Thursday, July 06, 2006

Take it on the run

Where the Sam bloody hell is everyone. No one is posting, no one is commenting..Golly gee...Guys, the holiday is over, come back to blog land for petes sake..mmkay?

So I work with the mentally ill. The house I work in has 4 men. Really nice, but mentally ill men. Mr Blue Eyes asks me if I can run him up to the store so he can "get some supplies"...I say, " you need supplies huh? Ok, lets go dude."

I am figuring he must need some duct tape, garbage bags and large supplies of water.
, maybe 20 rolls of toilet paper for good measure. Not sure what "getting supplies" means to the mentally ill. And the state pays me well enough, so I oblidge and take him to the store. I ask him what store he needs to go to, hoping to God it isn't Target..

Well he wanted to go to the local gas station. Fair enough. He runs in, comes out with 4 two litters of Diet Coke and 2 cartons of smokes. The guy knows what he needs to live.

The men are really very sweet. 2 of the 4 of them are college grads one with a master's degree. It is such a shame what can happen to our minds. It is scary to think one day your fine, making over $100,000 a year , next day your sucking your thumb and see ponies fly by. It just isn't fair. I mean I get it if your born that way, but to be "normal" then one day your a crazy loon..That is like a nightmare. Be grateful of having a mind that functions somewhat normally. It could be gone in a blink of an eye, and you could be sucking your thumb, playing with dolls and thinking that Paul Mcartney is stalking you and actually go to the police station and file a restraining order against him..

Of course if you think like Tom Cruise then your crazier than Mr Blue eyes, and you need to go out and get your supplies.

So far Butch has went 2 straight days without showering my toilet seat, floor and surrounding areas with his urine. Its like I am potty training my dog, I was going to start leaving newspapers on the floor around the pot and dog biscuits on the sink for his convince when he piddled on the paper like a good boy...

But thankfully I have not had to go to such drastic measures. Funny thing is, I have been having to lock my dog up in the basement bathroom because she has not been waking us up at night to go out..And the little sucker has been whizzing on my carpet. I just can not get away from things peeing on my floor. But my dog is scared of the dark. I need to get "The Dog whisperer" over here to get that all figured out.

I am going to work on my book over the weekend. I need to hurry up and get them done so I can finally get a damn housekeeper. I am so tired of cleaning up urine. I would have no trouble paying someone else to do it. Lord knows I am not getting paid for it.

Bee Real


Fantastagirl said...

Am I first? NO WAY!

I've been busy, woman. LOL at the supplies...

Have a good day!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i know u have been busy, you lucky girl...

Gette said...

Nice REO reference! ;)

Sounds like your loonie stories will be as funny as my old ppl stories!

Karin said...

That is not fare not only did I comment on your post I also posted. I see so I not only am not worth anything in your will and now I don't count either. Perhaps instances like this are what makes peoples mind slip. SOunds like your new job is interesting. You can borrow my house keeper.

Jerry said...

I'm still here Bossy! Where is everybody, indeed? It's like they are all off enjoying summer or something. And they didn't invite us? The nerve. We're stuck with the crazy people. You call yours patients. I call mine family.

Keep posting, girl!

JD's Rose said...

Ahhh, that boy just described the perfect diet for any recovering post baby female of the species...

I might give it a go. Do you think it is bad if I swap the diet coke for vodka or something though?

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

oh yes, the old people stories, some of them were gems in deed..haha

ok, ok..I am sorry..and I dont like u anymore if you have a house keeper! and u dont have any kids..I want your life ok?..will u trade with me?..teehee

I think its just you and me kid..

not to worry, some memebers of my clan are crazier, if that is even possable.

nothing wrong with making that long as it dont end up in the breastmilk right?..haha

Peggy said...

sorry I haven't posted.... been out getting supplies and feeding my flying pony.

Tee said...

Cleaning up urine is part of the job as mother of boys. I'm tired of it, too. How hard is it to aim? I'm going to make them start sitting down if they can't do it right. LOL.

That sounds like a really interesting job you have! At least it's not the same old day in day out kind of desk job. Cool.

I had a busy weekend and then felt anti Blogger for a bit. I guess everyone else did, too, huh?

As for the dog - Mine peed not just in the house - but crawled up on my youngest son's bed to do it. What a little bitch! I was so mad!

After these 2 dogs die, no more. Never again. I have enough problems. If Cesar visits your house to advise you, let me know when your episode is on ;)

Cliff Morrow said...

I'm here. I will not forsake you BB. Just really busy.
On your previous blog, 'leather pants and a whip',,,now yer talkin.

The Blog Whore said...

I went to post a comment yeterday on your blog and got "this page cannot be displayed" Same thing today, I had to right click to open your comments box. It could just be me and my mental illness though...

pack of 2 said...

That sounds more fun than the target job!

Never know what you might deal with out!

do you have a degree in that type of work? How did you get on there?


~Deb said...

You better slow down girly!!! Yeah, July is slow, cause everyone is enjoying the weather, vacationing and what not.

BASTARDS! right? ;)

I hope you're doing well...hang in there!

Micky said...

I work in a long term care facility (aka nursing home) with so many interesting people. Again, lots of folks are highly educated, "normal" married, children, etc and then wham! mental illness, car accident, neurodegenerative disease whatever and life is CHANGED!
I bet you'll be good with these guys.

Wethyb said...

I'm guilty as charged. Just no gumption these days I guess.

Boy, I'm really out of the loop. I didn't even know you got a new job. Doh! Sorry 'bout that.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

how many fingers am I holding?

well i am gald i am not the only one who is dealing with the sitaition..boys are pains in the butt..and i will let you know iof ceaser returns my calls;)

ok glad you still with us..i thought you would enjoy the leather;)

blog whore,
i have been hainv the same issue..

well I have LOTS of medical training and my whole family is crazy...

i know, how dare people do stuff in the summer when we are here..damn fools..

i worked in a nusring home for 5 years..i know all about the funny stuff that happens there..(along with the dead bodies which is not so fun)

how dare you..i am writing you need to keep up with me girl..

Kelly said...

I don't blame your dog for being afraid of the dark...bears, vicious chipmunks, etc..who could blame her? :)

Sounds like you will have fun with the new job. At least you won't be bored, and you can go potty as needed!

Meow said...

Boys and piddle ... what can I say !!
Sounds like a really interesting place you are working in. I can see some great blog posts coming up. When I worked with people with disabilities, I discovered they were the most loving, beautiful people, but the funniest (and the most frustrating and annoying, too!). Have a great time, and enjoy the experience !!
Take care, Meow

aatank said...

I hope you get the job on Friday. Then you can make us laugh with old, crazy men stories and stories about scum locked up in jail. I can't wait, you really need to keep both jobs if offered.

Girls are just as bad with dribbles on the seat. I can't tell her enough to wipe good so you don't drip. I go through so many bleach wipes that I should buy stock in it.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

good point about the bears and stuff, she has heard me talk about that;) and today i musta peed at least 6 times, just cause I could;)

well I am not sure if these guys are going to give me much matrial, they are really pretty quiet. But I have heard one of them will threaten to kill the staff every now and then;)

yes my blondie bee sometimes drips on the seat too, but she will at least TRY and clean it.

I am going to try to keep both jobs if I get hired, but if it wont work out scedule wise, I will have to just keep the corrections job, it pays nearly double what I make...and I think it right up my ally;)

d said...

Bossy - you made such a good (and sweet) point about how sad it is to lose your mind, BUT then you said something that made me almost pee myself "...sucking your thumb wacthing ponies fly by." Oh man.