Saturday, July 29, 2006

Back to the future

I am bored. I cant go outside, they are warning us if we go out, our flesh may start to peel off. It is 101 right now. Going to be in the 110's sunday and monday. I live in the north, ok the midwest..same thing. It is not suppose to get that hot here. Al Gore is on to something with this global warming crap..

So since I dont want a yard full of flesh soup, I am staying indoors.

Since I have nothing better to do, and feel like posting something totally worthless and meaningless..i know what your thinking...thats every post i write..

I know, I know...but tonight we are gonna have a little stroll down memeory lane and we are gonna view it using picutres of Bossy. WHy?....I just feel like.

Its 106 degrees out. I have a mentlaly challgended kid making snowmen and angles on the carpet, one who has locked themself in the lower level, and one who is runnin amuck outside, probably vandilzing property or rolling mariuana ciggs.

I will let u guess who is who..

Anyway, onto our feature prestentaion. For your viewing pleasure I will now show you some pics of ole me when I was a mear tot...well pre-teen anyway..

This is me wearing a purty red dress...

This is me and my freshly permed hair do. I am holding our cocker spaniel puppy named Magnum. Yes my dad thought he was a regualr Tom Selleck. That damn dog drowned in our swimming pool. RIP magnum.

This is me, my mentlaly retarded sister, and my father who belives he was Tom Selleck. We are in Niagra Falls. Its called a family vaction butt wades. Not sure where my mom was, she musta been taking the photos..these find Kodak moments.

Well it wont let me post anymore pics, so I am gonna have to start a new post..The next one will be me in the teenage and adult years. It will be right below this peice of garbage.

Bee Real


Badoozie said...

did you just call us some kind of "butt" thing? wades? do you mean wads? you are mentally retarded. i'm now convinced. you'll be pleased to know that i am a Retarded American Citizen, its called RAC for short. would you like to join my club? not only am i a member of the club, i am also the president.

Kelly said...

Where the hell has the time gone??? Scary!

Rosa said...

Love your blog. Too funny. If we all didn't laugh, we'd just cry, right?

Mrs. Diamond said...

mentlaly retarded? bwahaha
Love the pics. You were a cutie

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well my spell check would not work..and yes I want to join your club, where the hell do i sign?

the time has went way too fast..we are old now honey:)

thank you..and yes, we sure would.

mrs d,
my spell check isnt working..and i am too dang lazy to go in and retype it:)

JD's Rose said...

Awww. How cute were you?!

Lady Noelle said...

I could have sworn I left a comment on here already. Oh well. The 90's ruled.... well, not really. I remember wearing neon, stretchy pants, high tops, and for most of the 90's I had a tight spiral perm. *shudders*

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

well i was alot cuter back then huh?..haha

lady n,
u did, u commented on the one below this..

and oh yes, i was foolish enough to get spiral perms too in teh early 90's..

u wouldna been just tot huh?..arent u in your early 20's..your so lucky:)

Kendra Lynn said... were so cute! LOL
I hate my pre-teen pics. I was fat and ugly. LOL