Monday, July 10, 2006

Summer of 69

Do you know who Uriaha Heap is?

why yes, yes I do!

Man, I use to get stoned while I listened to them, those were some good times.

This is a tid bit of a conversation I had over the weekend.

Here is another tid bit.

I have been fasting since Febuary.

oh really? Well you ate every meal that was served while I was here.

I wasn't fasting those days.

I freaking love working with the mentally ill...They so rock...


I had some Chinese for dinner Sunday and right now my bowels and instestines feel like they may be a potential ticking time bomb of diarrhea. Why is it that stuff that is so good and tasty, make you feel like your gonna crap your pants? And why is it always Chinese food? Or butter cream frosting? All the things that make me smile, make me want to shit my pants. Why?

I am going to do some sceintfic research on this topic. Not today. But someday. I need to know these things. I am a bit of a "need to know girl." I want to know what it is that causes my intestines to become toxic fume makers. I need to get a hold of my friends at the TV show Mythbusters. They need to look into this..

Do food companies really put items in their food just to give me irritable bowel syndrome? Or is it the toilet paper makers wanting me to purchase more Charmin?

In any case, its the makers of Amodium AD that are winning this war.

Ok, enough poop talk..

Bee Real


Mrs. Diamond said...

LOL. I can relate, but it wasn't chinese food, it was a gastrointestinal virus. Thank goodness I remembered to pack that toilet paper in the camper at the last minute. (we just got back from camp)

Granny said...

For me it's Mexican which I love. No problem with Chinese (fingers crossed)

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

mrs d,
welcome back, i have missed ya;)

mexican does it to me too sometimes..must be the beans:)

Peggy said...

This is one post I can truly say is full of s**t hahahahahahahahaha

Jerry said...

Don't you know that happiness IS shitting your pants. Just ask those mentally ill people. They'll back me up on this.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i second that one..

so very true very true..

Karin said...

for me it is salad but yet I keep eating them, why do I do this to myself. Oh and as far as the conversation you had, I have been fasting my whole life, except when I was eating.

Choppzs said...

For's anything and everything. You name it, it makes me shit or fart!! I am not kidding. My family comes from a long line of rotten guts, and we kids got the brunt of it. But Chinese, ewww watch out, is especially bad!! When you find out what it is, let me know!!

aatank said...

Thanks I was going to have Chinese for dinner tonight. Now I have to think of something else, unless I want to lock myself in the bathroom all evening. Just think of the peace and quite I would have, never mind that I might die from the fumes.

Michele_3 said...

So now that I'm back- I'm reading your blog & were talking about poop again-LOL!
I'm off to catch up on what you've been up too all last week..

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

sald does it for eveyrone i think...i need to start fasting.

good thing China Lee is closed on monday;)

bout damn time..i hate it when you guys leave..dang..

Nerdine said...

for me it's just about any food I don't make myself. But especially chicken. Now that's not a problem anymore since I turned vegetarian. but even vegetarian pizza upsets my stomack.
I think it's a spy from the Amodium-makers who lures something in all processed food, just to make more money. i never leave the house without it myself - and they're making a fortune I bet..

Cliff Morrow said...

Sorry I've been really busy BB.
If all the things that make you smile... have you tried DEPENDS???

~Deb said...

I just recently found out that the majority of my weight gain was through Chinese food. I thought that Chinese food would be less fattening than other take outs...but as it turns out, even their sauces like chicken and broccoli is made with pure fat. EVEN if you just order a side of white rice instead of fried. Their food is NOT like the food they serve in China. They're making America fat and sick.

HELP! CALL 911!!!

Oh GAWD and the salt? Fagedaboudit! I am retaining water big time! I blew up like a tick!


Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i was a vegatarine for while. i am seroiusly thinking of converting again, but I do LOVE cheeseburgers..yikes..i have no damn self control.

well i have not had an accident YET..but the first time I do I am stocking up.

i know its crappy for you..all the salt and stuff..I mainly like the sauteed mushrooms and green beans then the noodles..i am a noodle whore..i admit it.

vani said...

sounds like u need a good flushing of the plumbing area...try raisan bran cereal. that will clean you out real good! lol

jsull28fl said...

I have been here twice to comment. Both times it pertained to poop. Do people that fast poop? Do they poop fast? I need to fast. If fasting means not eating I guess i am slowing, no Im stopped completely. It's beer that does my guts bad. Everytime I drink more than 24 I have bad guts. I tried the vegitarian thing too once, worst 18 minutes of my life, I have become a meatatarian, it just tastes better. Vegatarians should pay more taxes than us meatatarians, they are going to live longer and get to reap the benefits of taxes longer therefore they should pay more. I don't know Uriaha Heap, i think a guy I went to school with caught it once though, they cleared it up by fasting I think, he overed it anyway, said the meds for it made him poop.
Ole j

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

funny thing is..i eat that crpa all the it;)

gosh, I talk alot bout bowles and crap dont I?..I should revamp this whole thing..haha

and I agree with your logic on the veggie make some good points...

jsull said...

Well I appreciate your approval. Us meatatarians are pretty sharp. It might help the brain to have clogged arteries and high cholesterol and whateverthehellelse red meat causes!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

yes my hubbby says the same thing..we are all gonna die of something. I would rahter die after eating a damn good cheeseburger.

Anonymous said...

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