cant make there magic with it...and I am so locking mr shaky up..and i am throwing away the key.

well in my town anyway, either the parents dont know, or they are in denial. No one talks about it. A woman I work with, her son has been in and out of jail becuase of his meth and other drug habits..scares the crap outta me too.

Jewl said...

I am going to get a chip of some kind and have it implanted in my daughter... then I will know what she is doing at all times, where she is doing it, and with whom...I am going start working on that right away!!

~Deb said...

It is very scary of how much the meth use has increased over the years and especially with the younger generations. It’s become the ‘drug of choice’ over most now. That stuff literally wipes you out- and has you wired for days. Then when they crash, it’s like they’re dead for 4 days in a row. It’s the ‘new heroin’ so to speak. Sad…

I’m sure with the way you teach your kids----they won’t ever touch that stuff. Better things in life out there!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

that chip sounds like a good plan..they do it for dogs, they can do it for kids right?

yes it is the drug of choice anymore..then these kids start making it themsleves and setting thier homes on fire or dying in explosions trying to make it..some parents should be put away..

Choppzs said...

Ok, everyone here is commenting on the drugs and stuff. Yah they are bad yadda yadda yadda. But my comment is about the licking!! lol Why the hell is your husband licking your arm?? lol Is he in need of salt or something?? You know, the sad thing is, is that I also got licked yesterday. Only it was my kid. He is in the licking stage and it's driving me bananas. I think I will put some nasty tasting stuff somewhere on me, and when he licks me it will taste horrible!! lol

Michele_3 said...

My son is going into 4th too & I'm very scared for him-I know this is the time for peer-pressure and alot of different issues will be coming up.Maybe we can trade advice when we both get there?

I agree, It's very sad what kids have to deal with now-I don't even think I knew what drugs were in 4th grade-We recently found out one of our close friend's daughter who is only 12 has been pooping pills everyday! Her neighbor was giving them to her! The mom pressed charges againest the neighbor girl & I think it really shows how we have to KNOW who are kids friends are too.

Kendra Lynn said...

That is so scary...Meth is crazy stuff. Drugs in general scare me like crazy, but Meth is wild.
That is so sad about opening a house for boys with a problem like that.
Now I'm depressed.

Michele_3 said...

CORRECTION- meant to say "popping pills" above in my comment..
I put "pooping pills" & that could turn into a whole other story- LOL!

keesh said...

oh my dear bossy, I was watching Pop Culture last night as well and I feel the same way. maybe you and I could be on a team together :). I will admit some of those questions i did not know the answer to, but the important one's, oh yes, I got those!

What the heck, housing 4th graders for meth problems? Ok, that is INSANITY!

Jamie Dawn said...

Mr. Shaky Pants must be suffering from Lycanthropy.
Look it up. :)

The meth problem is hideous. Kids just aren't being kids any more.

Anonymous said...

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